Trivia with Budds | 11 Trivia Questions on Palindromes

Trivia with Budds | 11 Trivia Questions on Palindromes

Trivia With Budds

Trivia with Budds | 11 Trivia Questions on Palindromes

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Palindromes:  words that are the same spelling forwards and backwards. I give you a clue and you guess the word! It helps if you can write down the answers on this ep, especially for the bonus question at the end which is more of a sentence. Good luck word nerds! 

Question of the Day brought to you by Funky Monkey Design of San Dimas, CA:  What was the last name of the family on the sitcom Family Ties? Tweet me your answer @ryanbudds or email to win a prize! 

Trivia Team Name of the Day:  Muppet Rabies

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