Trivia with Budds | 20 Trivia Questions on Schwarzenegger VS Stallone

Trivia With Budds

Trivia with Budds | 20 Trivia Questions on Schwarzenegger VS Stallone

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Give your movie brain a workout with a bunch of characters from Stallone and Schwarzenegger movies! Pick which actor played the character, or decide if it wasn’t played by either of them. Concocted by Brian Salyer for Patreon subscriber Greg Heinz, here we go!

Question of the Day brought to you by Funky Monkey Design of San Dimas, CA:  How many total Rocky films and spinoffs has the Rocky character appeared in? Tweet me your answer @ryanbudds or email to win a prize! 

Trivia Team Name of the Day:  Redhead Redemption

Funky Monkey Designs:


Bed Music:  “Bummin’ on Tremello” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License


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Send me your questions and I’ll read them/answer them on the show. Also send me any topics you’d like me to cover on future episodes, anytime! Cheers. 

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