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Trivia with Budds | 20 Trivia Questions on Beat the Genius


Trivia With Budds

Trivia with Budds | 20 Trivia Questions on Beat the Genius

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Listener and pal Brent Barkey sent me a big packet of great trivia questions to play at home with the family, and I really liked the setup of this one! Here are his rules:

*Choose one member of your group to be the “Genius”. This should be who the group considers to be the smartest in the room. *Have the genius sit on one side, and the rest of the group on the other. This game will be the “genius” vs. everyone else. *The host will ask the genius a question where the answer is a number. The genius will give their best guess for what the correct answer is. *The team must work together to decide if the correct answer is higher or lower than the genius’ guess. If the team guesses correctly, they get 1 point. *If they guess incorrectly, the point goes to the genius. *If the genius can guess exactly right, the genius scores 3 points. *Play as long as you want, or until the questions run out.

Play with your friends and family while on lockdown! It’ll be fun. 

Question of the Day brought to you by Funky Monkey Design of San Dimas, CA: What state’s two letter abbreviation comes first alphabetically? Tweet me your answer @ryanbudds or email to be eligible for a prize! 

Yesterday’s QotD answer:  Michael Buffer Trivia Team Name of the Day:  I’m Just a Bill Murray


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