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Mornings with Pat & Aimee 4-29-20 | Podcast

Mornings with Pat

Mornings with Pat & Aimee 4-29-20 | Podcast

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My little boy is wearing nail polish and I hate it. Hillary Clinton endorsed Joe Biden for president. The Los Angeles Lakers repaid the millions they got from the coronavirus business relief fund. You can expect a meat shortage. Wegmans is offering a new app that lets you scan and bag your groceries while you shop. There probably won’t be a New York State Fair. The Diocese of Buffalo cuts off pervy priests. The City of Buffalo has a $35 million budget deficit. The Department of Labor accidently sent out personal information. The U of R Medical Center is planning furloughs. Rochester Clinical Research are preparing to test a vaccine. Empire beer is back. Movies that go straight to on-demand will now be eligible for the Oscars. We’re getting a 3rd Now You See Me movie. Thor: Love and Thunder is on hold. Netflix picked up a show about Social Distancing. A Good Morning America correspondent was caught with no pants on.

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