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The Tuddle Podcast | Tuddle Daily Podcast Episode 63

The tuddle Podcast

The Tuddle Podcast | Tuddle Daily Podcast Episode 63

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Tuddle is doing a favor and interviews a singer who has aspirations of becoming a pop star.

Tuddle is doing this for a person that’ll most likely be his boss or business partner

Tuddle travels to Orlando to record his interview but the point man books a crack motel by the airport for our location.

We ditch the crack hotel for a townhouse of a former stripper Tuddle knew from his past

Tuddle talks to the singer her name is Serenity and the owner of the house “The Sweetest Bitch” does a run in and things get real!!!

The Sweetest Bitch say the most offensive thing to date of The Tuddle Daily Podcast

The Sweetest Bitch has a client come by the so he has to leave the interview Tuddle is doing with her.

We find out more about Serenity but Tuddle makes himself look like a creep by the interview he is doing.

The Sweetest Bitch makes a curtain call to close out the show.

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