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The Tuddle Podcast | Tuddle Daily Podcast Episode 64

The tuddle Podcast

The Tuddle Podcast | Tuddle Daily Podcast Episode 64

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Tuddle starts off the show talking about how his podcast is starting to feel like a real broadcast radio show.

Tuddle talks about having Charlie Alaimo as his cohost and bit writer, Josh from Canada as his new production guy, and our first intern Hannah from Alberta Canada

Tuddle talks about Ron DeSantis welcoming all professional sports team to the state of Florida if they don’t have a home.

Tuddle talks about how it’s The Atlanta Braves Pennant week.

Mark McGuire and Sosa saved baseball even though they cheated

Tuddle thinks Skip Carey’s call of Sid Breams slide I’m the NLCS is the greatest call in the MLB

Tuddle gets into radio Inception which is when the guys from Funny To Informing review his weekly commentary and then tuddle reviews their review of his commentary.

Patrick “Tuddle” Fowler

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