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Tuddle Gives His Opinion On Tampa Bay Rays Ace Pitcher Blake Snell – Tuddle VIDEO


Tuddle Gives His Opinion On Tampa Bay Rays Ace Pitcher Blake Snell – Tuddle VIDEO

Tuddle Gives His Opinion On Tampa Bay Rays Ace Pitcher Blake Snell

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Tuddle Gives His Opinion On Tampa Bay Rays Ace Pitcher Blake Snell.

I’ve been a baseball fan all my life and he kills me to see the game be America’s Past Time anymore.

Players like Blake Snell are the reason the league and especially The Tampa Bay Rays are having a tough time with attendance.

Let me start by saying Snell has busted his ass to make it to the show and you can’t take that away from him. Owners should honor their contracts but we’re living in really weird times dealing with Covid-19 Coronavirus. But there’s over 36 million Americans out of work and they would kill for a 1/10 of the 1.75 million Blake will be making if he had to take a pay cut to feed their families.

ESPN and the talking heads have covered this story but you’re not going to hear an opinion where the host tells Blake Snell he would do us all favor if he drove to the top of The Sunshine Skyway and took a nose dive.

This is why the Tampa Bay Rays are struggling and an ownership group like the Tampa Bay Lighting are the kings of professional sports. I can’t speak for their owner Jeff Vinik but he wouldn’t put up with one of his players making this kind of statement.

Patrick “Tuddle” Fowler

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  1. This week a millionaire sportsman, Tampa Bay pitcher Blake Snell, complained that playing for anything less than his 7 million dollar a year salary was just not worth it, even for a shortened season. He stated the risks he faces are just too high.

    The risks are too high.

    This week I was delivering meals to the COVID+ patients at my work. I am not required to do this, I am doing it to help out the nursing staff who are tired and overwhelmed looking after the same types of patients they always look after, elderly frail nursing home patients that the family never want to die or young capable patients who just don’t want to do anything for themselves and want to be waited on hand and foot by the nursing staff. Except now these patients have a disease called COVID-19 and doing the same job the nurses have done for years could now possibly kill them.

    I dropped off the lunch meal for one lady, mid 50’s lying in bed, no trouble breathing, no coughing, no use of oxygen, wasn’t wearing her mask as she should be, while I am trying to get in and out of the room in under 30 seconds to limit my exposure to the disease. I place the plastic bag filled with items on her bed tray then turn to leave, she speaks up.
    ‘Hey, aren’t you going to take it out of the bag for me?’

    I am thinking, there is not a thing wrong with her that she cannot open the plastic bag herself to take out the containers herself, but this is a service industry so I quickly go and pull the items out of the bag and place them on her table.
    ‘Where is the ketchup? I want ketchup.’

    When you have worked in the medical field long enough you become aware that there are patients that will happily complain to get you fired over such trivial things as not getting ketchup with their lunch. As a COVID patients you might think this person would be happy they could breathe and be thankful they were still able to eat, but no. Outside of ICU I have seen only a single COVID patient in the hospital that exhibited a symptom of COVID, a cough. The rest were just lying in bed while carrying the capacity to infect any of the workers coming to bedside without a single care of the risk taken by the staff to care for them.

    So I went and got ketchup packets from the nursing lounge fridge. I took another deep breathe outside the room through my KN-95 level one mask that I have been reusing for 2 weesk, before I entered the room. I dropped the ketchup packets on the table.
    ‘These are cold. I don’t want cold ketchup.’

    I stare at her above my mask, then take the risk to open my mouth to talk, ‘That is all we have so all I can give you.’
    She is not satisfied with my answer and proceeds to act like I am trying to kill her because I took ketchup packets from the fridge rather than running down 6 flights of stairs to the kitchen to get ketchup packets that are sitting in a bowl near the utensils that are at room temperature. I am now well over the 30 seconds of time I want to spend in the room and increasing my exposure to the disease and the risk I will have to take a deep breath to refill my lungs. She opens the lunch packet and lets out a wail.
    ‘This is a cheeseburger. I wanted a hamburger. This is intolerable.’

    I stand there and let her berate me for 5 minutes before she is willing to tolerate the insulting inconvenience of having to eat her meat patty accompanied by a slice of cheese.
    Who will ever know if that extra 5 minutes in the room will come back to haunt me? I know the patient didn’t care, she wanted a hamburger and no price in human life was too high for her not to get what she wanted while she enjoys her tax payer funded full service holiday in the hospital courtesy of having a COVID test come back positive.

    Then I think of this millionaire complaining that his risks are too high to stand in the middle of an open field and throw balls at a batter unless he gets paid his full 7 million dollars. Hey Blake Snell you wanker, there is are people in hospital who are getting served cheeseburgers instead of hamburgers why don’t you make yourself useful and go and volunteer your time to help out the stressed, overworked nurses who are dealing with these people by handing out the lunches for them. At the very least you may find a girlfriend who shares your impeccable standards of self interest.

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