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The Tuddle Podcast | Tuddle Daily Podcast Episode 67

The tuddle Podcast

The Tuddle Podcast | Tuddle Daily Podcast Episode 67

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Tuddle promised his dad that he would drive him to Palm Coast to visit his brother that just lived there from Jacksonville.

Since I was busy I recorded my day and intro the edited segments from today.

Tuddle interviews his dad and uncle and I think my mom tried to kill me by giving me a piece of fish that was full of bones.

Tuddle interviews his mom and dad on the ride home

Tuddle wonders since Hindus worship cows if things got really bad and they where starving would an Indian eat a cow to feed his family

Tuddle tells his mom and dad that he would do gay acts if Nazis kidnapped them and threatened to execute them

Tuddle talks to his British friend Iver

Patrick “Tuddle” Fowler

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