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Deutsche Bank’s Horrible Idea Screws The Average Person Again – VIDEO | The Matt Masur Show

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Deutsche Bank has the worst possible idea to solve the economic crisis caused by COVID, Tax workers.

Matt Masur gives his take on why this is a horrible idea. Later in the clip Matt talks about why Flat or Consumption taxes are also a horrible idea.

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Deutsche Bank’s Horrible Idea Screws The Average Person Again – VIDEO | The Matt Masur Show Full Episode

Computer Generated Transcript:

Deutsche Bank’s Horrible Idea Screws The Average Person Again


Matt Masur:  Is this horrific take a, this is from Deutsche bank. Now, if that name sounds familiar, it’s because they’ve been tied up in everything corrupt and Trump and international banking and, and money laundering and all kinds of things lately.

like most financial institutions, these people are just total douche bags, but their solution to fixing the economic problems of the world. They’re not just saying this in the United States. But their answer to fix, the problems that COVID has caused is to tax workers who are now working from home.

Keep in mind, the billionaires have almost, in some cases, doubled their wealth during the pandemic. Not like they made a lot of money in the last few years. Like since March, since the lockdown started and millions of people [00:01:00] lost their jobs or lost significant amounts of their income, these assholes have doubled their money.

But this asshole bank comes out and says, well, you know the answer to fix this economy. And all the downturn is to tax the people that are.

Tuddle: So they’re talking about here in the United States.

Matt Masur: Well, they’re, they’re talking about the word. This is their, their answer to solve the world’s economic problem.

Okay. That has been created right here. Okay. Why

Tuddle: is marijuana worldwide and start taxing religious, groups.

Matt Masur: Yeah. Yeah. Now here’s, here’s the, the key that they highlight in this quote for years, we have needed a tax on remote workers. COVID just made it obvious. We, we need a tax and in there now. Their logic for this is that when you work from home, when you don’t commute, when you don’t go to stores and buy lunch near your office and so on and so [00:02:00] forth, you are contributing to the economy less.

This is their, this is their argument. And for that reason, you should be the irony of this, the irony of this whole fucking concept. Is, this is the argument to text the wealthy. They are taking money and they are hoarding it, right? They are pulling it out of the economy. They’re not paying people more.

They’re not investing, they’re not buying new businesses. They’re not developing new products. They’re either putting it in the stock market or they’re putting it in their bank account. And they’re just letting it sit. They are sucking this money out of the economy. They are shrinking the pool for the rest of us to circulate.

They are the ones that need to be taxed for this exact reason. But these assholes think because I’m buying less gasoline in my car. first of all, because I’m buying less gasoline in my car, that means I can buy more shit. When I shop online, that means I can order more takeout and delivery from grub hub.

[00:03:00] That means, you know, I am not necessarily participating less in some cases. Especially with this COVID situation where everybody’s stocked up on everything, they cleared out the grocery stores, these retail stores that had record sales. You could argue that these stay-at-home people spent more in the economy.

Tuddle: Oh, bars. I mean, yeah,

Matt Masur: but you know the answer of course, to the rich and the powerful and the banking and the finances. Oh, we got a problem. Let’s fuck that little guy, a little harder. We’ll get more out of him.

Tuddle: What is your opinion on a flat catch where we just taxed on services, services and goods,

Matt Masur: flat tax is an absolutely horrible idea.

And the reason why. Yeah. Yeah, no. And I’m not, I’m not saying that to like, be a Dick to you. I’m just,

Tuddle: I just, you know, I hear a lot of people’s like, go, do you want a real fair tags? You know, you go with a flat deck,

Matt Masur: you know, that’s a simple concept, right? That’s, that’s a [00:04:00] very easy concept when people talk about the inequalities of, of taxing and how, you know, the Richard tax more.

Well, let’s just make it the same, right? We’ll do well, you know, 10%, 20%, whatever it is across the board. That’s great. This is regressive for a couple of reasons. One is 20% of. $15,000 a year, which is a fixed income that a lot of seniors live on, believe it or not is a hell of a lot different than 10% of $20 billion.

it’s not the same thing. You know, the differences that that person on the lower end, it hurts them to make that payment on the top end. They don’t even blink. and that’s one of the reasons that you have progressive tax brackets. But the other, the other thing that people talk about is, and, and not necessarily a flat tax, I was kind of mixing that together, but a national sales tax or a consumption tax is the other idea that people come up with instead of how taxing [00:05:00] on the money you make, we tax you on the money you spend.

Tuddle: Yeah. That’s well, that’s of, I’m sorry. That’s what I was going to talk about. Like, you know, you know, when you’re buying services and goods, the more you buy, the more you’re catching everything.

Matt Masur: Here’s here’s the reason why that is in my opinion, a horrific idea. the thing that people fail to really address or realize they know it, but nobody ever thinks about it or talks about it is the economy is fueled on spending, right?

You don’t have a job at McDonald’s. If there’s nobody coming through the drive-through. You don’t have a job at the factory. If nobody’s buying the thing on the shelf at Walmart, you have to have buyers. You have to have consumers, consumers fuel the entire economy. People talk about trickle down. That’s idiotic.

It doesn’t start with the money at the company and come down. It starts with the customer who buy something from the company [00:06:00] to give them that money. and when you put, you know, what we want, we want more of that. Again. I said earlier, I talked about rich people, hoarding money. The reason that’s a problem is we need them to participate in the economy.

We need them to spend that money. And when you put a tax on spending, now you’re encouraging people to not spend, right? They’re like, well, I don’t want to pay the tax on that new car. So I’m just not going to buy a new car. Now you are, you know, taking that money out of the economy, that sale for that salesmen, that, that factory worker in the GM plant.

Now you’ve heard all of those people because of this tax plan. And that’s why. consumption tax, is the absolute wrong thing to do, in, in spending is what we need. And a lot of conservatives hate when you, when you say that, but that’s what fuels the economy. You can’t save your way to a booming economy.

You have to spread that money around a little bit. And [00:07:00] you know, people, all you’re talking about redistribution, I’m not, I’m talking about. Enjoying your life, spend the money you make. You know, when people bitch about the wealthy, well, he’s got three homes and he’s got one in every state. That’s fucking awesome.

I want you to buy two homes in every state. And the reason for that is. For every home you buy you’re now funding a local furniture shop. Cause you got to furnish the place. You’re now funding a local landscaper. Cause they got to take care of the place. Especially if you don’t live there, you’re funding, you know, housekeepers and things to keep the place up, spending your money and doing those types of things is the thing that we want the rich in.

Literally everybody to do. That’s the point of the stimulus check, right?

Tuddle: Yeah. See a lot of people, a lot of people don’t realize that here in the state of Florida is that we’re going to be in a lot of trouble next year, because we don’t have a state income tax or everything is, is all for the sales tax [00:08:00] towards tax people coming here to go to the theme parks.

And our state is going to be at such a deficit because of none of the money coming in, because we don’t have a state income tax.

Matt Masur: Yeah. Yeah, no, that’s a, that’s a big challenge. You know, Florida, you were able to get away with that for years because you got the tourism tax, right. Florida being the big destination, you know, they said, and Hey, it’s great.

we’re gonna let the tourists pay our bill. Fucking awesome. Right. You got to put up with the hassle of them on your roads and everything like that. I think that’s wonderful. But now with the tourism industry decimated. It’s it’s a little scary.

Tuddle: Yeah. There’s somebody wrote this book, comparing Florida’s economy to a Ponzi scheme like that.

You need a certain amount of people coming in every single day, because one of Florida’s main tourists are the people that are moving here. Like I think they say they gain a couple of thousand or maybe like a [00:09:00] thousand a day come to the state of Florida.

Matt Masur: Yeah. Yeah. It’s, it’s crazy. and, and like I said, it, you know, who expected this, you know, think, well, Florida, they got a hurricane or something that you might knock something out for a week or two, but you know, a plague that shuts down the world for months at a time.

It’s, it’s a, it’s crazy man.

Tuddle: Our governor,

Matt Masur: great

Tuddle: to ride this bitch into the ground because he is Donald Trump on a state level.

Matt Masur: Yeah. Yeah. I don’t understand that guy. I don’t understand why they do a lot of the things that they do. It’s like, you could be the winner. You could be the tough guy. You could be the Trump while still doing mostly right things.

You know what I mean? And these guys trues to just do the asshole thing and beat their chest about it. I don’t get it.

Tuddle: I knew we were in trouble the day that I saw his first political advertisement. Worked with him and his family. And he’s reading his goddamn son, [00:10:00] the art of the deal

Matt Masur: from

Tuddle: Trump to put them to bed.

Like, it’s that guy? I’m like, yes, this guy has complete Mark her whatever book it was.

Matt Masur: No, no, no, but I’m saying like that’s, that’s Trump’s book, but it was written by a ghost writer. Trump didn’t sit down and pontificate those things. That’s the funniest part of that shit.

Tuddle: Yeah, it was just, it was just really, really weird.

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