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Tuddle Drops in 11 13 20 Full Episode The Matt Masur Show – VIDEO | The Matt Masur Show Full Episode

Full Episodes of the Matt Masur Show

Tuddle Drops in 11 13 20 Full Episode The Matt Masur Show – VIDEO | The Matt Masur Show Full Episode

What a fun, impromptu episode of #TheMattMasurShow! Florida radio star, Tuddle guest co-hosts on this episode.

Matt and Tuddle talk about what the plan is for the Matt Masur Show
Later they discuss…
Gov Cuomo on Howard Stern
A Jeopardy Replacement for Alex Trebek
A horrible idea to tax workers
Tuddle’s encounter with Kaitlyn Bennet
& More!!

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Computer Generated Transcript:

2020-11-13 08-02-27

[00:00:00] Matt Masur: What is going on? Everybody. Matt Masur, Matt Masur Show. Yo, doing a little, impromptu special. I guess you’d call it. Test show. I got Tuttle joining us. Let’s see if I can get him on the screen. I can hit the right. There we go.

Tuddle: Oh, there we go.

Matt Masur: Hey. There he is live from Florida. The one and only Tuttle.

Tuddle: No, I got to tell you the background, you know, it adds a little bit of ambience with the bubbling in the background and just saying, it seems like one big, long, consistent, long rip being going on.

[00:01:00] Matt Masur: Fair enough. Fair enough. But

Tuddle: that like, from a very lazy Toker, like, you know, some guy that just so high, he doesn’t have enough energy to, to, you know, muster up to be able to inhale.

Matt Masur: That’s an interesting, observation title.

Tuddle: Well, I mean, it’s better. I have an old white trash box van in the background behind me.

So I mean, doing any better.

Matt Masur: Yeah, I’ve seen. Yeah. I don’t know what is this spot? This is like a port it’s

2020-11-13 08-02-27: like,

Tuddle: it’s like a little, clubhouse. Type thing. I mean, there’s nothing really here to do. I mean, they just kind of bunch of tables and stuff like that.

Matt Masur: Sure. And the reason I ask is because I’ve seen you do a lot of your streams from here, and honestly, I think it’s a good, it’s a well lit it’s a, it’s a decent space you got there.

Tuddle: Yeah. I mean, it, it, it, it looks like, you know, just any old given front porch of a southerner could be Louisiana. It could be Florida who knows.

Matt Masur: I hear [00:02:00] you, man. So listen, toddle. I wanted to, I’m I’m glad you were able to do it on very short notice. You know, I texted you last night and, the whole idea here is the plan is to start up the mat major show again on a regular basis.

And I haven’t said that out loud to anybody. so it’s interesting to hear myself say that, but, there’s a lot of things. There’s a lot of ducks we need to get in a row to do that. And that’s always seems to be the case. and it always seems to be a it’s common. It’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming.

Finally. I was like, fuck it. I’m just going to do it. and I’m not launching full-time right now. So I’m not, I’m not saying that, but you know, before we do this, full-time again, I gotta work some kinks out and we need to do some test shows and, and, need to make sure all the systems and the technology works.

So, I’m going to do this obviously today. We’ll try to do it again next week. thanks

Tuddle: the last time you [00:03:00] actually hosted a show on a regular basis because I, I only ask because I do feel like radio people can get rusty if they’re not doing it for a little while.

Matt Masur: Absolutely. And that’s, that’s been my problem, you know, the, the, the ma major show daily, that we used to do that ran on Bubba was a couple of years ago now, that being said last year, I did a show with billionaire.

We did the weekend or show on Friday evenings, and that went pretty well for a while until. The world went to shit. so, but, but it’s been awhile, so, I’m excited. I’ve wanted to get back to it, you know? I have a big following on social and, we get going on a lot of topics there and it’s like, man, I just, I want to talk about this on a show, typing about it for hours at a time, you know, sometimes really gets to you, but.

Tuddle: no. Now let me ask you, so, so what, what is your vision? What is [00:04:00] your vision for the show? What word you see it going? Is it, is it going to be. Like a hodgepodge of all types of stuff, or is it going to be all political or is it going to, I mean, what is your evasion?

Matt Masur: That’s, that’s a wonderful question. And thank you for teeing me up without me even putting the prep in front of you.

Cause that was the first thing on the list. the, you know, the whole goal here, excuse me, in the long run. I want to help people and.

Tuddle: Oh, you want to be like a hipster Oprah?

Matt Masur: No, not quite.


Tuddle: wouldn’t. It would be cool.

Matt Masur: Let’s help people. Yeah. Well, I mean, it would be cool if, you know, I could just give away lots of shit to my audience. That part would be fun, but, You know what I want to do, because I’ve debated exactly that, you know, I want to get back into this, but what do I want to do? I’m in a bunch of businesses, do I make just straight business content?

Do I not get into any [00:05:00] controversy or things like that? And then I realized that the controversial stuff that I talk about, the politics and things like that, that am most knowledgeable about a and B people like the most, seems silly to cut out. So. Well,

Tuddle: you’re kind of, you, you know, if you’re in CC because a lot of people don’t realize this.

Okay. C you should have started this when Trump was in there because not a lot of people realize, like rush Limbaugh’s ratings are always better when there’s a Democrat in the white house, because he has something to bitch about it. And I could only imagine the type of content we would get for four years of UN and, Trump administration.

Matt Masur: All right. I’ll tell you that. Although I am definitely a lefty and I voted for Biden, I’m not very happy with the Democrat, so I’m going to have a, a C solid amount of content for the next four years. but you know, talking about trying to figure [00:06:00] out what to do for a show. Again, I debated on a bunch of things.

I was going to call it a different show. I was going to do a different format and things like that. And I said, you know what? I’m a big Gary V fan. I know you’re a Gary V fan. and you know, Gary talks about being your true self and Gary’s the guy who swears a lot. He says, fuck every other word like I do.

And he, and he does it in business meetings with fortune 50 companies. and, and people ask him, you know, Gary, you’re, you’re a little abrasive people don’t necessarily like you swearing what’s, you know, what’s the deal. And he always sticks to, you know, be your true self. This is, this is you. This is how you are reality of you.

Honesty, we’ll go a lot farther than anything else. And in thinking about those things and say, you know what. We’re going to stick with the Matt major show. it’s going to be primarily hosted by myself, with some guests hosts. And that’s my idea, rather than the previous format where I had Phil and billionaire and, you know, standing daily hosts, we’re going to really make it the mat major [00:07:00] show.

And it’s going to be a little bit all over the place because like every other person it’s all over the place. And this is a show not to sound like Bubba, but it’s a show that’s going to be about me. the things that I’m interested in. Which our politics and current events, it’s also entertainment and comedy and business.

So we’re going to talk a lot about, ways that everyday people can make extra money. We’re going to talk about the content business. And actually, I want to, I want to talk about you, in, in your efforts, in the content business in a few minutes, total. and, and we’re going to talk about these different things.

Eventually we might talk about, frogs and fish, cause I’m a big aquarium hobbyist. so it’s, it’s. There’s going to be a, a variety. but it’s going to be all mat and the various things that I’m interested in. Well,

Tuddle: what’s your favorite reptile or in Fabian then if you’re, if you’re into that type of stuff.

Matt Masur: Oh, you know what, I I’ve, I’ve gotten into frogs lately. You know, I’ve been into a fish for a long time. I’ve kept [00:08:00] fish, of all sorts. and I recently got into a recently, a year or two ago. I discovered that you could buy tadpoles on eBay.

Tuddle: Oh yeah. Well, I can get to those in Florida all day. I can get those for you.

Matt Masur: What I’ve learned, the Florida ones, they’re all Cuban tree frogs, which is okay. cause they’re kind of cool, but they’re, they’re invasive. They’re all over Florida. That’s why you can get those so easily. But

Tuddle: yeah, I think you get a frog. I mean, could you get one and raise one, one of those ones that you can get high off of, because I think it was so cool.

Like if you brought your buddies or it was like, Hey, do you want to get high? You’re like, yeah. And you, and you just reach into the aquarium and pull out a frog and be like, licks this.

Matt Masur: I, you know what, I’ve never, I’ve I’ve never really thought about that. Exactly title. That’s interesting. A psychedelic frog that might be a whole nother market.


Tuddle: I mean, how bad ass would that be? You and your buddies come over and you’re, and you’re like, Nobody, none of your bros would be like, Oh yeah, I’ve had, you know, poisonous tree frogs that [00:09:00] are gonna make me a trip. No nobody’s ever had a friend just good rich in it’s self

Matt Masur: service. Hey, let’s come lick some frogs, man.

That could be a party that could be a, that could be a new trend. I like it. But,

Tuddle: but

Matt Masur: you know, one of the other things that we’re going to do is to talk about content a little bit. Is, I’m going to execute a new content strategy. And I say that. Yeah. and I say that as I realized that I haven’t updated my, title on Twitch and, and we’re technically in the wrong category.

So I’m going to do that as we talk. Oh,

Tuddle: so, so we’re on Twitter right now. I gotta be careful.

Matt Masur: Are well, I mean, you don’t have to be that careful, but,

Tuddle: well, I mean, yeah, but I mean, I know the buzzwords, you can or cannot say that are going to get you in trouble.

Matt Masur: Yeah. Yeah. Go ahead.

Tuddle: Before the show started, you got your little [00:10:00] artwork and everything.

What made you, because I’ve gone through my longer hair phase. I mean, because that’s your beforehand, you will, you assure here and I’m like, Oh, yeah. That’s the Mac that I remember first, you know, bringing, being a part of my attention. And, and now you decided to go with the longer hair, a midlife crisis.

What what’s going on

Matt Masur: here? Yeah, I mean, kinda, you know, what’s funny. I have been waiting. You were the first person who’s actually addressed this and I haven’t said anything about it. I haven’t done anything. I’ve just been waiting for somebody to say. Holy fuck. Why is your hair long? So here’s how basically in a nutshell, I haven’t paid for a haircut since 1999.

And what I mean by that is, in 1999, I went to Walmart. I paid $20 for a real nice set of wall electric Clippers.

Tuddle: You don’t get really nice haircuts at Walmart.

Matt Masur: No, no, no. I didn’t. I bought, [00:11:00] I bought a set of Clippers at Walmart, and every girlfriend and now wife. Yeah, well, I mean, they do a beauty salon and, but yeah, no, I bought Clippers and every girlfriend and now wife I’ve ever had, has just done the straight buzz cut with the Clippers.

I’ve done that for over 20, when COVID hit and we’re, we’re stuck in the house, we’re not leaving the house for months at a time, you know, I needed a haircut and I just let it go. And then after a while it was like, My hair has never been this long ever in my life. So I’m like,

Tuddle: and get through that awkward phase.

Like I’ve grown my hair on my hair was like all the way past my shoulders,

Matt Masur: way

Tuddle: down. and, and you got to get through that awkward phase and once you get to a certain point, it’s like, all right. Yeah, I don’t care.

Matt Masur: Yeah. And, and the other issue is like, it’s, it’s starting to thin a little bit on top. And, so I’m, I’m reaching that part of life, which I’m not very excited about.

So I said, fuck it. We’re going to let it grow. And, [00:12:00] and honestly, who knows, I, I, I may just pop on one day and you’ll see me just. Shaved off again. Like I always was cause I’m sick of it, but, I’m trying something, I honestly don’t know how, how it’s going to work or how long it’s going to go, but I’m kinda liking it right now.

Tuddle: Do you want me to tell you what you’re missing? You let the hair grow out as long as you can in the back. But if you’re saying the hair is going, you know, when Hogan hair used to start to go, he’s got that sculling. You know, he’s got the hair missing in the middle. You leave that with the long hair I’m telling you right now, you will be the biggest.

Goddamn thing on Tik TOK of all time. Could you imagine somebody talking politics? It’s got the Hogan Skullet going on and the long Jesus, Whoa, and locks in the back. Oh my God.

Matt Masur: You never know, man. Any, anything is possible. I did want to mention real quick, cause we started talking about the content strategy and I wanted to talk about that for just a minute and then I want to get into some other topics, but, The, the new thing.

I’m going to try again, [00:13:00] going back to Gary V I’m I’m going to be using what they call the Gary V content model. And I’ll be honest. I don’t, I don’t know that he invented it. Do

Tuddle: you think it’s too much though? No content, no,

Matt Masur: not at all. and the reason why is the same thing that he says, and I, I.

Wholeheartedly believe this there’s no such thing is blasted too much. I used to think there was, and it’s like, well, I’m, I’m hammering these people. I’m bothering these people. Cause I’m making posts on Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn and all this every three minutes. But it doesn’t matter because of their algorithms and their whole point of the algorithm is to only show a post to somebody if somebody gives a shit about it.

So you Tuttle may only see one out of every 10 things that I put out there. And ideally if these algorithms are working right, it’s the one article that has to do with something that you like. so I don’t have a problem at all. The other, the other thing is, you know, you’re one post away from something huge.

And I’ve done that many times and I’m sure you’ve seen that [00:14:00] you’ll post things all day long. It gets the same amount of traffic, or it gets none at all. And then one day out of nowhere, some random thing you put out there, it gets shared by 10,000 people. It’s you gotta, you gotta have those opportunities.

It’s like playing the lottery. You know, you can’t win if you’re not playing. So

Tuddle: like, for example, I’ll give you an example. Like I’ll sit there on breath and try to write out tweets or do something like that. And it’ll take me a really long time and they’re only get maybe one or two likes, maybe a couple of retweets.

And then I take a dumb picture of a sunrise out here at the hobo fish camp. And that then gets like, 60 70 retweet to couple hundred favorites and I’m like, God damn it.

Matt Masur: That’s the thing. That’s crazy. and that’s the reason you got to put that out and to that effect, the whole thing that I’m going to do is, there’s going to be a new podcast feed up for the mat major show.

Once we’re rolling every day. But there’s actually going to be two. There’s going to be the full episodes feed, and then there’s going to be a clip, oops feed. And the reason I’m separating [00:15:00] them is because the clips are going to be segments of the full episode. And I don’t want to put them in the same feed because if you’re a listener, you don’t want to listen to a whole episode.

And then the same thing in a bunch of pieces, you know what I mean? But I’m going to carve up each episode into a bunch of pieces for a number of reasons. In one, as I was saying previously, This show is going to be a little, all over the place. It’s going to be on different topics. We’re going to talk about business and there’s going to be conservative people that hate my fucking political views that want nothing to do with the whole episode of me, but would maybe like to hear about the marketing tips or something, we do an interview.

And for that reason, We’re going to carve up all these things. So after we’re done with each episode, I’m going to go in, I’m going to put up the full episode as a podcast, but then I’m going to carve up all the segments. So each news story we talk about, it’s going to be its own segment. It’s going to be its own post with its own title in text that ideally will draw in a crowd.

Tuddle: I all [00:16:00] right. All right. I see. I see what you’re doing here. So, so like on, is this going to be on a three, one, five live everything’s going to be there.

Matt Masur: Everything will be on three, one, five live, but also just like you, you know, based on YouTube and, and, iTunes for the podcast and all those things.

Tuddle: So, so basically, all right, now tell me how all four of these I am here.

So like, say we’re talking about a certain topic. Okay. We’re talking about the trade war between America and China and, and you have a segment of that. Maybe you’ll take that clip, put it on a separate page or whatever. Maybe other, other associated like news stories about it or, or stuff like that. I mean, am I on basis?

Matt Masur: Nope. Nope. You’re you’re on there. And you know, the whole idea here, if you notice anybody that’s successful and we keep talking about Gary V but, but anybody, a news, outlet, you’ll notice that, you know, as you flip through the local news station, you see each individual story. You [00:17:00] don’t just see the 6:00 PM news.

And the reason is that’s, what’s hot and that’s, what’s topical. And by breaking those out into individual stories and individual posts on the website, you know, somebody who’s interested in the election and is Googling the election will find our article, just like they find, anything else, excuse me.

But you know, they’re not going to sit through an hour long podcast. For a five minute story that they’re interested in. You know what I mean? So the idea is to draw them in with something they’re interested in and then hopefully they go, Oh, this guy’s cool. I like his take, or I like his personality or whatever.

Let’s see what else he does. And ideally grow the audience

Tuddle: that way.

Have you, and this is just asking, you’re talking about smaller clips

Matt Masur: and stuff.

Tuddle: I, I, I just recently learned that, Twitter has this Twitter audio thing now where you can like post like two and a half minutes, audio clips and stuff. do you think [00:18:00] that they’ll ever make it where you can maybe upload just straight audio?

Because right now the only let you record it, but I’m trying to think of the best way to use that to my advantage, to what I’m trying to do.

Matt Masur: I’ve I’ve seen a little bit of that. I haven’t played with it. One option that I thought of that I saw in one of those streams, was an audio only stream, almost like the, you know, the, the online radio that we did traditionally

Tuddle: did that.

I think it would be humongous. I really, really do because not a lot of people, radio guys. They, yeah. I mean, video is nice, but a lot of them just love the mystique of just doing audio only.

Matt Masur: Yeah. they do. And honestly, though, I think that’s a mistake for them to only do audio, especially given how easy it is for us to do video.

You know what we’re going to do here. I’m going to take this video. I’m going to trim the episode, do whatever I’m going to cut up the pieces like I talked about in the different segments, but then I have all these video clips. It’s [00:19:00] very easy. It’s literally one button click for me. Generate an audio file of each of those, and you know, people that want to listen to podcasts, they traditionally we’ve done radio.

We’ve done talk. that’s, they’re going to be able to find that as well.

Tuddle: no, no, what I’m all right. So you’ve been doing typecast a little bit more now and, and if you, if you, I, I won’t get then way into deep on that, but I go from broadcasting to podcasting. I’ve had to learn to, to not freak out if I don’t have a good day when it comes to downloads, because I’m thinking, Oh, well, a lot of people didn’t like the show.

That’s not the case because. The thing about podcasts is people can watch it or listen to it at their own convenience. Is that the one you have to look at it now

Matt Masur: you, well, first of all, you got to look at anything in this. I’ll say content game [00:20:00] as a slow burn. Yeah. And what I mean by that is, doesn’t matter what you do, doesn’t matter how big you are.

I mean, there’s some exceptions, but they’re very rare. It’s going to take awhile for you to get to a point to where you’re flowing to, where you’ve got a base audience. shut up,

Tuddle: see that dome. I’ve only been doing it since March and the growth has, has. Almost tripled sense

Matt Masur: of BME, big thing with all of this is consistency and, and that’s, that’s, that’s why I was so excited that you did start doing a daily show.

Cause I think that’s the right way to go, what people want and what all these platforms want. Even Twitch. If you’re on Twitch, you know, you want to make partner and things like this. They have requirements for how much to actually stream. They want you to be out there all the time. and that’s the thing, you know, you gotta put in the work.

There’s a lot of folks, myself included who have thought, you know, we’ll do one good show for five minutes and it’ll be [00:21:00] awesome. And we’re going to have a massive audience and it just doesn’t work that way. today’s look like you locked up. You still, everybody.

Like maybe it’s coming back.

Oh, no.

All right. We’ll get Tuttle back in a second. Hopefully. everything else is streaming. Well, I don’t know why it wouldn’t do that, but Hey, I guess this is the point of a test show. Okay.

Let’s see, come on, we’ll get titled back in a second here.

Hopefully I’m going to wear, I’m going to disconnect them and reconnect him. [00:22:00] See if that works.

Oh, we got the Skype sound. Gotta love the Skype sound. Did we get them? I think we got them. Oh, they’re not. It happens.

Tuddle: I don’t know what happened

Matt Masur: as I was saying, this is the point of a test show, I guess. Right. But, what, what were we talking about before we,

Tuddle: we were talking about, splitting up the content and

Matt Masur: stuff.

Oh, yeah. So we lost him again.

Hold on. I’m back there, guys.

There we go.

Tuddle: I’m back. No, we were talking about the content, what you’re wanting to do and be inconsistent.

Matt Masur: Yeah, so consistency is, is the key. [00:23:00] and what I was starting to say is, you know, there’s a lot of times, a lot of people, they put stuff out there and you get flushed frustrated because nobody watches that’s going to happen.

and it’s going to happen for a long time. The reason that, you know, you want to put this out there, like you say, Is this lives in a feed, in an archive. And especially in the world of podcasting, when somebody discovers you for the first time, they go subscribe to your podcast because they jumped in at episode 40.

Now they’re going to go and they Google back, you know, just like you discovered a favorite TV show, you’re going to check out the previous seasons. So, the guy in chat, it says Tuttle’s cord from the neighbor’s trailer. Just got disconnected by a golf cart.

Tuddle: Yeah, I can, I can definitely say no, no, no, no, no, no.

I mean the wide is brand new here now. Hey, what’s your good upload speeds? Cause the guy was over 14 megabytes.

Matt Masur: I have a thousand. Oh,

Tuddle: yeah, because I’m sure you pay for it. Like pretty high.

Matt Masur: I got, I’ve got [00:24:00] fiber and, I’ve, I’ve jacked that up as high as you can. I ironically, you know, I do it work and none of my business clients have as much bandwidth as I do for my home office, but it’s just a nerd brag right there.

Tuddle: My high speed internet connection. I was way better than yours.

Matt Masur: Yeah. but, but I’m happy with it. so, so there’s that

Tuddle: with three, one five live now, how long, how long have you been doing three, one, five lines? This is something I wanted to check.

Matt Masur: Yeah. So that’s been around, for going on five years now and, you know, there’s been many iterations of it.

I’m going to put it up on the screen here. If I can maybe, maybe not. It just, there we go. I,

Tuddle: this is why this is a test. Yeah. I can see it on the screen behind you. Oh my God. You are just on PornHub. I can see it in the

Matt Masur: background. [00:25:00] No, I made sure to close all that shit.

All right. So. If I flip that around and what we’re doing, we’re running multiple computers here to do this the right way. And we’ll see if that really works. There we go. There we go. but yeah, three, one five live has been around for, for a while. There’s been some different iterations, of it. Right. And right now what it is, as you can see is, an aggregate of a lot of shows.

Tuddle: I looked, so I looked like such a predator in the photo. Like it’s like that photo of me in the car with the thumbs up and it’s like, all right, I’m outside the playground, of the elementary school let’s make this quick.

Matt Masur: Oh, geez.

Tuddle: but yeah, it’s like, alright, you know, I got I’m, I’m holding my thumb up with this hand, but the other hand has got an ether rag in it.

[00:26:00] Matt Masur: The idea here is, you know, to just take a bunch of good content and get a bunch of people on there and kind of develop an audience of a wide variety. And I haven’t put a lot of effort into it or as much as I should anyway, because I’ve just had a lot of other things going on, but this thing has been growing on its own because there’s, there’s new content, literally daily.

Tuddle: self-contained too, right, because I’ve noticed like everything’s. Kind of automated when, when it gets posted up there, like you guys automatically just grabbed the feed and it automatically makes the page, correct?

Matt Masur: Yeah. And that’s, that’s one of the big advantages to having this set up this way. And that’s, that’s one of the things that I actually offer for, a lot of other broadcasters, it’s a service that I offer in the technology business to automate these things, but yeah, it’s totally automated.

So the way it works is. you or any of our other shows post your episode on your podcast feed? cause we do pick up both audio and the video from your YouTube feeds. [00:27:00] As soon as those posts, the website picks it up, it creates the post, puts it on the site, then blasts it out to all our social medias automatically.

and it’s, it’s ready to drive people there.

Tuddle: Like, yeah, like automatically, like I’ll put up an episode and like five minutes later. Yeah. Out episode two 55 of the total daily podcast.

Matt Masur: Yeah. and that’s the type of automation, as a one or a couple man business, as I have been for a while that I wouldn’t be able to do this stuff at all, if, if it weren’t for those types of tools.

So, it works great, but going forward, you know, this is going to be the home base of the mat major show. there’ll be a lot of resources on it. That we can get to and, and, you know, hopefully spread the idea is to all these different shows, drive your people to it. and it exposes them to all the other shows it’s really kind of helping each other.

Going back to that original kind of what I’m looking to do is, is to help people.

Tuddle: You know, a [00:28:00] lot of people, a lot of podcasts, or I don’t know, like radio went in that, that direction where, especially working on an FM talk radio station at real radio one Oh 4.1 and one Oh two by the bone is that they learned like, all right, let’s, take our very popular dayparts and let’s promote the other day parts that aren’t doing that.

Great. So we can all be

Matt Masur: better. Yeah. That’s that’s absolutely, The other thing that I’ve been working on, just to mention it real quick, is this, this new venture called the merchant link and what this is, this is an online store. And of course I go to the wrong link. This is an online store. and I did this for a couple of reasons.

one. Again, to help people. There’s a lot of influencers. There’s a lot of bands. There’s a lot of artists that are trying to monetize their efforts with merchandise, [00:29:00] and are ways to do it are kind of shitty to be honest, a lot of these do it yourself sites. It’s great because in 30 seconds you can pop up a t-shirt and have it for sale to your fans.

But you know, the quality is iffy and also what you get out of it. From a lot of these places, even Amazon, Amazon, I’ll let you, they’ll actually print t-shirts for you and send them out. you make a solid two and a half to $3 on the $20 plus purchase that your, your fan invests in your t-shirt in that situation.

and I think that’s just shitty. So. Yeah, I’ve built this, this site, the merchant link, the idea is to work with a lot of these influencers and a lot of these folks to provide them a way to sell a higher quality and a wider variety of customers. And they’ll make more, you know, they’ll, they’ll get to keep considerably more of the proceeds from the sale, which is the whole point, right.

If you’re trying to [00:30:00] monetize, let’s, let’s actually make some money on it. So. In addition to that, we’ve got some funny stuff, some fashion design, some novelty type of, clothing, and, and we’re having fun with it. I’m having fun with it. This is very new to me cause I’ve been a business guy for a long time.

but I’ve always been a professional services guy. So I started out in the it world when I was 14 years old, working at customized computer shop and Frankfurt started my own computer services business when I was 18. And I’ve lived on that pretty much since doing web development and doing, you know, computer services, networking and things like that.

And the sales cycle on that. Sucks. Let me just tell you right now. There’s there’s. No customer that you pick up in that business that you don’t engage with for at least three months before any money changes hands. so there’s always, [00:31:00] multiple meetings and discoveries and proposals and revisions and, and all these things.

It’s a very long cycle to even get a new customer before you can even do your job. Sounds like

Tuddle: dating and trying to meet a woman. Depends on a lot of times before you get in the house. And it’s like, You’re not even guaranteed. You could put in all this work and it’s like the girl that not, I don’t see no ring on this thing.

Matt Masur: Hundred percent, hundred percent. so, but that’s been my world for 20 years in business and I’ve made my living and fed my family that way and done pretty well, honestly. But you know, as this COVID thing hits and, and we’re spending all the time at home and doing all these things. You got to stay busy to keep yourself just in a good mental state.

So, I I’ve launched this again as an effort to help other people, but also this is a cool learning experience for me because I’ve never tried to sell a consumer product. I’ve never tried to sell anything to a person. You know, [00:32:00] that wasn’t a, one of these in-depth services. So. I am learning a ton about the B to C the, the, you know, business to consumer world.

and I’m learning a ton about marketing, outside of the types of things that I’ve normally done. So just as a learning experience and something to do, I’m very excited about this, but the opportunities for it, I think are endless. And, you know, if I can get to the point to where. I’m generating a reasonable amount of money from this.


Tuddle: can invest it back into your media and partner.

Matt Masur: Well, here’s the thing is this would support everything because keep in mind the conflict that I have as an opinionated, political guy who also tries to do business in the community, you know, I gotta, and I don’t, you know, I don’t bite my tongue as much as I probably should, but.

You know, my opinions and things like this, this’ll drive a number of people away. so you got to [00:33:00] play the game of when you’re doing business in town of, of schmoozing and not making your opinions, all that hurt. You don’t want to offend people. You don’t want to do whatever. If I make my living or at least a, a good portion of it.

From selling fucking t-shirts. I can be the most obnoxious, most opinionated, most genuine person I could ever be. And it doesn’t matter if I piss people off.

Tuddle: Well, that’s why they call it. Fuck you money.

Matt Masur: Exactly. and, and so that’s the type of thing that, that I’d like to get to. And again, help other people get to help a lot of these other creators and these other people that are opinionated

Tuddle: they do when they, when you make them sign a contract saying I own, 10% of your image.

Matt Masur: Yeah. you know, I’m not, I’m not going crazy like that. you know, this type of thing is going to be very straightforward on, on other people’s items. I’m not going to make a whole lot. My, my hope is to make it in volume. And again, the, the draw will be, they get to recoup a lot more than they would from any [00:34:00] other business.

So, or any other merge option. So, you know, again, it’s a type of deal where hopefully, yes, I absolutely want to benefit from it, but I want to benefit by helping others and we’ll see it could have all crashed and burned and, and whatever, but the advantage that I have to this. Sorry.

Tuddle: If we’re doing a pair, I’ve got an idea I want to pitch to you.

Okay. All right. So we’ve all been there. We all use whatever we could use back in the day for cleanup. When we, you know, we first discovered masturbation and stuff, then we would use all types. Of course, things to clean up with, like, you know, just the closest thing. You’re like, what if now hear me out on this.

Okay. I mean, we wanna, we wanna make the experience that much greater, you know, those microfiber towels that. People clean their glasses and they’re expensive, like sunshades with and stuff.

Matt Masur: Yep.

Tuddle: Yes. A comrade made out of [00:35:00] microfiber that does not change an already chafed the area because I’m telling you, my Jack Jack sessions back in the day were marathons.

Matt Masur: Well, that’s, that’s interesting. You know, I hadn’t thought of that, but you know, masturbation tools might be a market.

Tuddle: I want the face with you in the short hair, smiling, as the white Bavarian.

Matt Masur: Well, I mean, that might be a little much

Tuddle: for a facial here.

Matt Masur: Ken, I can sell custom socks too. So that might be, that might be a way to go.

if you go to, this was, this was one of the first things that I, I just fucked around with and I left it here. Cause I just think it’s goofy, but you know, if you want my face on a bathing suit, That’s available right now for 39 99.

Tuddle: Now can we go now? I don’t know if you remember this, but back in the, like the high side of bikinis that the, the ladies would wear with the big, like,

Matt Masur: I know what you’re talking about

Tuddle: and they got it pulled up so [00:36:00] much, or like, how is that not inside you right now?

Matt Masur: Yeah, I don’t know. That’s a good question.

Tuddle: That would be killer to sell.

Matt Masur: So this dress, by the way, you might think it’s a real good pattern. And when you look close, let’s see if I can, I don’t know if I can even do it.

Tuddle: Yeah. Is it one of those paintings where you look at it long enough, the sailboat appears

Matt Masur: well.

If, if you were able to look a little closer, you’d realize that, It’s me. This is a picture of me as a pattern and a,

Tuddle: you, you do listen to pop a lot, which I’m not make it about yourself, which is the way

Matt Masur: to go. I do have my own knockoff chucks.

Tuddle: I would wear those all day,

Matt Masur: which I’m pretty excited about.

and. You know, some knockoff boots. so we’re gonna try the footwear game too. I don’t know. if I can get an audience [00:37:00] in a reasonable following, I’ve got a very exciting other specialized product. I’m not going to tell you what it is, but. If we

Tuddle: can say, it’s not me. If you want to put my face on a flashlight, you’re more than willing.

I mean, if you can make a few bucks off it, but I do not care.

Matt Masur: I don’t know if that would sell, to be honest with you, buddy, but

Tuddle: I’ll come on. I’m a twink. I’m a nerd

Matt Masur: twink. This guy right here. If you follow me on Facebook, I think is the most appropriate man major shirt ever. cause I am a true drank grammar Nazi when it comes to that one particular thing, if you can’t spell your or use the right, your, I will jump on you like that.

Like an asshole.

Tuddle: Yeah, I will too, but I feel kind of bad sometimes.

Matt Masur: I don’t.

Tuddle: I do because it’s like, do they really know.

Matt Masur: so we’ve been, we’ve been zipping through all these, these different kind of catching up things, which I’m happy with. but I want to, let’s, let’s talk a couple of real topics, [00:38:00] and get into a couple of things.

and I’ve of course, in, in grand radio prep fashion, I’ve got a lot more than I probably need. But, you know, I want to talk about a lot of things. One thing that’s been real hot lately. I don’t know if you saw this. I don’t know if you listened to Howard much, these days, have you seen or heard anything of Howard’s interview with governor Cuomo?

Tuddle: no, I did not, but I, I mean, I read a little bit of it, a little bit of it, but I know Howard and I pretty much know how the interview went. So.

Matt Masur: Anybody that knows Howard Howard is one of the best interviewers there ever was and ever will be. and, and, and I will defend that until the death, because what Howard can do.

Is, he will sit there with you and he will take the most guarded person and governor Cuomo. Isn’t the most guarded person, which is [00:39:00] kind of an interesting thing, but Howard will take the most guarded person. And in a half hour of an interview, he will wear them down to the point to where he will ask them deep, personal questions that you didn’t necessarily see coming.

And he will get an honest answer out of them. and it’s one of the things that I think is, is just truly incredible. If you have a chance, go watch this interview, or listen to it on serious with the governor and Howard. one of the things that I really want to, play for you here in just a second is, this segment where Howard talks to the governor about his late father.

Now, if you know anything about governor Cuomo in New York state you’d know that, Andrew Cuomo’s father was Mario Cuomo, he was governor. before Andrew was obviously, and a lot of people, myself included thinks, Oh, that’s the governor’s kid. You know, they grew up this rich, famous, [00:40:00] powerful family.

His dad didn’t get into politics or didn’t get didn’t become the governor, until Andrew was in his twenties. So he was a regular average kind of a middle-class family guy, all his life until his twenties. And to me, I think that’s, that’s kind of an interesting thing. because it really shows

a lot of this, you know, are misconceptions and things like that are just not there, but in the interview. And this is one of the things I was talking about where Howard gets deep, he talks to him about, his father’s shoes. And one of the things Andrew does to feel a connection to his father. And it seems like the whole purpose, almost the reason that he’s a governor that he’s in politics was to get closer to his father because his father wasn’t there.

and now that he’s passed, he’ll frequently put on his father’s shoes, [00:41:00] to kind of feel that connection again. and this is just something that I think it’s kind of interesting. It’s not something that you would have expected out of a governor, and especially the way that he opened up. it was really cool.

I think it’s a funny, fantastic. If you’re

Tuddle: at all though. Like, I mean, I mean, I get it, I get it because I’ve got, it’s not my father, so I’m kind of like, eh, that’s weird. If I had a pair of my dad chews around then he was gone. Yeah. I’d probably keep them around. But I just don’t know. Like if I, is it trying to be metaphorically?

Like I’m stepping into your shoes pop, have I needed to proud?

Matt Masur: Oh, exactly. That’s that’s I think exactly what’s going on here?

Tuddle: just a little weird, but I get it though.

Matt Masur: Yeah. Yeah, no, I it’s. It’s interesting. but like I said, if, if you have a chance to go watch that interview, listen to [00:42:00] that interview, it’s worthless.

And especially if you’re a Cuomo, a fan or a, I hate hater, I guess I would say, it’s worth a listen, just to get some perspective

Tuddle: while we’re on stern. Let me ask you, what, what do you say to the people that, The, the hardcore fans, cause in radio, this always happens. You guys sold out and you’re not the same.

You you’re freeing about your audience. do you do think that Howard does sometimes like hair, I’ll give an example of a kind of softball Hillary a little bit, but that’s understandable for that to be able to happen

Matt Masur: because he’s

Tuddle: got to get these types of guests and he’s got to play ball a little bit.

What do you, what do you say to those people?

Matt Masur: Yeah. I, I mean, I think you’re right. There’s, there’s a bit of playing ball. Absolutely. but I don’t know, Howard to me is the same Howard that he’s always been, and I’m sure that he’s evolved and he’s changed a little bit as every person does. [00:43:00] but. You know, usually people give you that criticism because Howard gives a take that they don’t like, you know, it’s like, Oh, he sucks now because he said, Trump sucks in and I liked Trump.

Well, no, he he’s always spoke his mind. And in the past it was cool. Cause you happen to agree. Now you happen to disagree. So he’s a hack, you know what I mean? It’s just a, just a shitty, a weak criticism in my mind. in, in most of these cases,

Tuddle: I still think he does great interviews. I mean, the ones that I catch are good.

I mean, now what do you, what do you think about Rogan? What do you think about his interviewing? I think he still has some stuff to learn because like, I don’t know, man, sometimes the conversation just gets way out there.

Matt Masur: Yeah. You know, I, I’m not a huge Rogan guy and for no reason, I don’t, I don’t necessarily have a problem with him.

His style is interesting. he is not the brightest guy in the world and he’ll admit that, [00:44:00] which I respect. what I don’t like is the amount of. Weird hate that he gets from different groups, people on the left, and this is a problem in, in general, but people on the left have this real big problem with letting someone speak, who they don’t agree with.

and they, they call it platforming and they hate Joe Rogan because he, he talks to these people like Alex Jones and these, these other Luna texts that, that we don’t agree with and we think are crazy. And he’s an asshole for just talking to them. and that’s a concept that I reject wholeheartedly. and, and I don’t like that criticism whatsoever.

I think Rogan puts a lot of shit out there, and leads people to think about, or, or figure it out on their own. And he doesn’t claim to be the end, all which I respect and, you know, Good for him. I kind of

Tuddle: like the ordinary guy asking the questions that the ordinary guy wants to know about. [00:45:00] So the ordinary person could understand it.

Matt Masur: Yes. and that’s okay. Like that’s, those are conversations. We should have, conversations. We should not have. Is this horrific take a, this is from Deutsche bank. Now, if that name sounds familiar, it’s because they’ve been tied up in everything corrupt and Trump and international banking and, and money laundering and all kinds of things lately.

like most financial institutions, these people are just total douche bags, but their solution to fixing the economic problems of the world. They’re not just saying this in the United States. But their answer to fix, the problems that COVID has caused is to tax workers who are now working from home.

Keep in mind, the billionaires have almost, in some cases, doubled their [00:46:00] wealth during the pandemic. Not like they made a lot of money in the last few years. Like since March, since the lockdown started and millions of people lost their jobs or lost significant amounts of their income, these assholes have doubled their money.

But this asshole bank comes out and says, well, you know the answer to fix this economy. And all the downturn is to tax the people that are.

Tuddle: So they’re talking about here in the United States.

Matt Masur: Well, they’re, they’re talking about the word. This is their, their answer to solve the world’s economic problem.

Okay. That has been created right here. Okay. Why

Tuddle: is marijuana worldwide and start taxing religious, groups.

Matt Masur: Yeah. Yeah. Now here’s, here’s the, the key that they highlight in this quote for years, we have needed a tax on remote workers. COVID just made it obvious. We, we need a tax and [00:47:00] in there now. Their logic for this is that when you work from home, when you don’t commute, when you don’t go to stores and buy lunch near your office and so on and so forth, you are contributing to the economy less.

This is their, this is their argument. And for that reason, you should be the irony of this, the irony of this whole fucking concept. Is, this is the argument to text the wealthy. They are taking money and they are hoarding it, right? They are pulling it out of the economy. They’re not paying people more.

They’re not investing, they’re not buying new businesses. They’re not developing new products. They’re either putting it in the stock market or they’re putting it in their bank account. And they’re just letting it sit. They are sucking this money out of the economy. They are shrinking the pool for the rest of us to circulate.

They are the ones that need to be taxed for this exact reason. But these assholes think because I’m buying less gasoline in my car. [00:48:00] first of all, because I’m buying less gasoline in my car, that means I can buy more shit. When I shop online, that means I can order more takeout and delivery from grub hub.

That means, you know, I am not necessarily participating less in some cases. Especially with this COVID situation where everybody’s stocked up on everything, they cleared out the grocery stores, these retail stores that had record sales. You could argue that these stay-at-home people spent more in the economy.

Tuddle: Oh, bars. I mean, yeah,

Matt Masur: but you know the answer of course, to the rich and the powerful and the banking and the finances. Oh, we got a problem. Let’s fuck that little guy, a little harder. We’ll get more out of him.

Tuddle: What is your opinion on a flat catch where we just taxed on services, services and goods,

Matt Masur: flat tax is an absolutely horrible idea.

And the reason why. Yeah. Yeah, no. And I’m not, I’m not saying that to like, be a Dick to you. I’m just,

[00:49:00] Tuddle: I just, you know, I hear a lot of people’s like, go, do you want a real fair tags? You know, you go with a flat deck,

Matt Masur: you know, that’s a simple concept, right? That’s, that’s a very easy concept when people talk about the inequalities of, of taxing and how, you know, the Richard tax more.

Well, let’s just make it the same, right? We’ll do well, you know, 10%, 20%, whatever it is across the board. That’s great. This is regressive for a couple of reasons. One is 20% of. $15,000 a year, which is a fixed income that a lot of seniors live on, believe it or not is a hell of a lot different than 10% of $20 billion.

it’s not the same thing. You know, the differences that that person on the lower end, it hurts them to make that payment on the top end. They don’t even blink. and that’s one of the reasons that you have progressive tax brackets. But the other, the other thing that people talk about is, [00:50:00] and, and not necessarily a flat tax, I was kind of mixing that together, but a national sales tax or a consumption tax is the other idea that people come up with instead of how taxing on the money you make, we tax you on the money you spend.

Tuddle: Yeah. That’s well, that’s of, I’m sorry. That’s what I was going to talk about. Like, you know, you know, when you’re buying services and goods, the more you buy, the more you’re catching everything.

Matt Masur: Here’s here’s the reason why that is in my opinion, a horrific idea. the thing that people fail to really address or realize they know it, but nobody ever thinks about it or talks about it is the economy is fueled on spending, right?

You don’t have a job at McDonald’s. If there’s nobody coming through the drive-through. You don’t have a job at the factory. If nobody’s buying the thing on the shelf at Walmart, you have to have buyers. You have to have consumers, consumers fuel the entire [00:51:00] economy. People talk about trickle down. That’s idiotic.

It doesn’t start with the money at the company and come down. It starts with the customer who buy something from the company to give them that money. and when you put, you know, what we want, we want more of that. Again. I said earlier, I talked about rich people, hoarding money. The reason that’s a problem is we need them to participate in the economy.

We need them to spend that money. And when you put a tax on spending, now you’re encouraging people to not spend, right? They’re like, well, I don’t want to pay the tax on that new car. So I’m just not going to buy a new car. Now you are, you know, taking that money out of the economy, that sale for that salesmen, that, that factory worker in the GM plant.

Now you’ve heard all of those people because of this tax plan. And that’s why. consumption tax, is the absolute wrong thing to do, in, in spending is what we need. And a lot of [00:52:00] conservatives hate when you, when you say that, but that’s what fuels the economy. You can’t save your way to a booming economy.

You have to spread that money around a little bit. And you know, people, all you’re talking about redistribution, I’m not, I’m talking about. Enjoying your life, spend the money you make. You know, when people bitch about the wealthy, well, he’s got three homes and he’s got one in every state. That’s fucking awesome.

I want you to buy two homes in every state. And the reason for that is. For every home you buy you’re now funding a local furniture shop. Cause you got to furnish the place. You’re now funding a local landscaper. Cause they got to take care of the place. Especially if you don’t live there, you’re funding, you know, housekeepers and things to keep the place up, spending your money and doing those types of things is the thing that we want the rich in.

Literally everybody to do. That’s the point of the stimulus check, right?

Tuddle: Yeah. See a lot of people, a lot of people don’t realize that here in the state of [00:53:00] Florida is that we’re going to be in a lot of trouble next year, because we don’t have a state income tax or everything is, is all for the sales tax towards tax people coming here to go to the theme parks.

And our state is going to be at such a deficit because of none of the money coming in, because we don’t have a state income tax.

Matt Masur: Yeah. Yeah, no, that’s a, that’s a big challenge. You know, Florida, you were able to get away with that for years because you got the tourism tax, right. Florida being the big destination, you know, they said, and Hey, it’s great.

we’re gonna let the tourists pay our bill. Fucking awesome. Right. You got to put up with the hassle of them on your roads and everything like that. I think that’s wonderful. But now with the tourism industry decimated. It’s it’s a little scary.

Tuddle: Yeah. There’s somebody wrote this book, comparing Florida’s economy to a Ponzi scheme like that.

You need a [00:54:00] certain amount of people coming in every single day, because one of Florida’s main tourists are the people that are moving here. Like I think they say they gain a couple of thousand or maybe like a thousand a day come to the state of Florida.

Matt Masur: Yeah. Yeah. It’s, it’s crazy. and, and like I said, it, you know, who expected this, you know, think, well, Florida, they got a hurricane or something that you might knock something out for a week or two, but you know, a plague that shuts down the world for months at a time.

It’s, it’s a, it’s crazy man.

Tuddle: Our governor,

Matt Masur: great

Tuddle: to ride this bitch into the ground because he is Donald Trump on a state level.

Matt Masur: Yeah. Yeah. I don’t understand that guy. I don’t understand why they do a lot of the things that they do. It’s like, you could be the winner. You could be the tough guy. You could be the Trump while still doing mostly right things.

You know what I mean? And these guys trues to just do the asshole thing and beat their chest about it. [00:55:00] I don’t get it.

Tuddle: I knew we were in trouble the day that I saw his first political advertisement. Worked with him and his family. And he’s reading his goddamn son, the art of the deal

Matt Masur: from

Tuddle: Trump to put them to bed.

Like, it’s that guy? I’m like, yes, this guy has complete Mark her whatever book it was.

Matt Masur: No, no, no, but I’m saying like that’s, that’s Trump’s book, but it was written by a ghost writer. Trump didn’t sit down and pontificate those things. That’s the funniest part of that shit.

Tuddle: Yeah, it was just, it was just really, really weird.

Matt Masur: so to change gears a little bit, and talk about something a little more fun. Another thing that I know you are, into is jeopardy. Yes. I know you’re, you’re a jeopardy guy. and of course, the great Alex Tribec passed away. That’s what this past week, I think, He was a guy. And first of all, I got [00:56:00] to say he died at 80.

I didn’t even realize he was 80. He had cancer when he died. He recorded the show up until the end for the most part. And the dude looked incredible. I got to say, if I can make it to 80 and still look like that, I’ll be all right with tapping out then. You know what I mean?

Tuddle: Yeah.

Matt Masur: Good for him. But, so now there’s the big debate of who to replace him with.


Tuddle: that’s, it’s, it’s kind of a bad gig. I mean, I, I don’t know if I would want it because whoever, whoever is next to mine, you need that little buffer. You need that one person between you and Allister Beck that got fired because he was compared to Alex Tibet.

Matt Masur: Okay. See, that’s, that’s an interesting take.

I, I, and I can appreciate that you need the, you know, the get over it guy. The, look

Tuddle: at that mustache, Tom sat like rock to deep, biggest, best mustaches back then.

[00:57:00] Matt Masur: He did really, this is a, these are some of his other shows,

Tuddle: Alex, your Beck was getting so much perse back then.

Matt Masur: Yeah. He was two, he was the man, look at him,

Tuddle: look at that, dude.

He’s probably got a hog down to his

Matt Masur: knee,

but so, you know, the big question is now who were replaced him. T I, I honestly, I hadn’t thought of that, but I like what you’re saying, you need that interim, get over the hump person.

Tuddle: yes, I, I agree. I mean, I got my list. But, and then, then I got some of the ones that they were thrown out there with.

I just absolutely.

Matt Masur: Well, so this article from a comic book magazine or comic is talking about a petition of people calling for LaVar Burton, which LaVar Burton’s cool. Although I feel like this is totally random.

Tuddle: He has to wear the glasses though that little Ray-Ban thing,

[00:58:00] Matt Masur: porn star track. That that would be pretty cool.

I personally, you know, it’s been rumored in, I personally think that Ken Jennings is the guy to do it. You know, the, the all-time winningest jeopardy champion of all time. he’s a guy that does currently work on the show. He’s a producer on the, on the show. So it, it seems like a, field promotion type of a natural fit.

A lot of other people have, have debated with me though. And some people feel like he doesn’t want the limelight and things like that, which I think is foolish because he’s made his living on being this jeopardy celebrity ever since. I’ve seen him, all of our podcasts. I’ve seen him on live comedy show.

Tuddle: I’m seeing them on who wants to be a millionaire.

Matt Masur: Yeah. so the idea that he doesn’t want limelight is, is just goofy. what do you think who’s, who’s on your list huddle.

Tuddle: I am going. Completely different here. You need to go with a female. I got two [00:59:00] female candidates.

Matt Masur: Okay.

Tuddle: All right. Maya

Matt Masur: mustache,

Tuddle: from, from, big bang and blossom or,

Matt Masur: Oh, Danica

Tuddle: McKellar.

And that played Winnie Cooper on the wonder years,

Matt Masur: dude, these are incredible fucking choices. I,

Tuddle: but wow. McKellar is one of the smartest women. In the United States, like she is, she has like three or four degrees, I think from all of the most prestigious schools you get overthinking. Everybody loved when he Cooper

Matt Masur: both of them that you mentioned my MBA, Alec, like you mentioned, has a PhD.

she’s legit. so either one of those, that’s a. Wow. That’s deep. I hadn’t even considered such a thing. when he Cooper as I will call her, cause that’s honestly, then it’s kind of like her one hit, right? I mean, she’s been in a lot, lots of lifetime movies and shit

Tuddle: go to go to her Wikipedia page and, [01:00:00] and just look, she, she has like, some of these math equations, like named after her.

Matt Masur: Yeah. Yeah. She’s, she’s a brilliant, mathematician, I guess you would say.

Tuddle: Yeah. So, I mean, ANSI is still pretty high and I’m telling you that. Yeah, no, I do man cheese, but it’s so it’s like, I choose gone through a different phase now where she’s a little bit older. I’m like, Holy crap. You know, that’s mature when he Cooper, a little bit more hotter.

Matt Masur: Got some

Tuddle: kids.

Matt Masur: I, I was a huge blossom fan when I was younger and honestly, I’m not sure. I don’t know. I’m not sure why they made her look so frumpy in big bang. I guess the whole point is, is to be the, you know, this nerdy person, but it’s like, she’s, she’s cooler than that. And they’re purposely trying to make her look like shit.

[01:01:00] I didn’t really appreciate that.

Tuddle: So those are my two choices. Cause I think if you had two female on there and thank you, if you get blossom, I mean, big bang was the biggest show on TV for the longest time, people are going to tune in just to watch her as

Matt Masur: well. I think anybody is going to get the, the new host, Rob, right?

Everybody’s going to. Tune in to see in, in, in, hopefully see them fail, I think is going to be a lot of people’s goal. But, yeah, those are, those are fantastic choices, tuts. I really liked my

Tuddle: God. It is November and it is hotter than hell down here in Florida. Right now.

Matt Masur: Jesus Christ. There is a frost on the lawn, where, where I live, although last week it was in the seventies, which is.


Tuddle: Yeah. It’s like 86 year, a hundred percent humidity.

Matt Masur: So I wanted to run about an hour. We’re running a little bit over that. but I want to get to at least one [01:02:00] more good story, as long as you got time. Yeah. and, and I think with the exception of a couple of little hiccups, some I’m pretty happy with, the way this first kind of test show has gone.

I got to tweak a couple of technical things, but. Other than that free Brittany, you know anything about free Brittany

Tuddle: today? Now, can I tell you, I actually got the bowl with Brittany Spears?

Matt Masur: No shit.

Tuddle: Yeah. This was because, you know, being in Orlando, I was always just an intern on the monsters. I really didn’t get to talk to her.

Cause there was an intern there. They tell you, you know, Hey, don’t speak as much spoken to sometimes. Yeah. but we were at Johnny Wright’s house who was one of the producer of N sync and Brittany Spears at the time. And we went there to one of the CD release parties and the guy’s got like an eight lane bowling alley down, below his house, which I don’t know if you know, Florida, [01:03:00] it’s kind of hard to dig into the ground because

Matt Masur: you’re playing.

Tuddle: Yeah. So, I don’t know how he did it. He must have a full-time pump running, but they had a bowling alley down there. So this was before either one of them there’s there’s Justin Timberlake and, and, and Lance bass and all the people, Brittany Brittany’s there

Matt Masur: it’s Brittany bitch.

Tuddle: Yeah. So that was, that was kind of cool.

Matt Masur: Was she, was she cool? Did you talk to her?

Tuddle: I know. No, no, no, no. I didn’t talk. She talked to everybody else on the show, but I mean, very, very personable.

Matt Masur: That’s cool. the, the, the long and the short of this, this story, and you’ll see hashtag free. Brittany, if you remember a few years back, I believe it was in 2012.

Brittany had a breakdown, a very public breakdown. She shaved her

Tuddle: head. Well, she shaved her head and attacked the car with the umbrella.

Matt Masur: and she went into, the hospital. Mental hospital for a short term because of it. and since that [01:04:00] she has been put into a conservatorship and what this means basically is, is they tell an adult

Tuddle: Scientology.

Matt Masur: Yeah, they, they tell an adult that you’re not qualified to be an adult. And someone else has to make your life choices, your, your finance choices and so on and so forth. and they did this and they put her father in charge.

Tuddle: Oh, horrible.

Matt Masur: Brittany, he has been fighting this for a couple of years now.

She hasn’t been seen much, and, and purposely, because she wants not necessarily out of this conservatorship. She’s not trying to claim that she’s perfect and she can handle all the shit herself, which many argue that she is. And she could, but she just wants her father off of this. She wants an independent person put in charge of her stuff.

We lost it, but I think we got your back. There we go.

Tuddle: Yeah. Yeah, [01:05:00] yeah. I think I’m here now.

Matt Masur: Can you hear me? Yep. So she’s, she’s been going to court now again, to end the conservatorship, but just get her father off it because she’s got issues with him. a lot of people, and this is where the conspiracy, the hashtag free Brittany comes in.

A lot of people think that she’s being like held against her, will prisoner by the sky. that might be a little, overdramatic, little over classification to the situation, but, She’s saying that she is afraid of her father and she wants out of this, she’s been going to court and there was just a ruling that the judge, decided that they couldn’t remove her father from the conservatorship.

Tuddle: How old is she now?

Matt Masur: She’s she’s our age. She’s 40 something, 39 something. I think I’m trying to see you. All right.

Tuddle: So, so when you’re that age, how does it feel like you? Okay, this is the other thing. Think about that. Like all right. If she can’t even take [01:06:00] care of herself, there’s no way she has her kids.

Right. And what does it say that if somebody like Kevin Federline has the kids over you, I mean that right there is something that you might want to, you know, try to hang herself from a ceiling fan on, you know,

Matt Masur: I’m not, I’m not sure whether or not she has her kids. I think she might. But I, I could be mistaken there.

it seems like she’s under supervision a lot. So

Tuddle: you’ve seen these creepy ass videos of her just dancing.

Matt Masur: Yeah.

Tuddle: Oh man. I actually find it kind of hot because, because you want me to be honest, like she’s dancing uncomfortably. Okay. And, and, and. This is how I take it to the next level to be able to, you know, get some pleasure out of it is that I imagined that somebody’s holding a camera, but they have a nine millimeter pointed out her behind the camera that you can’t see.

And she’s having to dance gunpoint.

Matt Masur: You’re in a weird shit tunnel,

[01:07:00] Tuddle: but come on, man. That’s that little hot man.

Matt Masur: I mean kind of, so what will happen next in, in will the free Brittany movement do anything for her, I guess is, is the big question she’s not going to perform, she refuses to perform while this, this goes on.

She still has that, choice, I guess they can’t force her to do shit. keep in mind that she’s gone through the, she had a residency in Las Vegas, while this was going on, by the way. Yeah. And, You know, while she was doing that, she was still under the thumb. It was almost like she was still a child star where her father had control of all the money she’s making the business decisions.

She’s making there it’s fucked up, you know, and, and maybe she has some mental issues, like, most people do, but. The fact that it’s, it’s gotta be in this exact situation. I dunno, man. Do

Tuddle: you think, maybe do think maybe [01:08:00] that she really didn’t get that have the childhood?

Matt Masur: Oh, absolutely. And,

Tuddle: and, and, and now, like she never evolved or, or, or grew up that she’s still like a kid and we’re like, Hey Brittany, we can’t trust a kid.

I mean, would you give a kid a couple million dollars and say, Hey, how about

Matt Masur: it? Yeah, no, I mean, There’s probably some truth to that, but the, at the same time, how many other. Actresses or, or child stars or, or Barry

Tuddle: Moore was one of the first ones that I don’t remember back in the day,

Matt Masur: I’m saying there are even, you know, young musicians that, that did well.

How many of them are in that same boat and are reckless and waste their money. And our act like a child at 40 years old, but they don’t, they don’t legally have their father controlling their shit. You know what I mean? I think this is, a real rare. Situation. And it’s driven by, in most people’s opinion, [01:09:00] this father, this very controlling father who’s been behind them.

both Brittany and her at her sister’s career the whole time. He’s kind of a Billy Ray Cyrus getting rich off my kids, motherfucker. I was just going to say that same as same as the Simpson’s dad. you know, how could a judge not say. Just all right, let’s just make it fair. Let’s just tap you out of it.

Let’s let’s end this controversy in this conflict and just put this independent attorney or whoever they wanted to put in an independent third party. I don’t understand any judge in the world that wouldn’t go for that.

Tuddle: Scratch a check.

Matt Masur: Yeah, it’s a, I don’t know. It’s a crazy thing, but. That’s what’s going on in the world.

Tuddle: I’m doing this today with you, Matt. you know, like I, there were a couple of times where I jumped in, but you know, it takes a couple of shows to get some chemistry and I thought it was pretty good for the first one.

Matt Masur: Absolutely. I agree with you, man. And the other thing [01:10:00] is the Skype. There’s a hell of a delay.

so it’s a little hard to, to not step on people. I know the first time I appeared on CNN, they did it via Skype. And if you watch the clip, it looks like. I, I don’t respond to one of the things they say to me, cause I didn’t hear it. You know what I mean? But, but yeah, I’m pretty happy with it, man.

And I, I very much appreciate you joining me. we’re going to do again, some more of these test shows, but then get rolling again. The guy, asked who jumped in, is this going to be a regular thing? That’s, that’s the goal. I’m not declaring or announcing any schedule at this particular moment, but the goal was to do this on a regular basis and have some fun with it.

it is my hope to have, again, some, some kind of rotating guests hosts, which I think Tuttle will probably be a very frequent one. We’ll get some of the other guys, you know, our buddy, Phil Fartah, everybody loves Florida far to loves to sleep though. So doing an 8:00 AM show will be a challenge, but I promise you we will get him.

One [01:11:00] day, probably before he goes to bed. we’ll do a, we’ll do a lot of fun stuff and we’ll have a good time time. So I think the folks for watching, I asked you to go to three, one five live and follow these things will be up, as an archive soon and also make sure you’re checking out toddle show.

he’s got a brand new show every day. Those episodes again are on three, one, five, live, both in audio and video version of them. and he does a great job title. what do you got coming up on the next episode or

Tuddle: today? I don’t know. I mean, I, I just write random things down. Like I’ve noticed like, Oh, God, I’ve had to train myself.

Like when I get really high from smoking a little bit of weed, I come up with some brilliant ideas. I write them all down and, and I gotta be kind of detailed because some of the stuff that I think of I’m like, what the fuck? Were you thinking at this time and, and then I’ll, I’ll, I’ll, transcribe them and I’ll be like, all right, then, then I’ll do that.

And I’ve got like a long, long list of stuff [01:12:00] like that. I just go to every single day.

Matt Masur: The other thing I’d like to, I mean, I got a lot of plans and a lot of these plans hinge on getting some traction and developing an audience. Cause I very, very, very much want a big audience participation, both in the live streams and otherwise, but, You know, I’m excited.

I’ve got some ideas. Tuttle is an incredibly good on the man on the street type of interview. Oh yeah. So I’m excited to do a little bit of that. You know, we didn’t even talk about your running with Caitlin Bennett.

Tuddle: yeah, God damn. I want to talk about it. See, you know, that’s the type of stuff that, that really bugs me.

It’s like when, and people don’t realize this when I was at that Trump rally, you got to keep your head on the swivel the whole time, like seriously, like yeah. Because you could be saying one thing and then like you could be taking a right hand out of nowhere from somebody that just sucker punch you.

And I just was not paying attention. And she asked me a question. And I was just so into it, like when you’re in the middle of something and it was like a [01:13:00] great white shark where your eyes roll in the back of your head. I was on that preacher and I didn’t realize goddamn Katelyn Bennett was asking me fucking question.

Matt Masur: Yeah. You’re you were focused on, on a nail on this preacher for defendant, child touching, and you’re doing a great job. But you didn’t realize

Tuddle: you had asked me question. I’m like he realized I don’t want any part of this dude, because Caitlyn like could have went after me, but she really didn’t like, she just threw out that one little thing.

I’m like, bitch, come on. I wish you would’ve came.

Matt Masur: Here’s the thing. She couldn’t have one after you and end the problem with Katelyn Bennett

Tuddle: shit, your pants. That’s all you got to ask. It’s the Trump. Did you shit,

Matt Masur: your pants. But the thing about that is like, it almost bothers me because she’s got a good following and she’s got a good thing going on.

She’s clearly got a crew, you know, she’s got a camera man. She’s got the whole deal. Somebody somebody’s feeding her a lot of money, which is great, but she does the most intellectually devoid fucking content ever. If you go watch her videos. And at some point we will, we’ll do some Katelyn Bennett react, content, [01:14:00] her videos, the majority of them are other people owning her.

And she puts them out on the video and thanks. Hi. Hi, got those stupid lip tards. Like, no, they made you look like a dumb ass and you promoted it. It, which I love, you know what I mean? But, she can’t, she has like weird, you know, if you start talking about issues or policies, she’s like, well, what about Hunter?

Biden’s asshole? Like, I literally just watched one of her videos most recently. And that was her response to anybody. She was harassing them whether or not asking them if they voted for Biden. And if they did, she would talk about literally a hundred Biden’s asshole as if. That should have any relevance to anything in the world.

And it’s like,

Tuddle: to me, if she came up to me in lab, what about Hunter? Biden’s out. I’d be like, hell yeah. I want to party with that, dude.

Matt Masur: Yeah. He’s

Tuddle: getting paid. He’s doing cocaine and he’s banging hookers. I’m like, yes, count me. And he needs to be on Biden’s cabinet immediately.

Matt Masur: And that’s the thing. That’s what I would love to see is a [01:15:00] guy like you that can hold your own and really as is Swift on your feet.

Cause her other go-to move. And she did a lot of this cause she’s down in Florida right now. And, she might have even been on

Tuddle: in Florida.

Matt Masur: I feel like the most recent video. I don’t know if she’s still there, but the most recent video I saw looked like it was unclear water beach. but she was

Tuddle: going around.

Matt Masur: She’s going around the beach, you know, talking to random people that are enjoying their day off they’re on vacation. They don’t, they’re not there to talk about politics or get into this shit. They’re just random people having a good time. A lot of them are drunk and stoned, just enjoying their vacation.

And she’s grown up with these people and trying to talk them about politics and they don’t give a fuck. Right. And then she uses that he can’t even answer the question or he walks away. Oh, you can’t it’s because nobody wants to deal with your dumb ass. They’re on fucking vacation lady. These are not people at a political convention that claimed to have some sort of opinion, you know?

Tuddle: No, I’m not talking politics with some 20 early, 20 year old or something. Get out of my face.

Matt Masur: Yeah. Yeah. That’s [01:16:00] I don’t know, but, but we will do that. I would love to interview her and I will. And you know, the left will give me shit for quote, unquote, platforming her, if I dare talk to her, but fuck him.

I would love to have a real conversation with her because the other thing is, aside from the political things, Again, I’m big into content. And I respect people that have built a big content game. She has undeniably done that. she’s captured an audience. Now you could say it’s an audience idiots.

but, that’s something that I would talk to and have a legitimate non-confrontational conversation about. and, and I think we could learn from, so, you know, the same comes if you listen to me in the past, you’ve heard me say that rush Limbaugh is an undeniable. A huge success in the broadcast business.

I don’t agree with anything he says, but you cannot deny the sec success that the man has had. And that’s something to respect on that level. So it’s kind of the way I roll, but, we could go on forever, but. We got to [01:17:00] end this fucking thing. and the goal will be the reason I’m going to try to do a show in the morning.

Just, just so folks know is so that when it’s over, I can immediately cut it in post those, episodes of the podcast feed, and then go about my day, when we used to do a show in the middle of the day, it was great for folks that wanted a good show in the middle of the day, but it totally destroyed my fucking day.

And. I have too many other things that go on that, you know, might run long or get pushed into others. I can’t dedicate a show right. In the middle of the day or even afternoon drive. So we’re going to aim for first thing in the morning. It’s the first thing we do and it’s done and it’s done right every day.

So, I’m excited about that when the, when the time

Tuddle: comes. All right, man. Well, I appreciate you having me on man. Check out everything. Go to, but you can get me three, one five

Matt Masur: That sounds great, man. Thank you for joining us today. Everybody watching. Thanks. Go check out the merch. TheMerch.Link Is the place to [01:18:00] go.

We got some cool shit. Subscribe, like follow, do all that. Whatever. I dunno. Goodbye.

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