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Tuddle Talks About His Encounter with Kaitlyn Bennet Gun Girl – VIDEO | The Matt Masur Show

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Tuddle talks about running into Gun Girl (Kaitlyn Bennet) at a Florida Trump rally and appears on her #LibertyHangout channel.

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Tuddle Talks About His Encounter with Kaitlyn Bennet Gun Girl – VIDEO | The Matt Masur Show

Computer Generated Transcript:

Tuddle Talks About His Encounter with Kaitlyn Bennet (Gun Girl)


Matt Masur: You know, we didn’t even talk about your running with Caitlin Bennett.

Tuddle: yeah, God damn. I want to talk about it. See, you know, that’s the type of stuff that, that really bugs me.

It’s like when, and people don’t realize this when I was at that Trump rally, you got to keep your head on the swivel the whole time, like seriously, like yeah. Because you could be saying one thing and then like you could be taking a right hand out of nowhere from somebody that just sucker punch you.

And I just was not paying attention. And she asked me a question. And I was just so into it, like when you’re in the middle of something and it was like a great white shark where your eyes roll in the back of your head. I was on that preacher and I didn’t realize goddamn Katelyn Bennett was asking me fucking question.

Matt Masur: Yeah. You’re you were focused on, on a nail on this preacher for defendant, child touching, and you’re doing a great job. But you didn’t realize

Tuddle: you had asked me question. I’m like he realized I don’t want any part of this dude, because Caitlyn like [00:01:00] could have went after me, but she really didn’t like, she just threw out that one little thing.

I’m like, bitch, come on. I wish you would’ve came.

Matt Masur: Here’s the thing. She couldn’t have one after you and end the problem with Katelyn Bennett

Tuddle: shit, your pants. That’s all you got to ask. It’s the Trump. Did you shit,

Matt Masur: your pants. But the thing about that is like, it almost bothers me because she’s got a good following and she’s got a good thing going on.

She’s clearly got a crew, you know, she’s got a camera man. She’s got the whole deal. Somebody somebody’s feeding her a lot of money, which is great, but she does the most intellectually devoid fucking content ever. If you go watch her videos. And at some point we will, we’ll do some Katelyn Bennett react, content, her videos, the majority of them are other people owning her.

And she puts them out on the video and thanks. Hi. Hi, got those stupid lip tards. Like, no, they made you look like a dumb ass and you promoted it. It, which I love, you know what I mean? But, she can’t, she has like weird, you know, if you start talking about issues or policies, she’s like, [00:02:00] well, what about Hunter?

Biden’s asshole? Like, I literally just watched one of her videos most recently. And that was her response to anybody. She was harassing them whether or not asking them if they voted for Biden. And if they did, she would talk about literally a hundred Biden’s asshole as if. That should have any relevance to anything in the world.

And it’s like,

Tuddle: to me, if she came up to me in lab, what about Hunter? Biden’s out. I’d be like, hell yeah. I want to party with that, dude.

Matt Masur: Yeah. He’s

Tuddle: getting paid. He’s doing cocaine and he’s banging hookers. I’m like, yes, count me. And he needs to be on Biden’s cabinet immediately.

Matt Masur: And that’s the thing. That’s what I would love to see is a guy like you that can hold your own and really as is Swift on your feet.

Cause her other go-to move. And she did a lot of this cause she’s down in Florida right now. And, she might have even been on

Tuddle: in Florida.

Matt Masur: I feel like the most recent video. I don’t know if she’s still there, but the most recent video I saw looked like it was unclear water beach. but she was

Tuddle: going around.

Matt Masur: She’s going around the beach, [00:03:00] you know, talking to random people that are enjoying their day off they’re on vacation. They don’t, they’re not there to talk about politics or get into this shit. They’re just random people having a good time. A lot of them are drunk and stoned, just enjoying their vacation.

And she’s grown up with these people and trying to talk them about politics and they don’t give a fuck. Right. And then she uses that he can’t even answer the question or he walks away. Oh, you can’t it’s because nobody wants to deal with your dumb ass. They’re on fucking vacation lady. These are not people at a political convention that claimed to have some sort of opinion, you know?

Tuddle: No, I’m not talking politics with some 20 early, 20 year old or something. Get out of my face.

Matt Masur: Yeah. Yeah. That’s I don’t know, but, but we will do that. I would love to interview her and I will. And you know, the left will give me shit for quote, unquote, platforming her, if I dare talk to her, but fuck him.

I would love to have a real conversation with her because the other thing is, aside from the political things, Again, I’m big into content. And I respect people that have built a big content game. She has [00:04:00] undeniably done that. she’s captured an audience. Now you could say it’s an audience idiots.

but, that’s something that I would talk to and have a legitimate non-confrontational conversation about. and, and I think we could learn from, so, you know, the same comes if you listen to me in the past, you’ve heard me say that rush Limbaugh is an undeniable. A huge success in the broadcast business.

I don’t agree with anything he says, but you cannot deny the sec success that the man has had. And that’s something to respect on that level.

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