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Tuddle’s Awesome Pick For a Female Jeopardy Host to Replace Trebek – VIDEO | The Matt Masur Show

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Tuddle joins the Matt Masur Show and gives his take on the best choice for a new Jeopardy host after the passing of Alex Trebek.

He’s got a pretty good idea…

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Tuddle’s Awesome Pick For a Female Jeopardy Host to Replace Trebek – VIDEO | The Matt Masur Show 

Computer Generated Transcript:

Tuddle’s Awesome Pick For a Female Jeopardy Host to Replace Trebek


Matt Masur: so to change gears a little bit, and talk about something a little more fun. Another thing that I know you are, into is jeopardy. Yes. I know you’re, you’re a jeopardy guy. and of course, the great Alex Tribec passed away. That’s what this past week, I think, He was a guy. And first of all, I got to say he died at 80.

I didn’t even realize he was 80. He had cancer when he died. He recorded the show up until the end for the most part. And the dude looked incredible. I got to say, if I can make it to 80 and still look like that, I’ll be all right with tapping out then. You know what I mean?

Tuddle: Yeah.

Matt Masur: Good for him. But, so now there’s the big debate of who to replace him with.


Tuddle: that’s, it’s, it’s kind of a [00:01:00] bad gig. I mean, I, I don’t know if I would want it because whoever, whoever is next to mine, you need that little buffer. You need that one person between you and Allister Beck that got fired because he was compared to Alex Tibet.

Matt Masur: Okay. See, that’s, that’s an interesting take.

I, I, and I can appreciate that you need the, you know, the get over it guy. The, look

Tuddle: at that mustache, Tom sat like rock to deep, biggest, best mustaches back then.

Matt Masur: He did really, this is a, these are some of his other shows,

Tuddle: Alex, your Beck was getting so much perse back then.

Matt Masur: Yeah. He was two, he was the man, look at him,

Tuddle: look at that, dude.

He’s probably got a hog down to his

Matt Masur: knee,

but so, you know, the big question is now who were replaced him. T I, I honestly, I hadn’t thought of that, but I like what you’re saying, you need that [00:02:00] interim, get over the hump person.

Tuddle: yes, I, I agree. I mean, I got my list. But, and then, then I got some of the ones that they were thrown out there with.

I just absolutely.

Matt Masur: Well, so this article from a comic book magazine or comic is talking about a petition of people calling for LaVar Burton, which LaVar Burton’s cool. Although I feel like this is totally random.

Tuddle: He has to wear the glasses though that little Ray-Ban thing,

Matt Masur: porn star track. That that would be pretty cool.

I personally, you know, it’s been rumored in, I personally think that Ken Jennings is the guy to do it. You know, the, the all-time winningest jeopardy champion of all time. he’s a guy that does currently work on the show. He’s a producer on the, on the show. So it, it seems like a, field promotion type of a natural fit.

A lot of other people have, have debated with me though. And [00:03:00] some people feel like he doesn’t want the limelight and things like that, which I think is foolish because he’s made his living on being this jeopardy celebrity ever since. I’ve seen him, all of our podcasts. I’ve seen him on live comedy show.

Tuddle: I’m seeing them on who wants to be a millionaire.

Matt Masur: Yeah. so the idea that he doesn’t want limelight is, is just goofy. what do you think who’s, who’s on your list huddle.

Tuddle: I am going. Completely different here. You need to go with a female. I got two female candidates.

Matt Masur: Okay.

Tuddle: All right. Maya

Matt Masur: mustache,

Tuddle: from, from, big bang and blossom or,

Matt Masur: Oh, Danica

Tuddle: McKellar.

And that played Winnie Cooper on the wonder years,

Matt Masur: dude, these are incredible fucking choices. I,

Tuddle: but wow. McKellar is one of the smartest women. In the United States, like she is, she has like three or four degrees, I think [00:04:00] from all of the most prestigious schools you get overthinking. Everybody loved when he Cooper

Matt Masur: both of them that you mentioned my MBA, Alec, like you mentioned, has a PhD.

she’s legit. so either one of those, that’s a. Wow. That’s deep. I hadn’t even considered such a thing. when he Cooper as I will call her, cause that’s honestly, then it’s kind of like her one hit, right? I mean, she’s been in a lot, lots of lifetime movies and shit

Tuddle: go to go to her Wikipedia page and, and just look, she, she has like, some of these math equations, like named after her.

Matt Masur: Yeah. Yeah. She’s, she’s a brilliant, mathematician, I guess you would say.

Tuddle: Yeah. So, I mean, ANSI is still pretty high and I’m telling you that. Yeah, no, I do man cheese, but it’s so it’s like, I choose gone through a different phase now where she’s a little bit older. I’m like, Holy crap. You know, that’s mature when he [00:05:00] Cooper, a little bit more hotter.

Matt Masur: Got some

Tuddle: kids.

Matt Masur: I, I was a huge blossom fan when I was younger and honestly, I’m not sure. I don’t know. I’m not sure why they made her look so frumpy in big bang. I guess the whole point is, is to be the, you know, this nerdy person, but it’s like, she’s, she’s cooler than that. And they’re purposely trying to make her look like shit.

I didn’t really appreciate that.

Tuddle: So those are my two choices. Cause I think if you had two female on there and thank you, if you get blossom, I mean, big bang was the biggest show on TV for the longest time, people are going to tune in just to watch her as

Matt Masur: well. I think anybody is going to get the, the new host, Rob, right?

Everybody’s going to. Tune in to see in, in, in, hopefully see them fail, I think is going to be a lot of people’s goal. But, yeah, those are, those [00:06:00] are fantastic choices, tuts.

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