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Pope “Likes” a Hottie on IG 11 20 20 | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

Matt Masur Show Clips

The Pope (or his Vatican staffers) accidently hit the heart button on a real sexy instagram photo and it’s of course causing an uproar. When you see the picture of @Nataagatta you’ll understand why…

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Pope “Likes” a Hottie on IG Matt Masur Show 11 20 20 | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

Computer Generated Transcript:

Pope “Likes” a Hottie on IG – Matt Masur Show 11-20-20


Matt Masur: I don’t know if you saw this story, but this is, this is kind of an interesting one. Let me, flip the screen so everybody can see it. the Pope, and let’s be honest, not the Pope, but the Pope’s Instagram account. Accidentally liked a thirst trap picture now,

Tuddle: was it, was it, was it a legal age person?

Matt Masur: Oh yeah.

Tuddle: Yeah. Okay. I’m just, I’m just

Matt Masur: asking. Here’s the thing. And we know how this happens. Like if you’ve been on Instagram, it’s easy to accidentally because as you’re scrolling, you know, a double tap gives you a little heart and you could just be scrolling and, Oh shit. I just liked that thing.

Tuddle: I’ve done that.

Matt Masur: And then you quickly, unlike it, the other thing you know, that can happen is you’re, you’re digging through somebody’s pictures out of pure thirst and you accidentally deep like one, your title. If you could see the screen and everybody else, this is the photograph. That [00:01:00] the Pope’s account gave a little hard to,

Tuddle: you want me to be honest, I actually have more respect for the Pope now.

Matt Masur: Well, again, it was probably a staffer. but, but like this isn’t like some pretty, this is some hot ass chick showing off her lingerie. This is like, All right. Respect.

Tuddle: Yes. Yes. Like, I mean, I’m just glad it wasn’t like, like a baby in a crib or something that would

Matt Masur: have been creepy, right?

Tuddle: Yeah. Like if you like.


Matt Masur: the, the, the two people, the Pope and this, young woman do not follow each other, which is interesting. The Pope has 7.4 million followers. And a guard Bato, I guess is her name has 2.4. She went up a hundred thousand in the last week. Thank you.

Tuddle: Maybe the poet’s trying to save her, save that, save that out.

You [00:02:00] get

Matt Masur: to heaven. So, which I think might be a stretch, but what do you

Tuddle: think the Pope wants to make her app the same? Like it, I

Matt Masur: mean, it’s Holy. Oh. That’s man, that

Tuddle: ass looks fake.

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