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“The Pope Likes Big Butts” and other news | Matt Masur Show Full Episode 11 20 20 – VIDEO

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“The Pope Likes Big Butts” and other news | Matt Masur Show Full Episode 11 20 20 – VIDEO | The Matt Masur Show Full Episode

Today on the Matt Masur Show Tuddle joins us once again to talk about the news and topics of the day as well as a little content creation discussion.

We talk about:
– Tuddle’s YouTube channel and why to post a lot
– The Pope “Likes” a sexy photo on Instagram
– How Matt Met His Wife
& more!

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Computer Generated Transcript: 

Matt Masur Show Full Episode 11-20-20

[00:00:00]Matt Masur:  what is going on, everybody.

Tuddle: What’s up, man.

Matt Masur: Matt Masur, Matt Masur Show back again, doing a test show with Tuddle.

Tuddle: Oh yeah.

Matt Masur: But,

Tuddle: what’s the weather like up there right now?

Matt Masur: It’s not bad. I mean, it’s a little cold. It’s been snowing for the last couple of days, but today it’s clear and it’s. Have you ever, you ever seen snow, you ever been in a place where there

Tuddle: was no, no.

On the ground. I’ve never been where, when, when it’s falling, you know, like I’ve been to New York before, when you see that stereotypical, dirty New York snow, that’s, that’s all black and

Matt Masur: junk. It’s all the, the road salt and the trash and all that stuff that gets plowed up into it. But, yeah, so. Last week.

we had a [00:01:00] good time. I think we had a great show. The only issue that we had, and that’s why we were doing a test show, but, the, the levels audio levels were shitty on Tuttle’s end, honestly, and that was my fault, not his, but that’s something that during the stream, it was maybe a little low and then afterwards and everything gets mixed down.

It was. Yeah, even worse. So,

Tuddle: do I sound today? How do I sound today? My good today.

Matt Masur: It’d be good. I’ve got things cranked up and from what I can see on the indicators anyway, you are right where I am volume wise. So, as long as it’s good, we’ll find out once we get rolling, we’ll get a few people in the chat and hopefully they can tell us, but, we’re also, we’re normally, going to be on Twitch.

Twitches the home-base major. but today you might be seeing us on Facebook and a few of these other places. The reason for that is, I didn’t cancel my restream subscription fast enough than I paid for it for another month. So I figured, [00:02:00] fuck it for a test show. I might as well, you know, blast it to everywhere.

So we’re on Facebook and Periscope and Twitch and all that as well. But the Homebase is going to be Twitch.

Tuddle: Oh, so, so what are you using a service that streams it to all your platforms?

Matt Masur: Yeah. Yeah.

Tuddle: Oh, that’s cool.

Matt Masur: restream, it’s called there’s a few different ways to do it. Restream is one of the more popular and one of the cheaper ways to do it.

and I had this for a project for a client, actually. That’s the only reason I paid for this, subscription, but, checking in on the chat, we got a couple of folks in there telling us that the audio is good and totally you sound good. Oh,

Tuddle: awesome.

Matt Masur: So, I’m pretty happy with that. That makes my day is terms of test shows go, Tuttle.

I wanted to, I know you’ve got a little bit of limited time today, so I got a couple of things that are a little particular to you and us. So I’ll jump into those without too much [00:03:00] delay. The one thing I want to talk about is, just real quickly. You know, I’m in the content game, both with this type of show in, in the different efforts, but also my business.

I, help businesses make content for marketing efforts and things like that. So, yesterday you were plugging your yeah. YouTube channel as you do many times. And it got me thinking, you know, as we discuss content, why don’t we kind of together look at. What title’s got going on and, and not really critique it, but rather talk about the things that you’re doing, from a, a content business strategy.

You know what I’m saying?

Tuddle: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’d love to hear this.

Matt Masur: So I’m going to pull up his YouTube channel and I’ll get that on the screen for you here.

The only, which you can probably hear, let’s [00:04:00] say we want this one. So if you’re not a subscriber, you should jump onto YouTube. Look for Tuttle, hit that little subscribe button. Cause he’s got all kinds of cool shit. on top of hanging out with me, you know, Tuttle does a daily podcast, which is both an audio and a video version every day.


Tuddle: Tunnel. well, Mo whenever I do interviews, what I’ve been doing is I’ve been doing the interviews on zoom, and then I take the video, put those up on my YouTube channel, and then I take the audio and put it on the podcast as well, too. So I don’t do the whole shows, on, on YouTube.

Matt Masur: Okay. So then, and I think that’s a common strategy, right?

People will. purposely split up. They’ll have some highlights on one platform. They’ll have a full episode on another platform. And the idea is to get folks to jump around to all of them. I think that’s, that’s reasonable. so from a critique standpoint, right?

[00:05:00] The one thing I want to say is when I look at your channel, I don’t see you have anything other than this highlight. I don’t see you having anything. That’s that’s really commanding me to look at something. Yeah.

Tuddle: Oh yeah.

Matt Masur: You mean by that is, you know, obviously you can highlight this one video here. I don’t even know

Tuddle: why that one’s up there though.

I don’t even know. Like I didn’t, I didn’t decide to pick that channel or that, that video. I mean, it’s kind of weird, I guess they just throw it up there and it’s not like I, I was like, Oh, this is my best one. I got it. It

Matt Masur: might be, you know, there might be some algorithm based on it’s one of the more popular ones or more searched for some type of shit.

Tuddle: Do you want to know if you, if you want to search my, my, my most popular video ever put up there, it wasn’t even something I had found. I found it, it was of a mother. And I’ve been talking about this on the show lately. I mean, I’m not, I’m not against, Parents punishing their [00:06:00] kids, but when they do this whole, I’m going to, I’m going to embarrass you on my social media, like, like embarrass them and stuff like that.

I’m like, God, these people that should be straight up child abuse in my opinion.

Matt Masur: Yeah. I don’t disagree and that’s, that’s kind of funny that, and it’s from six years ago, I’m looking at, you know, on the screen now 287,000

Tuddle: views. Yes, people loved it. And it was just some dumb video. I found that I posted up there and it’s like, it gets all these hits and I’m like, okay.

Matt Masur: Yeah. that’s, that’s the interesting thing about YouTube and that’s the thing just to take a quick side note, people talk about, publishing too much or posting too much or putting too much out there. You know, Gary V has this, stance on that where. You never know what post is going to go crazy. And I wholeheartedly subscribed to that because of the algorithms, because of other things you never know, [00:07:00] you know, cause you carefully craft every post, right?

You try to make it so people will want to pick it up. The search engines will pick it up, all this shit, 90% of the time they don’t nothing happens. Right. But randomly in often on videos, you would never expect. Suddenly they go viral and half a million people see them. and that’s the reason you, you want to put as much as he can out there.

I mean, not pure shit, obviously, but anything that you have, that’s, that’s halfway decent posts on your platforms, load up in your texts, do these different things, because you know, like you see here with Tuttle, this random video or the hundreds that he has 287,000 views.

Tuddle: And then that second, most popular one was I took a video of Carmen from the Mick Caltech show doing jumping jacks.

So that got me 34.

Matt Masur: Yeah. I mean, thirst traps, for, unfortunately I might say always seem to win. and it’s weird the way that goes. [00:08:00] and, and, and I don’t even know necessarily what to say about it, but Hey, you know, that works, your Jose Baez video.

Tuddle: Yeah, I got that one when I was covering the Casey Anthony trial.


Matt Masur: you you’re Johnny on the spot. We talked about this last time. You’re great. For a while we talked about you doing like the man on the street interviews, but you’re also great for the like investigative reporter and bushes guy outside the courthouse type of shit. and, and I guess this was one of those cases, right?

Tuddle: Yeah, he, yeah, he gave the double, like a double like gun salute, like wow. Like walking out. It was, it was kind of cool, but, but I mean, I got a whole bunch of video there. I got like, but then I used to find cool videos. I’d like, I post them up there. I know that I’m kind of jacking other people’s material by.

I would put it up there. I don’t do that anymore. That, that stuff is like from way long time ago.

Matt Masur: Yeah. I got you. [00:09:00] It’s an interesting thing because you see, especially with Tik TOK and things like that, the, the repurposing of other people’s content to get comps is, is, becoming quite a thing.

Tuddle: Oh yeah. But I mean, that’s the thing about Tik TOK is like, none of the stuff on Tik TOK is original anymore.

It’s like they start these, these trends and everybody I’ll do this certain dance and stuff and yeah. You know, like sometimes I, I feel a little bit dirty because I’m like, Oh, I look at some of these women dance and I’m like, Holy crap, this bitch might not even be over 18.

Matt Masur: Yeah. Yeah. You gotta watch out for that.

Tuddle: Oh, that’s me kissing bull’s balls right

Matt Masur: there. All right.

Tuddle: Me and silver, other Kevin and, and yeah, they paid me $200 to kiss, a bulls nuts.

Matt Masur: Holy shit. So I just want to, you know, we were talking about organizing this a little bit. So my suggestion to you, buddy, on this, to give some [00:10:00] sort of valuable information here, throw together some playlist, man, you know, organize like your Tuttle on the radio segments versus your.

random clips versus, you know,

Tuddle: like monster stuff. I can, I can get monster stuff and then I can put like stuff I’ve done with Bubba on there,

Matt Masur: especially if that’s the way folks know you. I think that’s a brilliant way to do it because you know, somebody knows you from the monsters. They know you from Baba.

They’ll pull up your YouTube channel and go. They’ll go right to that stuff, you know, without digging through your whole list of videos.

Tuddle: I mean, I, my subscribers have gone up, like, I’m going to get in a lot of lie heads, but I mean, I’m, I’m, I’m picking up probably like nine or 10 new subscribers a week.

Matt Masur: That’s phenomenal, man. And, and I’m not, please know that I’m not trying to tell you that you’re even doing anything wrong

Tuddle: would be better. I like it. I mean, anything else to help it grow?

Matt Masur: I’ll I’ll give you a look at mine and this is what we’ve started for the Matt major show, basically all over [00:11:00] fresh.

Tuddle: is that a, is that a stock radio board? Is that the board you’re running right now?

Matt Masur: It is Bubba. The love sponges board.

Tuddle: Oh, I should have known that all the goddamn

Matt Masur: post-it notes. It is a photo I took when I, did the show from Bubba studio a few years back. but. What I’ve started to do. and I talked about this a little bit about the, about the plan, right?

So all this content, all these videos, this is just from our last week’s

Tuddle: episode. Oh, okay.

Matt Masur: In, and what I did is you could I see on the top, that’s the full episode. I posted that up there. That’s also on the three, one five live website. That’s the home base for the Matt major show among other things. but the full episode is there

Tuddle: and I see what you did.

Matt Masur: And then I went through and sliced up our various segments and the key to the key, to all of these. And you can see, I got, you know, a wide variety of [00:12:00] almost no views. But, being a brand new channel, these are all loaded up with keywords and things like that. And they talk about the particular story. So you can see here, this, this one where Tuttle and I talked about governor Cuomo.

That was the most popular one. The reason is he’s a hot topic. People were Googling around and our video happened to float in that map.

Tuddle: All right. So let me, let me ask you what, what are the keys to, because, I’ve read, I’ve read conflicting reports. So a lot of people, like if you put in too many tags, it messes up what the algorithms of the YouTube video, true or false on that.

Matt Masur: I see there’s a big debate specifically about tags because back in the day, tags were where it was at today. People will tell you that. Google doesn’t even use tags, but they still have the field there for you to fill in. So, you know, it’s a, it’s a big debate,

Tuddle: title more than

Matt Masur: I think title and the text in your [00:13:00] description is a big thing.

The other thing to keep in mind is, you know, the Google algorithm can now actually crawl your video. So at some point it will index the shit that we say in the video, whether it’s in the text or not, but the text is always going to be, the gold. The other thing, that I’ve tried to do is step up my thumbnail game, because especially on YouTube thumbnails that you see and, you know, that’s that, that first image that you see on every video, that’s one of the biggest things that you could put in place on YouTube to grab attention when you see those search results.

I do like

Tuddle: now can, can those, but those artworks sometimes though, Really pissed me off when you click on them. Like, you know, sometimes when I’m like getting really high or when I used to drink, I’d like to watch like, lions, eating things and stuff, and like they would have, they would have a thumbnail, a lion eats a dog and I’m like, [00:14:00] Oh God damn, I gotta watch this.

And, and it’s just, it’s not there’s no, he’s not even a goddamn dog in the video.

Matt Masur: Yeah, the, the, I guess you would call that clickbait, right? The, the lies, the, the fake headlines and shit that’s, that is the worst. but that’s one of the things you’ll see, you know, the Google algorithm and all these Facebook algorithm, the same thing, their end goal is that whatever you search for whatever you actually want you get when you search for it.

Right. So, at some point, the algorithm will be able to filter out the shit that says it’s one thing, but it’s actually not. and that’s, that’s eventually what they’re going to, but that’s why we always preach, you know, the quality there used to be used to be scams that you could do. Basically you could game the system by loading it with just particular phrases that doesn’t work anymore.

it really goes for the quality of the content, which is pretty cool.

[00:15:00] Tuddle: All right. You know, another thing that really pisses me off, if you do one of those, like back to back commercials, like right in front of the video, I’m like, listen, I was like, this video is not good enough for me to sit through two commercials, even though they’re five seconds or I could skip ahead of them.

Are they going a little bit crazy on over? Because like, you’ll see these like 10 minute videos and it will have like four or five commercial breaks in the goddamn

Matt Masur: thing. Here’s the thing that, that is a content creator who was really trying to squeeze every penny they can. And while I don’t blame them, I think the issue that you run into is exactly what you mentioned.

Like people just, aren’t going to sit through it. So are you, are you driving more people away by, you know, shoving more commercials down their throat? That’s, that’s an argument that could be made. So it’s you really got to. You really got to know your audience and you really got to, you know, understand that if you don’t have rabid loyal fans that are willing to sit through that shit, [00:16:00] they’re probably not going to, and that’s going to hurt you overall.


Tuddle: what are some of these people? Like what, what, how many subscribers do you need on YouTube to, to make a living off of it? Like a six figure number a year.

Matt Masur: So that’s like the end all question, right? Yeah, that’s it depends. There’s no straight up answer to that question. obviously the more subscribers you have the better, but also the more views.

So you’ll see some folks that get considerably more views than they have subscribers that’s because their SEO game is hot. You know, maybe they have a video that goes viral, but they haven’t done a great job of trying to get those folks to subscribe. Which is something they should do. And the advantage to that of course is when you subscribe, people are automatically notified when you put up new stuff.

So in theory, more people watch,

Tuddle: like what do you think Poodie PI’s making? [00:17:00] Is he still the top dog? Room’s at T series still? He’s

Matt Masur: I think Pewdie pie is up there. I. I I’ll pull it up for you just a second.

Tuddle: sorry. I don’t mean that

Matt Masur: the interesting thing is, and I don’t have a queued up, but there was a guy on Tik TOK that has a, a YouTube channel.

He’s got two and a half million followers or subscribers rather. And he took us through the, the data of how much money he makes. He is making thousands of dollars a day. In ads. The reason is though he’s getting between half a million and a million views a day, not a month, a day. and with that type of thing, you can see any shows right on the graph.

It goes from five grand a day to on his good days when he gets a lot of views, he’s making $10,000 a day. And YouTube ads

Tuddle: now is YouTube is YouTube. Like, do they have to like people that make that type of money? Are they having [00:18:00] to a 10 99 or 10 99 or whatever? Yeah.

Matt Masur: Yeah. I mean, that’s, it’s, it’s straight income.

and that’s something that, I guess a lot of people don’t think of. There’s a lot of folks who, who joined things like only fans and they started making lots of money and suddenly realized, Oh shit, we

Tuddle: gotta. Wait, the government’s taxing the horse.

Matt Masur: Yeah. The, you know, any penny you get, man, it’s what they want.

let’s say this is a article that goes into way in depth and I don’t really want all that shit. this says Poodie, PI’s net worth is 30 to 50 million and that doesn’t, that doesn’t tell me what I want on YouTube. hold on. There’s a calculator that supposedly will tell us. So now I gotta find his fucking.

Tuddle: Now, let me, let me, let me ask you though. So, you know, there’s been a lot of [00:19:00] controversy over like Poodie pie with some of the dumb stuff he’s done, like saying the N word and, and, and a couple of other things like these people are definitely doing this stuff on purpose, right. Just to like, get their name out there.

Like, Oh my God. Buddha VI called somebody the N word while he was shooting them with a sniper rifle.

Matt Masur: Yeah. I don’t know, man. I, I. I feel like that particular incident where he, where he, said the N word, that was something that if you saw that he was in the middle of gaming, somebody killed him and he O U N or something along those lines, which, is something quite frankly, if you’ve played a lot of games, you’ve been around gamers for years, is something that some of them say as a reaction like that knee jerk.

I don’t know that he did it on purpose.

Tuddle: I’ve never been a big gamer. Like it’s like, I mean, I played games, but I’d never got online to play people. Like I would [00:20:00] drive me crazy if some kid was like, coming at me the wrong way, sideways. Like I would be like, I’m going to hunt you down. You little motherfucker going like, like for real, like I would be the one guy that would go to a kid’s house and just beat the shit out of them.

Matt Masur: I I understand. but you know, what are you going to do? It’s it’s people are playing they’re aggressive, you know, necessarily thinking, I’m not saying it’s okay, but all right, here we go. I found one that looks like maybe it works. let me close the fucking pop-ups and I’ll put it on the screen.

I’m driving multiple computers here. So this is cool. all right, so this says, if you can read this Pewdie pie. No, no. That’s 107 million

Tuddle: subscribers to say

Matt Masur: that’s a third of the pie population of the United States. Just, just for reference that subscribes to Pewdie pie. I’m not [00:21:00] saying they’re all Americans, but it’s just in numbers.

the last 90 days he’s added 800,000. so I guess he’s, he’s not necessarily down estimated earnings per video, $14,000 video. Now of course, these people want us to pay for their, their full service. but if we go to his, let’s see. So at $14,000 per video, let’s go to his channel. Let’s see if it tells us, does it tell us just like how many videos it doesn’t tell me how many videos he’s got 26.

Tuddle: 26 million views. Jesus.

Matt Masur: yeah, I wish there was a total number of videos, but you can see, so, you know, w without a calculator, $14,000, $14,000, $14,000, $40,000, like, just add them up.

Tuddle: It’s,

Matt Masur: it’s, it’ll make you sick. [00:22:00] at the same time, you know, people will say, well, this is. This is this guy’s the top of the list, right?

This is not a realistic thing for a normal person. This is the, the, a list, the guy who hit the lottery in this field. and you’d be right about all those things, but that’s not to say he was

Tuddle: the grinder though.

Matt Masur: That’s, that’s exactly it, man. That’s exactly it. 95% of the failures in the content industry.

And I’m talking about you tubers and Twitch streamers and all that podcasters. Is not doing it. you need to do this shit. You gotta do it pretty much every day. and then when it comes to posting and promoting, you got to do that multiple times a day. It is a job. A lot of people think, Oh, this guy’s just playing video games.

This guy’s just doing whatever, because I see this one video that’s 20 minutes. it might’ve taken him eight hours to put that video together.

Tuddle: Well, he [00:23:00] actually, he’s talked about it. He has his own editor, like

Matt Masur: yeah, it stage. Absolutely. But, you know, I’m just talking to general for folks that are grind and they want to make it in the podcast business.

They want to make it in the YouTube or the Twitch streaming business. How do I do that? What’s the shortcut. What’s the hack.

Tuddle: The hack

Matt Masur: is to fucking do it just like Tuttle is

Tuddle: I didn’t, I didn’t see a growth in my audio podcast until I. Made up my mind. I’m like, I’m going to see how many days in a row that I can do on my show without taking a break.

And I think I went, almost three months, every single day, even Saturdays and Sundays. And it’s not, there’s some days where, like, you know what, I know it’s only a 45 to 45 minutes to out our podcasts, but it’s just like some days you just don’t feel crazy.

Matt Masur: Yeah. Yeah. that’s the thing. And it’s work.

You know what I mean? and if you don’t want to put in the work [00:24:00] and I say this as is kind of a, not necessarily a lecture, but as a reminder to myself, because I’ve been there, I can’t tell you how many volumes of content that I have on my hard drive that we recorded or did a live show and it never went anywhere else.

I’ve got some really good shit that has never seen the light of day because I was too lazy to edit it and put it out. and that’s, that’s a problem.

Tuddle: No, I hear, I’ll give you an example of how like stupid things, how stupid things happen, where they, the crabs, there was a land crab here in, in the, in the, hobo fish camp and the filming that, that goddamn land crab.

Everybody loved that it got me like a thousand views over just some stupid video of a crab.

Matt Masur: That’s incredible. and, but you know what, it doesn’t surprise me because, [00:25:00] the simplest things like I’ve been doing a lot of this, while I’m working, I’m putting in, like something in the background, you know, and a lot of times I’ll just listen to the radio.

I’ll listen to a podcast, but I’ve been really into lately. There’s like sounds of nature. You know, like rain, forest, relaxation, shit. And it’s, it’s kind of cool. I like it. and it’s interesting what random shit people will just put on,

Tuddle: like the ASM, our videos, like, I mean, I, people love them.

Matt Masur: That’s that’s absolutely true.

True. I’m pulling up one more thing. I want to ask you about Tuttle because as you get in now, you’ve been doing, you know, prerecorded podcast and then you put it up on your various platforms. a lot of people, these days are big into the streaming. They’re big into the Twitch, all these different things.

[00:26:00] Have you, do you watch a lot of streamers? Do you get into streaming at all?

Tuddle: Or, I mean, I, I, I do man, but like this year, I, I’ve been kind of staying away from it because it’s like, you know, even though I am not for long in my radio career, you would think I’d be a lot further with all the experience I have, but, You know, like I sat there and I can not enjoy radio shows because all I do is think about what they did wrong, you know, instead of being able to enjoy something, I’m always just trying to break it down.

Matt Masur: So the reason I ask, is because as I’m getting into this more and more, a few years ago, it was all about Twitch, right? And you went to Twitch and you had your Twitch chat. Now everybody on Twitch. And all these channels, they stream on Twitch and many other places, but the Homebase for their conversations in their community is on discord.

Have you fucked with

Tuddle: discipline? Yes. [00:27:00] Yes. I’ve yes. I’ve used discord. Yes.

Matt Masur: The reason I’m talking about this is as we’re looking at, you know, this is a test show. We’re looking at doing the math major show again every day, specifically on Twitch. And when we do that, I want to get into this Twitch world. So for a while, I’ve had a discord server set up for three, one five lives.

So if you go to the three, one, five live website, whether you’re checking out the math major show or the Tuttle show, or, clips from the Bubba, the love sponge show that you can find there, like how I slipped that in there. you can join our discord. I haven’t used this hardly at all. Now

Tuddle: that’s the one where you can like that you can share files back and forth with the people that are on, on, on the, on the stream, as well as like chat as well, too, back and forth.

Matt Masur: Right. So discord is a really interesting, I don’t know if we want to call it a platform, a service, a tool, whatever. Some people describe it as setting up your own social media, because what you can do is you can set up, all these different [00:28:00] chat rooms and these different things, similar to, you know, old school, internet chat rooms, but, you can set up your different topics and then you have different capability.

So like you said, share videos, share images means whatever you want. but there’s also a video in audio chat involved in some of the big streamers that are actually using the discord video chat to do what we’re doing right now. They use it for their live guest remotes in all kinds of things. So.

Tuddle: Well, how’s the quality.

How, how’s the quality on that dome? Like, I mean, is it, is it pretty like reliable and stable

Matt Masur: from what I can see? you know, I watch us on piker and he uses it for a lot of his remotes. And once in a while you’ll have a hiccup. Somebody internet connection will drop, but I don’t feel like that’s any more than I see with folks using any other service, like Skype, like we’re using now.

so it’s, it’s honestly pretty impressive. Go

Tuddle: ahead. So I have to talk to you about an endeavor [00:29:00] that I’m actually working on. and I know it’s really, really big. I’ve got on, on, in, in discussing it discussion to end buying like, either a box van or one of those things, because I want to create a mobile podcasting studio and, and travel the United States of America.

Right. And, and just hit all these like little festivals, mom and pop places, whatever it may be, because I think people always loved those like big adventure videos and podcasts and stuff. Is it a doable thing if you did it right?

Matt Masur: that’s interesting that you say that, I think it could be, I did one of my first podcasts is that you should be here podcast that I did with Phil Farda.

We did it live at Saranac Thursdays, which if you’re not local. the Saranac brewery in Utica has a big summer concert series. Didn’t happen this year because of the nightmare, but [00:30:00] basically they’ve turned, the back distribution area of their brewery, which is a big kind of fenced in area. They turned it into a huge concert venue.

They have 3000 people there every Thursday evening, all summer long. We went and did a live podcast from there, and it was one of the best things we ever did. We made a ton of connections. We got a lot of exposure. It was phenomenal. that being said, the way I did it is I had all my gear in, in rubber totes and I would pack in and pack out and set up tables to broadcast with a full mixer and Mike’s example deal.

you know, it was about when I got good at it, it was about 30, 35 minutes of, of setup and tear down. I had thought about, a number of other ways to do that and actually in the past, I bought a, a bus from a nursing home. one of those wheelchair buses, type of deals. Okay.

Tuddle: Was it a short bus? Was it a short bus?


Matt Masur: it wasn’t like the short school bus. It was a, you know, [00:31:00] a nursing home, a shuttle bus. It’s just a, it’s not as long as a school bus, but not as short as the, you know, the short bus. but I got the thing, I got a hell of a deal on it. And my whole plan was I was going to turn it into a mobile podcast studio.

I got freaked out because it had high my head, like 200,000 miles on it ran great, but it had a lot of miles on it. And I got real paranoid that if I had this thing out somewhere and it broke down, I wouldn’t have the money to pay for a tow to get it home. Oh

Tuddle: yeah. Yeah. I, I

Matt Masur: put it up for sale and I made some good money on it, but, I, I think a mobile podcast studio was a very interesting thing.

One of the thoughts that, that I had to do it in a much simpler way. Is to do it similar to the way a lot of DJs do where they build basically a whole rack of audio equipment, but it’s in a kind of a container on wheels that they can easily just wheel to a venue flip, open a and they’re basically rolling.

[00:32:00] And that’s the type of thing that I was thinking about putting together, you know, one of those almost like suitcase setup,

Tuddle: Oh yeah.

Matt Masur: I’ll do some mobile stuff.

Tuddle: Yeah, but then, then people would be like, Oh, that’s guy, like when you showed up to cover like, presidential, then, or sounding like he’s got a bomb, he’s got

Matt Masur: eight.

If you, if you want to do it well, that’s a whole different story. If you’re going to do something like that, you might just. You know, go with a camera and a microphone and a tripod, but, have you ever done that? Have you ever covered any presidential events? Because it’s,

Tuddle: I have it. I mean, I, well, I did the, I mean, no, I was in VI, like, we had a chance to go up there because when I was in DC, I actually was interviewing for a job, for a w JFK in Washington, DC, when Ronald says we’re there.

And the greatest, greatest thing about it was I w I kept asking him, like, why are all the outside windows? I’m not even just talking about the studio, right. But why, why are all the outside [00:33:00] windows like Bulletproof glass? And he was like, yeah, G Gordon Liddy. You should do a show here all the time. And people would just take shots at him from the, from the road, like just straight up drive by G Gordon Liddy his ass while he’s on the air.

And they had to put up Bulletproof glass.

Matt Masur: That’s insane.

Tuddle: But, no, I went out there, but yeah, to see during those presidential campaign stuff like you, you, you can’t go out there and be your zany crazy self, because like, if you get out of control, you know, some guys in tutes and black glasses are gonna beat the crap out of you with rubber hoses, once they pull you away from the crowd,

Matt Masur: you know, I, I thought it was wild.

The first time I covered one of those events. You know, first of all, you, you can’t just show up. I mean, if you want to tape outside, obviously that’s public, but if you want to be in the event, you want to cover the event. You can’t just show up, you got to register, but it’s really easy. Like you, you send them an email and I’m like, all right, cool.

Be here at a certain time. And then what you have to do is you go in well before the event, [00:34:00] the secret service looks you over. they let you set up in the media area, you know, usually just risers and things like you. See if you’re at an event you turn around, that’s where the media is. That’s where you set up.

But you set up all your shit and then you have to get out for three hours. And the reason you get out is once you’re all set up, the secret service then takes their bomb dogs and goes through all the media shit. That’s set up in the, the building, and clears that then you’re allowed to come back in for the event in, in film and do the whole thing.

But it was an interesting, thing. And for a, for a little bit, you’re like, Wait a minute. So I’m supposed to leave all my expensive high-end video equipment here and just, just walk away. And yes, the secret service will keep an eye on like,

Tuddle: it’s really not

Matt Masur: something you have to worry about, but it feels weird.

2020-11-20 07-59-52: Oh,

Tuddle: of course, of course. You know what? I’ve always wondered, like what it, what I would give to be one of those reporters that go as it goes into the press room and when the president does his [00:35:00] briefings or that, that bitch, Kelly, whatever her name is right now. even though I find her extremely attractive.

But I could never date her because all it would be is nothing, but like, Hey, are you a fucking another D no, honey. No, no. She would just straight up lie right to your face. And she’s a great line, by the way.

Matt Masur: You imagine having a press secretary as a spouse, I agree with it, buddy. That would be horrible.

Tuddle: But like, I would always want to be in there because like, if she like, cause they give me these run around answers and, and I don’t know if that’s because the reporters don’t want to screw up their chance or gig of being there because nobody presses them when they just give you this run around question.

And, and I’m not just talking to Trump’s people. I mean, this is the way that it’s always been where they never answer any question at all and I’d stand up in a deal. I would stand up. I was like, you didn’t answer my question at all. You just like tried the Jedi mind trick.

Matt Masur: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, that’s, that’s the way they do it.

Spin, you [00:36:00] know, or, or just non-answer.

Tuddle: But she, yes, she is hot as hell. Aye, man. Oh, but I bet you it’d be a bad lay. Like, like she would just be judging you the whole time and just like, Oh God,

Matt Masur: Holy shit.

Tuddle: Yes. It’s this as deep as you could. I I’m using the whole five inches Kelly, like,

Matt Masur: shit. That’s why we have total.

Everybody’s great. buddy, I know you had limited time. Are you, you, you gotta run for the door. You got time for a couple more minutes. Tell me what

Tuddle: you got. All right,

Matt Masur: cool. I got a couple of things lined up here. entertainment news. I might as well throw this out there while, while we got you. are you a letter Kenny fan?

Tuddle: I’ve heard a lot about it, but is that the show up in Canada? No,

Matt Masur: it is.

Tuddle: Yes. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I I’ve [00:37:00] seen clips and stuff, but I’ve, I’ve never really gotten into it,

Matt Masur: I think. And I was, always a late comer to it as well. I think it’s one of the best. Show’s ever made. and the new season is coming back.

Tuddle: Yeah. I’ve heard,

Matt Masur: I’m pretty excited about that.

Tuddle: do you think that they’re getting too many streaming services now? It’s like. Because what I’m saying is it’s like not, everybody’s going to buy every single streaming. So it’s like Hulu, like I’ve never had Hulu before. I mean, which ones do you sign up for?

Matt Masur: I have like all of them.

but partially because I’m kind of in the content business. so I’m, I’m trying to stay on top of these types of things. and it’s a legitimate business expense.

Tuddle: So do you have [00:38:00] cable though, or do you just use not too much streaming?

Matt Masur: I don’t. So I did, for the longest time, it was, I was a very late cord cutter, especially for somebody that’s as nerdy and technical as I am.

But, I finally made the switch to a YouTube TV as my primary, I guess you would say cable replacement. that’s where we watch all the network shows and the local shit. we do also have Hulu that we watch quite a

Tuddle: bit. Yup.

Matt Masur: Yup. Yup. Netflix, Disney plus, CBS. what was the other one? there was a couple of things.

you know what, I haven’t fucked with that one too much yet. just cause I don’t know, I haven’t had a need to, but a lot of the good NBC shows, I think the office got pulled off of. Yeah. It’s like peacock. So,

Tuddle: if you get a chance to check out and I know it’s going to sound really, really weird. And, and I, I fought against it, but I was like, Oh, you know, I’m going watch the first [00:39:00] episode, the Queen’s gambit,

Matt Masur: you know, I’ve been hearing about this, but I haven’t, I don’t know anything.

What is it about?

Tuddle: Okay. So I don’t want to give a whole bunch of it away, but did you ever see the movie, split by M night Shyamalan or, or glass?

Matt Masur: Yeah, I did not.

Tuddle: Well, anyways, her name is Anya Taylor joy, but she, is an orphan, but she learns how to play chess and she’s this chess prodigy, but, she gets addicted to drugs and alcohol.

So she’s like this crazy, like. Babe Ruth of chess, like just getting fucked out of her mind on wheels and she can take to, to alter her state. and it’s really, really interesting.

Matt Masur: That’s pretty cool. I I’ve been hearing, you know, this was one of those shows that you see on social media suddenly.


Tuddle: I fight that every time I thought tiger King, I was like, [00:40:00] fuck you. I’m not watching this tiger King show. Well, I, then I eventually did, but I wasn’t jumping on the height just because everybody else does. And let’s be honest. A lot of these people don’t even like, or watch the show, they just say it because they want to be a part of the goddamn cool crowd.

Matt Masur: Yeah. Yeah. I don’t, I don’t disagree. Hulu has been, has been doing well. I’ve never been a huge Hulu fan. My wife watches a number of shows on there, but I recently. this past weekend watched a video, a Pacific Island or something like that had Andy Sandberg in it. I hate Andy Sandberg. I can’t stand him.

The movie was funny as hell though. I highly recommend it. also on Hulu, I’m not doing a Hulu commercial. I swear to God, these, these topics just happened to be coming out here. But as of today, The animal

Tuddle: reboots

Matt Masur: are symptomatic of a fundamental lack of originality in Hollywood.

Tuddle: You know, shit

Matt Masur: I’m not going to do it now, but I had [00:41:00] the idea for a bit. To see which one of us could remember more words to that song. I’m not going to do it, but

Tuddle: you should see

I think we’re zany to the match. I know. I mess up, stuffed in like that. sit back here and relax, put on your slacks. We are though. And, a or something like that, but you know, what was really creative? Do you remember? was it. Wacko or Yacko that did the, the state songs that state capitols. Do you remember that one?


Matt Masur: I do. I don’t remember how they go, but I know what you’re talking about.

Tuddle: And then they did one with the countries

Matt Masur: too. Oh, yep. I remember that

Tuddle: now. What were they, what did they ever say in the show? What they work? Are they dogs?

Matt Masur: That’s a great question. I don’t, I don’t, I don’t know that they ever did answer such a thing.

You would think, cause they almost look like, [00:42:00] you know, like goofy or, or,

Tuddle: Pluto and goofy. That’s the thing about it. They’re both dogs, right? I mean, I’ve never understood that.

Matt Masur: Yeah. It’s a weird thing, but a

Tuddle: pinky and the brain was always my

Matt Masur: favorite and that’ll be an interesting, interesting thing.

So I think there’s going to be a lot of adults watching cartoons this weekend.

Tuddle: Now do you think now is, is the Animaniacs going to get a little bit more adult now you’d think, or because

Matt Masur: if you realize it always kind of was, that was their thing is they were like making real adult jokes to kids that didn’t get them.

Tuddle: Hey, was that a Trump Cyclops that they had in, in, in, in the video there, if you back it up there, it was an orange looking Donald Trump, Cyclops looking guy, just, I don’t know exactly where it was at. Hold on, hold on. Just watch now you got to go back a little bit more. I remember. I was like, yeah, they [00:43:00] have like, hold on.

Yeah, hold on. It’s coming up here. I think

Matt Masur: right there.

Tuddle: I was like, are they, are they doing Donald Trump jokes now? And I’m like, happy.

Matt Masur: I think they might be, in the preview of mentioned something about making COVID jokes. So

Tuddle: that right there, it looks like Donald Trump. If I’ve ever seen one as a sidecar,

Matt Masur: well, I’d have to, I’d have to agree with that. Now we’ve got to watch the fucking show and figure it out.

But, That’s going to be kind of cool. The big question, and I guess we can read the reviews to find out is, you know, is this the same as the show is it’s still a kid show. Can I watch it with my six year old? because if so, I might have something I can watch with my six year old today.

Tuddle: Now let me ask you on that.

Okay. Now, growing up, I mean, my parents. Let me watch pretty much anything I wanted to. And if it was really, really bad, one of my, my parents always watched it with me and, and would explain, you know, now this is something you don’t do or you know, this isn’t right. You know, [00:44:00] how, how do you feel about that? I, I actually think when you don’t shelter, your kids.

There are a little bit more adjusted when, when they make an, an high school, because high school can be rough as hell.

Matt Masur: Tend to agree with that. you know, that’s something that my wife and I go back and forth on a lot because, she’s a big like horror movie fan. And it’s like, you know, when do we let our little kids watch scary movies?

And there’s some folks that are of the school of thought that the answer is never. but there’s other folks that. From a very young age, let their kids watch literally anything. And their whole theory is, is kind of similar to what you’re saying is that, you know, once they’re exposed to it and they realize it’s entertainment, it’s fake and it’s not whatever, there are a lot more adjusted.

I think the answer might be somewhere in the middle there. but

Tuddle: yeah, this, this is also another thing I, I thought of. So how, how old are you, Matt?

Matt Masur: 39

Tuddle: 39. All right. God, I’m old, man. I’m [00:45:00] about to turn 41. but, but, what w how much easier have you ever thought about this? How much easier it would have been for us growing up and learning about things?

Yeah, we would get wrong information because growing up most of the information you got about sex or something like that, what was from your buddy? Okay. How much easier would have things been if we would have had Google or one of these big search engines back in the day where we could have. Like actually like looked up and done her own research.

Matt Masur: I don’t know. that’s I think that’s a good question. The only concern that I have, there is all the other things that you can look up and does that mean you’re now going to have some real fucked up ideas about things that aren’t realistic, or, or maybe, maybe you are just going to learn the ways of the world a little quicker, you know, I guess it

Tuddle: could go either way.

And, and, and speaking about how things are now, this is another question and I, I’m sorry, I don’t mean to get you sidetracked, but all right. So, all right. For example. [00:46:00] Okay. what movie was on there? Oh, okay. Spider-Man, they’ve been shown this original Spider-Man trilogies on, like stars. Okay. And, and that, and I was like, Oh my God, this is the best CGI that I’ve ever seen in my life.

And now looking back on it, I’m like, Holy crap. This was kind of bad when it comes to the CGI. Is that, is that how it is always going to be with movies, like movies that came out last year that are really, really good CGI now 10, 10, 15 years from now. Are we going to look back at those videos that are like, Holy crap, that was a, a garbage, I, I

Matt Masur: mean, I think you have the potential for that.

I mean, if you think back to movies that are old now, There’s so many of them that are exactly like you say, you can see how chintzy I was, or you can see how shitty the effects were at the same time. You can watch something like star Wars that was made in 1978 and the shit that George Lucas did back then.

To [00:47:00] make it look like the capabilities that, that most can’t even pull off in CGI today. You know, I think it just depends on how they did it. cause something like that, you know, that still holds up and even the special effects. There’s a couple of them that, that you look at and you think, ah, that’s a little cheesy, but, you know, I feel like if you’d do it right, you’ll, you’ll hold up.

Tuddle: But, but, not even, not even with CGI, like, God, I can’t think of off the top of my head, but like action movies back in the day, we would watch him and we’d be like, that’s the baddest thing that anybody’s ever said on in, in movie history. And then 15 years later you watch, you’re like, Oh God, that, that was bad.

Matt Masur: Yeah. there’s, there’s, it’s interesting to see how things change. you know, here in New York state, The, the throughway that’s our main, highway has always been a toll road and you could always pay for it with an easy pass. similar in Florida, you’ve got the SunPass Tuttle, [00:48:00] you know, electronic tag thing.

But if you didn’t do that, you’d just stop at the toll booth. As you got on and off, you get a ticket, you pay cash. as of last weekend, they ended that. they took the toll booths out all summer long. They set up these electronic readers so that even if you don’t have one of these easy passes, the thing will read your, your license plate.

They’ll send you a bill in the mail. There’s no more toll collectors.

Tuddle: I

Matt Masur: bring this up because, last weekend I was flipping through some old comedy albums listening to, while I was getting my drink on a little bit. And I came across the classic Adam Sandler bet, toll booth Willie. And as I’m listening to it and I’m laughing, I’m going fuck kids today.

Won’t even understand what a toll booth Willie is. You know what I mean? It’s just the way things change in the way. so many of these, you know, I guess dated, bits of entertainment, we look back and like, wow, that’s not the way the world works anymore.

Tuddle: No, no, no. It, it just, it’s [00:49:00] so weird. Like here, arguing another example, talking about music now.

I, I still to this day, now everybody does this. Every single person does it. So again, everybody thinks their generation. Well, I mean, you would think the most fun time is like from 13 to 19 are the years where you’re growing up and you’re, you’re discovering things. and, and I cleaned up the nineties had some of the best.

Music. And I’m not just talking alternative rock or anything. I’m talking, I’m talking about like great country music at the time. Great rap music. You had NWA, you had like gray, you had M and M towards the late of late part of it. You had, began to Bach. So the music I thought in the nineties was great, but man, some of the shit that they would like, do what’s alternative rock music, like, presidents of the United States, the song about peaches.

I in my mind, he was trying to fuck a peach, like, cause he talks [00:50:00] about I’m taking my finger or a pen inside, make a little room for it to hide. I’m like that. Guy’s wanting to stick his Dick in a B.

Matt Masur: Wow. All right. I could see that. Yeah, we had wild songs. You remember? the King missile song, detachable penis, play on rock radio on regular rotation.


Tuddle: man. Oh, dude, you won the first time. Oh, the first time I ever got bitched out by program director, Matt, like, I mean just like bucking hair, blue hairdryer treatment by hairdryer treatment. He’s just yelling in your face and your hair is drying because he’s just. I was, I was bored up and they were, it was during like spring break.

Cause we had all the event weeks here in Daytona beach and, and me wanting to make sure we were, we were right on time at the top of the hour. they, they, they ended their show early and programmed breakthroughs back then do not mess with the logs. I’ve spent all day handpicking all these songs and I put in, [00:51:00] Weezer’s undone the sweater song and, and I not know any better, but that’s like a five minute, 15 minute, five, five minute, 15, second song.

And I, it was like, I fucking fucked his daughter. It was so, yeah, like that’s good, Rhonda does every time I’d come on the air, then they they’d be playing the undone sweater song by Weezer. Just the mess with me.

Matt Masur: That’s hilarious. But,

Tuddle: yeah, that was the first time I ever got bitched out by a PD

Matt Masur: shut up the already and, an oversight, in the chat, hanging out with us, Tuttle, one more quick story and talking about, you know, the shit on the internet and the things that we see.

I don’t know if you saw this story, but this is, this is kind of an interesting one. Let me, flip the screen so everybody can see it. the Pope, and let’s be honest, not the Pope, but the Pope’s Instagram account. Accidentally liked [00:52:00] a thirst trap picture now,

Tuddle: was it, was it, was it a legal age person?

Matt Masur: Oh yeah.

Tuddle: Yeah. Okay. I’m just, I’m just

Matt Masur: asking. Here’s the thing. And we know how this happens. Like if you’ve been on Instagram, it’s easy to accidentally because as you’re scrolling, you know, a double tap gives you a little heart and you could just be scrolling and, Oh shit. I just liked that thing.

Tuddle: I’ve done that.

Matt Masur: And then you quickly, unlike it, the other thing you know, that can happen is you’re, you’re digging through somebody’s pictures out of pure thirst and you accidentally deep like one, your title. If you could see the screen and everybody else, this is the photograph. That the Pope’s account gave a little hard to,

Tuddle: you want me to be honest, I actually have more respect for the Pope now.

Matt Masur: Well, again, it was probably a staffer. but, but like this isn’t like some pretty, this is some hot ass chick showing off her lingerie. [00:53:00] This is like, All right. Respect.

Tuddle: Yes. Yes. Like, I mean, I’m just glad it wasn’t like, like a baby in a crib or something that would

Matt Masur: have been creepy, right?

Tuddle: Yeah. Like if you like.


Matt Masur: the, the, the two people, the Pope and this, young woman do not follow each other, which is interesting. The Pope has 7.4 million followers. And a guard Bato, I guess is her name has 2.4. She went up a hundred thousand in the last week. Thank you.

Tuddle: Maybe the poet’s trying to save her, save that, save that out.

You get

Matt Masur: to heaven. So, which I think might be a stretch, but what do you

Tuddle: think the Pope wants to make her app the same? Like it, I

Matt Masur: mean, it’s Holy. Oh. That’s man, that

Tuddle: ass looks fake.

Matt Masur: That’s man.

[00:54:00] Tuddle: And you know, like a lot of people, a lot of people do not realize us, like most white men. There some there’s some bizarre sexual positions you would not be able to do with her.

Like seriously, like doggie would be absolutely impossible with her because you’re just, you, you, you got to get through at least about four inches of ass meat there just to get even close to it. And, and then, and then you’re like, Oh yeah, man, maybe I’m just, like. Putting that on me and not everybody else has that, that nature has got like a, down to his

Matt Masur: knee.

I don’t know about all that, but, yeah, I mean, you gotta, you gotta worry when you bring your, a game for, you know, somebody of that stature.

Tuddle: Now, let me ask you your, your wife, like, so when did you, when did you meet her? I I’m, I’m kinda I’m I’m wanting to do a little bit of an interview where you [00:55:00] guys like high school sweethearts

Matt Masur: or no, no, no.

I met her about a decade ago. and we met online total,

Tuddle: total chatter bait or

Matt Masur: no, at the time it was plenty of fish.

Tuddle: Plenty of fish

Matt Masur: turned into, a real shit show.

Tuddle: Plenty of fish, like a religious dating site or no, no, because I kept thinking fish, you know, like Jesus. Yeah.

Matt Masur: Oh yeah, I got ya. no, it was, it was the original free dating site.

That was why it was so popular or maybe even still is. I haven’t been in the game in a while, but, out of all the, you know, match and shit that you had to pay for, that was the one that was free. And I got lucky because I, I caught her on, on like one of her first days on there. because most folks, men and women get on those sites and they get disgusted with them within like a week.

so luckily I, I. Struck while the iron was hot. And,

Tuddle: so you made the move, you made the move on her, like [00:56:00] she’ll like, give me, give me an idea. And you’re probably not going to remember, like, I, this is like the golden age, like the, the, the beginning of dating sites. Like what, what’s your opening move when you don’t even know this person?

Like w like what, what, what do you come with?

Matt Masur: So my opening move was always some kind of jokes. and I’ve seen a lot of guys. And I think when I started this, I did the carbon copy. Cause what you do is you go through there and I guess like with Tinder, all you gotta do is click that you like the person that’s, that’s the whole thing.

But back in the day you had to actually send them a fucking email. so a lot of folks would do like a form email. They’d send to every girl, hi, I’m Matt. And you know, my Dick is huge, that that would never work, but. The key to any of those is you’ve got to personalize them. You gotta make it look like you read the person’s profile and you make a reference to something they like.

And, you know, it’s, it’s like real life flirting. You gotta, you gotta pique some interest, especially with these ladies that [00:57:00] are getting thousands of messages a day. So, you know, try to be, try to try to make it seem like you paid attention to them.

Tuddle: How long did you have to wait before you guys met with each other?

Matt Masur: we in particular, not very long. You know, it was one of those. We started talking for a little while. I don’t, I honestly don’t remember it wasn’t, you know, it wasn’t like the next day type of thing, but, we talked for a short time before it was like, all right, let’s let’s, meet,

Tuddle: I’ve I’ve met a few, but it just seems like as of late, I don’t know if it’s because of this pandemic or whatever, but everybody just seems very, very flighty or it’s just me.

I love like maybe like John Mark car or something, you know, who knows?

Matt Masur: I’m telling you, man, you gotta, you got to go with the humor. and you gotta go with the, you know, give them some attention if their, if their profile talks about loving soccer. You gotta throw a fucking soccer reference in your [00:58:00] opening statement.

You know what I mean? that’s

Tuddle: I can talk soccer all day.

Matt Masur: You know, I got lucky. I got, I might almost say reverse catfished with my wife because she had a very beautiful headshot picture, like so many do, but it was almost one of those that was at the right angles and the right things that it’s like, she took a picture like that to hide, you know, some features that.

She she’s trying to hide. And, and I fully expected that, and I don’t really care. You know what I mean? I like people are people. So I got talking to her and everything was cool. The first time I met her, it was like, Holy fuck. You’re dramatically hotter your photos, which is normally the exact opposite.

You know, as you know, people really know how to make themselves look good in photos, don’t look anything like that in reality, this girl, just the opposite. and that’s how I knew she was a keeper. These

Tuddle: filters are becoming ridiculous women. Stop [00:59:00] using all these guide damn filters. And I’m telling you right now when I’m on Tinder, if you post a filter, what’s you wearing a dog nose, dog ears.

I’m swiping left immediately because I don’t want any part of that shit at all. Do not wear dog faces.

2020-11-20 07-59-52: Yeah,

Matt Masur: here’s the thing like the ears are, are okay. For some reason that little animal knows that all these ladies think is cute is the most annoying fucking thing I’ve ever seen. Like if I ever saw a woman in real life that had a nose like that, I would run in the other direction.

Tuddle: But these filters, I don’t look, I have a keen eye and I’m sure you do. You can tell what’s filtered or not, but, but like some people, they just don’t pay any attention. They, they just, they, they just like, Oh man, Jude’s really rough. No, dude. She that’s all well,

Matt Masur: especially, you know, originally, like you’re talking about with the animals and stuff, those were like goofy.

you know, cartoon type of things, but now they have filters that are really just enhancements. So they make your eyes a [01:00:00] little brighter or bigger or twinkle a little bit

Tuddle: in a way

2020-11-20 07-59-52: you

Matt Masur: don’t necessarily, no. As a filter.

Tuddle: Yeah. Well, my phone is on five per shot. It keeps telling me

Matt Masur: it’s time to tap out anyway.


Tuddle: I,

Matt Masur: I want to, I want to thank you for joining us, buddy, the Tuttle daily podcast. if you, if you got a second before that dies, if you want to plug what you got going on

Tuddle: there. Well, the main, main, main place, you know, you guys know that Nasia, three, one five whenever I, upload anything there, it automatically goes to that website as well as my YouTube channel.

So, it’s, it’s really, really great. now let me ask you how much do you guys are guys? On on that, like a hundred percent. So I started like, are you guys going to keep every show, available up there?

Matt Masur: So your content is lives on like your YouTube or

Tuddle: your feed.

2020-11-20 07-59-52: So,

Matt Masur: so the answer to that is as long as it’s up on those things, it’ll work on three on five live.

[01:01:00] Tuddle: Yeah, man. Just check it out. I appreciate, man, if you, I mean seriously, if you’re, if you’re a fan of just content podcasting videos, whatever it may be, definitely a three, one five live is where you need to go, because there’s also a lot of other great shows on there as

Matt Masur: well. That’s awesome, man.

And that’s, that’s very well said. Well, I want to thank everybody for listening to me, cough. No, I want to thank everybody for, watching and listening. To the mat major show, we will be doing this on a regular basis. These are kind of some of our Friday test shows,

Tuddle: but I’m pretty happy with the way I lose track of days.

Matt Masur: It is. Yeah, I do as well with this, this never leaving home deal, but follow us, like subscribe, do all that fun stuff. The Homebase again will be on Twitch. So major is the place to be. We got merchant. I didn’t even get into this, but. We got all kinds of crazy merchant. The merchant is the place to [01:02:00] go.

And you can find all kinds of cool stuff. We just added some cool fashion designs from our girl buttons, a former co-host of the met major show, incredible artwork that you can get on shirts and dresses and all kinds of cool shit. Check that out. And, like subscribe,

Tuddle: have fun. And, and, and I would, I would give you this great idea of, you know, to, you know, try to get McKinsey, Berg to wear some of yourself, but she doesn’t reach out to anybody at all.

Matt Masur: I’m going to leave that at no comment.

It’s been the main major show Tuttle. Thank you so much for joining us, buddy. we’ll see about next week is, is kind of a holiday today after Thanksgiving. So we’ll figure out what we’re doing next Friday, but, I’m going to try to do something probably. So make sure you’re subscribed, hit that bell.

She had no one we’re live. And, I don’t know, have a great

Tuddle: day. See ya.

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