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Why It’s a Good Idea to Post Lots of Content Often – Content Tips – 11 20 20 | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

Matt Masur Show Clips

How much should you post? How often should you post? Can you post too many videos or memes or podcasts? Matt says no and explains why it’s a good idea to post lots of content all the time…

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Why It’s a Good Idea to Post Lots of Content Often – Content Tips – 11 20 20 | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

Computer Generated Transcript:

Why It’s a Good Idea to Post Lots 11-20-20


Matt Masur: Yeah. I don’t disagree and that’s, that’s kind of funny that, and it’s from six years ago, I’m looking at, you know, on the screen now 287,000

Tuddle: views. Yes, people loved it. And it was just some dumb video. I found that I posted up there and it’s like, it gets all these hits and I’m like, okay.

Matt Masur: Yeah. that’s, the interesting thing about YouTube and that’s the thing just to take a quick side note, people talk about, publishing too much or posting too much or putting too much out there. You know, Gary Vee has this, stance on that where. You never know what post is going to go crazy. I wholeheartedly subscribe to that because of the algorithms, because of other things you carefully craft every post, right?

You try to make it so people will want to pick it up. The search engines will pick it up, all this shit, 90% of the time they don’t [00:01:00] nothing happens. Right. But randomly and often on videos, you would never expect. Suddenly they go viral and half a million people see them. that’s the reason you, want to put as much as you can out there.

I mean, not pure shit, obviously, but anything that you have, that’s, halfway decent post on your platforms load up in your text titles and description do these different things, because you know, like you see here with Tuddle this random video out of the hundreds that he has got 287,000 views.

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