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The Tuddle Podcast | Episode 264: Tuddle Daily Podcast Episode 272

The Tuddle Daily Podcast

The Tuddle Podcast | Episode 264: Tuddle Daily Podcast Episode 272

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I start off the show apologizing for not doing a show on Tuesday which was my birthday as well as thanksgiving day.

My best friend Colton came to hangout with me this weekend.

My childhood friends got the hang out with my present day friends and it went shockingly well

I know Covid isn’t the deadliest pandemic we’ve had but I’m worried about already high numbers and what it’s going to be a couple of weeks after Thanksgiving

This is my favorite time of the year at The Hobo Fish Camp because there’s money to be made

History was made this weekend in college football with the first female kicker Sarah Fuller from Vanderbilt


All voicemails are welcomed even the ones that say I suck because they’ll go right to the front of the line 407-270-3044 and I promise all calls are anonymous

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The Tuddle Podcast | Episode 265: Tuddle Daily Podcast Episode 272