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The Tuddle Podcast | Episode 267: Tuddle Daily Podcast Episode 274

The Tuddle Daily Podcast

The Tuddle Podcast | Episode 267: Tuddle Daily Podcast Episode 274

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Florida man problems having a sore dry throat from the first time we’ve had to turn on the heat

Man lost at sea and how BIG Bannana was behind it.

I think the snowbirds that come down every year to the Hobo Fish camp judge us. Do people from the north think southerners are low class. Do people from the south think people from the north are stuck up?

I talk about the movie Let Him Go and On The Rocks. I loved one was highly disappointed with the other.

Animal Fight Night!!!

I talk about one of my favorite TV news anchor Kirstin O’Connor which leads me to talk about why do women seem even more attractive while with child

Covid 19 symptom is that people are losing their teeth which most people in Florida won’t mind.


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