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The Tuddle Podcast | Episode 305: Tuddle Daily Podcast Episode 312

The Tuddle Daily Podcast

The Tuddle Podcast | Episode 305: Tuddle Daily Podcast Episode 312

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My good friend Serak joins me in today’s show discussing things going on in our lives

Is it true do women like the bad boys or do they really want a gentleman?

How the human race perceive time and does time seem like it’s going by faster the older you get.

I talk about how I’m tired waking up every morning and seeing a new historical event.

What is the first big news story you remember growing up

How humans record history will history be more correct with more and more video catalogs

Is it better for kids to have a stay at home mom?

The differences on how our parents punished us

Me and Serak both agree we rather take a spanking than hear our dads say they’re disappointed

All voicemails are welcomed even the ones that say I suck because they’ll go right to the front of the line 407-270-3044 and I promise all calls are anonymous

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The Tuddle Daily Podcast Ep. 312 – Tuddle VIDEO