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The Tuddle Podcast | Episode 317: Tuddle Daily Podcast 324

The Tuddle Daily Podcast

The Tuddle Podcast | Episode 317: Tuddle Daily Podcast 324

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I talk about the wedding I did music for as well as take pictures

The owner of The Hobo Fish Camp was so rude and keep talking during the wedding ceremony

Want to do a contest where supporters of the show get their teenage kids to review music from the 90’s

Ryan Seacrest is horrible at doing man on the street stuff in snowy Manhattan

I dump my parents septic tank I’m their fifth wheel and I mic up the solid poops running through the drain

I have a bald spot in my pubic hair

My dad fell and knocked himself out last night

All voicemails are welcomed even the ones that say I suck because they’ll go right to the front of the line 407-270-3044 and I promise all calls are anonymous

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