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Matt’s Back Baby!! | The Matt Masur Show Full Episode 02 08 2021 – VIDEO | The Matt Masur Show Full Episode

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Matt’s Back Baby!! | The Matt Masur Show Full Episode 02 08 2021 – VIDEO | The Matt Masur Show Full Episode


The Matt Masur Show Returns!
Matt talks about what to expect from the show
Biden Stimulus
Chuck Schumer Announces $50k Student Loan Forgiveness
Gravy Joins us to Discuss the Wall St Bets Situation

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Computer Generated Text Transcript: 

The Matt Masur Show 02-08-2021
[00:00:00]Matt Masur: [00:00:00] what’s funny is when you haven’t done a show in a while, you come back and he opened the mic,
but you don’t actually open the mic and you do that whole intro with it muted. Good times. Good times.
It’s probably an indication of things to come, but Hey, what are you going to do? This is the new media live streaming podcasting world,
And the good part is I can edit this out later. So what’s going on, everybody, Matt, Masur, Matt Masur show back, live daily. I’m pretty excited about this. I’m not going to lie. I’m so excited that I didn’t even turn on my mic. Can you see that? That was pretty cool. I’m going to give you a little overview.
First of what’s going to happen what the Matt Masur show is, but then we’re going to get into some good stuff. We’ve got a great guest lined up for a little later on in the show. He’s going to explain to us this whole wall street, [00:01:00] bets, stocks trolling, the hedge funds, all this stuff that’s been going down.
He’s going to explain it to us like we’re five. And honestly that might be a new standing segment. On the mat Masur show, explain it to me. Like I’m five where we’ll bring in some people that actually know some shit. And we’ll hear what’s going on. I should tell you that this show is sponsored by full disclosure.
This is my business. It, does actually pay for the show. I dunno if you’d technically call it a sponsor, but the merchant link. Go to the merge That is a place where you can get Matt Masur show merge and three, one five live merchants. As you might, notice, if you want to look like me you don’t want to look like me.
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I don’t necessarily need it to live on and in right now, what we’re doing is we’re donating the proceeds from all the sales on the merchant link to a, an effort. We’re [00:03:00] going to support local restaurants by buying food from them and support local nurses by giving them the food. It’s a kind of a, way to give back, thanks to those that are struggling and those that are helping us during this.
Every purchase. Obviously we got to deduct our overhead and things like that, but a portion of the proceeds from every purchase on the merchant link goes to this effort to help restaurants and thank nurses to check that out and consider that when you need a funny t-shirt or you want to support your new favorite podcast, that just came back the Matt Masur show.
I want everybody to be checking in on Twitch. The reason we’re doing this live. Is because I really want that live interaction. I think that is the key to shows like this. It is my hope to really foster a strong community here on Twitch. And I want folks to be in the chat [00:04:00] room, jumping in, throwing your thoughts.
Let me know you’re here. We will, I don’t have it yet. I figured we’ll, ease into some of these things. We will have a text and phone line available soon in the next coming days where you will be able to join the show. And, you might even be able to video call us so we can actually get you on the screen.
Even if you’re a listener, you’re a guest. I think that’s going to be pretty cool. I should tell you a little bit about. Where you can find the show in addition to Twitch, because Twitch’s the live streaming platform that is the live home base of the show. But after it’s life, you got to figure out where to get it right.
Three, one, five live. That is the meta-Masur shows home base. It’s also a great local new media outlet. There’s all kinds of great programming on there, but if you go to three, one, five measure, You’ll hit our home base. And on there, you’ll [00:05:00] find every episode in video form, as well as an audio podcast, as well as highlight clips, there’s going to be a lot of highlights of the show.
What we’re going to be doing is cutting the various segments. So you’ll be able to check out the full episode or you’ll be able to check out just an interview. Just a news topic that we talked about. Just the pieces. Yeah. You want none of the stuff you don’t. It should be pretty cool. This is going to be a little different format from what we’ve done in the past.
Traditionally we’ve done a two to three hour show and I’ve had a team of co-hosts and this, is the stripped down version, I guess you would say we’re going to be an hour every day, eight to 9:00 AM. It’s going to be just me, but we will have a rotating cast of guest co-hosts including your favorites.
Phil Fartah, he’ll be in later this week, we’ve got belly and air. He’s got a new show coming up. We’re going to have him in soon to talk about that and join us. Tottle a [00:06:00] whole bunch of great folks will be joining us to guest cohost on various days. Additionally, we’re going to have a lot of interviews.
This is going to be a, somewhat interview heavy podcast, and we’re going to talk to a wide variety of people. We’re very interested in business people and entrepreneurs, but not just folks that come here and tell you how they struck it rich. But I really want to dig into some of these businesses. I want to dig into some of these industries.
I want to learn what it’s like to be somebody who sells X or somebody who provides why service. I think it’s interesting and I’m very interested in. Learning about various ways that different people have grown their businesses. I’m an entrepreneur. I think that finding out from other people what’s worked the best [00:07:00] is, one of the best ways that we can learn and grow our own businesses.
So I’m pretty excited about that.
the other thing we’re going to do is a lot of news. We’re going to get into a few hot topics. We’re going to dig into them a little bit. We’re going to play some clips. We’re going to get into some comedy. We’re going to get into some entertainment news. We’re going to have some fun. That’s really what the map Masur show is all about is taking things in our very serious, sometimes depressing world and adding a little humor to them.
So it’ll be a good time. What’s up Bubs rattler checking in on the Twitch stream. Thanks for joining, checking out the return of the mat Masur show. We’re pretty excited about that. A quick note about me and that’ll be the end of the introduction. This is like the first day of class where you got to get out the, this is what it’s all about, type of bullshit but, we’re going to fast forward right.
Through everything, [00:08:00] but you should probably know who it is. You’re listening to. I am a progressive considered myself a leftist, although I don’t go too crazy with the labels because people seem to get a little real particular about them. But it’s fair to say that I am a American progressive leftist, who is very outspoken for a number of years now.
I’ve done a lot of live podcasts. The Matt Masur show previously was a daily show that ran on Bubba army radio. And I’m excited to bring it back in, excited to talk about some of these topics that I don’t know that are getting enough attention. And I don’t know that there are enough real progressive voices in new media.
There’s a lot of us, but I don’t know that there’s enough. And. What we’re going to do here [00:09:00] is highlight a wide variety of things and also highlight what being progressive is. Because if you’re not, you might not have an accurate view. We’ll see, it’s going to be fun time. We’re going to get a little serious.
Sometimes I’m going to swear a lot, but that’s what I do. But it’ll be a good show. But enough of that, getting to know you nonsense.
Let’s dive right in.
I got some really cool graphics.
See, I missed that one. I was supposed to, I was supposed to use this one previously and I totally, bailed on it. See, I’m already fucking up. First show made these beautiful graphics. Not happening. I don’t know. Let’s talk about Joe Biden for a minute. Huh?
this is the first time. We’ve been [00:10:00] back with the Matt masher show since Joe Biden has been president. I’m very happy. That he’s president. I’m very happy that we got rid of the previous guy. I’m going to try to refrain from saying his name,
but there’s a lot of folks that are making Joe Biden out to be well, especially folks on the right, making him out to be this incredible socialist. Horrific progressive. Who’s doing all these things. Yeah. And let’s be fair. Joe Biden has already done a lot of things that you could argue are progressive.
He’s done a lot of things to simply reverse the garbage that Trump did. Great. And he’s given a lot of lip service. [00:11:00] To progressive causes. The problem with that is in grand Democrat fashion. And for those of you new to me and new to the mat Masur show, while yes, I’m very left. That doesn’t mean I’m necessarily or hardly ever pro Democrat because while I believe most of the Democrats mean They seem to be impotent in the best description.
I can come up with them. They have the great ideas. They never follow through case in point, as you can see, I put in this graphic here, the check, right? This was the promise. Do you want a $2,000 check? They said it over and over again. In this ad, this last election was just in [00:12:00] January, the special election in Georgia, where Ossoff and Warnock defeated.
Two Republicans took their seats, two of them in Georgia, and they did so under the promise, as you can see in their ad, that’s on the screen right now, you want a $2,000 check.
Vote for them.
If you put these guys in, we’ll be able to get you guys that $2,000 check and you can see on the screen in their ad.
I didn’t make this up. This is their ad.
a picture of a check from the treasury made out for $2,000, not $1,400,
but. Joe Biden got an office and just Twitter a week or two ago, he came out and said congratulations guys, we’re going to get you those $1,400 [00:13:00] checks. Wait what, happened to 2000 while you, got the first 600? That’s what we always meant now. I don’t know how you could say that’s how you always meant when you displayed a check for $2,000, not $1,400, 2000.
Why Joe Biden would immediately backtrack on this because that’s what Democrats do now. The worst part is It doesn’t end at the, 2000 to $1,400 scam. We’re now moving into this new thing, as you can see the tweet from Bernie we’re talking about means testing. Now, what that means is previously the stimulus went to every individual who made 75,000 a year or less.
Every couple of made 150. They want to drop that down to 50,000 a year for an individual or a hundred [00:14:00] for a couple. The issue I have with this as well. There’s a lot issues first and foremost. Yes. It’s there to help people, right? Everybody’s struggling. We’re going to give you some cash. You can pay your bills with it that you’re behind on.
You can pay your rent so you don’t get evicted. You can buy some food. But in reality, it’s called a stimulus for a reason. And that reason is it’s supposed to stimulate the entire economy in all honesty. If we really want to stimulate the economy, people who don’t need it, help that effort more because if you don’t necessarily need it to pay that rent or pay off a debt, you can take it and you can go spend it.
You can go buy a new anything. You can spend money in the local economy, you can put it back. You can buy products, you can support local businesses with, kind of some free money. [00:15:00] And I know a lot of folks I’ve heard folks say, I don’t need it. I’m doing fine. Let’s give it to
somebody else.
That’s noble of you and respectable. But the thing is it’s not an either or situation. And the thing is if you were to give it up, it’s not like that other guy’s going to get any more. So what should be happening is everybody should be getting this and everybody should be spending it. If you can avoid putting it in the bank, if you can avoid paying off a bank debt, unfortunately, neither one of those things boosts the economy.
If we’re trying to boost the economy, In this pandemic, if we’re trying to truly provide a stimulus, if we’re trying to stimulate the economy, give people money, tell them to spend it simple. Right now, the other issue that we have with this, [00:16:00] keep in mind, this is based on your income, right? 75 K 50 K. Where does your income come from?
Or, where does the number that the government bases this on, come from? It comes from your taxes, but it’s very early. I don’t know that they’ve even accepted 20, 20 taxes yet. So they’re certainly not based on that. They’re based on 2019 taxes, pre pandemic taxes. We have millions of people that are unemployed.
We have millions more that have lost their jobs and had to move on to lesser ones or got their hours cut, got their income cut to judge how much help people need in this crisis based on their pre crisis numbers. It’s insane. It doesn’t make any sense. Bernie [00:17:00] ALC, all of those folks have come out and, made this point.
And I hope it’s one that folks pay attention to because like I said, I get it.
I understand thinking let’s, really keep it to two just who needs it, but the entire economy needs it. And it’s almost more about the entire economy than it is the individual person in the grand scheme of things. Bernie makes a great point. And it’s another one that I wished Democrats would pay attention to.
He says, in other words, working class, people got checks from Trump and would not get them from Biden. Can you imagine the Democrats coming out of the gate
and doing less than Trump? I don’t know.
pretty mind blowing to me, [00:18:00] but what
do I know?
Our boy, Chuck
boy, do we love our boy, Chuck? I say that sarcastically. Chuck Schumer’s a guy who I think means well, he has good intentions, right? Unfortunately, he gets caught in this Democrat in Putin trap. You talk a good team. Can’t even talk, you talk a good game, but you can’t pull the trigger. Let’s see what we’re talking about.
He’s coming out now. Now, originally Joe Biden talked about canceling $10,000 in student loan debt are may and Chuck. He says, hold my beer and we got clips of this. Let’s say it. Let’s see if we can put this on the screen. We’re getting real fancy guys. We’re going to [00:19:00] play videos on the screen. Do you believe this
today to introduce our proposal, to cancel $50,000
in student
debt and take a huge burden off. So many people in America college should be a ladder up for too many people. Debt is the anchor that weighs them down.
I’m all for this. We should be canceling more debt. We should be canceling all that. My big concern. When we talk about any of these debt canceling deals, is that a word? We’re admitting that this is a problem, right? We’re admitting that the student loans are out of control. The cost of school is out of control.
We’re admitting all of these things, but are we talking about a one time, a [00:20:00] coupon for a handful of people that did fall in this group today, and then we’re just going to continue the scam. And in future people and future generations are going to rack up this debt with the hopes that maybe in 20 years, somebody will cancel it for them.
Cause it doesn’t help. That’s not the answer to this situation. We need to be like most civilized countries and make education free in all honesty. Doesn’t have to be free at every private university, but there should be good public schools that people can go to with zero debt. And if we can’t get there, can we at least get to the point to where it’s affordable and to where they can get some kind of loan or some kind of program that doesn’t cripple them for decades into their [00:21:00] lives, into their careers, even if they’re successful.
Which unfortunately, a lot of folks aren’t think of the number of people that went to college and are doing something radically different than what they studied. I don’t have the numbers, but I think we all know that it’s a significant portion of people.
The other issue that I have is what we’ve been talking about. This sounds good. Will they even do it? I don’t know. One thing I really want to address though, is there’s a very common pushback when people talk about canceling any amount of student loan debt, and I don’t want to attack people for it immediately.
There’s some folks that go off the rails, but to some degree, there’s a very understandable argument. And. That is these people, this group of [00:22:00] people is getting this deal. This discount this, loan forgiveness. What about the people that came before them? What about the people that didn’t go to school?
Never racked up this debt. This goes back to what I was saying in the previous segment about this, the stimulus, the reason we’re doing this, the reason. Liberals establishment Democrats are even talking about this kind of thing is because they understand the overall benefit to the overall economy. Right?
So they don’t really give a fuck about helping this individual guy. It’s not about we’re going to help these handful of people. Pour them. Fuck everybody else. The reason we do this with student loans to boost the entire [00:23:00] economy. What do I mean by that? How does that help? How does, paying somebody else’s bill helped me.
It’s a valid question. And with that, I want to show you this, little info graphic that I found here. Let’s see if we can make it big so you can see
when people have a massive debt, you only have so much income, right? So you gotta pick and choose what you can pay. And we’ve got young people coming out of college day one, and they’ve got more debt than I have in my mortgage to own a home.
What happens then when you start your life? You haven’t even really got your first real career and you’re starting with more debt than a homeowner. This graphic here from the association of real tours, people who sell houses, [00:24:00] they’re concerned. And the reason is, and they give some stats and you can find these stats.
This is based on 2017 data. You can find stats from every other year. That’s the same thing. The percentages changed slightly. But in a nutshell, this displays 86% have made career sacrifices. 41% delayed marriage because they had this big bill to pay seven year expected delay in purchase of first home.
That means, unlike your parents and your grandparents, these people that it’s going to take them almost a decade to get into a home that they own. 55% are postponing having children because of this debt hanging over their head. Now all of these things you might think to yourself that’s the choice they make and you give and take and, you do whatever.
The issue with all that is. [00:25:00] Every step along that line, isn’t about just you. Every step along that line involves a wide variety of businesses that employ a wide variety of people that is the economy. You have all these students, millions of them who had this obligation to a bank to pay this loan over 10 times over and over again.
And because of that, they can’t participate in the economy. They can’t shop at local businesses. They have to decide whether or not they can go out to eat. Restaurants are starving. We need people to free up their income in ways that will help us. And that’s why I say over and over people worried about what about me?
I don’t have this debt, but you have a business, but you have a restaurant that you’d like more business at. But you work [00:26:00] in a factory where you’d get more hours. If you sold more
the saying is a rising tide, lifts all boats. I fully agree with that. And I think that’s something to keep in mind when we talk about these things just, my opinion army and gravy.
In the chat. Thank you for checking in. And I think we’re going to get you on the horn in, just a minute here and talk about the stocks, but he says will it go the way of the $15 minimum wage already? And that’s another point we haven’t even gotten into one of the big promises is we’re going to have $15 minimum wage Biden’s already yeah.
I don’t think that’s going to happen right away.
Like what.
Come again
Just, going to give up like that, that quick.
Huh? [00:27:00] Cool.
Joe fucking Biden.
We’ll see what happens all I can say is it’s going to be interesting. It’s going to be interesting.
Hey, I want to talk about real quick beyond telephone. What the hell is beyond telephone? That’s really the question beyond telephone is a communication service brand new that lets businesses
drink coffee.
let’s businesses connect with their customers in the way a customers connect to these days, way beyond the telephone. People don’t want to talk on the phone.
They want to text. They want a live chat on your website. They want to send you a Facebook messenger. If [00:28:00] your business can’t communicate with your customers this way you’re missing out drastically.
Beyond telephone fixes that one piece of software, one system, all your users, one price. They get all the features of zoom. You get video chatting, you get video conferencing, you get webinars for up to 250 people. You get website, live, chat, internal chat. You want to talk with your colleagues? Facebook messenger.
Chat everything, SMS texting with your customers to way all of these things. One platform you can access it via your computer. You can access it as an app on the go it’s your full blown phone system. And it costs a fraction of the price of all these other services combined go to beyond
Check it out. It is something for businesses that can truly benefit them. [00:29:00] It saves you money and gives you features. We don’t, get that very often, right? The double whammy. I think you should check it out.
Any moment now, our man should be calling in and we’re going to get into this stock market conversation. This is an interesting thing. I started. A few weeks before all the shit popped off. And I started, I opened a, an account and I started playing with some little stocks and playing, like I put $50 in and I looked for penny stocks.
And around that time, like I said, a couple of weeks later, this whole wall street bets thing popped off in, people started really getting into it. I don’t know anything about it. And what I find funny is the fact that I don’t know anything about it. I started [00:30:00] talking about it cause it was in the news.
I started posting all over Facebook and then people started asking me for advice like w wait, what? Every post I made started out with I’m an idiot. I don’t know what I’m talking about. But they were DME. Hey, what do you think I should do with this to which I would reply? I’m an idiot. I don’t know.
And I think it’s funny, but I also think it’s interesting because wall street has always been the elites game. And let’s be honest. It probably always will continue to be. And it’s all bullshit. When you think about it. It’s supposed to be based on real things and it’s supposed to be able
It’s supposed to reflect the market. It’s supposed to reflect what the business actually does. [00:31:00] Is it performing well or does it look like it’s going to take off because they’ve got a good idea or they’ve got a big contract or something like that, but we all know that’s not the case much of the time, these days companies and stock prices, rise and fall on hype.
And these folks that play this game,
what’s up Jack
These folks it’s, just incredible how they play the game. It’s rigged in their favor.
And we’re going to pull up in just a second, a guy who’s going to talk about this. It’s rigged in their fleet, their flavor, their
but then they get mad when people, regular people jump in, start doing the same thing.
We are. Oh, we got him. This is going to be good. Yeah. Let’s say we’ll get you on the screen. My friend, [00:32:00] make sure everybody can hear you. Let’s see if this works. I can hit the right view window. Fuck. Is it there? He is.
There he is. What’s going on, man. Hey, good morning. How you doing? Good, huh. So listen, I got it. Before we get too crazy. I got to ask you, and this is going to be the wildest question of an interview ever. W what the fuck is your name?
Gravy Dangerfield: [00:32:31] My name’s Greg. I liked that you Greg, but a gravy Dangerfield, something I came up with in the depths of an acid trip a while back and it kinda stuck.
Matt Masur: [00:32:42] Okay. I like it. It’s a, it’s definitely a throwback to the, great Rodney danger.
Gravy Dangerfield: [00:32:52] Yeah. When we were in some grave danger in the midst of some Rodney Dangerfield [00:33:00] impersonations the the wonders of language, jumbled it all together into gravy Dangerfield.
Matt Masur: [00:33:07] I love it, man. I love it. So listen, we got you on to talk about this wall street bets this whole thing that popped off and you’re a guy you obviously, you’re not a stock trader or a, stockbroker on wall street, but. You are a guy who definitely has been into this a little more than me and a lot, more than a lot of other people.
So if you could, as we say explain this to me, like I’m five what the hell is this thing all about what is even going on?
Gravy Dangerfield: [00:33:44] Yeah I’m definitely no financial professional, but I am a long time degenerate of wall street bats. And like you said, the systems raped the, hedge [00:34:00] funds have their, offices right next door to the stock exchange where there’s there’s no latency between their computers and they’re, their trades are going through and a millisecond as they’re all discussing what they’re doing in, these private rooms.
And. Yep. Then when they do release their information, we’re getting it two, three weeks after the fact, we just there’s really no way for us to compete with the, information advantage that they have. So wall street bets is a subreddit where a bunch of people came together and just used the, brain power of the 2 million members or so at the time there to crowdsource their Their stock picks.
And about a year and a half ago, there was a guy goes by deep fucking value, a legend. Now I’m sure he’s going to be showing up in [00:35:00] plenty of movies. They just sold his story. But he he posted about a year and a half while the stop was was being shorted. To just an impossible extent meaning that the there were hedge funds that were trying to profit off a fall in the stock price.
So they were driving the stock price down. And this guy discovered that just based off the numbers he had, he was pretty sure that they were doing it by creating. Counterfeit shares and selling them on the market to the point that there were about twice as many shares out there that should out there on the market then should even, yeah.
So he shared that with the rest of us [00:36:00] and everybody told him he was a moron. He didn’t know what he was talking about. And he stuck to his guns. He just said okay, I’m I’m going to stick with this. And he just it was, great. He was, he just responded to the Seinfeld gift and all right, I’m fine.
Matt Masur: [00:36:16] Losing all that. And he put his money where his mouth was
Gravy Dangerfield: [00:36:19] right? Yeah. He put $50,000 in there and every week or so he would post an update with a screenshot, just as proof that he was still in it. Yeah. And everybody told them all along for the whole last year, what an idiot he was until No, maybe a couple of weeks ago, he he got the moment.
I don’t know what you saw
Matt Masur: [00:36:43] and I’m a very rich idiot.
Gravy Dangerfield: [00:36:45] Yeah. He he was up to about 50 million at one
Matt Masur: [00:36:49] point. Yeah. From 50,000. Now, did he hold through the whole thing and has he gone through the whole ride or did he ever cash out? Do we know
Gravy Dangerfield: [00:36:59] he [00:37:00] cashed out 13
Matt Masur: [00:37:02] million. A while back a couple months ago, I believe
Gravy Dangerfield: [00:37:08] so.
He’s got he’s got that. He’s a millionaire.
Matt Masur: [00:37:12] He’s been making bank on this long before. It was a big story.
Gravy Dangerfield: [00:37:17] Yeah. He’s been doing this since about
Matt Masur: [00:37:20] 2019 and that’s in this whole group has been active in just under the radar all that time.
Gravy Dangerfield: [00:37:29] Yeah. It’s a, there’s a lot of misconceptions about what it is.
A lot of people think that it’s a group of people who pool their money together and use it to inflate the price of a certainty. Sure. All right. My cats are now on the walls. That’s just not possible. If, even if you manage to get. All you know, several million people on the same page, we just don’t have the money to compete with hedge funds.
[00:38:00] Nevermind. Getting a few million people to all operate as one. Sure. It’s really just, all of this momentum was us piggyback feeding off of hedge fund versus hedge fund really once once this kind of got exposed as correct information Yeah, there’s always been financial professionals creeping around wall street guys.
So we’ll
Matt Masur: [00:38:31] And that would make sense, right? If you’re actually serious about this stuff, you should have your eyes on these things. And it seems like I know a lot of these everyday Reddit, trolls have been made out to be the big players, but there’s no doubt, big money, traditional investors who jumped right in this train.
’cause it, was a legitimate opportunity for profit, right?
Gravy Dangerfield: [00:38:58] Oh,
Matt Masur: [00:38:58] absolutely. I want to say, [00:39:00] talk shit on TV, about
Gravy Dangerfield: [00:39:01] going to get did with them having to freeze the market if it weren’t. Yeah. If, it were really just a bunch of idiots who didn’t know what they were talking about, then the hedge funds would have been more than happy to just let us lose our money.
And never mentioned
Matt Masur: [00:39:15] that. Now, let me ask you at the root of this, like you talked about is, a I, would think fraud if, these guys are dealing in all these counterfeit shares, but set that aside for a minute, tell us about this, whole concept of shorting. What is this, deal where investors have figured out how to make money as a business fails.
Gravy Dangerfield: [00:39:42] In the most basic sense we think of innovation. The thing is buying a stock and holding it until it becomes more valuable. You can also make money as a stock becomes less valuable by borrowing a share when the price is high, waiting [00:40:00] for the price to go down and then buying it to repay that borrowed share and keeping the difference in price as your profits.
Matt Masur: [00:40:10] It’s and that’s an interesting concept because, and I’ve seen it explained a few times, I didn’t know what it was before all of this. And you think about it, it’s really about like screw in the guy holding the bag. Cause, like I borrow it from you, but I don’t pay you. And it’s not like you think about gasoline, right?
The reason the gas price changes all the time is. Cause it, it fluctuates in. And even though they put the gas in the ground from the delivery truck at a dollar, a gallon, it now goes for a dollar 50. I pay a dollar 50. It doesn’t work that way with this, the way it works with this is I got that gas from you for a buck, a piece.
But then the market drops down to 50 cents a piece. I only got to pay you that 50 cents. And you, the guy that started this [00:41:00] the guy that lent out the shares to be shorted. I don’t know, man, it just seems I get that there’s money to be made for these folks. I don’t understand how that’s, it’s legitimate business but, then again that’s, where my capitalism has its limits.
Gravy Dangerfield: [00:41:23] I
can see the argument made for short selling. I’m on the fence myself, but it’s in an of itself. It’s not. I E corrupt concept too, is that these hedge funds have the ability because of their relationships.
Matt Masur: [00:41:41] Oh, I think he broke up.
Gravy Dangerfield: [00:41:45] You still there, man.
Matt Masur: [00:41:46] We’ll see if we can get him back.
We were going so well, too.
It’s an interesting thing. All of this stuff, when real people start getting involved, and then we start [00:42:00] learning about all these different worlds, all these this, whole concept to me again, still this, whole shorting thing where these guys have figured out a way to make money.
Bye when a business fails. Great. Cool. But who would have ever imagined such a thing? I apologize to Greg I don’t, know I figured first live show. I’m definitely gonna have things break and that is the case. I don’t honestly know why.
I don’t honestly know why it cut out at me, but what are you going to do? We’ll get him back in and I apologize for the abrupt ending. I’m just looking to see if it’s, reconnecting or what the hell is going on. Live show, man, [00:43:00] what I want to do in the future. I have this idea and I don’t know, it might be like the stupidest idea ever, but I had this idea for a show segment called bad stock advice or bad stock picks where I may flip a coin or spin a wheel or just randomly come up with some kind of bullshit that I dream up to pick up a random stock.
And we put out a clip every day and maybe a Tik TOK or something like that. But this thing just totally crapped out on me. I can’t, it’s very frustrating. I’m sorry. But if we do the segment about bed stock advice and it would be something where I would play along. So I would, whatever I claim I would, buy a couple shares of. And just see what we do. And I’d be interested to see how completely random no strategy nothingness might [00:44:00] translate to
big wins. I don’t know. I’m sure it wouldn’t, it’d probably be the stupidest idea ever, but what are you going to do? We’re going to try one more time to see if I can get this going, which we’ve probably already lost Greg anyway, so it doesn’t matter. It just, doesn’t want to work.
It’s awesome.
Such as life.
We will bring Greg AKA gravy back. I want to get more into this one thing we didn’t get into that, that I’d like to is there’s a whole list of terms. That seems to go along with this whole situation. And that’s something that I really want us to learn a little more about, so we will get him back here.
Next time I should probably not kick wires out loose while I’m doing live streams [00:45:00] then, and then we won’t have, but I gotta say we got 90%. Have an interview in before something totally went down and honestly, almost like 90% of the show before it totally failed. So for the first episode, back after a long time, I guess I can’t be too upset.
Hey, listen, this week we got a, all the cool things going on the mat Masur show. W we have guests that I promise. I’ll make sure we don’t fail for and we’ll, make it up to Greg. I promise tomorrow though, we’ve got the incomparable world famous. Sarah you city council member, Joe Driscoll.
He’s a musician he’s played around the world. He’s been on the mat Masur show before. If you’re a central New York local, of course. You know him? He’s an incredible guy. That’s going to be a good time. On Wednesday, our [00:46:00] man Phil Fardah will be in the house. He won’t be in the house. He’ll be on the phone if it works as well as our man, Dick from smoke incorporated, barbecue.
Dick is going to be one of the first restaurant vendors. That we buy food from to give it to nurses as part of the cause through the merchant link that I told you about at the top of the show we’re going to talk a little bit about that. We’re going to talk about the amazing foods that this guy makes.
It’s probably gonna make you hungry. I’m not going to lie. I apologize for making you hungry at 8:00 AM, but such is life. And then on Thursday, our man Tuttle will be in, he’s going to guest co-host with us as we go through a bunch of different things. So we’ve got a lot of fun. Adventures going on the mat Masur show.
I’m pretty excited about it. Follow us everywhere. There’s nothing that can help me more [00:47:00] than just sharing. As much as we love, if you’re on Twitch, you can see there’s ways to donate. We hope that you subscribe on Twitch. That helps as well. But one of the biggest things you could possibly do is like comment, share this go to our YouTube page, subscribe to that ring.
The bell hit the podcast. Audio podcast of the Matt Masur show is now available on Spotify and iTunes. Pretty much. That means anywhere you get your podcasts, you can now find them at Masur show in audio version. Go hit that subscribe, share. Tell your friends who listen to podcasts. That would make the world to me.
Honestly, that’s right now more valuable than throwing me a couple of dollars. So thank you in advance for all of that. We will be back tomorrow with more adventures. Also make sure to follow this Twitch stream because in addition to the daily shows at eight to 9:00 AM, I’m going to be going [00:48:00] live random times, doing all kinds of things.
Sometimes I’ll stream just while I’m working. Other times we’ll break in with a breaking news story. Other times we’ll do a live interview for somebody who’s not available at 8:00 AM. So it’s going to be a good time. There’s going to be a lot of content and I’m trying to get a lot of content on Tik TOK to all these places.
Just, find me like stride, follow, share, whatever the fuck the least you can do for free entertainment. Right guys, this has been the Matt Masur show.
birthday to my daughter, Anna, we’ll see you tomorrow.

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