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Why Joe Biden’s Backtracking is Already a Problem | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

Matt Masur Show Clips

He promised us $2,000
Now it’s $1,400 and maybe even less…

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Why Joe Biden’s Backtracking is Already a Problem | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

Computer Generated Transcript:

Why Joe Biden’s Backtracking is Already a Problem
[00:00:00] Matt Masur: [00:00:00] I don’t know. Let’s talk about Joe Biden for a minute. Huh?
this is the first time. We’ve been back with the Matt masher show since Joe Biden has been president. I’m very happy. That he’s president. I’m very happy that we got rid of the previous guy. I’m going to try to refrain from saying his name,
but there’s a lot of folks that are making Joe Biden out to be well, especially folks on the right, making him out to be this incredible socialist. Horrific progressive. Who’s doing all these things. Yeah. And let’s be fair. Joe Biden has already done a lot of things that you could argue are progressive.
He’s done a lot of things to simply reverse the garbage that Trump did. [00:01:00] Great. And he’s given a lot of lip service. To progressive causes. The problem with that is in grand Democrat fashion. And for those of you new to me and new to the mat Masur show, while yes, I’m very left. That doesn’t mean I’m necessarily or hardly ever pro Democrat because while I believe most of the Democrats mean They seem to be impotent in the best description.
I can come up with them. They have the great ideas. They never follow through case in point, as you can see, I put in this graphic here, the check, right? This was the promise. [00:02:00] Do you want a $2,000 check? They said it over and over again. In this ad, this last election was just in January, the special election in Georgia, where Ossoff and Warnock defeated.
Two Republicans took their seats, two of them in Georgia, and they did so under the promise, as you can see in their ad, that’s on the screen right now, you want a $2,000 check.
Vote for them.
If you put these guys in, we’ll be able to get you guys that $2,000 check and you can see on the screen in their ad.
I didn’t make this up. This is their ad.
a picture of a check from the treasury made out for $2,000, not $1,400,
but. Joe Biden got an office and just [00:03:00] Twitter a week or two ago, he came out and said congratulations guys, we’re going to get you those $1,400 checks. Wait what, happened to 2000 while you, got the first 600? That’s what we always meant now. I don’t know how you could say that’s how you always meant when you displayed a check for $2,000, not $1,400, 2000.
Why Joe Biden would immediately backtrack on this because that’s what Democrats do now. The worst part is It doesn’t end at the, 2000 to $1,400 scam. We’re now moving into this new thing, as you can see the tweet from Bernie we’re talking about means testing. Now, what that means is previously the stimulus went to every individual who made 75,000 a year or less.
[00:04:00] Every couple of made 150. They want to drop that down to 50,000 a year for an individual or a hundred for a couple. The issue I have with this as well. There’s a lot issues first and foremost. Yes. It’s there to help people, right? Everybody’s struggling. We’re going to give you some cash. You can pay your bills with it that you’re behind on.
You can pay your rent so you don’t get evicted. You can buy some food. But in reality, it’s called a stimulus for a reason. And that reason is it’s supposed to stimulate the entire economy in all honesty. If we really want to stimulate the economy, people who don’t need it, help that effort more because if you don’t necessarily need it to pay that rent or pay off a debt, you can take it and you can go spend it.
You can go buy a new anything. You can [00:05:00] spend money in the local economy, you can put it back. You can buy products, you can support local businesses with, kind of some free money. And I know a lot of folks I’ve heard folks say, I don’t need it. I’m doing fine. Let’s give it to
somebody else.
That’s noble of you and respectable. But the thing is it’s not an either or situation. And the thing is if you were to give it up, it’s not like that other guy’s going to get any more. So what should be happening is everybody should be getting this and everybody should be spending it. If you can avoid putting it in the bank, if you can avoid paying off a bank debt, unfortunately, neither one of those things boosts the economy.
If we’re trying to boost the economy, In this pandemic, if we’re trying to truly provide a stimulus, if we’re trying to stimulate the economy, give people money, [00:06:00] tell them to spend it simple. Right now, the other issue that we have with this, keep in mind, this is based on your income, right? 75 K 50 K. Where does your income come from?
Or, where does the number that the government bases this on, come from? It comes from your taxes, but it’s very early. I don’t know that they’ve even accepted 20, 20 taxes yet. So they’re certainly not based on that. They’re based on 2019 taxes, pre pandemic taxes. We have millions of people that are unemployed.
We have millions more that have lost their jobs and had to move on to lesser ones or got their hours cut, got their income cut to judge how much help people need in this crisis [00:07:00] based on their pre crisis numbers. It’s insane. It doesn’t make any sense. Bernie ALC, all of those folks have come out and, made this point.
And I hope it’s one that folks pay attention to because like I said, I get it.
I understand thinking let’s, really keep it to two just who needs it, but the entire economy needs it. And it’s almost more about the entire economy than it is the individual person in the grand scheme of things. Bernie makes a great point. And it’s another one that I wished Democrats would pay attention to.
He says, in other words, working class, people got checks from Trump and would not get them from Biden. Can you imagine the Democrats coming out of the gate
and [00:08:00] doing less than Trump? I don’t know.

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