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Why Student Loan Forgiveness is Good For Those Without Loans | The Matt Masur Show Clips

Matt Masur Show Clips

Democrats have just proposed $50,000 in student loan forgiveness. Many say, “great for them, what about those who already paid their student loans off or never had any to begin with?!”

This is a legit concern. Matt Masur explains why loan forgiveness is good for everyone even those without current loans due.

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Why Student Loan Forgiveness is Good For Those Without Loans | The Matt Masur Show Clips | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

Computer Generated Transcript:

[00:00:00] Matt Masur: [00:00:00] Our boy, Chuck
boy, do we love our boy, Chuck? I say that sarcastically. Chuck Schumer’s a guy who I think means well, he has good intentions, right? Unfortunately, he gets caught in this Democrat in Putin trap. You talk a good team. Can’t even talk, you talk a good game, but you can’t pull the trigger. Let’s see what we’re talking about.
He’s coming out now. Now, originally Joe Biden talked about canceling $10,000 in student loan debt are may and Chuck. He says, hold my beer and we got clips of this. Let’s say it. Let’s see if we can put this on the screen. We’re getting real fancy guys. We’re going to play videos on the screen. [00:01:00] Do you believe this
today to introduce our proposal, to cancel $50,000
in student
debt and take a huge burden off. So many people in America college should be a ladder up for too many people. Debt is the anchor that weighs them down.
I’m all for this. We should be canceling more debt. We should be canceling all that. My big concern. When we talk about any of these debt canceling deals, is that a word? We’re admitting that this is a problem, right? We’re admitting that the student loans are out of control. The cost of school is out of control.
We’re admitting all of these things, but are we talking about a one time, a coupon for a handful of people that did fall in [00:02:00] this group today, and then we’re just going to continue the scam. And in future people and future generations are going to rack up this debt with the hopes that maybe in 20 years, somebody will cancel it for them.
Cause it doesn’t help. That’s not the answer to this situation. We need to be like most civilized countries and make education free in all honesty. Doesn’t have to be free at every private university, but there should be good public schools that people can go to with zero debt. And if we can’t get there, can we at least get to the point to where it’s affordable and to where they can get some kind of loan or some kind of program that doesn’t cripple them for decades into their lives, into their careers, even if they’re successful.
[00:03:00] Which unfortunately, a lot of folks aren’t think of the number of people that went to college and are doing something radically different than what they studied. I don’t have the numbers, but I think we all know that it’s a significant portion of people.
The other issue that I have is what we’ve been talking about. This sounds good. Will they even do it? I don’t know. One thing I really want to address though, is there’s a very common pushback when people talk about canceling any amount of student loan debt, and I don’t want to attack people for it immediately.
There’s some folks that go off the rails, but to some degree, there’s a very understandable argument. And. That is these people, this group of people is getting this deal. This [00:04:00] discount this, loan forgiveness. What about the people that came before them? What about the people that didn’t go to school?
Never racked up this debt. This goes back to what I was saying in the previous segment about this, the stimulus, the reason we’re doing this, the reason. Liberals establishment Democrats are even talking about this kind of thing is because they understand the overall benefit to the overall economy. Right?
So they don’t really give a fuck about helping this individual guy. It’s not about we’re going to help these handful of people. Pour them. Fuck everybody else. The reason we do this with student loans to boost the entire economy. What do I mean by that? How does that help? [00:05:00] How does, paying somebody else’s bill helped me.
It’s a valid question. And with that, I want to show you this, little info graphic that I found here. Let’s see if we can make it big so you can see
when people have a massive debt, you only have so much income, right? So you gotta pick and choose what you can pay. And we’ve got young people coming out of college day one, and they’ve got more debt than I have in my mortgage to own a home.
What happens then when you start your life? You haven’t even really got your first real career and you’re starting with more debt than a homeowner. This graphic here from the association of real tours, people who sell houses, they’re concerned. [00:06:00] And the reason is, and they give some stats and you can find these stats.
This is based on 2017 data. You can find stats from every other year. That’s the same thing. The percentages changed slightly. But in a nutshell, this displays 86% have made career sacrifices. 41% delayed marriage because they had this big bill to pay seven year expected delay in purchase of first home.
That means, unlike your parents and your grandparents, these people that it’s going to take them almost a decade to get into a home that they own. 55% are postponing having children because of this debt hanging over their head. Now all of these things you might think to yourself that’s the choice they make and you give and take and, you do whatever.
The issue with all that is. Every step along that line, [00:07:00] isn’t about just you. Every step along that line involves a wide variety of businesses that employ a wide variety of people that is the economy. You have all these students, millions of them who had this obligation to a bank to pay this loan over 10 times over and over again.
And because of that, they can’t participate in the economy. They can’t shop at local businesses. They have to decide whether or not they can go out to eat. Restaurants are starving. We need people to free up their income in ways that will help us. And that’s why I say over and over people worried about what about me?
I don’t have this debt, but you have a business, but you have a restaurant that you’d like more business at. But you work in a factory where you’d get more [00:08:00] hours. If you sold more
the saying is a rising tide, lifts all boats. I fully agree with that. And I think that’s something to keep in mind when we talk about these things just, my opinion army and gravy.
In the chat. Thank you for checking in. And I think we’re going to get you on the horn in, just a minute here and talk about the stocks, but he says will it go the way of the $15 minimum wage already? And that’s another point we haven’t even gotten into one of the big promises is we’re going to have $15 minimum wage Biden’s already yeah.
I don’t think that’s going to happen right away.
Like what.
Come again
Just, going to give up like that, that quick.
Huh? Cool.
[00:09:00] Joe fucking Biden.
We’ll see what happens all I can say is it’s going to be interesting. It’s going to be interesting.

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