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Helping Healthcare Workers and The Food Service Industry During the Pandemic | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

Matt Masur Show Clips

TheMerch.Link has announced that proceeds from the sale of their items along with donations will go to supporting local restaurants and caterers by buying their meals and giving them to nurses, doctors and frontline healthcare workers as a thank you for all their hard work during this pandemic.

Dick from Smoke Inc. BBQ joins the Matt Masur Show to talk about this effort as well as the overall food service industry.

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Helping Healthcare Workers and The Food Service Industry During the Pandemic | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

Computer Generated Transcript:

Helping Healthcare Workers and The Food Serivice Industry During the Pandemic
Matt Masur: [00:00:04] Dick is our man from smoke, incorporated. Barbecue and, I’ve got a graphic. I’m going to make sure I don’t fuck up the graphic this time. Here we go. We’re going to use it. I made this for a reason.
And, Dick is a guy. If you are an OJI Matt Masur show listener, or a fan of the billionaire shows, you probably already know Dick, he is I guess you would say our go-to local food guy. Because he makes incredible food and he’s got a great business that he helps folks in many ways with so he’s a great guy to promote and talk to.
So the reason that the Dixon today and the thing that I’m working with him on now is this little project through the merchant link. And I’m going to [00:01:00] throw up this graphic one more time. But if you burn through the that is my kind of t-shirt apparel clothing store. It’s got branded merch.
It’s got funny. T-shirts we’ve got a lot of pandemic you know, pro nurse pro hero style stuff. And what you’ll find on there is. That we are giving away a portion of the proceeds to people affected locally abide by rather this whole COVID situation. And there’s two groups, right? There is the restaurant industry.
That’s, just been decimated because people can come in, can’t come in to eat, anymore. And then we’ve got our frontline healthcare workers, the nurses, the doctors, the respiratory therapists, all these people that are. Are [00:02:00] keeping us alive. And especially in central New York and like an upstate hospital, they’ve been doing a ton of this vaccine research that got us these vaccines to, begin with these people are working like crazy.
So I had this thought how can we, help with this? And then it became pretty simple. Well, I actually asked around. I said, what a nurses, what a healthcare professionals, what would they like? And I shouldn’t have been too surprised cause I think it’s honestly what anybody in any profession would like as a thank you.
And that is just some good food right there. You can’t ever go wrong with thanking someone with a meal. And we decided that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to put the proceeds towards that. And we’re going to partner with a local restaurant, a local caterer. Who could do that now? Dick and, smoke incorporated.
Barbecue is our first kind of partner. [00:03:00] I’ve had this campaign going on a store for a couple of weeks now. The sales have been coming in and I’d like to go at least another week or so. And, see how much money we have at that point, we’ll decide exactly who and, how big we can make the first donation.
But the one thing I want to point out is this will be just the first donation. This isn’t going to be a one-time thing. We’re going to keep it ongoing. My goal is to hopefully generate enough money that we have more work than Dick can handle, and we can go on and intern at another restaurant and you know, another.
Caterer. I also have thoughts about bringing in a couple of the local coffee companies and supporting them. We’re not asking them for donations, but rather to purchase their stuff and again, give to these healthcare workers. So I’m very excited that Dick, you were [00:04:00] eager. To step up and help these folks.
I think you see the need and the desire to thank them as much as everybody. So absolutely always willing to help for that week. Very much appreciate let’s. You know, the whole point though, is to also help your business and help the restaurants. So if you could tell people a little bit about. What’d you do?
What type of food do you do? What type of service you offer? Cause you’re not, I know I’m talking a lot about restaurants. Dick is primarily a caterer. He’s got a professional kitchen, but he doesn’t have a dining room. He’s going to come to you. He tell folks a little bit about the, type of stuff you do.
Dick from Smoke Inc. BBQ: [00:04:34] Private party private party catering mainly weddings, graduations. Now with COVID we’ve, turned into a, you know, smaller gatherings We do all the barbecue standards pulled pork, chicken ribs, brisket. We do a pig roast. We show up. [00:05:00] Cook most of the food on site serve your guests.
Very professional. We’ve been around for a, this will be our 12th season actually. Oh, wow.
Matt Masur: [00:05:10] Yeah. 2010. We started. That’s awesome. Yeah, it seems like it’s 20, 2010 doesn’t sound like that far away, but it really was. Wasn’t it? Yeah. So Dick, you’d say, you know, It’s about the barbecue, right? So that, that’s your main thing, but you do a wide variety of things.
Cause I know you, catered our Christmas for me. And, by that, I mean, you know, my wife and I decided, listen with the pandemic. We’re not going anywhere. There’s not a lot of people coming over. I normally like to cook for the holidays, but I’d like to cook for folks. And I thought, you know what?
Let’s, give ourselves the break, do some business locally and have it catered. So. Appreciate it. I went to Dick and I said you know, here’s what we’re thinking about. What can you do? And he says, I can literally cook [00:06:00] anything. Sure. And he wasn’t lying. We got a bunch of trays of some different things.
We were able to eat on for a few days and it was just, it was incredible. And and I highly recommend if you’re in the central New York area. Think about something like that, reach out to Dick. And honestly, even if you’re not reach out to some of these local caterers that you think about for your, party, your graduation, your wedding, and talk to them about you know, making me a few nights worth of dinner in one shot.
Dick from Smoke Inc. BBQ: [00:06:36] Yeah. There you go. And don’t ever be afraid to ask somebody to make something that you don’t find on their menu.
Matt Masur: [00:06:42] I think that’s, I think that’s incredible advice. There’s a lot of folks think that’s, kind of what you’re limited to. But obviously if you’re going to somebody who’s, cooking this stuff, this isn’t, he’s not pulling it out of a freezer pack and heating it up.
You know we’re, [00:07:00] talking about fresh food made from scratch. In a, professional commercial kitchen you know, not to knock anyone who runs businesses out of their home. I run my business out of my home, but the fact that he does this out of a professional kitchen you know, he has to follow every safety, standard and health code and a lot like you talk about to me, that’s the coolest part is when you have these events, when we can do these events in person, And you can come on site and roast a pig and a, and like you say, cook a lot of those things right on site to me.
That’s, really cool. And that’s, a whole nother level.
Dick from Smoke Inc. BBQ: [00:07:41] Yeah.
Matt Masur: [00:07:41] It’s a lot of fun. Dick what do you, know, as we’ve gone going through this pandemic, you know what do you think are some. Some tips or just some advice you could give to folks in your industry who are struggling [00:08:00] and just having a hard time, whether it be with business or just the stress of life right now
Dick from Smoke Inc. BBQ: [00:08:07] just keep plugging away, I guess.
Everything seems to be opening up a little bit, you know, a little bit at a time, things are getting a little bit better. We were just approved for gatherings up to 150
Matt Masur: [00:08:17] people.
Dick from Smoke Inc. BBQ: [00:08:18] Yeah. I don’t know how safe that’s going to be right now, but hopefully another few months would a wedding start opening up and things like that.
Maybe we can actually do some business. So just hang in
Matt Masur: [00:08:30] there. Yeah. I, think that’s, the key, the, one of the things that we were talking yesterday with Joe Driscoll and Phil Farda and I said you know, one of the things I’m cautiously optimistic about, and it was ironic. I had a phone call later in the day.
Guy said the same thing to me. One of the things I’m cautiously optimistic about is the fact that we’ve been held back all this time and we couldn’t go out and we couldn’t go to restaurants and all this. It’s my hope that when it opens up, it will just have a [00:09:00] renewed desire for everybody to more than they did in the past.
Yeah, get out, go to events, go to dinner, go to parties. I’m hoping we see a resurgence of, crowds, I guess.
Dick from Smoke Inc. BBQ: [00:09:12] Absolutely. Everybody’s, dying to get out there and do something. So I think when it, does open up, it’s gonna, it’s going to come on fast.
Matt Masur: [00:09:22] What do you think about and we’re going to get a little, off topic, but what do you think about the, government’s response and.
Have they done enough to help the food service industry and food service workers in particular?
Dick from Smoke Inc. BBQ: [00:09:40] I, don’t think so. I think it could have been done so much better. You know, sending stimulus to the individuals is one thing, but then, you know, you’ve got the restaurants limited to everything they can do.
And businesses like mine where I, didn’t do a single wedding or graduation last year. That’s my bread and butter. And I received absolutely no [00:10:00] help from the government other than those two stimulus checks. So you know if I, was paying a high rent and I had employees and things like that, I would be, I’d be done right now.
Luckily I was able to hang on just because I’m, you know, I’m very low
Matt Masur: [00:10:16] overhead. Yeah.
Dick from Smoke Inc. BBQ: [00:10:19] So yeah, I think it could, have been handled much better,
Matt Masur: [00:10:21] much, much better. It’s a little crazy because we see, you know, everybody talks about the essential workers. Everybody talks about how, much we need them and how much we should support them.
But the same type of folks are against. The help for these people. And you know it’s, just frustrating because the financial industry immediately got all the cash they could possibly want when this thing started. But, you know, everyday restaurants and, there’s some places where [00:11:00] I kind of understand, all right, well, business dipped in, whatever, but these are places that it’s, through no fault of their own.
They just, as a matter of the restrictions, As a matter of the public health crisis. And I believe we needed these things. I’m not saying we shouldn’t have done these things. I’m not one of those folks, but I don’t mind, I guess, if you want to call it a bailout for these industries that had no choice, right?
To me, that’s not the same as like the auto bailout where a car company made bed choices and got themselves in trouble or the financial bailouts were again. They gambled lost and we covered their losses. This isn’t that situation. So when you talk about, and I know like the cruise lines and people will talk about, well, they got all this money and they’re incredibly profitable.
I can see that, but at the same time, I can see yeah. Helping them out because their industry is screwed. Same goes for, you know, venues and you [00:12:00] know, music, venues and theater and everybody that works in those types of things. It’s not their fault. They didn’t get in this position because they fucked up.
And I think that we, as a society should have just been paying their bills. Quite frankly. I know people want, we could just hand no we should have, gone to these companies. And, maybe even in a more intelligent way, because again, there’s a lot of folks, especially folks on the left that get mad about like the the cruise ships, but maybe rather than just giving them a blank check.
Maybe if there was a way to say, what is your overhead, what does it cost you to keep all of your employees on the payroll? Even if they’re not out on ships and we pay you that amount. And like I said we’re not, contributing to your profit. You might take a loss this year, but no one gets laid off.
No one gets their income cut. That’s meth soapbox of the day. But [00:13:00] you know it’s, what a lot of other countries have done. You know but it’ll be interesting to see. But again today I don’t want to talk about the failures more than I already have, and I really want to focus on the successes and the successes are these healthcare professionals.
And that’s the reason that Dick and I have come together with these efforts to, help them and thank them more than anything, show our appreciation. These are folks that sure they signed up to be in the medical field and to help with emergencies and, to help with these other things. But I don’t know that they signed up for this.
They’re being worked to the bone on top of the stress of Brian, bring home this virus. I mean, most of them now are, vaccinated. But a vaccine doesn’t necessarily mean it might mean you, you can’t get it [00:14:00] or you might get it in a very, a lesser amount, but you could still carry it. Right. And, these folks all have to worry about not only working 12 hours a day, but then am I coming home and bringing this horrible deadly virus to my family.
And I think a lot of folks don’t really realize. What this is doing to them and what they are doing for us. And, you know, like I said, for that reason, I’m very excited to be able to come together and hopefully do something cool for them. And at the same time, we’ll get some folks, some cool merchandise on emergently.
We got some fun stuff on there not to to plug my own thing. But the other thing I want to point out is if you go to the, And you say, I don’t fuck this guy. I don’t want to buy your t-shirts. There’s an option right there where you can just donate yeah. To this effort [00:15:00] where every penny of that, you know, there is no overhead, there’s no shirt I have to make.
So every penny of what you give can go to Dick basically to so pay him to make food. I turn pennies into food. That’s what I do. I like that. That’s a good, that’s a good slogan. Turning pennies into food since 2010 Dick circling back to this this food industry a big trend. Has been the food trucks in the past few years.
Yeah. Do you think that those guys, are they in a better position or a worse thanks to this? Well,
Dick from Smoke Inc. BBQ: [00:15:41] it really depends on how much, their monthly nut is. You know, if they’ve got $1,500 in overhead in that truck it’s, pretty tough. It’s It’s a hard gig running one of those trucks. I mean, it’s full time if you’re not crapping, you’re selling and if you’re not selling, you’re [00:16:00] prepping and shop and it’s, ridiculous.
The amount of hours that are involved to run one of those trucks. So it’s like it’s literally running a restaurant on wheels. So it’s it. I couldn’t imagine if I had a truck in this. I mean, I might’ve been able to put it to use, they were doing some driveway pop-ups and neighborhood pop-ups and things like that.
You know, I think they’re doing okay, but it’s, a hard grind.
Matt Masur: [00:16:28] That’s what I was. That was what I was wondering because you know, they don’t have the dining room, obviously, so I wasn’t sure how the restrictions and things like that might affect them if they could just. Pull up anywhere.
Like they used to be able to, obviously I know you can’t just pull up anywhere. You have to have permission and permits and things, but you know it’s, interesting. The other side of that is though, you know, that’s a one or two man operation. So even if you can go get some good [00:17:00] food from them, they’re not supporting 10 waitresses and you know, five cooks and things like a traditional restaurant does.
So It’s a challenge. Yeah. And then we’ve
Dick from Smoke Inc. BBQ: [00:17:13] got winter, right. That takes four or five months a year out of the equation. For the most part, I mean, I know a lot of guys are trying to push through, but it’s tough. You just don’t get the crowds in
Matt Masur: [00:17:24] the winter time. Right? Yep. And I mean, that’s understandable.
Central New York is a cold frigid place and we don’t want to leave. When we, want, we, like, we love it, but yeah. What are you gonna do? Dick we’re just about out of time, but one more time. Can you tell everybody specifically about your website and phone number?
Dick from Smoke Inc. BBQ: [00:17:53] Websites smoke. I N C
Telephone [00:18:00] (315) 558-1009. That’s my cell phone. So if you want to text me my phone is in my hand, if I’m awake for the most part don’t be afraid to call, but I might not be
Matt Masur: [00:18:14] able to answer. Okay. And Dick you’re based in Syracuse, but Syracuse, what is your kind of territory? Like how far will you go for various events?
Dick from Smoke Inc. BBQ: [00:18:24] traveled two and a half hours for a wedding before, so I’m not. I’m not really a, I’m not locked
Matt Masur: [00:18:30] down to anything. That’s awesome. That’s awesome. Dick from smoke incorporated. Barbecue. It has been a pleasure. Thank you for joining us. Thank you for all you do. And and, I’ll definitely be in touch.
I, you know, what I’ve been thinking about is talking to you and doing a deal like we did for Christmas. Just, randomly, just some, week I don’t want to cook and I don’t want the same three takeout options. I might get ahold of you and say, make [00:19:00] me a couple of nights worth of dinner that I can throw in there.
There you go. It’s easy enough to do that. That’s the way to go. The site again is the If you want to support this effort and otherwise check out Dick. Dick. Thank you again for joining the show. Thank you, Matt. And we will talk to you again soon. My friend sounds good. Have a great day.
You too.
Dick is a a wonderful guy and a wonderful friend of the show, and I’m so happy to have had him on. I want to thank everybody for listening to today’s show tomorrow, Thursday, we’ve got the famous or infamous Tuttle should be joining us for the show. That’s going to be a good time. So check that out.
Please, like follow and subscribe. This show will be down out in a, full episode form and of course in individual segments. So if you want to share the piece with Dick and share the effort. To help these nurses and healthcare [00:20:00] professionals, that would be much appreciated, but thank you.
My friends, we very much appreciate your listening, watching streaming, downloading all those things you do for the mat Masur show. And we’ll see you tomorrow.

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