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News Dump | The Matt Masur Show Full Episode 2 11 21

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News Dump | The Matt Masur Show Full Episode 2 11 21

On the show today Matt gets into some news of the impeachment trial, Neera Tanden, Larry Flint and Independent Media

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The Matt Masur Show 2-11-21
Hey, top of the morning through yet, it’s going on? Everybody. Matt masur, Matt masur show kicking off our Thursday fourth day, uh, last day of the first week of the return of the mat masur show. I’m, uh, I’m pretty happy with how things have gone so far. I got to say we’ve had some hiccups here and there, but quite frankly, less than I expected.
Uh, one such hangup is our man Tuttle was supposed to be joining us today, but I’m guessing he’s still sleeping. So we’ll see if at some point during the program, Tuttle, doesn’t wake up and we get to fire him up on Skype. But [00:01:00] even if he doesn’t join us, we have got. A lot of news, a lot to talk about. And quite frankly, I’m all right with that because there are so many times I said this yesterday, you know, in, in only doing an hour long show, there are so many topics and things I want to get to, and I’ve really been trying to feature
interviews. Which takes up half the show. So I, I’m not even able to get into some of these topics that I’ve wanted to. And we’ve got a lot of news. Um, a little later in the show, we’re going to get into a little concept that has been going crazy on the, on the far left, what I call the wacky Madlibs. Um, And they’re, they’re very upset in, in they’re being censored and independent media is under attack.
So say they, um, I don’t think that’s [00:02:00] really the case and we’re going to get into that and we’re going to get into waves to navigate what really is happening in the content new media world. We’ve also, uh, Got it. We got a handful of things to go through. We got some crazy impeachment videos, uh, from the impeachment trial of the, of the attack on our capital stuff that hadn’t been seen before.
Yesterday’s, uh, trial. And we’ve got, uh, some great video. I don’t know if it’s great video, cause it’s not. There’s really nothing good about it, but, uh, we got some great Senate hearing video from a confirmation hearing that I think you might enjoy. But before all of that [00:03:00] I’ll clear my throat before all that, uh, we got something that is just been a, a recent, I don’t know if it’s been 24 hours, but a, uh, the current viral sensation.
And, uh, we got to watch this video
video settings. You might want to, uh, can you hear me, judge? This is a court hearing, um, a virtual court hearing. Obviously this is the way we do things. We do them via zoom. This guy flipped on the filter button. He has no idea how to turn it off. It’s it’s just, it’s the best I can hear you. I think it’s a filter and it isn’t, I don’t know how to remove it.
I’ve got my assistant here. She’s trying to, but, uh, um, I’m prepared to go forward with, [00:04:00] you know, that assistant is the one who flipped that on to break this guy’s balls. He probably deserved it and Bravo to that person. I hope they were also the one that leaked this video. I’m I’m here. Lie about snuff.
I’m not a cat.
I can, I can see that Japan and I believe you have a phone
I’m live. I am not a cat. That’s what I thought I should probably call this episode. I guarantee that every other morning radio show and cheesy podcast on the planet is calling today’s episode. I’m not a cat. We’re not going to do it folks. We’re not going to jump on that train.
Let’s look at this, uh, this impeachment Duff,
you know, we all watched the attack on the Capitol live in real time. [00:05:00] If you were watching it on TV, you got certain angles. If you were a, a political news nerd like myself, you had multiple live streams going from multiple people that were on the ground, all kinds of things. And we know what was going on.
We’d saw how crazy it was. We have seen videos since that have come out cell phone videos and all kinds of shit. It was a horrible, violent attack on the United States of America. And it was driven and promoted by the, at the time president of the United States of America. And I feel like that’s undeniable.
Now, there are folks who will deny it. But, you know, these are also folks who believe the earth is flat. So just because some idiot doesn’t agree, doesn’t necessarily give credibility to the claim [00:06:00] that it didn’t happen because it did. But we’re now in this impeachment trial, we want to convict Donald Trump.
And specifically bar him from office. This is not a criminal proceeding. He doesn’t ever get jail time. He doesn’t even get a fine, but he can’t run for office anymore. And he also loses some other, uh, government handouts that ex presidents get for their entire lives in this situation. Uh, let me fire up these videos here, because these are.
Fucking wild just to, to be honest. Uh, Buzzfeed has
Buzzfeed has some great videos
jumping over to the right screen here
and. You know, they, they go through the big headline is about, [00:07:00] uh, Eugene Goodman. He is the hero of the day, I guess, or that he’s the one they’re trying to make the hero of the day and make no mistake. He’s he did a great job and, and helped a lot of people. Um, and I guess we’re just finding out he helped even more.
I’ve seen footage of officer Goodman previously, but there’s more to his heroic story. In this security footage, you can see referred to it here. Okay. So what they’re doing is, you know, they’re presenting the security footage and I’ve been wondering the whole time, like where’s the security footage. We’ve seen all these cell phone videos, but you know, it’s like, uh, are there not security cameras in the Capitol building in Washington, DC?
Uh, and of course there were. So we’re starting now, you know, these folks, the officials are the only ones who could obviously get their hands on that type of video. [00:08:00] And I’m glad that they have, um, let’s see what we got.
Officer Goodman. This is masses right here, Mitt Romney, and directs him to turn around in order to get to safety. Now I don’t, they don’t really explain the exact timeline. Now remember the most famous video of this gentleman, this officer, uh, was him basically leading a crowd, leading a mob away from the Senate.
Um, I don’t know if this is following that. So I don’t know if he’s running because that mob is behind him or, or if this particular thing happened before that situation. But. I’ll tell you what, compared to a lot of other footage and a lot of other Capitol police, this officer Goodman, uh, seemed to be taking shit a lot more seriously, luckily than many of his colleagues and, and shout out to him.
Uh, but we can [00:09:00] let’s see that again. Uh, Senator Romney, he’s a, Oh, Oh shit. We’re supposed to go. Well, that’s, that’s uh, we gotta get out of here. And then the officer comes by and says, run motherfucker. Right. I don’t know that he said that in my head. He said that and directs them to turn around in order to get to safety emit scooted.
He was, he was, he was crazy. Um, there’s video of Pence. Pence is just walking down a stairwell. It’s not all that exciting. I’m not going to lie. Um, some of these as well, it’s like, okay, we get it. Uh, the Schumer video, I think it’s pretty crazy. Walking up a ramp
going up the ramp with this detail. He’ll soon go out of view. He’s one of the few, and of course he has a leadership position, so he has a little better security than others, but he’s got the full on detail and this guy leading it, a weapon drawn, [00:10:00] ready to not fuck around. This is how close we were. Forget about, you know, the attack on the politicians.
And while I have no sympathy for the attackers, the terrorists that attacked our capital, uh, I’m glad that they didn’t get mowed down.
I I’m surprised we are so lucky that we avoided all that. I mean, it, this is how close it was, you know, if that crowd had been in this doorway where we see this camera here, That gentleman right there would have sprayed and prayed and, and he would have come out on top
there’s Senator Schumer, casually walking, as he does do, do, do, do, do, do the other way, other way, other way, other way. He turned around and go back seconds later, they return and run back down the hallway and officers immediately shut the door. And use their bodies to keep them safe.
It’s [00:11:00] it’s incredible. Um, I often think about, uh, when they’ve talked about how close people were to the vice-president, um, if they had gotten a little closer, I don’t know that the secret service wouldn’t have opened fire. Uh, I don’t, I don’t know that they shouldn’t have in that situation if, if that threat was that, that close.
Um, and again, we’re, we’re just so lucky. I’m, I’m, I’m glad that we didn’t mow down more attackers as much as those assholes need to be locked up and they need to face penalties. At least it didn’t cost those idiots their life
put Holy fuck, man. The people denying this, the people I it’s no big deal. It’s no big deal. It’s it’s mind blowing [00:12:00] Joe in the chat. It wasn’t that bad. It’s that’s, you know, they started with the Antifa thing. You know, we actually, we mentioned that yesterday and that one fell flat. I, I gotta say I I’ve never seen one of their bullshit claims fall as flat as quickly as the, it was Antifa not, but he, you know, the folks now that just, we’re just going to straight up downplay it.
No big deal. Oh yeah. I mean, it was just a couple of towers that came down. Right. Fuck that. I don’t understand. I don’t understand the denial. I don’t understand how it is an incredibly easy just to disown these folks. I just, I don’t get it, but such is life
there’s, uh, some other interesting things going on in [00:13:00] Congress. They’re very busy folks. I got to give them credit. Well, I mean, I don’t have to give them credit. It could be getting a lot more shit done if they were like any other American, but as Congress goes, they’ve been pretty fucking busy and we’ve got this video.
This is incredible. So this is for a hearing.
Yeah. Joseph’s Republicans were cheering when it was happening. Um, And that’s true. I mean, that’s what Trump was doing from, from all accounts. That’s one of the, uh, uh, one of the points, I guess you would say one of the things they’re trying to tell folks when we’re talking about, you know, what to Trump to, why is he responsible?
Why should he be held accountable? Forgive me, I’m trying to resize something so you can see it [00:14:00] a little better here, but so we’ve got confirmation hearings going on, right? We’ve got a new cabinet. We got a new president. We got to get all these folks through Congress and, uh, are, are wise and wonderful and, and not so radical democratic president, Joe Biden has put up this, this real gem of a human being.
Uh, please note my heavy sarcasm. By the name of Neera Tanden. Uh, they’re they’re trying to make her white house budget director. And through the confirmation hearing, keep in mind, this is somebody who is attacked the right a lot, and she deleted those tweets and apologized, but she has aggressively attacked Progressive’s and specifically Bernie Sanders, funny story.
Bernie Sanders is the chairman of this committee. Let’s take a look at this footage, uh, before you get to Bernie though, you’re going to see [00:15:00] this is Senator Kennedy. Now he’s going to say some things that are incredibly true and incredibly like Mike drop worthy. Don’t think this guy is on our side. This guys are hardcore Republican, who is slinging this stuff true as it may be just to whip it up.
But. Again, when you’re right. You’re right. See if we can make the fucking video play. No, maybe there we go. I have to tell you, I’m very disturbed about your personal comments about people. Um, it’s not just one or two. I think he deleted about a thousand tweets and it wasn’t just about Republicans. And I don’t mind disagreements in policy.
I think that’s great. But the comments were personal. The dialectic, [00:16:00] I don’t, I feel like I, I feel like that’s not the right use of that word, but I could be completely wrong. In any case, I mean, you call Senator Sanders, everything, but ignorant slot. That is not,
no, here’s the thing. That’s a great line, right? Uh, because it’s true. She, she bashed him left and right. Uh, and, and dragged him. She hates. Progressive policy. She hates Bernie Sanders and she has dragged him on Twitter and in other places, her for many years, but the thing is we’re going to keep going because the Senator Kennedy makes some other great points.
A lot of people are cutting it off at that quote cause it’s great. And I get it. [00:17:00] Please listen to some more of this. And when you, when you said these things, did you mean them? I want to say Senator. I have to say I deeply regret my comments. I understand that. Did you mean them? I understand. You’ve, you’ve taken this very important.
Did you mean them? And, and again, Bravo. To this old Republican asshole for, for going down this line of questioning, because it’s the one we should be going down, right. Asking these folks. Did you mean what you say? You know, so many people, myself included, we tweet, we post all kinds of bullshit shit, posting Israel.
I am often sarcastic and I often make jokes, but the reality [00:18:00] is most of the things I say, yeah, I really do mean them. They might come off wrong. I might look like a Dick because you know, I am, but I am being kind of honest. And you know, when you see these public figures delete tweets or, Oh, sorry. I said that.
Okay. You’re sorry you said that, but. But did you actually mean it? Is this actually how you feel? That’s an important distinction. They, the discourse over the last four years on all sides, she goes for every excuse possible. I’m asking him about yours. Did you mean them? Yes. Jack I’m sarcastic. I really feel badly about them.
Senator, did you mean, I feel badly about hardening them when you showed them Kennedy, it mean killing. It would say social media is a, is, is I feel terribly about them. Did you mean them when you said them or were you not telling the truth? We watched so many of these hearings where someone will ask a direct, good question [00:19:00] like that and the witness or the, uh, the nominee in this case, we’ll give one of those.
She just gave what half a dozen bullshit excuses in so many cases, they take that and go, that’s the end. Uh, again, Bravo to Senator Kennedy for drilling her on this. I mean, I feel badly. I looked back at them. I said them, I feel badly about them. I deleted tweets because you want to be confirmed. I felt bad about them.
And did you mean them when you shoved them? Senator, I must have met them, but I really regret them. He got her that asshole. Got an actual answer. It never happens ever. Bravo. Um, I’ve watched a lot of commentary and a lot of things on [00:20:00] this and it seems that the resounding opinion is, uh, Neera. Tanden is just absolutely a horrible choice.
But if, and this is the threat we’re always under, right. But if they reject her Biden will pick someone worse. That is the, uh, seems to be dominant opinion among the folks that watch this. So while we take some glee in, uh, getting some straight answers, unfortunately we’re still going to be stuck with this horse.
Listen to the end of this.
I want the record to reflect that I did not call Senator Sanders and ignorant slut. Okay. Thank you. I dunno how I should take that Senator Kennedy, but the Senator came. Um, thank you, Mr. Oh, Bernie, how we love Bernie [00:21:00] it’s. It’s incredible. What happens? It’s great that we have Bernie in these, in these, I have to tell you I’m very disturbed about your personal people stop.
I don’t know. Uh, it’s interesting to see where things are going. I’m glad to see that these people are getting this kind of drilling
the end of the day. Unfortunately, I don’t think it changed as much.
What else have we got here? What else is on this list? I got, I got a graphic. I didn’t use. See, I had a gray, I had that great, awesome graphic. Didn’t pull it up at the right time. One day I’ll have a producer and they’ll get to press the little buttons and make the right graphic come up at the right time.
This unfortunately is the right graphic though. Larry Flynt love him or hate him, uh, was an [00:22:00] incredibly important figure in free speech in sex work in, in a lot of things. Um, and he has passed away.
Give you some info on that.
And, uh, I, I’m not going to play the, uh, audio with this cause it’s bad, but 78 years old, Larry was, um, He was in a wheelchair. And if you don’t know why in 1978, someone shot him as he was leaving a courthouse, paralyzed him from the waist down. Uh, but he won his, his court cases in huge victories for free speech.
We’re going to talk about free speech a little while later, but it’s, it’s [00:23:00] interesting when you see folks that were literally up against it. We’re literally in court cases, literally fought set precedent,
set case law.
It was great. Great movie. Um, And, and in a little while, we’re going to talk about other folks that have had none of those situations happen, but they claim all the same and it’s, it’s frustrating. Uh, but I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Um, you know, we have so many different situations in this country, so many different regulations, so many different rules.
In so many different levels of things, right. What was acceptable previously is not now in some cases and vice versa.
Yeah. See if I had a producer as well, they [00:24:00] would yell at me for not muting my phone.
Sorry. I was just checking to see if, uh, Tuttle had woken up. Don’t think he has. He’s going to text me. Oh man. Handyman.
Hey man, I’m really sorry. I missed the show, man. That might be the worst Tuttle impression ever or the best. I don’t know. We’ll see.
Censorship and freedom of speech, our government issues. Keep that in mind as we talk about this.
So this is going to get me some heat. I know it. Um, and I’m okay with that. Uh, What we’re seeing is a huge amount of videos like this, and people [00:25:00] talking about things along this line, and it is a matter of independent media is under attack. They’re being censored. This is a word that these folks use a lot.
Keep in mind censored. Let’s see a little bit of, of what I’m talking about here
did a new giant crackdown on independent media. Um, this is really upsetting thing. I don’t know what has happened since this occurred. So. This is Kyle. Kyle is a left-wing independent media guy. I’ve got no quarrels with him. Um, I’m not a huge follower of him, but the content that I’ve seen of his, a lot of it, I think he makes some great points, but he’s talking [00:26:00] about this and, and here’s this, uh, group of people and there’s others, but it’s talking about YouTube has demonetized these channels.
In some cases, although I’m almost positive that all these channels were only demonetized. And Kyle will go on to say in this video that some have already gotten that monetization back back, but these folks all are running under the banner of our free speeches being limited. We are being censored. We are being attacked.
As independent media, you are not, you are not, censorship is a government concept. You can only be censored. If the government steps in and says, you can’t say that, or they [00:27:00] arrest you or find you or give you some other sort of. Government based penalty for your speech. They imprison you. So you can’t make speech.
That’s censorship. That’s freedom of speech. That’s what’s guaranteed in our constitution. Our constitution is a document that dictates how the government functions has nothing to do with private businesses, nothing at all.
Yeah, YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter. These are all private businesses.
They do things in the interest of their profits, in the interest of their shareholders, in the interest of their company. We are not their customers. This is a key point. I think people need to understand when we [00:28:00] talk about all of these platforms, these free platforms, we must understand that we are not the customer.
We did not purchase something. We did not sign a contract. We did not do anything that obligates them. To give us anything in particular in return, we are the product, the customer, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch is the advertiser. They are the one that pays the bills. They are the one that makes the company go, not you or me.
So first and foremost, you have to understand. Your position in this whole thing, they have absolutely no obligation to do shit for you. [00:29:00] There is no law in any city or state or federal law book that says a private company must give you a platform on their service for $0 and allow you to do whatever the fuck you want.
No such protection exists. They are free to do as they want. And again, remember you are the product. Think of how companies deal with products. Think of the grocery store things you used to love suddenly don’t sell anymore, or they’ve been rebranded or the price has gone up. Or the ingredients have changed even for successful products, products itself.
For some, some reason, sometimes companies decide it’s in our better interest in the long run to ax that product altogether. Yes, people are buying it. Yes. It [00:30:00] might technically be profitable, but we want to get out of that business. So we’re going to cut. It happens every single day. In private business. So moving back to these platforms,
they have folks putting content out there that they don’t, they don’t want it doesn’t represent them. It doesn’t represent the interest of their actual customers, the advertisers like it or not. That’s the way these systems work. And I realize a lot of my leftist friends are hardcore anticapitalist and I understand that, but what I don’t understand is how you can see the evils in inner workings of capitalism, but still be shocked at how a private company does its business.
They are not attacking you. They don’t give a fuck about [00:31:00] you. This is what you don’t seem to understand. So many of these folks make it really personal. They’re coming after us. They’re afraid of what I’m saying, which don’t get me wrong is a great and classic sales pitch. Right? Make yourself the, the underdog, especially for leftists.
You know, we are, we are here to fight the man. So the man coming down on you, it’s almost kind of good for your brand. Right. But it’s not true. They don’t care about you. They don’t look at your name. There’s no guy at YouTube who sit in there watching your videos. They have data and their data says a, B, C, and D.
These are folks that we want less to do with, or these are folks that we don’t want to financially support the monetize. [00:32:00] Because we don’t have any advertisers that want to financially support these things, unfortunately, still. And I think this is a long running mistake. People view an advertisement during a piece of content, whether it’s television or, or, you know, new media, YouTube, if that ad runs during that show, people immediately equate it to that company supports that show.
It’s really never been that way. Advertisers want numbers. If a show says, I can get your ad to a million people, they’re going to buy it. That’s the way it works. But again, people have this mindset that a company is endorsing someone if they run an ad during their show. So we can’t possibly have somebody that these companies wouldn’t want to endorse.
I also want to talk about the reasons, because [00:33:00] the irony of this Kyle gentlemen, who has tens of thousands of subscribers on YouTube and his videos get 50,000 views within a couple of hours, I can’t really take your claim. Seriously. The independent media is being attacked. You’re independent media and you’re talking about it, but let’s, let’s listen to just a little bit more, cause I want to dig in.
Perfect. So this happened like last week. I don’t know how it’s been ameliorated. I think some people have gotten it fixed, but others haven’t. So let me show you some of the details here. YouTube has demonetized Graham Ellwood, the progressive soapbox, the convo couch. And so I don’t know a lot of these people.
I know the combo couch and you know, [00:34:00] one of the things I want to w why is this happening right now? Right. Well, as we’ve seen in the last couple of months, misinformation led to an attack on our country. As we were just talking about earlier, we saw the footage, we saw the senators running that was fueled by conspiracy theory and misinformation.
If I were YouTube, if it was my platform,
Joseph’s I haven’t heard of any of these people. I’ll get to that. Cause there’s, there’s a good point to be had on that one too. But yeah,
these folks, they, they don’t understand they’re they’re not just the media. They’re not just commenting on things. These platforms don’t want anything to do with conspiracy theory. So let’s look at here’s the convo couches, YouTube page, and shout out to them 36,000 subscribers. But if we scroll down and we just go right here to popular uploads, this [00:35:00] is their most popular stuff.
And I don’t know how much how well you can see it. I’m going to try to blow it up for you here, but they’re popular videos. Epstein family tree connections to Moussad Epstein rabbit hole, Epstein Richardson. Are they connected? Epstein rabbit hole, Seth rich,
Seth rich. Do you know who Seth rich is? Seth rich is a gentleman who worked for the DNC and was murdered on the streets of Washington DC. He was mugged. He killed, he got killed. Every conspiracy nut on the planet has a different theory about how he had all the information on Hillary Clinton. Yeah. And how it was all a big hit job to cover up something.
Even though there’s zero evidence to that whatsoever. Now, these people are trying to tie him to Epstein. This is conspiracy theory. Shit. [00:36:00] Okay. Uh, these are, these are leftists who in many cases I, I very much agree with and I’ve always had the impression that they mean, well, even though I disagree with a lot of the things they say, but you can’t freak out about being demonetized.
In, in attacking independent media when you were just slinging bullshit, conspiracy theories.
That’s not news. That’s not commentary. That’s just making shit up. And you know, I don’t care if people want to ask questions. I don’t care if you want to do conspiracy theory content, but YouTube doesn’t want that on their platform. You know, it’s, it’s like coming to somebody’s house and the person says.
Hey, I don’t care if you smoke, but I want you to go outside and you say, fuck you. I’m going to stand in your living room and light up. [00:37:00] No, get the fuck out. That’s the way it goes. You’re not paying YouTube to host your videos. You’re not paying YouTube to guarantee particular reach you were there at their invitation.
It can be thrown the fuck out at any time that you aren’t good for their business. And, and this is a concept that I I’ve tried to explain over and over and over again. Um, and Ford Fisher, a little more from car entirely unspecified reasons. The appeals process is entirely opaque and on accountable. It could be lefty monetized for months or forever with no explanation that could some more examples.
There’s another channel by the name of Frank analysis. So [00:38:00] here’s the thing. This is
not censorship. It’s not freedom of speech. They don’t care about independent media. There’s lots of independent media. Commenters news. People not getting fucked with conspiracy theory stuff is, and again, whether you agree with it and, and I’m not saying that every conspiracy theorist or every conspiracy theory has never been found true, but these platforms have decided this ain’t the place for that.
And they have the right to do that. Now Joe makes a great point. He says, YouTube sucks for these reasons. And it’s understandable by the way, like I, I get the fact that you have this awesome platform and especially the folks that have built it up to something. Awesome. And then just have the rug pulled out from under you.
I [00:39:00] will not downplay the fact that that sucks. All right. It’s it’s shitty. Um, and like Joe says, it’s not exclusive to indie media, uh, They’ve done this to musicians, to comedians, to all kinds of folks. And it sucks, but it’s not censorship. And it brings me to the point where I’m going to flip away from the politics and get into my role as a content producer and a content marketer.
This is a message that I’ve tried and will continue to drive. For a very, very long time, do not base your business, your income, your livelihood on these free platforms. As I said to you previously, they have zero obligation to you. You are not their customer. [00:40:00] What you should do though, is you should use these platforms as much as you possibly can.
But use them to drive folks to a home base, to a site, to a platform that you control, that you have the security with notice. At the bottom of my screen, it says three, one five live slash mat measure. That’s not a scroll that doesn’t rotate, that stays on the screen, the entire show all the time. The reason is I want folks to know.
That if Twitch pulls the plug on me one day or YouTube or Facebook, that is where I’ll be. That is my home base. That is a website that I own, I pay to make sure it stays live. I have agreements in place. No one is ever going to pull me from there. [00:41:00] And I say that because. This is what everybody should be doing.
You should absolutely be using the reach that these platforms get, but make sure, especially once you cultivate a large audience, you better make sure that that audience knows that while yes, I might be on these apps right now. This is my home base. This is the place where you should go to find me maybe exclusively at one point.
Uh, and you know, for these folks that want to get into this conspiracy and, you know, the, uh, the Alex Jones and the Alex Jones light build your own community. The government’s not going to shut you down. That would be censorship. If they started passing laws and said that we had to take down particular websites, I’m right there with you on the censorship angle.
That’s not what’s happening, but think about it as a business. You know, from the business [00:42:00] perspective, if you’re a Gary V. Guy, Gary beats, this drum as well, platforms change algorithms, change platforms become less popular. So you could through no fault of your own through no demonetization or no. Getting the rug pulled out from under you.
Nobody uses the fucking thing anymore, right? Snapchat, anybody use Snapchat anymore? It was all the rage a while ago. I don’t know that it is, you could still be winning on there and still have a great audience, but it be half of what you used to have. These are the reasons that you want as a content creator to leverage every in all platforms, but use them to drive people to your secure home base.
And when the rug does get pulled out or when that app does just. I need to check out my only fans. Well, you know, when those things go down, people will always know [00:43:00] where to find you and you will always have control and you won’t be censored in, by the way, from a business perspective, if you can drive your audience to your private platform, you can do so much better business.
You know, people talk about being demonetized from YouTube. Yes. People can make a huge pile of money on YouTube, but it’s really pennies compared to the amount that they are generating from the same people. If you can move that to your platform, you don’t pay these fees. You don’t get 20% of the donation.
You get a hundred percent minus, you know, like bank fees. Um, so it’s all around, better business. Build your own platform, make that secure monetize that. Sure. Complain. If you want a specially, if the complaining will [00:44:00] get you more views, but stop with this, this censorship drum, it’s just, it’s too much. My friends it’s too much.
Do I have to say about that
one day I will get a mouse that clicks less. I mean, probably not. I am going to, uh, upgrade the audio equipment for this adventure. Probably that probably be the next piece. The microphone that I’m using is a $50 piece of shit. Uh, and you get what you pay for and it’s all right. Promise. It’s not the right kind.
And it also just picks up so much as you can see it’s double-sided and that’s why it’s picking up my mouse on the, on the other side of the mic. It’s really annoying.
I listened back to the podcast and [00:45:00] I hear my co-host cliquey.
Yeah. Yes. Get a mechanical keyboard. I have a, it’s not totally mechanical. It is a, a 1972 Compac keyboard. Uh, I have purchased mechanical keyboards in the past. I used to just get the old iPhone, the actual original IBM, um, clicky keyboard. And you can get an adapter and make it a USB. And it, it was phenomenal.
They don’t have the windows key, which is a downside these days, but print yourself a placard to put me on. Yeah. Uh, I just got to get a better mic. I mean, that’s, that’s really all there is to it. I also need to get a better mixer. I’ve got, I’ve got my backup mixer here. Cause my primary one that lasted for years finally burned up.
I got my money’s worth out of it, but it’s it’s time for some new equipment. Hey, listen. I want to thank everybody for joining me this week. [00:46:00] Uh, this is the first week back. It’s been really good. We’ve had some phenomenal guests. I really think that, uh, we’ve put together some great things. I really liked the way it’s going.
Uh, and I really like the potential going forward. I’ve got so many things that we haven’t even tapped into that it’s going to help build the Twitch channel. Um, Little bit of a tease. I I’ve got some stuff that’s basically going to happen when I’m not on the air. There’s going to be some cool content and information running on my Twitch channel.
I’ve also got some really cool interviews lined up. Uh, I’ve got tomorrow in interview that we will pre-record and we’ll air on Monday with a movie star from my all time. Favorite movie. So I’m pretty excited to talk to him. It’s going to be fun. [00:47:00] We’ve got a lot of other really cool things going on next week.
We’re going to talk more with real independent media about independent media, not, not about being censored. Um, AOC interview went, God. I, I wish, um, one day I will set that up and to do that, I’m going to need help. I’m going to need you guys to help me blow this thing up. So it seems like I’m worth it.
There’s a lot of these folks I can just bamboozle like, Hey, you know, come on my show. It’s great people, listen. They’re like sure. AOC is not going to be that easy to get. Funny story. Four years ago, I was invited to speak on a panel of progressives in Queens. I couldn’t make it. I later learned. I would have shared that panel with AOC.
Yeah. That sucked,
uh, [00:48:00] check out the mat masur show everywhere. One thing that I have not plugged enough is that you can subscribe right here on Twitch, which helps the channel, but you can subscribe with your Amazon prime subscription. So it doesn’t cost you anything extra. You get one a month and you do have to manually renew it every month.
But if you have Amazon prime, you can gimme Bezos’s money. It costs you nothing. And it really helps the channel. So hit that subscribe button, subscribe with prime, help us out. You can also pay to subscribe, which is also cool, but, um, I, I really need to promote that, that idea that, uh, the Amazon is there because a lot of folks that.
Might watch the show might not be big Twitch folks. So we’ve got a lot of folks that we’ve brought over from various places. They’re checking us out, thankfully, because they’re interested in the content. Um, but if you’re Amazon prime members, which I don’t know who isn’t gimme some of Bezos’s [00:49:00] money hit that sub button and you’ll see a little button underneath it that says subscribe with prime.
And that’s just the coolest thing you could do for a guy. Guys. I will see you next week. I may pop on this weekend with some, uh, unscheduled content. We’re going to be doing some, uh, call of duty. I’m going to try. I’m so busy that I don’t have a chance to play call of duty anymore. So if I call it making content and I stream playing call of duty, that’s slightly more justifiable to me.
So we’ll see what we can do. Thank you so much. My friends for tuning into the Matt masur show. It’s been a blast for me anyway, hopefully for you too. We will talk to you on Monday.

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