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News Reacts and COVID Freak-out | The Matt Masur Show 2 16 21 – Full Episode

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News Reacts and COVID Freak-out  | The Matt Masur Show Full Episode

On Today’s Matt Masur Show, Matt gets into some news stories and gets more than a little animated when talking about his experience trying to get a COVID vaccine appointment in Onondaga County. Later Matt gets into Dave Ramsey and his horrible advice.

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The Matt Masur Show 2-16-21
Top of the morning to ya. The audio works better when I turn my microphone on, that’s kind of less than one in livestreaming. Destro checking in on the chat right off the bat. He says, what Matt Masur is back. Matt Masur is back. The Matt Masur show is live again every day, eight to 9:00 AM here on Twitch. You can catch the podcast anywhere you get podcasts, Spotify, iTunes.
Jack checking in, uh, is the show’s home base. Uh, if you go there at any time, you can watch it live. The Twitch stream is actually embedded right there on the homepage. You can get all the archives, you can sort the videos and the podcasts by full episodes or highlight clips.
Um, It’s pretty cool. We’ve got some cool stuff going on. Uh, glad that you’ve, you’ve, uh, rediscovered the show Destro and, and I hope you spread the word and, and check in with us every day. Uh, today, today was one of those days where I didn’t really know what to do or what I wanted to do. Um, I had an issue if you watched yesterday show you saw at the very end.
Uh, the stream cut off my streaming PC. My brand new streaming PC was starting to give me trouble. And, uh, and I think knock on wood. I think I’ve got it set, but because I wasn’t totally sure. I didn’t want to go crazy with prep and I absolutely didn’t want to book a guest and have them get cutoff midstream.
So today’s show is going to be a lot of news reacts. We got a lot of funny videos. We’ve got a lot of interesting videos to look at. We’re going to go through that and just make sure everything is solid before I invite someone back in and have them get cut off. Luckily, yesterday, phenomenal interview with Scott from the movie clerks.
Um, and that was prerecorded. So nobody lost anything as soon as the episode was over, that got posted. If you haven’t seen yet yet go watch that. Uh, Jack says in the chat still great interview. It was, it was a fantastic interview. It was one of the better interviews I’ve done. Um, I’ve interviewed a number of well-known actors, comedians, things like that.
And that was definitely one of the better interviews. And a lot of it had to do with. The subject, right? Scott, the trulys gum guy from clerks, uh, is one of the most, as you saw in the interview, one of the most humble and appreciative for everything in his life type of guys you could ever meet. And, uh, when you have somebody like that, that’s just that willing to talk with you and that willing to sit down and get into things.
It turns into a great interview. Check that out if he didn’t see it yet. Uh, also part of my, uh, my, my morning fog, I guess you would say
is that I got sucked in last night to a Netflix show. And, uh, I don’t know. I don’t know how I think I ended up watching like five or six episodes hour long episodes of this show that I didn’t know existed. And I’m kind of upset that I didn’t know what existed. It’s from 2019. It is a, uh, spinoff. They call it a spinoff to me.
It doesn’t have anything to do with it, but it’s from the folks that, that made the movie franchise bad boys. I like some mindless action films from time to time. Uh, and bad boys is, is right up there. I mean, it’s just a list actors. Funny. Action. That’s that’s the whole premise of, of everything and all the bad boys movies they’ve made a TV series, but it gets so much better.
It’s it’s so good. Here’s here. I’m going to show you the trailer. It’s called Ellie’s finest. My day once broke the windows at my ex’s Jeep and college statutory Thompson obsessors who’s Jody Thompson. Some bit ready? Mama said I could be anything. So things in narcotics right off the bat, three homicides, it’s got like the hottest Atlas in town dread the, all of this starting from this
absolutely dangerous. Everything we crave is 22 damn. It’s a party in here. I got this. Clearly, can we just, can we just point out for a moment that Gabrielle union is my age? If not a little older, she looks absolutely incredible. She looks as good as she did 20 years ago. I, I love seeing that gives me, that gives me faith in humanity when I see that.
And it’s not just women. I see guys as well that. Uh, have gotten a little longer in the tooth, but are still good looking. They still, they still got it. And as I get older, things like that generally make me a little optimistic for the future. I don’t know. Jack says, uh, Jessica it’s Jessica Elba, by the way, not Jennifer Jessica Alba and Gabrielle union can put me in cuffs anytime.
That’s what I’m saying. Like trust each other. Let me help you. There’s a shortcut
2019. Are you doing here? You don’t know even more people not talking about it’s phenomenal. I’m not playing good cop tonight. I got to plan every hour. Long episode is like, A really good action movie. And it’s a series, season two came out last year. That’s awesome. Because I’ve been watching season one and I’m like, yo, this better not end because it’s so good that girls
feel like Ailish people. We wouldn’t do that. Right. Huge budget programs. We’ve got a snitch in the trunk.
I highly recommend
I’m here for you.
if we go to jail, I’m going to have to shank you. I’m going to have to get past Roxy Maxine. I got to deal with this space. First thing I do is wife up.
It’s a good flick or show, I guess I should say it’s a show, right? Um, I, I just. I, I want to highlight those things from time to time, because honestly, I’m always out here going, what should I watch? What is there to watch? And I have a rough time and people give me recommendations and there’s a thousand things, but of course then when it comes time to watch, I don’t remember what they said.
Uh, other news, I don’t, I can’t remember if I mentioned this yesterday or not. Um, So I got on the vaccine appointment list. I got an appointment for a vaccine. I didn’t get a vaccine. I did get an appointment for a vaccine. And man it’s really frustrating. The reason it’s really frustrating is because, um, they opened up, you know, more qualifications to get a vaccine.
Um, and, and the appointments for that were supposed to start on Sunday. Okay, cool. I qualify for that. Finally, my health problems work in my favor. I’m like, cool. I’m going to get an appointment. And honestly, like, I’m, I don’t want to say I’m desperate for this, but I’m very eager for this vaccine. And even if it’s a little bit of, um, placebo effect, I’m really looking for some kind of protection, some kind of something that makes me feel a little better about getting out in the world.
Um, cause I’ve got a lot of things going on. I got a lot of new business, uh, products and services that I’m trying to pitch and I’m trying to grow my business and I’m very eager to get out there and knock on doors and sit down and meet with people and go to the coffee shops and network and do all these things that I know.
The only way I know how to grow my business. Uh, but right now I don’t want to leave the house. And if I can get the shot that will at least help me feel a little bit better, that not necessarily that I could never get it, but hopefully if I were to get it, it wouldn’t kill me. Right. So anyway, everybody wants a vaccine and I have to explain why the fuck you want a vaccine.
But I, you know, I, I had been hearing all right, how do you go about them? Well, that it’s, it’s being done at the County level. Every County has a place you go to, uh, to sign up. You know what I mean? So I Googled and I could do this live if you want. But I Googled, I live in Onondaga County, New York. I Googled Onondaga County vaccines.
Where does it bring me? It brings me to Onondaga counties. As you can see on the screen here, Onondaga county’s official, COVID 19 website. This is a website they’ve set up dedicated. It’s the first result on Google when you search for the County and COVID vaccine comes right up. And as you can probably see in red right here in red.
Make appointment in an Onondaga County. COVID-19 vaccine clinic here, click here, click right here. Cool. I found the spot, right? I click there. I get a screen that says, uh, sorry, Charlie. There’s no appointments. Try back later. I’ve heard people talk about this. I’ve heard people talk about refreshing. And, uh, you know, getting stuck on these things where it told them there was no appointment and they had to refresh a bunch of times and, and hopefully get an appointment.
Right. But I’m refreshing and refreshing. And I actually put on an auto refresh tool on my browser. So I had it sitting here going all morning yesterday, all morning. And as I am going about my business, I’m seeing people on Facebook talking about getting appointments. All these people. I just booked one. I just booked one.
I just booked one and I’m going, what the fuck? So finally, I asked somebody, I said, how did you get one? I’ve been on this website. There’s no appointments. Oh, I don’t know what website you’re on. Go to this website, the state website. So I do instantly Bing bang, boom. Get an appointment. I’m booked, except I’m booked for March 31st.
But I don’t have the right fucking website to start with. At the beginning of the fucking day, I might not have to wait six more goddamn weeks for a fucking vaccine,
but the wonderful, fine folks at Onondaga County with their red fucking link click here for an appointment. Isn’t the right fucking place to go for a fucking appointment.
People are dying people’s lives have ended and stopped and ground to a halt. And you, sons of bitches can’t even put up a fucking link that works. You can’t even direct people to the right fucking place. It’s infuriating. Get your shit together.
So now. I will go back to the state site. The one that actually fucking works and I will spend the next six weeks refreshing and hoping that somebody cancels and I can get a sooner appointment so I can get back to living my life. Doing business already says they need a nerd. Yeah. They need somebody with a fucking brain.
How about just setting the link to the right fucking place, novel concept, or maybe something also in red language that says this is not the only place to book an appointment. You should probably go to this state website that actually has appointments. That would be a cool thing to put in red at the top of your fucking page
mismanagement of this thing. Is fuck this country so bad at all levels. I don’t care who you want to talk about. You want to talk about Trump, who didn’t believe it existed. You want to talk about Andrew Cuomo who was too busy, patting himself on the back. That actually take care of shit. You want to talk about every County official in every fucking County, doing it differently and fucking it up.
This COVID thing is an absolute. Failure across every level of American society. It’s infuriating.
Generally. Didn’t think I was going to get that upset about this shit.
It’s fucking infuriating. Get your shit together. People. And for all those in Onondaga County, honestly, I guess this probably goes for New York state look for the New York state vaccine website, everything that everybody tells you about counties. Fuck that. Go to the state website. That’s the place, not this COVID dot on gov fucking bullshit.
If you’re waiting here, you’re fucked.
I don’t even want to think about how much sooner I could, I could be getting a fucking vaccine this week. Had I been on the right fucking website when the day started are you says, this is what happens when you give tech jobs to spoiled kids, the marketing grease. That’s not, it’s not even a tech job.
It’s it’s somebody, like you said, it’s somebody with a marketing degree. It’s somebody who went to school for graphic design. They are now the person who is in charge of distributing critical information, can’t even link you to the right fucking place. Let’s let’s look at something else. Uh, Matt Masur show it’s called the, where Matt yells.
It’s cool. Some people did that. Speak of the things people dig got Sue’s back parlor. So after Amazon shut them down after the insurrection, uh, they went offline. Nobody knew what they were going to do. He figured they were going to pop up again somewhere, supposedly it’s back. Um, And they said their new platform is built on sustainable, independent technology.
I don’t know what that means. I think that just means we found a server farm, the guarantees. They won’t shut us down. I don’t know. It’s probably in another country. It could be on like a fucking oil rig floating in the middle of the ocean free of international law. What’s that place called there is that place or there was, I don’t know if it still exists.
It’s like sea lab or something. No, that’s an adult swim show. Uh, but there was some kind of like abandoned oil rig that this family took over and they, it was an international waters and they claimed that it didn’t belong to any country and it was theirs. And because it was so independent, they were going to run a server farm there and let you put any kind of shit that you couldn’t put anywhere else.
Which if you think about it is the shady rest of the shady shit. Right? Nobody should want any part of that anyway, who knows where parlor is being hosted, but they’re apparently back up now in the article. It does say that although their backup, many folks still can’t get into it. Uh, some have reported being able to get into it and having the old data there still.
But like I said, many still can’t even access it. The app stores, Apple and Android. Had pulled the app, obviously they’re not coming back. Um, so you’re not going to have an app experience in parlor anymore, I guess, in theory. Well, for Android, I don’t know if, I don’t know if you can, you can independently install.
I don’t think you can apps that don’t come from the app store outside of like a development mode in iPhone. I could be mistaken, but, but in any case there, there’s not gonna be any apps. So it’ll be interesting to see what these clowns do at the same time, like is ridiculous as such that site was, it provided a ton of Intel and information and evidence of the capital attacks.
So we’ve got to thank them for that. And we also got to thank them for their, uh, you talk about shitty tech guys already. They have the, actually the worst technical infrastructure ever. Uh, hackers were able to quickly before it got all shut down, really like under the clock, get in and grab all their data.
They literally downloaded all of the evidence from this company. And a lot of it was used, uh, already to go after these insurrectionists assholes. So, uh, You know, if that’s going to continue to be a trend Bravo parlor, like, I feel like there’s some value to having a place in town that, you know, all the, all the shitty people hang out, it was once in a while, you got to find those people.
So you have a handle on where they’re at. Not always the worst thing. Um, so we’re going to get into some videos here and. I don’t want to say this one is the craziest, but this is, this is let’s just watch it. This is from American idol. Apparently that shows still a thing. I didn’t, I didn’t really know that I got a cool news reacts graphic.
Uh, American idol is a thing. And if you recognize this young woman in the shot, it’s Claudia Conway. V Claudia Conway, Kellyanne Conway’s teenage daughter one. Who’s made a ton of headlines by documenting Kellyanne Conway’s abuse. Um, apparently it’s time for her to be a celebrity. I don’t know how I feel about that.
Very excited. Katie’s drinking her grinned. Lionel rich. Hi. Hi. Hi. Are you okay? No, no, no. But yes I’m. Yes. Is this less like a big bit or are we just, are we now going to do a bit at, at the expense of this child? I don’t know. I know. I genuinely don’t know how I feel about this. Keep in mind. She’s she’s in a very intelligent articulate.
She’ll tell you to go fuck yourself. Young woman. Claudia is, but she is still child. She’s 16 years old. Also. When did Katy Perry start to look like her? They actually look alike. Yeah. What am I missing? Um, I’m Claudia Conway. I’m 16. Um, my parents are high profile political figures. My mother is Kellyanne Conway.
She worked for Donald Trump and my dad is George Conway. He’s a lawyer. He worked again. Donald Trump. He’s here with me now. Wow. He’s supposed to be the good guy, but you know, I have a family spread love, and I love a compromise. And I do agree to just being gasoline to thinking or abuse is normal. And her mom loves me.
So you probably know me as 15 year old, the max patient girl blonde woman from Fox news, his daughter. I’m a little more than that. I had to move to Washington DC when I was 12. And I hated it when your mom’s working for the president of the United States, who you very much disagree with. It’s really hard.
And I love you back. She disagreed with the president at 12 while her mom was employed by him.
What I mean, maybe. But I don’t know, many 12 year olds that are into politics, especially when, like your mom’s on the team. I mean, Bravo for seeing through the bullshit, if this isn’t bullshit. Cause again, I find it hard to believe that a 12 year old has political differences with her mom’s employer.
and ready to go. Maybe you’re excited, but I’m really, really nervous. I genuinely don’t know how I feel about this. This is, this is fucked up. Oh, you shouldn’t be nervous, honey. It’s a very humbling experience. Do you know how many people like you when you were a little girl till now? Dream of. Even having the average, given each audition for American idol, this is your time to shine, but remember how to win.
Where’s our people who are willing to lose with your mom, being a figure that she is. Do you still like that? She’s still hugging you. I mean, gab, she loves me. I love her. It’s just, I feel like our relationship. Yes. Yes, Joe. That’s the craziest, that’s the most mindblowing part about this? The last installment of this saga.
Of this girl versus her horrible mother is her horrible mother leaked her nudes. She’s 16 years old. Also her mother’s not in prison right now. Like this is just so fucked up. And now ABC is like, Oh, we’re going to get some mileage out of this shit.
Most of my life, my feelings had been suppressed. So then I got social media and I was like, Well, now my voice is being heard. You know, I believe that age actually has. I just can’t get over how much her and Katie Perry look alike. Can I just sidebar on this, the willingness to learn and educate yourself?
Okay guys, I’m actually getting off the side now. I love you all stay safe and take care of your wellbeing. The internet can be a very, very dark place, but when life is all going downhill, I have my music. I had no idea. She did music, the controversy get out of the trauma, get out of those things and let people know that, you know, I am his hair and that this is what I want to do.
You’re going to do great.
Is singing, not like the go-to the first attempt of, of people that want to be famous. Like, I feel like. I feel like people think that maybe it’s easier to break into the musical world than like the acting world or something. I don’t know. It’s just always very interesting with me. And of course, I guess maybe you don’t see this quite as much, but back in the day in the seventies and eighties, every big actor had to also put out an album.
It was, it was an interesting mix and it’s just. I don’t know to me, this is kind of out of the blue, but she loves music and I’m really thrilled that she’s here because you know, maybe this gives her an opportunity to pursue it at another level. So it makes me happy to see her here doing this and not talking about how horrible I am as a parent.
Um, what do you share with us today? Um, you know, this needs to be said.
Fuck George Conway. I know a lot of people like try to pick sides. Like he’s the good one of the family. He was the anti-Trump guy, right? He’s from the Lincoln project. He helped take Trump down. He used to argue with Trump on Twitter while his wife was employed by Trump. I’m not saying that he was wrong, but just.
How fucked is this dysfunctional family? Sorry. It’s not normal. None of it. None of this is normal. Can we just establish that for a moment? Well, I’ll be singing my take of love on the brain by Rihanna. Love is the answer. It is.
I really hope Twitch. Doesn’t zap me for this. This is topical news.
she’s all right. She’s not horrible. I also don’t think she’s spectacular. She is the level that tells us that if she wasn’t who she was, she would not be on American idol.
yo Bravo for trying, I don’t want to let this play and get dinged by Twitch. She’s okay. Right. Like, Oh, all right. That song, you lost it. I did. Yeah. I was just a little nervous on my desk. Oh, your shoes? Oh, I hate when I can’t send cause of my shoes. What other songs do you have? Um, when we were young by a dumb.
Okay. Now she’s going to try a doubt. She couldn’t pull off that thing, but she’s going to go straight to a Dell. Oh, good. Um, I just want to see, uh, we’re not going to sit through this whole thing, but I want to fast forward here and just see if she makes it right.
Oh, pick them dead. I want you to know that and forward it. I don’t think she made it on the sing. Should aside. Cause if not, you may not ever rise above your dad. Oh, your mom’s getting life advice from Katie Perry. Now let’s take about, well, here we go. I think you’re a little ways away on the singing aspect for right now.
I’m a enough I can get behind you. Um, yes. I think what you’re doing right now is stepping forward and announcing who you are, the Lionel Richie. Uh, you chose music. I want to give you a shot at music. You gotta be kidding me. It’s a yes for me. Okay. Well now he comes dead. I want you to know that your daughter comes a creepy shot props.
I do too. Claudia not going to DC, honey, you’re going to straight to Hollywood.
Is this, is this what we’ve resorted to? This is what we need to sell American idol. Now I get like the dancing with the stars that, that whole thing. But now for American idol, we’re going to use that to rehab people’s images and make no mistake. That appearance in, in every one that we’ll follow on this season is about her parents.
Not that poor girl who was trying hard. All right. I don’t know what else have we got? We’ve got lots of stuff. Uh, this is a cool video. I don’t have the cool video, but it’s, it’s a cool situation. Joe’s right. She’s 16. Mom is getting nationwide notice for the way she put this on the screen. So you can see it.
Local news stories. I love local news stories and you probably saw this tackle the guy. She says she spotted peeping through her teenage daughter’s window. Cops were called, but as it turns out, it was mom who nabbed the suspect. She talked about it. Do not mess with this mom, Phyllis Pena sisters in the NFL to see a creep peeping into her 15 year old daughter’s bedroom.
She blocks blocking and Phyllis chase as seen in this police dash cam video. Perfect natural reaction. I’m like, Oh my God, he’s coming my way. I want to hang out with this one. That’s coming this way. And my daughter’s like mom, no don’t. And I’m like, no, there’s no way I’m letting him get away. She gets them to the ground.
Her daughter runs over and helps hold them down until the officer. She didn’t need no help. You tackle them on the hard pavement. I mean, you guys supposed to both gone down hard? I didn’t think that part three whenever I tackled. Fuck. No. So it’s don’t mix very well. She did a good job. She was willing to step in and put herself in harm’s way.
He did better than we did held him until officers could cook. She didn’t even have the shooting. The suspected peeping Tom has been identified as 19 year old Zane Hawkins. So next time anyone tries messing with this mom or her daughter better think twice they might get. I love it. Okay. Let’s watch it again.
I’m sorry. This is the best part of the day. Anyone tries messing with this mom or her daughter better think twice they might get sacked. The 19 year old suspect has been charged with possessing a controlled substance and resisting arrest, resisting arrest. How do you get that resisting? You just make that woman a police officer.
Can we do that? Hey Joseph, how did she do it without a gun? Exactly. Imagine that you could stop a bad guy and leave him breathing novel concept. But, uh, again, shout out to her and it just goes to show you never get in the way of a mama bear. Never. Um, I’m going to play a clip of this douche bag, Dave Ramsey.
And you might’ve seen this clip, especially if you frequent the leftist blogs and podcasts. Um, but let’s, let’s just, let’s just watch it.
The whole idea that that student loans being forgiven is going to stimulate the economy that assumes that people were getting ready to pay them off of this year. And instead would use that same $40,000 that they were getting ready to pay off their student loan and stimulate the economy with it. Again, that’s economic hogwash.
It’s, it’s not first of all.
People have that debt hanging over their head. Are they going to pay off that 40 grand this year? No, but for the next 10 years, they’d be paying on it every month. That same amount that could be a car payment, a mortgage payment. It could give them the financial security to have the child they’ve been waiting for.
We showed stats last week on student loan debt. And the percentage of people that waited to have children because of this debt was hanging over their heads. All of those things, all of those things that you buy, all those life events have entire industries behind them. Companies with workers that need to sell products and deliver services.
None of that can take place when that portion of your budget for millions of people every month. Just goes to service this debt. Sure. Smoke and mirrors is simply not going to happen, Dave. I just think there’s a, there’s a fucking he’s. He’s the, uh, right-wing economic genius. He’s he’s the voice that they all listened to.
This fucking idiot. Get your, yes. Signed a financial contract. You have an obligation to pay that money back. Absolutely. Well, listen, there’s some situations where folks are hurting and this thing has become, it’s gotten completely out of hand. I mean, there are people’s lives who have been destroyed by this program.
If somebody needs some relief somewhere, I’m fine with that. But this has nothing to do with really helping people. This is a political gimme, nothing to do with really helping people
relieving people of debt. So they can participate in the economy. Doesn’t help by progressive, simply trying to buy votes. And we know that because when you go from 10,000 and forgiveness, we just won the election. What do we, what do we need to buy the 50,000 and forgiveness? The people who benefit are not lower Republicans buying when they gave billionaires trillions of dollars on their first day in office that wasn’t buying votes.
That wasn’t the whole reason they put you there. Fucking clown didn’t compete. The vast Masurity of people that have an average income or less have less than $10,000 in student loan debt. The vast Masurity of people who will be blessed by moving it from 10 to 50 are high-income earners. So again, not true.
And this is all political rhetoric. It’s not reality. You come from an interesting perspective. You talk to Americans across the country every day on your radio. You come from an interesting perspective. You’re an out of touch millionaire who talks to radical right-wing people all day long, and doesn’t listen to anyone who has a different opinion.
That’s an interesting perspective.
Fox news anchors are like the human equivalent of the confused dog. Graham. Yeah. What, what, what do you believe is the right number or the right answer for a, for the next stimulus check? Well, I don’t believe in a stimulus check because if $600 dollars changes your life, you were pretty much screwed already.
Hold on, hold on. You got other issues. You were pretty much screwed already. Let’s check because if $600 or $1,400 changes your life, you were pretty much screwed already. You got other, yes. Yes. That’s the point as face. People are fucked. And I’ve said this before, and I’ll say this again.
A stimulus is to stimulate the entire economy.
I understand that there are people that are absolutely hurting and they need any money. They can get to pay the bills and survive. And if they get their stimulus check-in and use it for those types of things, I sure as hell would not knock them. I understand that. But the reason we keep saying the word stimulus, the reason that Congress is even doing it, they don’t give a fuck about individual people.
They’re not buying votes. They’re trying to save the entire economy. That’s why it’s called a stimulus. It’s not to stimulate. Your bank account or your landlord’s bank account it’s to buy products and services. So businesses can continue to function. We driven a consumer driven economy spending is the gasoline that runs the car.
When people don’t have money to spend car, don’t go nowhere, hence a stimulus. And it works. There’s. Volumes upon volumes upon volumes, including from just the last 12 months that shows stimulus helps the economy. But this asshole you, I don’t, what are you going to steer me to rush? I don’t want people to have money to purchase products from the companies I invest in because I’m a fucking idiot issue what’s going on.
Uh, you have any that you have a career problem. You have a debt problem. Relationship problem. You have a mental health problem. A career problem. There’s a fucking pandemic. People lost their jobs or got their hours cut through no fault of their own.
Already says this asshole. So dangerously close to getting it. They all are. That’s the thing. They all hinge right on the right on the border of getting it. They just can’t get themselves over. Stuck behind Trump’s wall, I guess. Um, something else is going on. If $600 changes your life and that’s not talking down to folks, I’ve been bankrupt.
I’ve been broken. I work with people every day who are hurting. I love people. I want people to be lifted up. Ben been bankrupt. Bankruptcy is a rich person’s thing. Just see, you know, poor people don’t go bankrupt. They’re just broke. It costs money. Like. Thousands and thousands of dollars to go bankrupt.
You go bankrupt as a legal way to not pay your bills. And in many cases, keep all your shit. Not always, but often you pay a little, uh, you pay like a get out of jail free card. Ain’t no poor person have the money. It takes to file bankruptcy. It’s you are not the same. But this is again, it is, it is just political rhetoric and it’s just throwing dollars out there.
It’s peeing on a forest fire. It’s absolutely ridiculous. It’s funny. This clip. Well, to start with, we need to understand we’ve got stop. The ship at this clip did an error nine months ago. I didn’t see Dave Ramsey flipping out when Republicans were behind the stimulus.
Uh, I’d be interested to see, I don’t know him well enough, so I can’t say with authority, but I’d be interested to see how he felt about all the auto and bank bailouts that were legitimate bail out. What he’s talking about. What are you talking about? What, what a lot of people are talking about when they, when they talk about poor people and changing their money, that’s a bailout, you’re talking about giving people a bail out and you’re against that.
Again, that’s technically not what a stimulus is, but the hypocrisy of ranting on bailouts while the corporate bailouts are off the charts. Um, and since we’re on it, I’ve got another clip of Dave Ramsey, um, that I have not watched, but I figured we’ll, we’ll just, we’ll we’ll get a few more minutes of this asshole.
Because why not? I’ll probably get sick of it pretty quick. Valerie is in Chicago. Hi, Valerie. Welcome to the he. A minute ago, we watched a clip of him on Fox news. This is his normal, this is his daily show. This is what he does. Ramsey shop. Okay, Dave, thanks for taking my call today. Sure. What’s up. So, um, all right.
I’m 24. I am almost going to be 25 in two months and make $60,000 a year at a job. I completely 100% hate.
Um, I have no savings. I was paycheck. I, I don’t know this for a fact again, I don’t listen to this show. But man, this feels like a set up already. And if you didn’t know, spoiler alert, fake callers, scripted callers set up callers in radio. It’s like 75 to 80% of the shit you hear. Not real plain and scripted.
Joe says, I mean, it’s cool. Dems are looking to give Americans less than Trump because neo-liberalism he’s he nailed it there. To paycheck. And I have several addictions that hold me back and, um, cause me to take out cash advances to the point where I am a thousand dollars in the hole, every time my direct deposit it, um, I’ve been a chronic marijuana smoker for, he does nationwide.
Uh, Jack is talking about Dave Ramsey in the chat here. He says he does nationwide seminars to help folks get out of debt. And it’s published books on the subject. Um, Again, I don’t know a ton about this guy, but I can only imagine after hearing him speak that his books on how to get out of debt are become rich.
That’s his, that’s his answer. Um, but again, back to this call, she makes a lot of money and she’s addicted to marijuana. Yes. Yes. She did say she’s a chronic marijuana smoker. Again, this is almost. Almost definitely scripted like seven years now. And I have been basically eating a straight up Uber eats and door dash for like every meal.
I mean, I haven’t cooked a meal, you smoke a lot of pot and you’re hungry all the time. Who knew?
Yeah. Let’s make a boomer reefer joke.
If this isn’t. This, this is totally fake art. He says, nobody goes to debt for weed. A thousand dollars in the hole is not possible. If you make 60 K and again, she lives in Chicago. Supposedly it says on the screen here, I don’t know how far 60 K gets you in Chicago. It’s a big city, but, uh, this is so fucking fake.
It’s ridiculous. Oh, my gosh, something happened between the hunger pay and, but like I just black out and then there’s a transaction and someone’s at my door and it just happens every time. I can’t seem to get a handle of, of just, I don’t know, discipline and I want to grow up so bad. And yet I, I want a certain life for myself and I just feel like I’m calm.
Boy, this strangely fits into every weird stereotype about younger people that we talk about every day. Weird. How, how well this fit way carrying around all of this, like shame and guilt, because I just can’t seem to get it together and I’m not going to do it today. But one of these days I will pull up the website that has the job listings for actors.
That want to be these fake radio callers that exists, uh, that, uh, what’s, what’s that guy that does the crank call every morning there Elvis, Elvis Duran with is what the is he? He calls it something it’s a bit he does every day. Uh, it’s supposed to be a crank call and a hundred percent scripted. People think it’s natural.
People think that, Oh my God. Oh, it’s so funny. They called him and they didn’t know what was going on. It’s a gag. It’s all fake. All fake, just like this, but I just don’t know how to start Valerie. Um, before we talk about, you know, Joe says maybe you should stop buying avocado toast. I got to wonder if their answer at this point is to buy avocado toast rather than delivery this.
I have one quick question. Could you say you’re in a whole, a thousand dollars a month? What kind of debt do you have? Well, okay. So I have general debt. Like I have a car repossession and stuff like that. And a couple of medical, the Miguel debts that are like 10,000. But, um, I, when I say a thousand dollars in the hole, I mean, I have like 10 applications.
You have a car repossession. That means you had a car loan and he didn’t pay it. So they took it. And while technically, yes, that’s hanging over your head. It’s kind of not a bill anymore. I mean, I guess if you’re actively paying it, like you should be, it might be, but. The story gets more and more bullshit as it goes, patient installed on my phone where I can get a cash advance instantly.
And so I literally go one by one down the list and I just do whatever I need to do to get the next, you know, the leader Neil or whatever. Here’s the thing I wouldn’t say. And then I, and we know, you know, Dave is going to chime into as well, but I will, before this guy gives us advice, payday lending.
Should be illegal. Um, we don’t have that in New York. There might be some apps or things like this, but this is something that I wasn’t familiar with until, uh, years ago, when I moved to Florida. And on every corner, you see the signs check cash, payday lender. Amscot that’s the big thing down in Florida, or it was.
And basically what it’s loansharking you basically go your show, a pay stub. You say, I have a job and I’ll get another paycheck next week. Can you give me an advance? And they do, but they charge like 50%, 30%. That all depends, but they charge a ridiculous amount of money that you have to pay back out of that next check.
And so. You know, while it’s great for like an emergency. Oh my God, my car broke down. I’m between paychecks. I can get some cash if people like, like this woman in which again is fake, but this is a real problem. If people get stuck in this cycle to where they borrow one week and then they pay it off. But that cuts in, you know, that’s that’s next week’s paycheck is now gone, gone.
So you borrow again and you have this cycle. This never ending cycle to where you’re borrowing and losing half your paycheck every week, at least. And it’s never, and it’s of course that’s how these companies make their money. That’s why it’s illegal in New York, but this is a legitimate problem. This payday lending bullshit.
I want to commend you for at least admitting the first step to anything, to move it forward is admitting it and acknowledging the fact that you have a problem. And you, you came on the show and you said that, uh, the second part of that is though, uh, Dave and I can’t give you discipline. You can only give yourself discipline.
Yeah. Also like I’m a thousand dollars in the hole. Like you’re going over budget, right? Is that, is that I’m assuming that’s what she’s saying. Or maybe she’s adding, I don’t know. I don’t, it doesn’t sound like when she says she’s, she’s negative a thousand that she’s adding a grand a month in debt. It seems like maybe she just can’t cover.
Uh, and again, I don’t, I don’t even know why I’m taking this seriously, but like you sure? Yes. Like this is so obvious that it’s, it’s fucking ridiculous. I spend all my money on this and this, what do I do? Obviously the answer is buy less of this and this, but let’s see what these financial fucking geniuses have to tell her.
And as I listened to you, what are the key things that are, that are here? We can give it a practical steps on how to get out of the situation that you’re in, but it’s so much deeper than just that. There’s so much, it sounds like you don’t have a reason deep down inside of yourself to why you need to stop and why you need to make a decision.
So you keep going back and back and back into it because there’s, there’s nothing deep down saying stop. There’s no reason why that when you feel like getting another bag of weed, when you feel like getting, uh, some more food, when you feel like going and doing this, nothing can stop you deep down. And so just rash in your shit.
Goes for food and we’d be, you’re going through it too much. You’re consuming too much. Slow down. Sucks. You might be hungry. You might really want another hit, but like everybody knows what the answer is here. So I want to, I would encourage you now keeping that in practical today, I want to encourage you to spend some time today to really sit down and ask yourself why, why do I want to give stuff?
Why do I want to give up this and ask yourself that like seriously though? Yes. Or, or just stop eating those things or listen, if you really want to. This is not necessarily economic advice, but this is just kind of life advice. Uh, delivery fees are expensive, right? You gotta throw a tip on, you could go pick up your takeout food, cut the bill in half.
You could also order more takeout, food per order. Why this is kind of like the, the, the buy in bulk and save by yourself. Two meals, pay one delivery fee, pay one tip. If tomorrow’s dinner waiting for you in the fridge, there, that’s better financial advice than you’ll ever get from any Dave Ramsey book ever right there five times times.
And by the time you get to the fifth answer, you should be in tears. You should be emotional that make you see what Dave says. And I want to say so much doing them is when the, we all have destructive habits or destructive tendencies. The only reason we ever stopped doing them is when the pain of where we are the discussed.
Alrighty. So as you could also just not be a fake person with made up problems. Yes. That’s. That would be a solution as well. My friend, um, is this, all this guy does, is this, this guy show, he just listens to bad stories and then gives people the most obvious advice. I dunno, I should do. I’m going to start calling myself a get out of debt guy.
Here’s how you get out of debt. Guys. Don’t pay it.
I mean, I’m not saying it’s going to work out well for you, but you will be free of the debt with the person in the mirror becomes so great that that pain is greater than the pain of change, because changing is always painful. Agreed. Yeah, it’s very painful. Yeah. Not doing things the way you’ve done them.
And radically, Peter says, if you don’t stop this, you’re going to die. Now that would be an example when we go, okay, I’ll stop it. Right. You don’t respect yourself. I’m not, I mean, you know what I’m saying? I mean, like, if you were, it’s almost like you were outside of yourself looking in and go, you know, this chick smokes, weed and orders.
You know, orders, everything insight has no money and is in a chaotic life. I don’t know who this woman is and you’re looking at like, you’re looking in from the outside. And I heard that just for you to break this cycle, hold on. And you that when you do that, you’re going to see a tremendous change, but it does come.
I like it. I like his suggestion. Best of all. We need to have what is a really good reason. For you to break the cycle. What does a really good reason? Probably the reason she fake called, just to give you this topic to talk about. Listen, we could do that. I could set up fake collars. I could script shit and make it look real good, but why.
I just, I don’t know. Um, we’re going a little over time, but I prepped way too many clips, so fuck it. Let’s do it. I was worried I wasn’t going to have enough content today. And of course I got too much. Uh, we got time for one more trying to decide which, which one we want. Uh, let’s do one. That’s not going to make Matt ELL.
We’ll save that one for tomorrow. All right. Here’s a fun one. Speaking of dogs, one dog in Nashville is about to get all of the toys and treats she wants. This is Lulu. Her owner left her $5 million in his will. The money will be. $5 million to a dog fucking ugly dog, too, for being honest, place into a trust.
And the border collies caretaker is already well, he’s looking pretty good now and all that cash. You know what I’m saying? Well, acquainted with her. Martha Burton had been caring for Lulu for some time when her owner went on trips. Now, as for all of that money, no golden dog bowls are in Lulu’s future that we know of, although I’m sure there will be lots of toys and treats, but the money is meant to reimburse Burton only for reasonable expenses sticking up dog reasonable expenses.
First of all, you can’t leave money to a dog, right? So whoever got stuck with that dog gets the money and reasonable expenses. It says who was there like a trust governing this cash? Pretty sure if the guy says that he wants fucking gold-plated Valpo, that could happen, right? Oh man. I don’t people do that all the time.
They leave their money to their pets. And you know, I get it. You love your pets, but like help some people, or maybe if you love pets, like donate $5 million to the humane society and, you know, send a hundred grand along with the dog for his caretaker. Hardy says, I hope they’ll burn it out.
Like, there’s just so many better things you could do, but that’s, that’s rich folks for you even on their fucking death bed. They’d rather give their money to a dog. The do some actual, well being some good with their cash and they’re dead. They’re gone. Like, Hey, how about, how about you leave that fortune that you’ve been sitting on doing nothing for the last 30 years.
Why don’t you leave it to them? Fucking kids down the street who don’t have dinner every other day? Nah, plus this I’m going to leave it to this ugly ass dog. Cool. That’ll show him people. Wonder why kids run around yelling. Eat the rich.
Uh, good times my friends, good times. This has been the Matt Masur show. Please like follow, subscribe, and share. Tell your friends, listen to the show. Uh, we’re growing. We’ve got a good number of folks that have been listening. They’ve been listening to the podcast after the fact. I love it. You can subscribe for free with your Amazon prime that helps us and costs you nothing.
Please do that on Twitch. And also subscribe to our podcast and everywhere else already. Jack, Joe, everybody who’s been in the chat today. Thank you so much, guys. We will see you tomorrow. 8:00 AM the my Masur show. Have a great morning.

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