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Bigfoot from Howard Stern Gets Arrested for Arson | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

Matt Masur Show Clips

Bigfoot from the Howard Stern show gets arrested for burning down his own apartment building.

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Bigfoot from Howard Stern Gets Arrested for Arson | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

Computer Generated Transcript:

Bigfoot from Howard Stern Gets Arrested for Arson
We’ve got breaking news, big foot from the Howard stern show. Howard stern, whack packer. He’s not like a staff member or any of that shit. Big foot has been arrested for arson in, in just wait till you hear how it went down because.
Uh, get the video going for you here. This son of a bitch, probably would’ve gotten away with it. Had he not run his mouth on the stern show? Let’s take a look, pulled into the Howard Barry police have arrested a man for arson after they say he called into the Howard stir radio show admitting he burned down his apartment and then lied to police about it.
Did you get that stupid bastard? His name is Mark Shaw listeners may know him as big foot. It is local 22 is Courtney Kramer joins us live now from the newsroom Courtney Phyllis in here. Well, Mark Shaw was a regular on the show and quite often in touch with show producers, it was those phone calls where he apparently detailed, burning down his apartments that helped police piece together.
The how and why of this whole event. This guy’s name is imagine being a professional reporter. And today your job is to report on a whack packer,
big foot, you know him. He, uh, started coming on the show years ago, maybe better known as Bigfoot after his stints on Howard Stern’s radio show, even being featured as a prime member of Stern’s whack pack float card. I do when I’m on my. Um, one more than likely say that Sean, back in 2012, when we talked with him in Newport about his time on the show, fast forward, nearly he’s a frequent guest on the local news because he made it to the Howard stern show.
If you want to ever talk about like a small town, local news with nothing to talk about the fact that they’ve had multiple interviews. With Bigfoot it’s it’s just hilarious. Eight years later, this is 24 Fairview street in Berry. On the night of December 3rd, Shaw is accused of burning down his apartment and get this at the same time.
Police say he was on the phone with CERN show proof, his apartment. It wasn’t even his own house. I mean, I guess you could have renter’s insurance, but really like. You don’t burn down somebody else’s house that you lived at now, you’re just homeless. It’s one thing. If you’ve got like a tax scam and you got, you know, you can move to a new house or something, or you’re the landlord and you’re trying to cash in, that’s horrible, but like just burning your own place.
So you don’t have a place to live anymore. Fuck producer, Wolfie telling him all the details. Well court documents show Shaw told officers it wasn’t accident that he knocked over a candle causing the flames. He told the producer it was something that needed to happen and what he wanted to do. The fire costs $75,000 in property damage and displaced.
Two neighbors documented that. Show me several calls to police in the weeks prior claiming he was fed up with sexual activity occurring in the hallway. He also cited his skiff. Sexual activity happening in the hallway. I I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that, like he saw his neighbors holding hands, or maybe kissing the boyfriend goodbye or something.
No, it bothered me. It is. It’s a Fredonia in the phone calls to the stern show. The affidavit goes on to say the VP of safety and security at Sirius XM radio reached out to Barry city. Police days later alerting them of their conversations with Bigfoot. He was arrested Wednesday and charged with arson.
Shaw was a reign to this afternoon in Washington County court and is being held for a psychiatric evaluation reporting live tonight from the newsroom, Courtney Kramer, local 22 news psychiatric evaluation. How do you think that’s going to go, Hey, are you saying clearly fucking not, right. Like that’s pretty much.
Pretty much it, I’m not a, I’m not a, uh, you know, professional mental health expert, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that, uh, that guy’s pretty fucked. Hopefully that doesn’t mean it’s a get out of jail free card. Cause clearly he’s also a little dangerous, right? Of course we don’t have like legitimate mental health facilities anymore.
So. Who knows what the fuck they can do with him
and don’t get me wrong. I enjoy him on the Howard stern show as I do all the whack Packers, but you can’t really just like laugh off the fact that he burned down apartment building that other people live in. That’s pretty fucked.

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