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Ted Cruz is a Joke and Facebook Bans News | The Matt Masur Show Full Episode 2 22 21 – VIDEO

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Ted Cruz is a Joke and Facebook Bans News | The Matt Masur Show Full Episode 2 22 21 – VIDEO | The Matt Masur Show Full Episode

Cancun Ted Cruz is the punchline to every comedian’s jokes from SNL to the Daily Show and beyond. Also Facebook has BANNED news in response to a Australian proposed law.

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2021-02-22 07-59-34
What’s going on, everybody. Matt Masur Matt Masur show here with you on a Monday morning. I have a little case of the Mondays. I’m not completely awake. So I apologize in advance. What’s up already checking in on the chat. We are live on Twitch. If you are, uh, listening or watching this after the fact on YouTube or Spotify or the iTunes podcast, you should know that.
You can catch all this action live in real time and participate like our guys in the chat, Jack and Mo cooking show and all the cool guys that hang out with us in the mornings. Check that out every day. Well, okay. So like four days a week, Monday through Thursday, we, uh, have some interesting things in the works for Fridays.
We will eventually be adding a Friday show. And this week also, we will have, uh, a variety of guests, you know, last week I, I ended up not really having a lot of guests. I had some computer issues the weekend before I was real worried, but no, that’s not computer stop. It’s arguing with me. Do you hear that?
What a Dick.
I didn’t have any guests last week. And, you know, it was kind of nice. We kind of just, uh, went through the news and I was able to pontificate and, uh, it was, it was a good time, but, uh, we’re going to be bringing some folks on. I had, uh, after, after Thursday show, I feel the last show last week, um, I was contacted by someone and it was, it was just spectacular.
Uh, you may remember on the first week we did a story about. Uh, Herkimer nine in Herkimer, New York, where there there’s a big economic development project or building a basketball stadium. It’s around the history of basketball in that village. Um, as well as a huge business development center and a STEM, uh, research and education site.
Incredible, incredible, huge development project. Uh, very few people in the media had spoken about it. We spoke about it here and through the wonders of Google. Uh, the folks behind that project were alerted and, uh, listened, watched, I guess, uh, that segment absolutely loved it. Uh, I had a fantastic conversation with, uh, one of the main local folks behind that project.
It’s real, it’s happening, it’s happening faster than, than anyone really realizes. And we’re going to begin to have those folks. Uh, on the math Masur show on a regular basis to give you updates, let you know what’s going on with that very real project that the media doesn’t seem to want to cover. And that’s cool.
You know, the human calculator and Alice Cooper, rockstar Supreme, uh, are behind this project. And somehow I’m the only one talking about it. I, whatever I’ll take it. Uh, it’s going to be a good time. Hope you had a good weekend. I did as well. I went sledding with my kids. Um, and I honestly haven’t done that in a very long time.
I’ve taken them out, letting them play in done, whatever, but that, Hey, let me, let me try to go down on the sled. It was a good time enjoyable. I thought things were, uh, chilling out, but looking outside, we’re having a wintery day. Uh, we’ve got some interesting things in the news today. Um, we’re going to talk about a couple of quick headlines and then we’re going to get into, uh, what you may have seen at the start of the show, or if you can read on Twitch, uh, our man, Ted Cruz, jackass Supreme.
Everybody’s Supreme today, I guess that’s my new favorite word. Uh, he’s all over everywhere. And the jokes are just they’re nonstop. And honestly the guy deserves more than jokes, but we’ll get into some of that. Um, we’ve got all kinds of news actually from Texas around those stories. Uh, we’ve also got all kinds of other news.
I don’t know. Let’s get into it. So right off the bat, real quick story, that just came out before I went on the air. Uh, reporting Biden is going to temporarily target PPP loans to small businesses. What this means is, um, you blow this up for you here. If I can. Uh, basically what this means is typically this, this PP pre PPP, uh, COVID loan.
Situation, um, has been dominated by some real big companies and some that probably shouldn’t have gotten at some that might legitimately need it. But as usual, the big boys are the first in line. Um, the Biden administration is trying to make sure that smaller companies get this, uh, and that is under 20 employees.
So starting Wednesday, a two week window will open where only. Under 20 employee businesses will be able to apply. So the bigger companies will be shut out for two weeks. Um, they’re also changing some eligibility requirements, applicants with felony records, outstanding student loans and uncertain citizenship status.
Now, if you’re somebody that says, Oh my God, the horror, why would they do that? Why would they, why would they give money to people with questionable status or prior felonies? Again, PPP is paycheck protection program. It’s for companies that have employees and they get this money so they can keep the employees.
So I would agree that the particular business owners status, not the biggest concern today. Um, I don’t have this story pulled up, but Jack mentions. Uh, in the chat. And I did see this story with the Muppet show has been deemed offensive to kids by Disney. Um, and unfortunately I don’t have it to pull up.
Maybe I’ll pull it up tomorrow, but I saw it in what it is. Spoiler alert is they haven’t banned it. They offer it on their streaming service Disney plus, but they put up a warning and I’ll be honest, if, if we can mitigate. You know, the excessive canceling of things by just putting warnings. Like I’m cool with that, right?
Like that I think is the best of both worlds, like warning, you might be upset about these puppets. I don’t even know why, but whatever, just warning and like, Oh, okay. I’ll skip it then. Or. Cool. I’m going to fast forward that like the FBI warning on a videotape. Remember that shit?
That’s cool. I’d be down with that. We’ll just disclaim the fuck out of everything. We’ll start with a disclaimer. My show used to start with a disclaimer. It doesn’t anymore. I probably should.
Speaking of disclaimers. I should disclaim that I own the and you should go to the It gets a math Masur show merge, or some three, one five live merchant or some just general funny and or fashionable clothing. And the reason you should do this is not because it’s my business, but more importantly right now.
Uh, the proceeds from the sales of anything on the site go to buying food for frontline healthcare workers, and we’re going to be making our, our first distribution. I’ve I’ve put it off a couple of times, cause I want to rack up a little bit more money, but I think probably this is going to be the last week before we make our first, uh, purchasing gift.
And I’m pretty excited about that. We’re going to be again, buying some food from local, uh, catering business smoke, incorporated barbecue. They’re going to be the first restaurant that helps us feed these people. And I can’t think of a better place because the food from there is just out of this world.
There are also, uh, just, you know, you don’t have to buy my shit to contribute to that effort. If you go to the Uh, and you click on our, cause you’ll see that you can just donate a couple of bucks to go straight towards the food effort. You don’t have to buy any of my stuff. Uh, if you want to just help us or help, uh, the local restaurant, industry and nurses, um, let’s keep, I got graphics and I never used my graphics.
I just, I really should. Uh, what’s Joe got going. I’ve got to sell stuff. Mail you fat ESSA, Joe, listen. Uh, I don’t, I don’t think you’re a very big guy to be completely honest with you, but most of the stuff at the merchant link goes to four or five. Seriously. Big folks are kept in mind. Uh, another quick little news story we got for you here, Susan Collins.
I almost fucking hate Susan Collins stories because they’re meaningless and worthless and she gets coverage for saying things, and then she doesn’t vote the way she’s going to say, or it doesn’t fucking matter anyway. But for some reason, she’s in the like top five of senators that we always have to talk about exactly what the fuck they are going to do.
The other 45. You may never even hear of. For some reason we’re obsessed with Susan Collins, but, and again, I’m not even sure that it would make a difference, but Susan Collins is not going to vote for Neera Tanden. Good job. Neera Tanden is absolutely a horrible individual who should have no place in federal office.
Uh, so I’m with Susan Collins here. Um, unfortunately I think she might be in the minority now, Democrat, Joe mansion has said the same thing that he’s not going to vote for that might kill it. That might, uh, end the majority they need. But of course, Susan Collins makes the headline site again. I don’t really understand, um, There was a particular quote in here.
This is, this is a quote from Susan Collins. And I got to say that I can’t disagree. Neera Tanden has neither the experience nor the temperament to lead this critical agency. Her past actions have demonstrated exactly the kind of animosity that president Biden has pledged to transcend, which is true.
Near Tandon as somebody who trolls on Twitter more than I do. And she’s a public official or, or is trying to be a public official. And you know, she’s attacked Bernie Sanders. I don’t know how many times, by the way, shout at the Bernie. I got my Bernie mug. Uh, if we remember one year ago today, maybe with joy, maybe with sadness one year ago, today is when Bernie started winning primaries.
In the neo-liberals decided we can’t have that because the one thing that scared him more than a president, Trump was a president, Bernie Sanders. So they, they quick nipped that right in the bud. But shout out to my man, Bernie and fuck people like Neera, Tanden. Who’ve done nothing but shit on him the whole time.
I hope she goes down. Uh, I don’t know if she will. To be completely honest with you, unfortunately. And the other fear is if she doesn’t make it, you know what comes next? I think a lot of people fear that it can be worse, even though I don’t know. Uh, let’s talk about Ted Cruz did ruse. . Two crews. We even got, you know what, I’m going to get the fucking graphics on the right way this time.
That’s what I’m going to do.
I don’t know why I keep saying that. So
the best way to start off this Ted Cruz adventure is with exactly what I’ve got in the, in the graphic there.
Let’s take a look at a little weekend update from SNL. Cause you know what? Sometimes comedy does it better than anything else.
I’m Michael Collins host. Well, if you hate Ted Cruz, this is a pretty fun week. And if you liked Ted Cruz, then you’re Ted Cruz. Seriously, no one likes Ted Cruz, his friends don’t like Ted Cruz. His, his colleagues have come out and said how much they hate Ted Cruz. That’s that’s a fact. And it was before any of this nonsense, Senator Cruz, whose face is slowly being reclaimed by nature, but his decision to go on a family vacation to Cancun during Texas weather emergency was obviously a mistake, obviously.
It was obviously a mistake to not go private or wear a disguise. Cause we all know that had he not been photographed by the public in the airport, which any idiot should have known would have happened, but had he not been seen, you wouldn’t have been saying it was a mistake. He wouldn’t have gotten to Ken Kuhn and gone ah, shocks.
You’re right. I should turn around and come right back as he did. No, he only did that because people said, Hey, asshole, hell has frozen over AKA your state. And you’re taken off anyway. As was the tattoo he got there. The jokester initially released a statement saying he only went on vacation because his daughters made him go.
And if you think it was bad to throw his daughters under the bus, Cruz would like you to know that that statement was his wife’s idea. I just love that after he abandoned it’s it’s great. They’re just nonstop. And I only, I, I looked at a lot of other bits in a lot of other Ted Cruz jokes, and I’m not even giving them to you yet, but just go to YouTube and type in Ted Cruz.
And you will see a string of talk show hosts and. comedians making just phenomenal Ted Cruz jokes. And I’m totally here for it, Texas. He came back in a Texas flag mask, like nothing happened. That’s like Jared and Ivanka walking down fifth Avenue and I love New York. Shire’s Cruz would have returned from Mexico.
It’s it’s just, it’s too good. Uh, you know, the hypocrisy of these people that’s. That’s that’s the real adventure, right? Like they run their mouth, they will criticize every other state. But when the shit hits the fan in their own state, they run, they literally flee. Um, you might’ve seen this. This was from, um, the end of the week, but from TMZ, uh, on top of fleeing, they left their, their dog in the house that didn’t have any heat.
There’s a little pop there. Snowflake. Apparently their dog is really called snowflake. Come on. Really? It really says snowflake it’s that’s just so ironic in so many levels. Also they got these text messages cause you got to remember Ted Cruz’s first excuse. When he came back was. We had this planned vacation already booked in my daughters, had their hearts set on it and we couldn’t disappoint my daughters.
So for my daughters, we had to go on this vacation that we already had planned long before the crisis. Well, then the text message has come out and it turns out Ted’s wife was texting all her girlfriends in the chat group and saying, Hey, uh, it’s shitty here. Uh, we can get cheap flights. Let’s go right now.
Wasn’t a plan standing trip. It was a last minute. Get out of Dodge and, uh, and then Ted Cruz again, uh, went on to make other mistakes. Here he is. It, it certainly was not my intention for that to be understood. As, as critics have tried to paint it as, as somehow diminishing, uh, the, the, the, the suffering and hardship other Texans had experienced I’d look, Texans, want this problem.
I gotta, you got to give this guy credit. And the reason this guy is successful is he does bullshit better than anybody I’ve ever seen. Do bullshit. Right? He can spin in double-talk and twist anything, man. And in come off somewhat slick. He can say the most ridiculous shit ever, but he makes it sound, you know, Oh, okay.
I’m going to solve, I want this problem solved. I want the power on we’ve. We’ve got most of the homes that had lost power have gotten power back. That’s a good first step. We still have. We want the power on, but you know, they did have power in Cancun. So have a water supply is still questionable, a lot of places.
And that’s frustrating having boil notices. That’s frustrating too. It’s almost like going to Mexico and drinking the water. Right. When we need to, the first thing we need to do is correct the immediate problem. And then the second thing I feel like their Senator is one of Texas’s most immediate problems.
Honestly, Ted Cruz is one of America’s most immediate problems. I mean, he did support the insurrection, the attack on our nation and what don’t let anybody forget that. And we need to do is engage in the longer term examination. As I said, that the, the operation and regulation of that is at, at the state level and not the federal level, but I think those questions Texans want answers.
And, and I’m glad the governor is calling for the legislature to investigate that because I think that. That is an investigation that needs to happen. And that’s what
a lot of people are called.
Did you come back? Did you come back? So I don’t know how well you can hear that, but basically the reporter off Mike is, is saying, uh, you were tone deaf. And did you come back just cause you got caught and you can already start to see. I caught the pause right at the right point where he, he starts to have snicker.
Oh, you peasant, how dare you. Question me. Let’s see what his bullshit answer is.
So the question from the video on the cell phone was, was whether the decision, well go, that he was even nice enough to repeat the question. See what I’m telling you about. He’s a professional. He can take a giant pile of shit. And deliver it on the silver wrist platter. Well, if it’s really a term, but it is today, what just happened?
God dammit. Now there we go. And, uh, to go was tone deaf luck. It was obviously a mistake in hindsight. I, I wouldn’t have done it. Um, I was trying to be a dad and all of us have made decisions before we get into the bullshit. I do want to point out. The fact that he’s even saying it was any sort of mistake is such a departure from the standard mindset.
It tells you how bad that this really is or how much it’s resignating with, not as haters, but his supporters never did these motherfuckers say I fucked up in the least bit. Ever. So the fact that he’s even now, he’s going to go into a, a bullshit explanation. And again, this is from a few days ago, he since changed his tune a little bit.
After those text messages came out, that I showed earlier. But he starts out saying that it was a mistake and that’s Epic on its own. When you got two girls have been cold for two, two days and haven’t had heater power and they’re saying, Hey, look, we don’t have school. Why don’t we go? Let’s get out of here.
I think there are a lot of parents. That’d be like, all right, let me see if I can do this. Great. That’s what I wanted to do. So that’s all kind of personal. It’s all kind of reasonable, right? It’s shitty out. School’s closed. You’re freezing. If you’ve got somewhere warm to go, you know, packing the car and go there or fly there.
But here’s the thing. You’re a Senator. This is like, what? What’s that old Navy saying? You know, the captain abandons his ship before anybody else? I don’t think that’s how it goes. Send your girls. You’re not somebody that has to be stuck to them. They’re used to them. You work in Washington. A lot of the time your wife and your daughters can handle themselves, throw them on the plane, get them out of town.
I would have no problem with that.
That’s fine. If you have the recess, it sucks that not everybody has the resources to do that, but. At the end of the day, that’s one thing, but him to go, wow,
the guy that’s supposed to show the leadership. Yeah. You’re just a Dick. You’re only, sorry, because you got caught. Um, as I said, really from the moment I sat on the plane, I, I, I began to really second guessing that decision that’s the most telling comment ever, because what he means by that is the moment I sat down and realized how many camera phones were pointing at me.
I knew I fucked up, I fucked up bad. Saying, look, I know why we’re doing this, but, but I’ve also got responsibilities and, and, and it had been in my intention to be able to work remotely. Of course. Uh, I was going to work from the beach guys, my tie in my hand. Be on the phone to be on internet, to be on zoom, to be engaged, but I needed to be here and, and, and everybody else on zoom has the fake tropical beach background.
Ted Cruz is like, no guys, it’s just, it’s a green screen. I’m not actually on the beach. Fucking Dick. That’s why I came back. And then as it became a bigger and bigger firestorm, uh, it became all the more compelling, uh, that I needed to come back because Ooh, shit, they mad. I already should be fixing this problem and making sure it doesn’t happen again.
Or you know that now. Huh? Interesting how you’ve come to that conclusion at this point, Rafael fucking hack. Uh, speaking of which I want to just show you this real brilliant fucking tweet, uh, new York’s Congresswoman. I mean, we have a bunch of them, but one of them. That used to be my favorite Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.
Uh, and this was dated. This, this a tweet here was a couple of days ago. She’s now raised $5 million for the people of Texas $5 million. The New York progressive socialist has raised for the people of Texas. While their Senator, a guy that they love let’s keep in mind. Ted Cruz is a fucking superstar in Texas.
Well, he went to go sit on a beach somewhere. This evil bartender
happened to raise $5 million for the people at Texas during their crisis. And then this Dick bag, Alan West, uh, you may remember him from the past. Uh, he’s a big, uh, conservative superhero because he’s an African-American who, who takes their side. Uh, he’s the head of the Republican party in Texas. And he puts out this tweet and it’s, it’s fine.
These NSLS can’t you can’t just say thanks. You know, like just once in your life, don’t be a Dick bag and just say, thanks. Nah, I can’t do that. We got to make sure that we demonize these people who we’re trying to fucking help. Right. I hear that the new year York progressive socialist representative AOC is coming to him, Houston with 2 million for weather relief.
Again, now it’s 5 million, the gestures appreciated, but doesn’t it remove the fact that her green new deal philosophy failed Texans. What the fuck are you talking about? Now we touched on this at the end of last week where they’re trying to spin this as the green new deal and all the renewable energy and all the horrors of this shit that Progressive’s won.
They don’t have that in Texas. It’s the most ridiculous fucking argument ever to blame progressive policies. For what’s happening in fucking Texas of all places of all places. It’s the most ridiculous projection spin bullshit. I’ve seen in a long time. And that’s saying something, but forget the fact that the green new deal isn’t in place anywhere in the United States.
Forget the fact that it sure as fuck is not happening in Texas.
I kind of love this tweet and here’s why I love this tweet.
Progressive socialist is bringing you millions of dollars. Do you understand what this man’s telling his constituents in the state of Texas progressive socialist, helping you. Beat that drum, sir, continue to call her a progressive socialist. Every time you talk about what she’s doing for you, please
show them the horrors of Progressive’s and the horrors of socialism by highlighting. When they help you. Please do that Alan West. Please. Oh, please continue to do that every day forever. Cause that just, it can’t get any better than that. That is selling the message for us. Thank you, Allen West, you fucking idiot.
Finally, the last part of this. Texas story. And then we’re going to get into some, some craziness happening in Facebook.
There’s a story in the New York times. There’s a story fucking everywhere. If we’re being honest, uh, this is the latest thing to come out of this storm in Texas, because of course the electric company is totally deregulated and do whatever the fuck they want. In the height of the crisis, they jacked up the price of electricity because it’s allowed for them to do.
And they said, you know, we’re sorry, half the state is black blacked out. And the power failure,
those of you that do have power, we’re going to like 10, 15 times your rate. Basically, we’re going to make sure that you pay, we don’t make any losses. The few people that have power are going to pay the bills for the entire state. So we, as a company, we’re going to keep rocking and rolling. And what this means is people are getting bills for tens of thousands of dollars.
And while your first thought might be, Whoa, fuck them. I’m not paying that. A lot of these folks are on auto pay. A lot of these folks have been set up by the power company. Because their bill is almost identical every month. It’s a lot easier. Just take your payment.
That was when the payment was like 300 bucks this month at 16,000. And they auto withdraw that from your account.
Imagine that. Uh, the New York times talks to, uh, this gentlemen, Scott Willoughby, 63 year old army vet lives on social security payments outside of Dallas. He said that he had nearly emptying his, his savings account so that he would able be able to pay the $16,752 electric bill that they charged to his credit card.
70 times what he normally pays for all his utilities combined. There’s nothing I can do about it. He says, but it’s broken me.
This is what radical libertarian deregulation brings you. My friends, literally in the middle of a crisis, they were allowed.
To boost the bill, not even double it, 70 times, $16,000. Can you imagine if just having your lights in your refrigerator, a heater running in your home cost you $16,000.
There are senior citizens like this gentleman on a fixed income that don’t make more than $25,000 in an entire year.
It’s incredible. We’ve got a little video Texans who have suffered through days of freezing cold without power should not be subjected to skyrocketing energy bills due to, and due to a spike in the energy market. Imagine that. There’s some common sense to buy it. Nobody thought about that before, huh? Gov.
Uh, this is governor Abbott of Texas, a Republican, which side? No, I don’t have the tweet handy for you, but, um, Donald Trump Jr. Was tweeting about how come nobody’s talking about the failure of the Democrat government, uh, governor rather in Texas fucking idiots. But it’s nice for you to call for something.
Now, after the fact, after these people have gotten screwed. So I could, I held an emergency meeting yesterday with legislative leaders to begin the legislative process, to steeled, Texas families from unreasonable bills. This is something that’s being fast, that this is how insane it is because most States have some sort of law that applies to this price, gouging laws, things like that.
And you don’t need to write new laws. You don’t need the legislature. You need the state attorney general. This is normally a job. The attorney general goes after. Cause that conduct would already be illegal, but in fucking Texas, protecting the consumer, protecting the citizen that has never been their top priority.
Left ciders are working on as we speak. It’s only now after they’d been fucked. Do they go, Oh, Hey, wait a minute. We might need a little that old regulation. I think at this moment in time by now, we will have meetings this week to get to the bottom of this, but also to provide a relief and support to our fellow Texans.
One thing that we had during that meeting, it was very productive in the sense that it was a bipartisan meeting and Senator Ross West at particular pointed, it was productive because it was bipartisan. We got to get over this bullshit. This, that they’re beaten. This bipar, everybody has, this is their, their buzzword.
And it doesn’t mean what you think it means. Now we need to bet partisan issues aside work collaboratively together to deliver solutions for our fellow Texans. Along those lines, we’re going to put partisan issues aside. Compare that to the tweet that I just showed you from the head of the Republican party in Texas.
Who couldn’t even just say thank you to a New York representative. Who’s helping them gotta put party issues aside. Yeah. You let me know when that starts there. Greg, as we are speaking, there’s a meeting being held by the Texas public utilities commission announcing this relief, the Texas public utilities commission called an emergency meeting today.
To issue a moratorium on customer disconnections for non-payment. They are also going to restrict electric providers from sending customer invoices at this time. And this bars will give them time. So you can’t show buddy off and you can’t send them their bill. You can still rack up charges though.
You’ll know.
But you just can’t send them the bill for awhile. So when they do get the bill, it’s going to be like three months worth in one shot due in three weeks. Is that what you’re telling me, Greg, um, to address the electric and power billing challenges that Texans are seeing. I mean, there’s a really good way to address the challenges.
You tell the power company, you’re not gonna be a fucking power company, unless you adjust everybody’s bill.
That’s pretty simple. It’s not really like rocket science. What do I know? I don’t know a whole lot. I’ll be honest. I do know. That there’s some weird shit going on in the world of media and Facebook. And it’s not just Facebook, but Facebook leads the charge as one of the biggest. And one of the ones who has some of the most drastic reactions to try to fight against the things that it doesn’t like.
And this is not an American. Only thing, this story is out of Australia, but it has global implications. Um, let’s hear about it from CNN story to Facebook has blocked users in Australia from seeing and sharing news. This is a fight with the Australian government, which wants tech giants to pay for the news on their platforms, Brian Stelter.
All right. So we’re going to hear a little bit more about what they’re talking about, but. In a nutshell, this is led by, uh, some Murdoch folks, of course, who now want Facebook to pay them,
to have the new stories on Facebook. This is very confusing to me because Facebook and social media. Is one of the things that has kept traditional media afloat.
You drive exponentially more traffic from Facebook to your news site than almost any other place. It is your top refer. It is your best salesman and you’re not giving away the news on Facebook. It’s a link to your fucking site. You’re advertising your business. You’re getting people in your door. That’s what Facebook is doing for you.
They’re not taking the text of your article and sharing it so that nobody clicks on you so that nobody goes to your site. So you can’t generate advertising revenue. That’s not how it works. They’re sending you business more than anyone else. And of course, Of course greedy Fox would go, Oh yeah, you gotta pay me for that.
What w what
is the most fucked up thing I’ve ever seen, but let’s hear some more about it. Uh, joins this now, Brian wowses. Wow. Can say about this story for so many reasons. What do you make of it? And then we’ll dig into more of the details regulators around the world. Brian’s a good guy. I was on CNN with Brian. Uh, he’s their top media guy.
And honestly, he’s been getting more play than anybody lately because everything’s about the media for news publishers. So are lawmakers. All eyes are on Australia right now because of this proposed new media bargaining code that is supposed to help pay publishers for the content that is shared all across big tech platforms.
This is about Facebook and Google. It’s fucking absurd.
And so far Facebook Google’s given very different reactions to this proposed legislation. Facebook has basically blocked off Australia so that news sites can not share links from Australia and anywhere in the world. If you want to share a link to the Australian broadcast network, uh, to any of the other Australian outlets, you can’t do it on Facebook anymore.
It’s an amazing drastic action from Facebook. It shows how much power they have Google on the other hand is cutting. How much power they have to control their own platform.
Just perspective with these news publishers, trying to stop this legislation from spreading all around the world. So two different reactions from two big D two giant players to this real significant push it’s been going on for a decade, Julia, by Rupert Murdoch and other major publishers saying you need to pay us for at least a little bit.
For the damage you’ve done to our business, the damage you’ve done, literally why you’re still in business in, in many, in, in the peak, in the cases of these newspapers. Anyway, you know, I, I think of the, the local newspaper and there is still a printed edition on Sunday, I think, but you know, 95% of their business today is from their website.
And the majority of the traffic that goes to their website comes from fucking Facebook. So the idea that Facebook should pay you for the privilege of promoting your business is so absurd. That of course it came up, it had to be come up with, from a billionaire, like a Rupert Murdoch or the ILC. Now Google, if you heard that right.
Google’s approach to this is to just pay them off. They’re like, listen, uh, we’re just gonna give you a little bit to go away and hope this doesn’t become a bigger thing to me. I’d worry that that’s the catalyst that would allow it to become a bigger thing, but who knows, uh, Facebook. Is taking the, just go fuck yourself approach.
We’re shutting you straight down. Yeah. It’s quite fascinating because Facebook’s argument here and I’ve read that full statement is look, we’re very different from Google because it, people share news on Google. You can search for a news article. It’s there you get no choice. And perhaps therefore Google has to compensate these news producers, these publishers for news, but in Facebook’s case, absurd.
Don’t use these services. I mean, if these services are genuinely hurting your business, then don’t use them or are you upset with them? Because they’ve democratized content and they’ve allowed idiots like me to distribute my content. Now, of course, I still don’t top you guys. Cause I don’t have the, the draw, but a lot of people do a lot of independent people because they make good content and it catches on and people are hungry for that.
So now you, you want to be compensated, even though this has helped save your business, help boost your business has become a major source of revenue. Because of the fact that the little guy gets a leg up too. That’s what’s hurt you. And that’s what you want to be paid for. Get fucked face. They say, look, the business game from news is minimal news makes up less than 4% of the content that people see in their news feeds.
And they say, look, these news publishers come to us. To promote their needs and then they get more subscriptions. So they sort of utilize the Facebook platform. I mean, there are so many ethical questions to be asked here about what Facebook is doing, Brian. They can’t turn the tap off on fake news and make judgements over the news.
That’s there, but they can literally turn the tap off in a country. This is as fundamental as the building blocks of the worldwide web. The idea that on the internet, you can link. The link is everything on the worldwide web. That’s what Tim Berners Lee, uh, invented. And Tim Berners-Lee the, he mentioned the world wide web.
He is concerned about this proposal in Australia because he’s worried about how it will spread out, could spread around the world and cause lawmakers, uh, in Europe and North America and elsewhere to try to change the business model for these companies. Here’s part of what Facebook’s Campbell Brown. A former CNN anchor said in a blog post, if I it’s so incredible that people are going to come at it from this angle.
And it shouldn’t be surprising, right? Cause this is the, this is the ultimate capitalist situation. We gotta go after you, no matter what all you’re helping our business, you’re not helping enough pay the VIG. Yesterday. She said, look contrary to what some have suggested. Facebook does not steal news content publishers choose to share their stories on Facebook.
She says what the proposed law introduced in Australia fails to recognize is the fundamental nature of the relationship between our platform and publishers. And it looks, she is right on the facts. And there it’s all about a choice. You have a choice to share on Facebook or not, but what Rupert Murdoch and other publishers have been saying for many years, Is it Google and Facebook came in and ripped the business model right from out from under them.
And that Facebook fucking better.
Google are selling ads, uh, you know, around their content while directing you to news content. It’s yeah. It’s attempt by Murdoch to rebalance everything in the news business. And if it works in Australia, it will happen around the world. It’s such a great point. And you could argue that we’re not, they’re not stealing content here, but you could argue too, that they are perhaps stealing the money that flows as a result of that content, whether they choose to or chose it or not.
Because I ball’s bring in advertisers. The numbers in Australia is shocking. 75% of people in Australia get their news from social media. It’s a study by Oxford university, 81 cents in every dollar of advertising money spent on Google and. Facebook, they are omnipotent, but I’m we spoke to Microsoft. Yes, that’s exactly.
That’s where everybody’s getting their news. So if you’re going to say this disrupted your business model, it’s for the good, the shit you were doing before everyone has abandoned clearly, but now you want to be paid and you know, what are you going to do? Soft another player in this market. They’ve got being the search function too.
Don’t forget Microsoft. They have some other search engine that six people use. So they had a vested interest in saying, Hey, we’ll play ball with Australia. We think paying these publishers is a good idea, but listen to what you had to say about the bigger issue here. You cannot have a healthy democracy without healthy journalism.
And we all depend on having a healthy democracy. That means we all depend on having healthy journalism. And so we saw this Australian proposal as an opportunity to step in and stand up for what we think is not just good business for Microsoft. Here’s the thing. Even if you think people should be paid.
They’re not going to pay everybody. They’re not going to pay these independent creators. And then the independent creators are, are going to get all up in arms and, and Facebook will say all well, shit. Well, all right, well, we got to pay you too, but now that we’re paying you, we can call even more of the shots.
So we’re going to pick and choose, and we’re going to tailor. Just like a TV network, just like a Sinclair news station. We’re now going to tailor all of Facebook to the outlets in the, the content providers that we like. And that’s it. And other people won’t even be allowed because we don’t want to pay him.
It’s yeah, it’s a scary shit show is what it is.
Really a good cause for Australia and the world, Brian. And this goes back to your point. This is not just about Australia. This is fundamental to the functioning of democracies and where our media goes from here and the sources of our media. Right. How to finance news, how to pay the bill for news gathering all around the world.
But there are some folks who say there’s big flaws with the Australian proposed how to finance news. These companies have made all kinds of money on online advertising. How much more do you need? I don’t know. You know, news used to be a loss leader. This whole idea, you know, CNN is it’s, it’s a little bit ironic.
Because they, 24 hour news network never used to be a thing you never used to have to do that for news news was the loss leader. That’s why you had the local news and you had the network news. It was a half hour, you know, you got a half hour local, you got a half hour of national news from there at work.
It was never made the station or the network money they weren’t supposed to. They were just supposed to be the piece. That brought you to this station because you need news. You want to know what’s going on in the world and it wasn’t supposed to make a big profit. It was just supposed to be the thing that brought you to the station.
So you would stick on that station and watch the programming and the advertising that they offered other than news, the profitable stuff,
this, this whole idea that. News is supposed to make lots of money is a problem in and of itself South. And the thing is there’s lots of independent killer journalism, one man operations, one woman operations out there digging in finding stories, reporting on them on their blog or as a correspondent for an outlet.
They don’t need to make millions. They need enough clicks to pay their bills, which isn’t all that hard to get. If you’re providing real value in real news and real information that people want to hear.
But this also goes back to, you know what I’ve said many times. And what everybody says, you know, if you’re a business guy, you listened to Gary V he talks repeatedly about how to deal with changes in platforms, platforms being shut down platforms, not working like they used to algorithm changes. You were once on top.
Now you’re not anymore. I’m devastated. Well, you shouldn’t be devastated. You should be laying the groundwork for alternatives. You should be using these things. Just like these news outlets are. As much as you can while you can, but you got to drive into your own platform, which ironically again, is what the news outlets are already doing in their bitching.
But a platform you control is the place to be. Facebook is not always going to dominate. It may be around for a long time, but other things that we haven’t even heard of will come. And take its place. And in many cases only temporarily and we’ll use those platforms and we’ll figure them out and we’ll adapt and they’ll shut down and we’ll move on to the next one.
This is the way this is life in the age of technology. My friends, this is, this is the rest of our existence. We need to learn how to adapt and not put all our eggs in one basket. Especially when big forces like this. And when you think about it,
the best way to democratize things is to have exactly what I was just saying. Exactly. The type of system of constantly evolving new platforms coming and going. If we prevent. Companies from becoming as big as Facebook and as powerful as you heard them say, earlier as Facebook, we can remain independently in control.
The small voices will still rise to the top just because they’re providing the best content. Not because they’re paying the most,
you know, we’ve put all this power into this one platform and look what we’ve done. We’ve created a monster. If we start distributing, if we start understanding that your real home base should be your website. I know I’m old school. I started out writing HTML in 1998. You know, when it was all you had was your own website.
There were none of these public platforms. I’m not saying we gotta go back to that, but that should be the home base. You should have your own site, that you pay money for that you have a clear cut legal terms in terms of guaranteed access, guaranteed quality of service, those types of things, and nobody can fuck with you.
And if you build those platforms in four years, use these other ones and drive everybody to my website. This is my home base. Three, one five, go there and find me regardless of what these platforms do you build that following and they know where to get you as you it’s only going to benefit. I don’t know, wild times, my friends wild times.
It looks like we are, uh, at the end of our program, this has been a, a great Monday back, even though I was kind of out of it. When we started, I got the coffee in me, I got the, uh, the help of Bernie and, uh, we’re going to do our right. We got great things going on the rest of this week. Please like follow subscribe on YouTube podcast on iTunes.
All of that helps. Uh, and if you could subscribe right here on Twitch, that would be just the best thing ever. You can subscribe with your Amazon prime subscription for free. You can give me Bezos’s money. It doesn’t cost you a thing. You do have to do that every month, uh, manually renew it. But, uh, that would be awesome.
And I appreciate it. And I appreciate every single one of you, all you guys in the chat, you guys are the best already. Joe Jack, we will have Jack from the Jack and Moe cooking show on here pretty soon. He’s got some cool things in some tasty recipes that I’m excited to share with you. And it’s going to be fun.
This has been the Matt Masur show. We’ll see you tomorrow, guys.

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