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Arrested for Walking While Black in Texas | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

Matt Masur Show Clips

Matt and Tuddle discuss the latest news story from Plano Texas where a man was arrested for walking home from work.

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Arrested for Walking While Black in Texas
Let’s take a look at this clip. These the, the, now this folks break it down pretty quickly, but I actually have the full camera footage.
If we want to see it, I hate this this now news or whatever, because they always put news like I’m bringing Oh yeah, yeah. You’re right. And I should, before I get zapped, I should mute it. Here’s what happened? This gentlemen, walking home from work. Yes. He doesn’t have a coat on. Yes, it’s cold.
And people in Texas, especially are probably a little freaked out about this here in New York, where it’s like three degrees, 11 months of the year. This is norm people wouldn’t even blink an eye. Like there’s folks around here that are used to the cold. It doesn’t bother them. There are dudes that will walk around in gym shorts and snow boots.
Like it. It’s not that big of a deal, but anyway, somebody saw this guy was concerned called the police. They originally thought he was a kid. Okay. Like, I, I get that. I get the police responding. Hey, what’s going on? But as you can clearly see, there’s nothing wrong with this guy. He’s not committing any crime.
You just walk in and he should have been left alone. But of course that’s not what happened.
Do you know, they used to have some called sundown laws. Yeah. It’s fucked up. Rather than play this shitty clip. Let me, let me show you a little bit of the actual footage. Cause then I also don’t have to worry about their copyright bullshit. The thing with this is like, Just leave people the fuck alone.
You know what I mean? Why, why did they say why then maybe I couldn’t hear the new story or whatever, but like, what what I’m trying to say is why, what was the probable cause to, well, somebody called somebody called and said, there’s a kid with no coat on walking in the snow. And like I said, like, okay I, I could see the concern of somebody who saw a person.
Maybe I’m giving them a lot of benefit of the doubt here, but I could see that concern. And I could see the police responding and checking it out. But when the police showed up and clearly it’s not a kid and clearly he’s okay. You keep on going. But, you know, police can’t do that. You must look my boots or your fine.
We’re trying to help you. I mean, I, yeah, I’m on the way home. I’m starting. Okay. But you’re walking in the middle of the road. Yeah. You’re walking in the middle of the road, dude. It’s a fucking snow storm. Literally anyone who’s walking is going to end up walking on the road. It’s it’s wild. Let me put this up so you can see it.
I apologize. Yeah,
man. He’s literally just trying to walk home, like you’re walking in the road. Yes. It’s the fucking sidewalks. Aren’t plowed. People do that here all the time. It drives me crazy. Even when the sidewalks are plotted, people are still walking in the road. Drives me fucking crazy, but welcome to winter, Texas.
Just trying to figure out where you
man, do you want us to just give it, give you a ride? Do you want us to give you a ride? That’s a nice offer. He says, no, everybody go about their fucking business. Can’t have that. No boots have been licked yet. Okay.
What’s your name, man? The funny part is if, if you think about it, if this dude’s on a walk, I don’t know exactly how far it is from, from his job to home, but even in the middle of the winter, a good brisk walk, you might really be okay and not be all that cold, like, but you know, now you want to stop and talk to me.
Well, that’s how I get cold. Well, you know, you know what sucks is when you get that sweaty cold, like, you know, like when you get sweaty and then, and then, and then you start cooling down and they were like, Oh man, I’m fucking cold. Do you mind? Huddle is as a Florida guy, have you had much snow experience?
I’ve never seen her fall from the sky. I’ve seen her on the ground, but I’ve never seen her fall. That’s incredible. We got to once this nightmare is over, we should bring you up here and throw in the snow. Show you what that’s all about. Just talk to us for a minute. Talk to us for a minute. I’m just trying to get your attention.
Yes. This gentleman, first of all, in, in, in other interviews with him, since he’s talked about, you know, well, why didn’t you stop for the cops? Why didn’t you just hang out? He says, well, my people get killed for that. And he’s right. And as you can see, he’s trying very hard. He’s trying not to be aggressive.
He’s trying to make sure that he’s telling them that he doesn’t want to touch them. He doesn’t want to put hands on them. He’s doing everything he can to just try to mind his own fucking business and go home after a day’s work. You okay? No, no, no. No, no, no way we’re doing an investigation. I don’t care.
I’m more at home. You were officially detained. No, you’re officially detained for what? I mean, I’ll give him that, you know, the, the anti-cop people, that’s the first thing you want to say is the whole Am I being detained. This cop went right to it. Yeah. You’re being detained. Stop, stop.
Trying to talk to you. Got an addict. I got an anger problem. Please get off. Yeah. Now the thing is, if this was me or Tuttle walking down the street, we could tell those cops to go fuck themselves. And chances are, they probably would have just driven off. I can I, can I, can I ask you a quick question? What do you, what do you think about those?
A-holes that just stand out there and purposely like just troll the cops. Yeah. Yeah. So I know exactly what you mean. Like cop wads or whatever, it’s something, here’s the thing about that? I’m a big fan of there’s a time and a place for everything. And while I don’t really agree with that approach.
We kind of need those assholes. Like we, we need, we need the people on the very limits, holding the limits back. Do you understand what I’m saying? Like, we need the guy who can troll because it’s technically legal and yes, we can all agree. He’s a fucking Dick, but the reality is him pushing and holding that line at what’s technically legal.
Helps. So many other people that aren’t dicks that are just trying to go about their day. Do you understand what I’m saying? Or, or is it, or is it working the opposite Leigh where these households are like, really like, just getting after somebody so hard that next time they see somebody that doesn’t have a camera.
Oh man, the least they were going to get like a Billy club in the back or takes out some of their frustration, you know? I mean, it’s, it’s a valid concern. And, and again, I think some of these guys probably go a little too far. They push more than I personally would push, but like I said, in the grand scheme of things I think they probably do more good than, than otherwise.
And like I said, if for nothing else holding that line, right, because they’re the ones that are on the front line. Of recording the police and telling people that it’s legal to report record the police, which it is. And in most places know this. And during the Obama administration, the justice department put out memos detailing to police that it is legal to record them.
And, and they’ve kind of beat this idea into their head, but there’s still some that will walk up to people running the camera and tell them, put that down. I can arrest you for videotaping me. Which is a total lie. I mean, they are, they’re not going to do it there. I mean, all they’re doing is just trying to think that this person that they’re talking to doesn’t know the laws and that they’re just going to a Bay, which, which is, which is my point that’s, that’s why these provocateurs douche bags as they may be are, are providing us a service.
You know what I mean? I agree. There’s there’s like another five minutes of this video here. We don’t need to watch it all. At this point, basically, no, I’m sorry. I didn’t even touch that. You are not free, right? You are not free to go. She just said we are taking your freedom because you were walking home, having this problem.
We honestly need to try and track them. I’m trying to check on you. This is not how you check on somebody. You check on somebody by going, Hey, are you okay? And he goes, yeah, I’m cool. That’s how you check on somebody. Okay. He’s cool. He said, so that’s, that’s a check on someone. What if there is a check on someone is not stopped on the side of the road, in the freezing cold.
And let me detain you until I am satisfied with you walking home from your fucking job. No. I mean, you never know if there could have been a little person inside that holding him, but night at night point because you have rarely ever noticed when the cops took her to the door in the view and they’ll ask the woman, like, is there anybody else in this?
Yeah. There’s somebody behind you? Blink once if you’re open to it, Plano, Texas, you know? Yeah. There is a, an update. I will give you from the Hill.
So Lisa in Plano, Texas dropped charges against a black teen after he was arrested last week while walking home amid a winter storm, he was taken into custody and held overnight in jail, on a misdemeanor charge of a pedestrian in the roadway. But playing, let, let, let that sink in for just a second. Now, not only did he go through this shit and arrest this guy and break his balls.
But they kept him in jail for a fucking misdemeanor. I’m here to tell you pretty warm in the jail. I bet. But he has a house. This isn’t a homeless guy. He’s a fucking worker. Mon the house, probably his house. A lot of people didn’t have power. What I’m trying to say is at least the jail probably had power.
Okay. Yeah. All right. I can, I can see that argument, but I think he would have preferred to be home but just. Put yourself in this, in this picture, anybody and you know, many folks have cars, but at some point in your life, you’ve walked walk to work, walk to school, walk down the street to a friend’s house.
Can you imagine, after a hard day of work or whatever, you’re just walking home and you don’t make it there. You got picked up and had to spend the night in jail. Because you were walking home from work. Literally the only reason the charge was walking in the road, you know, you know, my, you know, growing up in the South, you know, growing up in some of these small towns, my dad would tell me about, you know, until like recently as the late seventies, they had those sundown laws.
Like they it was like, don’t let the, on some of the signs that said, don’t let the sun go down on your black ass, meaning. You’re not be out at night, right? That’s just South for you. It’s it’s incredible. Here’s the other 15 seconds of that. Amy said in on Monday statement shared on Facebook that the charge was dropped because quote, our officers were on a welfare check, their rest wasn’t consistent with the reason the officers are there to provide assistance.
Did you catch that? We’re only, we’re only gonna drop discharge because it wasn’t why they were called. I mean, that’s, that’s gotta be like the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever heard. Like literally half the charges that anyone incurs are not for why someone was called, like what the, and how about just saying it was wrong to arrest a man for walking home.
How about that. And then how about saying we’re firing the fucking scumbags who imprisoned this man for the crime of walking home.

Arrested for Walking While Black in Texas | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

Computer Generated Transcript:

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