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Joe Biden Opens New Cages for Kids | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

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Joe Biden opens new Concentration camps for kids.

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Joe Biden Opens New Cages for Kids | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

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Joe Biden Opens New Cages for Kids
I want to get into our topic today or, or one of them anyway, in the news. I said, Oh, this, this came across yesterday. You know, everybody he’s talking about Joe Biden. I’ve, I’ve complained already.
We’re a month in. There’s a lot of things he was supposed to do. He hasn’t done. I’ve complained. I’ve already gotten. You know, attacked, like it’s going out of style because I’m not giving Biden a chance. Of course. And I’ve said many times, he claimed you wanted to do something about this immigration problem and these kids in cages.
So why didn’t he fucking close them? Day one, people I’ll give them time, give them time, give them time. And I said, no, I’m not going to give them time because the reality is. The administration, he was part of previously built the fucking cages to start with. They have no desire to shut down the cases. And unfortunately, I was once again, proven, correct.
When yesterday the story came out that Joe Biden opened another fucking concentration camp, not closed down reopened technically, I guess it had been used in the past, but a new facility talk about going backwards. This is the most insane shit I’ve ever seen and the most hypocritical bullshit ever. I see concentration camp, I see Mexican petting zoo being able to go there.
They sell you like little food treats when you walk in and you get to like feed the small Mexican children. And that’s that’s yeah, I mean, come on. How cool would that be? We’ve all been to petting zoos before and you know, Mexican kids are really, really cute. Could you imagine getting one to eat out of your hand, if we’re going to do that?
Can we just let people take them home because they would do that? Like, can we, can we do something better? Here’s the thing about this insanity. And I don’t have the number pulled up and, and I wish I had pulled it up previously, but. I believe it was somewhere in the realm of like 600 bucks a day per person, that we pay these private contractors to keep these children in the most.
And not even just children. We keep adults in similar and we don’t talk about it. Enough. Similar deplorable conditions. Are these all illegal immigrants? Are they all leave? No, here’s the thing. The majority of these folks. Have tried to claim asylum, which is a legal process you’re allowed to do these.
Aren’t a lot of people, a lot of people think that these are you know, folks, they caught as they were trying to scurry across the border or some shit that’s not in many cases, the case in many cases, these are folks that want to do it legally following our process. And they came to our border and they said, I would like to apply for asylum.
Totally legal, totally normal way to do it. And then they’re putting these places while we try to fit it. No, no, no. Wait a minute, wait a minute. Wait a minute. So you’re telling me they’re going to apply for it now, when they are applying, are they applying in the United States or is there like this little, like, you know, D military militarized zone, kind of like they have a North and South Korea, like that little blue meeting room and you go there and, you know, apply.
For asylum, like, so I’m not hard to believe that they’re just snatching out people that are, that are wanting to come here legally. Well, that’s, that’s exactly what they’re doing though. Because what they’re doing is they’re basically coming to I guess it’s on the border. I don’t, I know exactly what, you’re, what you’re trying to say.
With like a DMZ and I don’t believe such a thing exists. It’s my understanding that they’re just coming right up to the, you know, the Gates or the facilities on the border. And saying, I am so-and-so from Chile or, or wherever. And I would like to apply for asylum and they say, okay, go wait in the fucking box.
And if they have kids, and this is the big difference with the Trump administration, the Trump administration would immediately separate kids. So if, if you and your kid showed up at the border, they would send you to one building in your kid to another. Previously, they didn’t do that. They at least let you and your kids stay in the same cage, basically.
There is also in what they claim this particular shelter as for, as unaccompanied teenagers. So these are, you know, 13 to 17 year olds who supposedly didn’t come with a family, supposedly, you know, who knows whether or not that’s true, but. Here’s here’s my whole thing. If we’re spending this kind of money per person every fucking day, there is absolutely no excuse for, we can’t do better than this, because at that price, you could spend half as much run out every room at the fucking local Hilton hotel, put people in decent conditions.
Where the hotel even provide them fucking breakfast for that money. And we would save money and, you know, there’s a thousand other similar things we could, we could literally build brand new fucking houses for these people for less money. But they claim this is the best we can do. I mean, I, I don’t understand like why, I mean, get, have your things in order, do it online or something.
I know that it’s a third world country, but I know, but I’m just saying it’s like, I mean, ha it’s, it’s weird. I agree with you, but I’m not gonna, I mean, none of these people are going to change anything they’re not, and that’s my whole point is. You know, unfortunately in a lot of us saw this coming and it’s funny because a lot of people forget, you know, progressive leftists like myself spent the last year.
It was only a year ago when we were in the primaries. It’s hard to believe. It seems like a lifetime ago, but we spent the last year trying to push progressive candidates. And then the Democrats fucked us. They made sure that Joe Biden, their chosen guy won no matter what anybody wanted. Oh, they brought in the closure of Obama.
They brought in the closure or Obama, Sarah at the final minute. And they’re like, Hey man, we need jail. Right. You got to remember in the primary Tuttle, what they did, as soon as Bernie Sanders started getting momentum, literally every other candidate was brought in and said, we are coordinating right now.
You are all dropping out the same day. So all of your people vote for by they, it was, it was a shit show, but. My point is the whole time we did this. We got to the point where, all right, Biden’s the nominee. We all agree. We got to get rid of Trump. And everybody said myself included. We are going to remove Biden, but we are not for a second going to give him a pass.
We’re going to be on his ass from day one. And it’s, as soon as day one came and we were on his ass PO go on your room, shut the fuck up. People given a pass, especially people in their own party, given a pass to this bullshit is the whole reason we have these messages stop with this team nonsense. When your guy does something wrong, fucking call it out, stop with this.
It’s gotta be right because he’s, he’s my guy. He’s not your guy. He doesn’t give a fuck about you. Trump will fuck about you Biden. Doesn’t give a fuck about you. These guys wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I mean you, you said it perfectly what did you think of his speech last night?
I, I, I didn’t even get into that. I was too busy trying to not think about this, this fucking hypocritical bullshit. I mean, listen, I mean, I try to stay out of it. It’s like politically. I just pay my taxes, do what I gotta do. And, and that’s about it because nothing is going to get done. You know, you, you know, what, what matters, who the president is to the rich people, the rich people care who the president of Dez people like me and you it’s not going to change anything for us.
It seriously, it’s not okay. I, I just, I needed to look this up because. The figure was, was driving me crazy. This is from 2019 when Trump was in office, I guess the cost could have changed, but I find that hard to believe that it would have changed that dramatically $775 per person per day. Think about what you could get for that.
I mean, think about the fact that, again, just go back to my hotel idea. Say we put two people in a hotel. Most hotel rooms have two bedrooms, right? Two people in a hotel. Oh yeah. Seven 75 times two, four a what top level? Holiday resort three. You throw a knife and nightstand. You go with like a night, 10 boy, like think, think of the cost of a high-end a Ritz, you know, three, maybe say $400 a night.
Fancy five-star hotel and it would be a fraction of what we’re spending. Are we getting a continental breakfast? Fuck. Yeah, that’s the thing. That’s what I’m saying. Like, we could spend a quarter of this amount of money, put these people up in decent conditions and they could eat like Kings and I realized, well, all right, maybe that’s excessive and I might even agree with you, but the whole point is that.
This whole fucking thing is about money. That costs that seven 75 per person per day. That’s not the cost to employ ice agents or immigration department employees. These are run by private organizations. These are for profit. You know how everybody gave Joe Biden praise for cutting all the private prisons.
Yeah, they’ve been doing that for a while. This is the new thing. Watch the last season of a, or maybe it wasn’t the last season, but the second to last, rather of orange is the new black where they explain immigration detention is the new private prison. That is the new cash cow, seven 75 per person per fucking day.
My present show was Oz. I Oz was so uncomfortable. The the man on man break send stuff. I mean, they seem to, so lifelike, I can never watch that guy from law and order. Yeah. I don’t remember. What’s his name? Just to, for something. Yeah. It’s Chris. Dammit. Law and order SVU. Have you ever watched a show where they do not care?
Like, I was like, if I, if I was ever going to start a punk band, because they always use the word vaginal trauma on the show and I was like, that would be an amazing punk band name. Like we are vaginal drama. There’s a, there would be a pretty solid band name. I’m not going to lie. I like that. Oh, man in, in, we’re going to move on to another story, but I just, man, you’re fired up about the the Mexican patents thing, right?
I am dude. It’s, it’s the hypocrisy and that’s the thing. Here’s the white house defending it. Of course their, their big move is, Oh, it’s only temporary. It’s only temporary. And we had to do it because of COVID. We needed to space people out. So then what do we do, Matt, then? What do we do? Do, do we just release all those people and let them be free rein in the United States?
Like what do we do though? That’s, that’s a valid possibility. Because you can easily verify not in weeks, but at the most in a, in a day or two, that these people aren’t criminals, they don’t have a record or whatever. And if you do that, then yes, here you go. While we figure it out, while we go through the process, you can hang out here.
We got to know you’re here. We’ve got to know where you’re at. But other than that, who gives a fuck? Like how many, how many vacationers or visitors get to come and wander around the country? Like, it’s, it’s the idea that this is a big problem and it’s scary. First of all is completely false. This is a wedge issue, just like so many others.
This is designed to whip people up. It’s not a problem. We have negative net immigration, and we have for many years, that means more people are leaving the United States than are coming in. This idea that we’re being overrun by armies of foreigners is just blatantly false and, and that’s. You know, one of the things that drives me crazy because the reality is all of this shit that we’re talking about.
All this controversy, all the Dick guard jobs, all that bullshit is whipped up for exactly what I just showed you to generate $775 a day per head profit in the bank. That’s what’s drives this whole fucking thing. Fuck Joe Biden

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