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Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.. | The Matt Masur Show Full Episode 2 24 21

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Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.. | The Matt Masur Show Full Episode 2 24 21 – VIDEO | The Matt Masur Show Full Episode

Today Tuddle hangs out on the Matt Masur Show and he and Matt discuss Joe Biden opening new cages for kids as well as all kinds of other news!

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The Matt Masur Show Full Episode 2-24-21
I didn’t, again, I fired up the show, but didn’t turn on my mic. That’s like the fifth time in a row that I’ve done that. Oh shit. So again, with audio, welcome to the Matt Masur show with Tuttle. Live from Florida. Hi. How are you, man? I’m doing all right, buddy. Are you, are you are you in an RV or something?
Wait, where are you? I’m under the fifth wheel of an RV right now. I know it’s very Floridian, but yes, I am under a fifth wheel right now of a trailer. Well, you know what? The acoustics work well, and it’s it’s not a bad little spot you got there. Yeah, well, I’ve been getting kicked out of every other sport.
It’s weird to hear. I’ll give you a view. Hold on a few of the kids jealous. Hold on. Let me, let me see if I can turn my camera around here. I don’t know if I can hold on there. So there’s the ocean here. Air. Matter of fact, I’ll give you a little bit of a tore her. Well, I really can’t but you can see the water out there.
And it’s already about 73 or 74 degrees. Damn dude. Now I know. Great. Well, that’s the, that’s the way to be right there. Yeah. Yeah. So how you been, man? Everything good? I’ve been doing good, man. I’ve been doing good. We been rocking with the show here and having a good time and you know, I, I kinda took a little out of your book.
You know, you got a reset in your radio career and you said, well, listen, I know podcasting’s a big thing. I’m going to do it. I’m going to commit to it. And you’ve been doing it every day for, for how long now. I okay. So I it’s been awhile since I, I gone on a new schedule. What I do is I do Monday through Friday now on my podcast.
And then every night at seven, I do a live stream on my YouTube channel because now on monotypes there. So I do, I do a live stream there at night. So I’m doing two shows a day, Monday through Friday. And I’m now taking the weekends off. Well, that’s, that’s probably why. So you were actually doing seven days a week.
See, when I say every day, I just mean that’s pretty cool. That’s pretty cool. And how’s it going for you, man, in terms of, from a very, like building your content and building a podcast, you know, obviously you had a following, but you built this, this Tuttle show basically from scratch, right? Yeah, it was humbling.
It was humbling. You know, the first one week or two that I was doing, I was looking, I was like, wait a minute. I’m only got 25 downloads that I live with the hell’s going on right here. And now, now, like, I mean on the having really, really good, good days. Like I’m, I’m, I’m averaging like maybe six, 700 downloads a day.
So, and, and, and, and then there’ll be some days where like, I’ll have a couple of thousand downloads. So that’s the thing about podcasts is that people can listen or watch them. And at any time that they want to. So like some days you’re going to have a guy, Oh man, I’ve been listening to the Tuttle show in a while.
I’m going to like, listen to like a month. They’re going to like binge watch me. Like I was Netflix. That’s, that’s the way to go, right? I mean, that’s the thing. When I work with my podcast clients, you know, we talk about launching a podcast and we always say that, you know, we want four or five episodes right there from day one for that exact reason, because if somebody discovers one episode and they like you, you want them to be able to binge you and that’s immediately a whole bunch of more plays and it’s good things.
And that’s that, that’s awesome. When you see that kind of bump. Yeah, no, it is. It is. And then, and then what I really, really like it and it’s fine, honey. You don’t get this with regular radio is going on and looking at your analytics and seeing where people are listening to you at we’re there we’re we’re they’re checking you out at what other countries?
Well, obviously if you, if you had to say my top three countries and the world that listened to me, what would it be? I would think like, I don’t know the us and Canada. I mean, you know, like, in I don’t know, I don’t know if he’s still around the old bubble listener Iceland mic, but he used to be a big time listener to all the different shows and from straight from Iceland.
I don’t know if he’s still around or not. It is, it is the United States, Canada, and then the United Kingdom. That are my top three, but some of the weird countries that listen to me is like somebody in Ghana, Ghana listens to me like, and, and huge humongous loves me really. And you you’ve, you’ve spoken to this person you know, who they are in particular.
Are you just seeing them in the data? No. No. I have no idea who they are. No idea. So you just see consistently a there’s a play from, from that country. Yeah, Pakistan. I got, I got Pakistani listeners. What do you think might besides Tampa now you can break it down in the cities. What city do you think is my most popular city behind?
Well, I gotta, I gotta assume it’s Orlando. Right? Cause that’s the thing that I have not been able to figure out yet. For some reason, my analytics is telling me that nobody in Orlando is listening, which I know is virtually impossible. I mean, that’s, that’s one of the cities you’re most well-known in.
Exactly. No, but what you talk Kansas? What I get, dude, there’s I mean, that is like one of my biggest, like cities is Wichita, Kansas weird. I just don’t get it. And then Atlanta is number three. Wow. I mean, Atlanta is a big media market. I could see that, you know, all over the place, but it’s, it’s interesting that they’ve picked you up above a lot of these other places so far.
Yeah. Now what? Okay, so. Michael Sharkey, who used to be the program director at one Oh two five, the bone he’s actually doing the podcast thing, coaching thing. Now, you know, he actually left programming big, big time programmer left, left terrestrial radio at Cox media group. And, and is now a podcast coach, I think it says website, you your podcast,
And he does like. 30 minute type things. And, and he even told the future and you’ve seen the future helping out clients as well too. And that’s, you know, that’s funny because that goes right to what I was talking about last week, when Limbaugh died on, on how he’s taken radio with it. And the radio industry hasn’t necessarily evolved, but a lot of these talented people in the industry have seen the writing on the wall and they’ve moved on to these new things.
Let me ask you, can you, are you the type of person that can separate the art from the person? Like, like, for example, when I say rush Limbaugh, like I can say he was a great broadcaster, but do I agree with some of the shit that he said no helmet? Yeah. I can. I mean, obviously there’s a degree, right.
But and I’ve said this many times on the air that limbo was the top of the top in the broadcast industry. I mean, you cannot deny his success. He was the top paid guy other than Howard stern, which doesn’t count. Even though if you look up any data, they somehow put stern in there on satellite is the top paid radio guy.
It’s kind of goofy. But you know, we pulled up the chart last week when Limbaugh died and he was by a mile. The top of the top. Yeah. But what about, I mean, though, see, that’s it, that’s the thing about it. They don’t get this about limbo was, is that he kinda sorta was a shock jock in my opinion, or maybe.
He ha he was, and he knew what the, what to say, what to do. I mean, did he believe it? Not a lot of people knew this is that his ratings were actually higher when there was a Democrat in the white house. That’s not shocking at all the bitch about that. That’s the same thing. I mean, a lot of people don’t realize the gun industry booms with Democrats in office.
Absolutely booms. Because they’re afraid they’re not going to take car guns. Yeah. And that’s their sales pitch. I mean, this, this whole, like Democrats are coming for your guns. You’ll notice that lots of Democrats have come and gone. Barack Obama was around for eight years. Didn’t take nobody’s guns. But it’s a phenomenal sales pitch and that’s fear.
And that’s, that’s what Limbaugh always you know, broker that, that was his thing was be afraid. Be very afraid and be angry. And for some reason, It’s sad to say, but people love that shit. Yeah. It’s funny though. Like, you know, Bubba and a lot of these radio hosts, they, they, they have swagger. They, they, they had these egos, but I mean, rice had that too.
I mean, for you to come back, say from break. Yeah. Talent on loan from God himself, broadcasting live from the golden microphone and the EIB network, which means excellence in broadcasting. I mean that right there is like ego, if I’ve ever seen one, but it was great. And it, you know, it’s funny, it works. I randomly had this thought last night I posted on Facebook and I said, do you guys realize that Trump.
Has this huge fan base and people love him so much because he told them to not because he went and did something and help them out, or, or was known for some great feet or anything like that. But he beat the drum of every day. I’m the best I’m number one I can do better than anybody else. And that’s all he did and they eat it right up rush.
Same thing. Just beat that. Drum excellence in broadcasting. I’m number one. That’s all, that’s literally what these folks do. They just say it and you just say it over and over and then people fucking believe it. It’s incredible. Yeah. Yeah. And then that’s the thing about it is like, you know, every radio guy does it, they, they read the three ratings and stuff, but technically they’re not even supposed to be doing that, but they, they, they, they still kind of do some of that stuff, but I mean, you can always like.
Find a, a method or an angle design. Oh, I’m number one in such and such like with a female that eat granola bars in the morning or something Zoe, some stat. Right? I’ve got a couple of a good news stories I want us to get into, but before I do that, I just want to shout out to the folks checking in on the chat.
We’ve got a bunch of people on the Twitch chat hanging out. Thank you so much for joining us, everybody. Just. Like follow subscribe on Twitch. That would be wonderful. And you can subscribe for free with your Amazon prime subscription at helps us cost you nothing. I’d like to say you’re giving me basis as money, although it’s like the crumbs that he wouldn’t bend over to pick up, but I appreciate it.
So do they sound the richest again now that you know that right? What’s that, you know, he’s now the richest and now again, right? I think Ilan last, like say how, when I see like numbers like this, he lost like $30 billion overnight. And I, when I, when I hear that type of money, I’m like, I would blow my brains out.
I’d just be like, but like 30 billion to them is kinda like, eh, what’d you got to understand is when you see that, when you hear that you think about. I had 30 grand in my wallet, and now it’s not there, but that’s not the case. You know, these were, these are fake numbers on a screen, you know what I mean?
And, and it’s, it’s a matter of like my, my game score dropped a little bit. And you know, of course they say I lost this money. We never had that money. It was never money in your pocket. You know what I’m saying? Like this is, and that’s the way they push it, but it’s, it’s nothing like that. Yeah.
People, people don’t get like us as humans. We, we we don’t understand or grasp the concept of really, really big members. Like we, we, we, we talk about infinity. Okay. Yeah. Trinity goes on and on and on, but I read somewhere and now it could be off on it, but it’s like, if you count from one to a billion going one Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi.
That would no, it’s 1 million. It’s one to 1,000,001. Mississippi would take you 31 days. Okay. Now, if you counted one to a billion, that’s going to take you 31 years. Now, if you counted one, two, if you counted one, two, a trillion, one Mississippi, two that you’re talking to for 3000 years, that’s incredible.
So, so that fits the, the scale, the perspective of numbers and stuff. Yeah. Yeah, that’s pretty, that’s pretty incredible. I want to get into our topic today or, or one of them anyway, in the news. I said, Oh, this, this came across yesterday. You know, everybody he’s talking about Joe Biden. I’ve, I’ve complained already.
We’re a month in. There’s a lot of things he was supposed to do. He hasn’t done. I’ve complained. I’ve already gotten. You know, attacked, like it’s going out of style because I’m not giving Biden a chance. Of course. And I’ve said many times, he claimed you wanted to do something about this immigration problem and these kids in cages.
So why didn’t he fucking close them? Day one, people I’ll give them time, give them time, give them time. And I said, no, I’m not going to give them time because the reality is. The administration, he was part of previously built the fucking cages to start with. They have no desire to shut down the cases. And unfortunately, I was once again, proven, correct.
When yesterday the story came out that Joe Biden opened another fucking concentration camp, not closed down reopened technically, I guess it had been used in the past, but a new facility talk about going backwards. This is the most insane shit I’ve ever seen and the most hypocritical bullshit ever. I see concentration camp, I see Mexican petting zoo being able to go there.
They sell you like little food treats when you walk in and you get to like feed the small Mexican children. And that’s that’s yeah, I mean, come on. How cool would that be? We’ve all been to petting zoos before and you know, Mexican kids are really, really cute. Could you imagine getting one to eat out of your hand, if we’re going to do that?
Can we just let people take them home because they would do that? Like, can we, can we do something better? Here’s the thing about this insanity. And I don’t have the number pulled up and, and I wish I had pulled it up previously, but. I believe it was somewhere in the realm of like 600 bucks a day per person, that we pay these private contractors to keep these children in the most.
And not even just children. We keep adults in similar and we don’t talk about it. Enough. Similar deplorable conditions. Are these all illegal immigrants? Are they all leave? No, here’s the thing. The majority of these folks. Have tried to claim asylum, which is a legal process you’re allowed to do these.
Aren’t a lot of people, a lot of people think that these are you know, folks, they caught as they were trying to scurry across the border or some shit that’s not in many cases, the case in many cases, these are folks that want to do it legally following our process. And they came to our border and they said, I would like to apply for asylum.
Totally legal, totally normal way to do it. And then they’re putting these places while we try to fit it. No, no, no. Wait a minute, wait a minute. Wait a minute. So you’re telling me they’re going to apply for it now, when they are applying, are they applying in the United States or is there like this little, like, you know, D military militarized zone, kind of like they have a North and South Korea, like that little blue meeting room and you go there and, you know, apply.
For asylum, like, so I’m not hard to believe that they’re just snatching out people that are, that are wanting to come here legally. Well, that’s, that’s exactly what they’re doing though. Because what they’re doing is they’re basically coming to I guess it’s on the border. I don’t, I know exactly what, you’re, what you’re trying to say.
With like a DMZ and I don’t believe such a thing exists. It’s my understanding that they’re just coming right up to the, you know, the Gates or the facilities on the border. And saying, I am so-and-so from Chile or, or wherever. And I would like to apply for asylum and they say, okay, go wait in the fucking box.
And if they have kids, and this is the big difference with the Trump administration, the Trump administration would immediately separate kids. So if, if you and your kid showed up at the border, they would send you to one building in your kid to another. Previously, they didn’t do that. They at least let you and your kids stay in the same cage, basically.
There is also in what they claim this particular shelter as for, as unaccompanied teenagers. So these are, you know, 13 to 17 year olds who supposedly didn’t come with a family, supposedly, you know, who knows whether or not that’s true, but. Here’s here’s my whole thing. If we’re spending this kind of money per person every fucking day, there is absolutely no excuse for, we can’t do better than this, because at that price, you could spend half as much run out every room at the fucking local Hilton hotel, put people in decent conditions.
Where the hotel even provide them fucking breakfast for that money. And we would save money and, you know, there’s a thousand other similar things we could, we could literally build brand new fucking houses for these people for less money. But they claim this is the best we can do. I mean, I, I don’t understand like why, I mean, get, have your things in order, do it online or something.
I know that it’s a third world country, but I know, but I’m just saying it’s like, I mean, ha it’s, it’s weird. I agree with you, but I’m not gonna, I mean, none of these people are going to change anything they’re not, and that’s my whole point is. You know, unfortunately in a lot of us saw this coming and it’s funny because a lot of people forget, you know, progressive leftists like myself spent the last year.
It was only a year ago when we were in the primaries. It’s hard to believe. It seems like a lifetime ago, but we spent the last year trying to push progressive candidates. And then the Democrats fucked us. They made sure that Joe Biden, their chosen guy won no matter what anybody wanted. Oh, they brought in the closure of Obama.
They brought in the closure or Obama, Sarah at the final minute. And they’re like, Hey man, we need jail. Right. You got to remember in the primary Tuttle, what they did, as soon as Bernie Sanders started getting momentum, literally every other candidate was brought in and said, we are coordinating right now.
You are all dropping out the same day. So all of your people vote for by they, it was, it was a shit show, but. My point is the whole time we did this. We got to the point where, all right, Biden’s the nominee. We all agree. We got to get rid of Trump. And everybody said myself included. We are going to remove Biden, but we are not for a second going to give him a pass.
We’re going to be on his ass from day one. And it’s, as soon as day one came and we were on his ass PO go on your room, shut the fuck up. People given a pass, especially people in their own party, given a pass to this bullshit is the whole reason we have these messages stop with this team nonsense. When your guy does something wrong, fucking call it out, stop with this.
It’s gotta be right because he’s, he’s my guy. He’s not your guy. He doesn’t give a fuck about you. Trump will fuck about you Biden. Doesn’t give a fuck about you. These guys wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I mean you, you said it perfectly what did you think of his speech last night?
I, I, I didn’t even get into that. I was too busy trying to not think about this, this fucking hypocritical bullshit. I mean, listen, I mean, I try to stay out of it. It’s like politically. I just pay my taxes, do what I gotta do. And, and that’s about it because nothing is going to get done. You know, you, you know, what, what matters, who the president is to the rich people, the rich people care who the president of Dez people like me and you it’s not going to change anything for us.
It seriously, it’s not okay. I, I just, I needed to look this up because. The figure was, was driving me crazy. This is from 2019 when Trump was in office, I guess the cost could have changed, but I find that hard to believe that it would have changed that dramatically $775 per person per day. Think about what you could get for that.
I mean, think about the fact that, again, just go back to my hotel idea. Say we put two people in a hotel. Most hotel rooms have two bedrooms, right? Two people in a hotel. Oh yeah. Seven 75 times two, four a what top level? Holiday resort three. You throw a knife and nightstand. You go with like a night, 10 boy, like think, think of the cost of a high-end a Ritz, you know, three, maybe say $400 a night.
Fancy five-star hotel and it would be a fraction of what we’re spending. Are we getting a continental breakfast? Fuck. Yeah, that’s the thing. That’s what I’m saying. Like, we could spend a quarter of this amount of money, put these people up in decent conditions and they could eat like Kings and I realized, well, all right, maybe that’s excessive and I might even agree with you, but the whole point is that.
This whole fucking thing is about money. That costs that seven 75 per person per day. That’s not the cost to employ ice agents or immigration department employees. These are run by private organizations. These are for profit. You know how everybody gave Joe Biden praise for cutting all the private prisons.
Yeah, they’ve been doing that for a while. This is the new thing. Watch the last season of a, or maybe it wasn’t the last season, but the second to last, rather of orange is the new black where they explain immigration detention is the new private prison. That is the new cash cow, seven 75 per person per fucking day.
My present show was Oz. I Oz was so uncomfortable. The the man on man break send stuff. I mean, they seem to, so lifelike, I can never watch that guy from law and order. Yeah. I don’t remember. What’s his name? Just to, for something. Yeah. It’s Chris. Dammit. Law and order SVU. Have you ever watched a show where they do not care?
Like, I was like, if I, if I was ever going to start a punk band, because they always use the word vaginal trauma on the show and I was like, that would be an amazing punk band name. Like we are vaginal drama. There’s a, there would be a pretty solid band name. I’m not going to lie. I like that. Oh, man in, in, we’re going to move on to another story, but I just, man, you’re fired up about the the Mexican patents thing, right?
I am dude. It’s, it’s the hypocrisy and that’s the thing. Here’s the white house defending it. Of course their, their big move is, Oh, it’s only temporary. It’s only temporary. And we had to do it because of COVID. We needed to space people out. So then what do we do, Matt, then? What do we do? Do, do we just release all those people and let them be free rein in the United States?
Like what do we do though? That’s, that’s a valid possibility. Because you can easily verify not in weeks, but at the most in a, in a day or two, that these people aren’t criminals, they don’t have a record or whatever. And if you do that, then yes, here you go. While we figure it out, while we go through the process, you can hang out here.
We got to know you’re here. We’ve got to know where you’re at. But other than that, who gives a fuck? Like how many, how many vacationers or visitors get to come and wander around the country? Like, it’s, it’s the idea that this is a big problem and it’s scary. First of all is completely false. This is a wedge issue, just like so many others.
This is designed to whip people up. It’s not a problem. We have negative net immigration, and we have for many years, that means more people are leaving the United States than are coming in. This idea that we’re being overrun by armies of foreigners is just blatantly false and, and that’s. You know, one of the things that drives me crazy because the reality is all of this shit that we’re talking about.
All this controversy, all the Dick guard jobs, all that bullshit is whipped up for exactly what I just showed you to generate $775 a day per head profit in the bank. That’s what’s drives this whole fucking thing. Fuck Joe Biden. I don’t know, man, I don’t know. I had an illegal take one of my radio jobs one time and I was not very, very happy about it.
I did, I did, man. It was like, I was doing great. And this Mexican stunt guy came in and like, he worked at you work the gimmick too. Like he like went and to stereotypical, you know, good, the bad and the ugly wearing the little poncho and then some burrow. And he did snots like all the time, you know how I did the anal expansion challenge.
Like he took five jalapenos and his bong at one time and I’m like, all right. I back out. I mean my job. I mean, he didn’t, I can’t say that, that he took your job cause he was an illegal and he worked cheaper. He just outworked he buddy. Yeah, he dead dead, man. I mean, he was around saying, Oh man, Hey, I do want to learn Spanish though.
Hear me, hear me out on this. I talked about this. I, I, I like where you live. Yeah, I know. Well, yeah, but also. How that as well, if we’re talking gimmicks, is it possible me as a Caucasian? If I got really, really good and fluent in Spanish, could I be the first Caucasian Spanish talk show hosts? I mean, I feel like you wouldn’t be the first, but I mean, is there any big, like white.
Caucasian radio host that speaks Spanish. Like it would open up new formats for me. I wouldn’t, it would definitely open up new formats. I don’t, I don’t know how rare you’d be. And the only reason I, I genuinely don’t know. I mean, that’s the thing with radio guys. How long in the early days of Bubba’s career did most people think he was a black guy?
You know what I mean? It’s a different language. So I get that. But what I’m saying is like, you can’t really tell. On the radio at all. So there’s a good chance that you know, who knows, half of them are look like you. My annoying ass voice sound like talking Spanish to like neon Mo Patrick Fowler. Boy, Molly, BN and star those your needles.
I don’t know, man. You might be able to get voice work actually.
Have you ever seen that? See, that’s, that’s what I love. I see. I would love there because if you look at all the Spanish weather, women that are on TV, like they work at more than Fox news does by putting dumb good-looking bitches. I don’t, I don’t know. I don’t know that. I don’t know that they’re dumb.
I think they’re just gorgeous and yeah. They got a LA, they got some big ass buds and they turned sideways and I’m like, I can’t even see Florida because your right cheek is blocking up central Florida. That’ll happen. Oh man. Let’s let’s change gears and find something else to be mad about. I dunno if you saw this story title this is out of Plano, Texas.
This happened a few days ago during the big snow storm situation in Texas, obviously should people should be more outraged about that one guy that like, you know, I was reading somewhere, Texas is not even on the federal power grid, I think. Yeah. That’s the thank libertarian radical Deere regulation.
This is, that’s the utopia that these guys tell you, you want, we don’t want anything to do with the feds. We want to be disconnected. Now you see the results of that $9,000 power bill. What it means like, you know what I would tell them, I’d be like, all right, just turn the shit off. I’ll burn my furniture in my living room.
Yeah. I mean, see, this is, this is what they don’t get. This is slightly off topic, but this is what they don’t get is you can only push people. So fucking far. And when you, when you pull things like that and you push them and then you drain their bank account, this is where the literal pitchforks and torches come in.
I mean, you know, they’re, they’re going to take power company executives and they’re going to do what they did to fucking Gadhafi. They’re going to shred him. Dude. I, I told people right now, especially you just do not know what people are going through. You just don’t like, I don’t like to ever day my, I was doing a live stream and it got interrupted by some Rudel man.
And, and it brought me, it brought me back to it brought me back to that double murder that was in Pennsylvania a couple of weeks ago that remembered the neighbors that were arguing with each other. Yeah. And the one guy was just like pussy, pussy, pussy. And the guy was like, you know, I guess what, he pulled out a gun out of his waistband, PIDs three and to the wife to three into the husband, by the way, the guy was a horrible shot because he had to go back inside to get his long gun.
And then, and then he yells, I bet you wish you wouldn’t have called me pissy now and, and just double tap them in the head. And so what I’m saying, yeah, you don’t, and, and by the way, and clean self after, by the way, if you didn’t see that story. Oh, I did not know that, but. But what I’m saying is you don’t know what type of day a person is having.
So just stop taking advantage of people, because like, it’s just, it’s going to get to a point there’s it just takes one little spark, a powder keg to, to blow something up into something really, really bad. Yeah. Let’s take a look at this clip. These the, the, now this folks break it down pretty quickly, but I actually have the full camera footage.
If we want to see it, I hate this this now news or whatever, because they always put news like I’m bringing Oh yeah, yeah. You’re right. And I should, before I get zapped, I should mute it. Here’s what happened? This gentlemen, walking home from work. Yes. He doesn’t have a coat on. Yes, it’s cold.
And people in Texas, especially are probably a little freaked out about this here in New York, where it’s like three degrees, 11 months of the year. This is norm people wouldn’t even blink an eye. Like there’s folks around here that are used to the cold. It doesn’t bother them. There are dudes that will walk around in gym shorts and snow boots.
Like it. It’s not that big of a deal, but anyway, somebody saw this guy was concerned called the police. They originally thought he was a kid. Okay. Like, I, I get that. I get the police responding. Hey, what’s going on? But as you can clearly see, there’s nothing wrong with this guy. He’s not committing any crime.
You just walk in and he should have been left alone. But of course that’s not what happened.
Do you know, they used to have some called sundown laws. Yeah. It’s fucked up. Rather than play this shitty clip. Let me, let me show you a little bit of the actual footage. Cause then I also don’t have to worry about their copyright bullshit. The thing with this is like, Just leave people the fuck alone.
You know what I mean? Why, why did they say why then maybe I couldn’t hear the new story or whatever, but like, what what I’m trying to say is why, what was the probable cause to, well, somebody called somebody called and said, there’s a kid with no coat on walking in the snow. And like I said, like, okay I, I could see the concern of somebody who saw a person.
Maybe I’m giving them a lot of benefit of the doubt here, but I could see that concern. And I could see the police responding and checking it out. But when the police showed up and clearly it’s not a kid and clearly he’s okay. You keep on going. But, you know, police can’t do that. You must look my boots or your fine.
We’re trying to help you. I mean, I, yeah, I’m on the way home. I’m starting. Okay. But you’re walking in the middle of the road. Yeah. You’re walking in the middle of the road, dude. It’s a fucking snow storm. Literally anyone who’s walking is going to end up walking on the road. It’s it’s wild. Let me put this up so you can see it.
I apologize. Yeah,
man. He’s literally just trying to walk home, like you’re walking in the road. Yes. It’s the fucking sidewalks. Aren’t plowed. People do that here all the time. It drives me crazy. Even when the sidewalks are plotted, people are still walking in the road. Drives me fucking crazy, but welcome to winter, Texas.
Just trying to figure out where you
man, do you want us to just give it, give you a ride? Do you want us to give you a ride? That’s a nice offer. He says, no, everybody go about their fucking business. Can’t have that. No boots have been licked yet. Okay.
What’s your name, man? The funny part is if, if you think about it, if this dude’s on a walk, I don’t know exactly how far it is from, from his job to home, but even in the middle of the winter, a good brisk walk, you might really be okay and not be all that cold, like, but you know, now you want to stop and talk to me.
Well, that’s how I get cold. Well, you know, you know what sucks is when you get that sweaty cold, like, you know, like when you get sweaty and then, and then, and then you start cooling down and they were like, Oh man, I’m fucking cold. Do you mind? Huddle is as a Florida guy, have you had much snow experience?
I’ve never seen her fall from the sky. I’ve seen her on the ground, but I’ve never seen her fall. That’s incredible. We got to once this nightmare is over, we should bring you up here and throw in the snow. Show you what that’s all about. Just talk to us for a minute. Talk to us for a minute. I’m just trying to get your attention.
Yes. This gentleman, first of all, in, in, in other interviews with him, since he’s talked about, you know, well, why didn’t you stop for the cops? Why didn’t you just hang out? He says, well, my people get killed for that. And he’s right. And as you can see, he’s trying very hard. He’s trying not to be aggressive.
He’s trying to make sure that he’s telling them that he doesn’t want to touch them. He doesn’t want to put hands on them. He’s doing everything he can to just try to mind his own fucking business and go home after a day’s work. You okay? No, no, no. No, no, no way we’re doing an investigation. I don’t care.
I’m more at home. You were officially detained. No, you’re officially detained for what? I mean, I’ll give him that, you know, the, the anti-cop people, that’s the first thing you want to say is the whole Am I being detained. This cop went right to it. Yeah. You’re being detained. Stop, stop.
Trying to talk to you. Got an addict. I got an anger problem. Please get off. Yeah. Now the thing is, if this was me or Tuttle walking down the street, we could tell those cops to go fuck themselves. And chances are, they probably would have just driven off. I can I, can I, can I ask you a quick question? What do you, what do you think about those?
A-holes that just stand out there and purposely like just troll the cops. Yeah. Yeah. So I know exactly what you mean. Like cop wads or whatever, it’s something, here’s the thing about that? I’m a big fan of there’s a time and a place for everything. And while I don’t really agree with that approach.
We kind of need those assholes. Like we, we need, we need the people on the very limits, holding the limits back. Do you understand what I’m saying? Like, we need the guy who can troll because it’s technically legal and yes, we can all agree. He’s a fucking Dick, but the reality is him pushing and holding that line at what’s technically legal.
Helps. So many other people that aren’t dicks that are just trying to go about their day. Do you understand what I’m saying? Or, or is it, or is it working the opposite Leigh where these households are like, really like, just getting after somebody so hard that next time they see somebody that doesn’t have a camera.
Oh man, the least they were going to get like a Billy club in the back or takes out some of their frustration, you know? I mean, it’s, it’s a valid concern. And, and again, I think some of these guys probably go a little too far. They push more than I personally would push, but like I said, in the grand scheme of things I think they probably do more good than, than otherwise.
And like I said, if for nothing else holding that line, right, because they’re the ones that are on the front line. Of recording the police and telling people that it’s legal to report record the police, which it is. And in most places know this. And during the Obama administration, the justice department put out memos detailing to police that it is legal to record them.
And, and they’ve kind of beat this idea into their head, but there’s still some that will walk up to people running the camera and tell them, put that down. I can arrest you for videotaping me. Which is a total lie. I mean, they are, they’re not going to do it there. I mean, all they’re doing is just trying to think that this person that they’re talking to doesn’t know the laws and that they’re just going to a Bay, which, which is, which is my point that’s, that’s why these provocateurs douche bags as they may be are, are providing us a service.
You know what I mean? I agree. There’s there’s like another five minutes of this video here. We don’t need to watch it all. At this point, basically, no, I’m sorry. I didn’t even touch that. You are not free, right? You are not free to go. She just said we are taking your freedom because you were walking home, having this problem.
We honestly need to try and track them. I’m trying to check on you. This is not how you check on somebody. You check on somebody by going, Hey, are you okay? And he goes, yeah, I’m cool. That’s how you check on somebody. Okay. He’s cool. He said, so that’s, that’s a check on someone. What if there is a check on someone is not stopped on the side of the road, in the freezing cold.
And let me detain you until I am satisfied with you walking home from your fucking job. No. I mean, you never know if there could have been a little person inside that holding him, but night at night point because you have rarely ever noticed when the cops took her to the door in the view and they’ll ask the woman, like, is there anybody else in this?
Yeah. There’s somebody behind you? Blink once if you’re open to it, Plano, Texas, you know? Yeah. There is a, an update. I will give you from the Hill.
So Lisa in Plano, Texas dropped charges against a black teen after he was arrested last week while walking home amid a winter storm, he was taken into custody and held overnight in jail, on a misdemeanor charge of a pedestrian in the roadway. But playing, let, let, let that sink in for just a second. Now, not only did he go through this shit and arrest this guy and break his balls.
But they kept him in jail for a fucking misdemeanor. I’m here to tell you pretty warm in the jail. I bet. But he has a house. This isn’t a homeless guy. He’s a fucking worker. Mon the house, probably his house. A lot of people didn’t have power. What I’m trying to say is at least the jail probably had power.
Okay. Yeah. All right. I can, I can see that argument, but I think he would have preferred to be home but just. Put yourself in this, in this picture, anybody and you know, many folks have cars, but at some point in your life, you’ve walked walk to work, walk to school, walk down the street to a friend’s house.
Can you imagine, after a hard day of work or whatever, you’re just walking home and you don’t make it there. You got picked up and had to spend the night in jail. Because you were walking home from work. Literally the only reason the charge was walking in the road, you know, you know, my, you know, growing up in the South, you know, growing up in some of these small towns, my dad would tell me about, you know, until like recently as the late seventies, they had those sundown laws.
Like they it was like, don’t let the, on some of the signs that said, don’t let the sun go down on your black ass, meaning. You’re not be out at night, right? That’s just South for you. It’s it’s incredible. Here’s the other 15 seconds of that. Amy said in on Monday statement shared on Facebook that the charge was dropped because quote, our officers were on a welfare check, their rest wasn’t consistent with the reason the officers are there to provide assistance.
Did you catch that? We’re only, we’re only gonna drop discharge because it wasn’t why they were called. I mean, that’s, that’s gotta be like the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever heard. Like literally half the charges that anyone incurs are not for why someone was called, like what the, and how about just saying it was wrong to arrest a man for walking home.
How about that. And then how about saying we’re firing the fucking scumbags who imprisoned this man for the crime of walking home. Okay. Can, can, can, can I, can I tell you a story? I think I was a part of reverse cop racism, you know, that I actually, you know, I actually did go to jail one time driving on a suspended license, just for a tag light BNL.
Okay. Now, Something here in the state of Florida. Most of, I would say the majority of the Florida highway patrol people are African-American, which is great. It’s amazing. It’s awesome. But as soon as this African-American highway patrol men saw, Oh man, we got this white, white Cracker ass nerd motherfucker in the car.
I’m driving a mini Cooper by four for a fact at the time. And they called to other people like for a regular traffic stop. So two other highway patrolman full out come up and both of those guys are African American. So it is three African Americans. And I just, they were like, all right, this is our opportunity.
This is our reparations go. Oh yeah, dude, man. And I did, they, they, they tossed me underneath. Well, I also had Five hydrocodone pills that somebody had given me at a, at an event. And I I took all times that there was at the same time before they got there. But I gotta tell you the first couple of hours of June pretty cool.
Yeah. Well, it wasn’t that bad, but yeah, no, man. They, I just, I, in the back of my mind, I was like, and you know how I’m nice or whatever. Sure. It’s trying to, I was trying to like this, this is what white, Caucasian nerds like myself do. I tried to have a friendly conversation with the cop or the highway patrol, and then that’s taken me to jail, you know, it’s like, Hey, are you, yeah.
What area do you live in? And then, and then he got really with the wife and kids and he was like, don’t talk about my family. And I’m like, okay, cool. I, you know, I’m just trying to make conversation. Yeah. Yeah, but I do. I think it was reverse racism. No, but I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t be bad or pissed off that if they were, if they were to get, they call this two other black fellow officer who was like, Hey man, you got to get over here.
I’m at the four Oh eight and the turnpike right now. Yeah, we got this nerd. We got this nerd with these glasses on and this really bad hobo train beard That I think you got to come see. And I was like, man, I think that got it. We’re, we’re almost out of time, but before we go, I gotta, we’ve been bitching a lot or I’ve been bitching a lot anyway, and today has been nice enough to put up with it.
I got some, I got some news bloopers, like who, who doesn’t love old school news bloopers. All right. Love them. I was at the bison guy three. Oh my God. Oh my God.
Oh man. I love it. Do not. My favorite one is what do you have a favorite one? My favorite one is, and I know, I don’t never know if it’s like fake or not. Is that one black guy that’s doing his report. And like he’s being all proper and, and proper broadcasts are, and I guess a bee or a fly out. And he was like, he just turned, I mean, he turned like, straight up angry.
Yeah. Yeah. It was. God damn it. What the fuck. This guy just flew. Right? All the time. Jacket on jacket on jacket off. Some rain would come. He kills viruses. And just, what, what did you do, mom? Holy crap. Here are the days other, Oh man. The, the beauty of live reporting from home these days. I’m kind of surprised that we don’t have jacket on jacket off jacket on jacket off.
Some rain would come viruses. Like how has this not happened to more? It’s great. It is, it is. And I love it. And I love it when newspeople have to, like, when something goes wrong, like radio people are great at improvising. Like shit goes wrong in the studio all the time. But the news, we pulled the ones that are reading off the teleprompter.
When they have to add live, you can write, tell it so easily.
By the way just a quick shout out to a welcome back to huddle in the chat. He threw us a hundred bits. Thank you for that. We love having toddle around. Hey, maybe, Hey, guess what? Maybe that guy that gave you those beds right there will hire me away from doing your show. I am just saying, you know, Oh man, I don’t know if anybody’s going to catch that, but that’s.
Yeah. What, what did you do? Mom, dad. Holy crap. Here are the days other big stories starting with SKU’s me. That is a big closeup of my mouth. But listen to this and court here who just wanted a packet of cigarettes. You can imagine. Now he has a pack of cigarette regrets. So you though, I got to tell you though, if, if serene Branson, do you know who serene Branson.
Oh man. She has the, well, her blooper was not even like a blooper. I think she was having, they was a chick that was like having the stroke out in front of the grant. Have you ever the one that goes heavy protection, the one that was like kept repeating herself. CA, I don’t know, man, that I felt so bad for it because you could see the panic on her face.
Like, you know, like when she, when the words were not coming out of her mouth correctly, like she looked over at her producer and she was just like, it was like terror. I felt so bad for him. They, they say, that’s what happens with those things like that is you, you realize that there’s something fucked up, but it’s, it’s gotta be the scariest thing ever.
Like I’m, I’m saying words but words. Aren’t coming out. What the fuck is happening. Hey, let me ask you as a, as a radio person, you know, I saw Val Kilmer doesn’t have a voice box anymore. Now they came to you. If they came to you and said, Matt, Nasia, you have throat cancer, or you have cancer of the tongue.
Now you’re definitely gonna live. If we cut out your voice box or your tongue. Or you can go through radiation and maybe save that because if you lose your tongue or your throat, I don’t know. I would still try to do radio if I lost my tongue. I think, I think it would be pretty entertaining. Yeah. I mean, I guess if you can still talk that’s her life, but have you ever thought about that?
Like what, what if I lost my hearing or my throat or my tongue? Yeah, man. It’s, it’s a it was a scary thing. I mean, you know, it’s, it’s like an athlete. Getting into a car wreck or tiger woods rolling his car a few times. Oh, what are the bets? You know, you know, he was partying on something, right. He had to have been because I know, and I apologize for not pulling up the store.
I didn’t even really intend to talk about it, but it was a one-car rollover. I mean, everybody knows what happens in a one-car rollover. You were fucked up. Right. Or what if there was another chick with him and he was getting a blowie. He was Hotez and fucking, yeah, he, he skipped, he skipped the gear and, and his manual right.
As he was coming and, and rolled it. The bitch wasn’t wearing a seatbelt because, I mean, how can you give a blow job with the seatbelt cars? And she got ejected, they still have not sure. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I don’t know, man, what I, the one thing I do know is the When I’ve been in California, they have what I think are some of the most insane roads.
They’re like a cliff with sharp curves and no fucking guard rail. And, and as I was with someone who was familiar with these roads and they’re zipping around, like, it’s nothing I’m sitting here going, Holy shit, one wrong turn. And you’re literally, you just drive straight off a cliff. I don’t understand how it doesn’t happen more often.
Greatest thing about going to Jamaica, we went to hedonism as a show and the bus ride. They do not even give a fuck. They guys are scary as hell. Hey, my phone’s about to die here. And I got to tell you what my morning coffee is really hitting me. And I don’t think you, I don’t think Twitch will like you having me shit, my pants right on a Twitch.
We’ll right on cue we’re at the end of the show, my friend. Thank you, Matt Masur. Thank you for joining us Tuttle lobby, man, we will have you back on again. I very much appreciate Tuttle joining the show, getting up early and I enjoy all of you joining the show. I appreciate it. We’ll be back tomorrow with some more adventures and yeah.
So my Masur show, see you tomorrow.

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