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Herkimer 9: How Does it Get Paid For? |The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

Matt Masur Show Clips

One burning question locals have when talking about new ideas is, “How do we pay for them?”. Brion Carrol from Herkimer 9 answers that question in regards to this project…

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Herkimer 9: How Does it Get Paid For? | The Matt Masur Show Clips | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

Uncorrected Computer Generated Transcript:

Herkimer 9: How Does it Get Paid For?
How does it get paid for, how does it, how does it become a reality. Yeah. So, so let me hit on that in, in two fronts, right? I’m a businessman, by the way I left, as you did left, the area went on to high tech worked in software, started a consulting company, built a software company, sold that software company and blah, blah, blah.
Right. And so, you know, from the, from the business side, the only way that you can do something of this type of this scale is really to be able to tickle the minds of people that want to get a return on their investment. As well as in bell you know, enable the development of an environment that has the human story alongside it.
Right? Sure. And so that’s why, what we look at is this framework of intimately, intimately tying together that which enriches the community, which is, you know, bringing something back into it, but also enables individuals, whether it’s on the hospitality side or it’s on the. Events side to be able to have money coming back from what it gets invested.
And that’s where we think, you know, we’re putting together business profiles and proformas that really speak to not gouging the world, but enabling the world and having individuals that are investor worthy to be able to come in. So we’ve actually had a lot of connections with a range of individuals, both in the region, from the region and outside the region.
I don’t know if you know Scott Flansburg history, but. You know, he’s set the Guinness book of world records for 20 something years in, in adding numbers. And, and he’s, you know, just so you can’t, you can’t you get amazed every time he demonstrates his skill, but that has, that has allowed him to rub shoulders with so many individuals Alice Cooper, we believe who he golfs with all the time.
Well, and that, by the way, it’s weird. My first concert. Then I went to what was in Utica and it was Alice Cooper and first concert. Yeah, the first concert we’re going to happen. And we opened up the event center is Alice Cooper because, but that, that whole range of individuals are, are itching to put money into this, not only his donation, but also as investment, but we’re trying to first grab from the inside.
One of the things we’re looking to do. Is, and I think Jordan can kind of pick one up and show is we’re going to sell bricks. One of the, I know that sounds weird, but the, the, between the event center and the Quackenbush building, and you can get information about this program up in veal, her, excuse me, her from are and Herkimer
You can download what we have the Delta plan. And those bricks will lay between the center and the block and wish in a park area. And they’ll, we’ll etch the names of individuals. So if you’re from now in South Carolina and you want to buy a brick and it costs a hundred bucks, well now guess why you just invested in her current future, right?
And so those kinds of things, you look at the high end individuals that have tens of millions, which we know of, which we have contact with. And you have the people that would just want to give a couple hundred bucks and have their name be on the platform between, you know, within this space. It kind of allows all those things to fall together.
Just so you’re aware. One of the things that generally happens when you do something of this size that you really want to collect and connect with it, a developer. And so we’ve really been holding off, pulling money in until the developer. Now we’re finalizing our agreement and I can’t say who it will be, but we will announce it and are local.
And there’ll be actually taking on the developer role, which will then enable us to be able to bring the money in and put it to use immediately. Because some of the things you gotta do, like opportunity zones, which are investments, where if you put in a million dollars and you make 250,000, that’s 250,000 is tax free.
And so, but you got to use it within 90 days of it being put in or 180. And so it really gets into timeliness. So I, I would say to, you know, your audience, that what we really know is that there’s a lot of people that want to invest, including the college wants to invest. The community foundation is providing investment.
There’s a lot that are in the local region and outside this region, this will become a reality. And it does take time realize we just started this last August. So this is kind of like, you know, light speed or digital speed when it comes to moving forward on things. So I appreciate the question, but hopefully I gave sufficient and answer with enough ambiguity.
I think he really did. I think one of the things that. Folks worry about is this is one of those projects that is going to be hinged on, you know, the state giving a huge grant and, and things like that. And, you know, because unfortunately the area has seen things like that and, and lots of promises and they haven’t come to fruition.
And unfortunately mostly from politicians, but here we have. Private folks who from the sounds of things have a very solid plan for some private funding that would make sense the area, and especially a project like this would be an incredible investment for a lot of folks. And, and it’s nice to see that you know, you guys have a plan that sounds more than sustainable, and you’re clearly getting your ducks in a row.

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