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Surprise People of Ilion NY! Your Fire Dept is Merging!?! | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

Matt Masur Show Clips

Breaking news out of Ilion New York… Well actually, out of Little Falls NY where the public is first learning about a plan to share a Fire Chief between the two, distant municipalities.

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Surprise People of Ilion NY! Your Fire Dept is Merging!?! | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

Uncorrected Computer Generated Transcript:

Surprise People of Ilion: Your Fire Dept is Merging!
This is some continuing coverage of what’s going on in the village of Ilion. And this is, this is some breaking news we got on this
big changes. Big changes were announced last night, not by Ilion, but by the city of little falls about changes to Ilion’s fire department. Now, if you already know what I’m talking about, you might, because if you listen to the interview with Jennifer, When we originally started talking about this story about a week ago now, a little less than a week ago, she mentioned that there was a potential plan to bring in a chief from another department to effectively merge departments.
But of course that’s only speculation because nobody heard that in any sort of board meeting. Nobody saw that in a press release. It’s not something the mayor ran on. He didn’t stump on the idea, but suddenly people are thinking, Hey, I think this is what, what he wants to do.
And then of course, last night we get news. I gave it to you right here. Now the story Ilion and little falls, we’ll share a fire chief, but it’s only temporary and part-time for three months, two days a week, four hours per day, little falls fire chief Rob greasy will go.
So two days a week for four hours a day.
So right off the bat, the idea is we’re going to go. Part-time like super part-time chief, who also has another department to, to worry about. And by the way, if there’s a call in little falls during his four hours a million, you know, he’s going there, Jack, I’ll turn that up for you. I’m sorry.
Over to the iLien department. No money will change hands instead. Ilions, treasurer. We’ll help out in little falls is treasury department little falls has already approved the shared services agreement. The Ilion village board will vote on Monday to members of the Ilian fire department are under investigation.
Now, if you heard that part,
they just said little falls voted on it. You only, it won’t vote on it until Monday Ilian hasn’t even talked about it. This is a massive change to illions fire department and the people of the city of little falls computer stop.
there’s Alexa, trying to take over the show again.
They’ve they’ve clearly made these decisions completely behind closed doors. Decisions that are make a major impact on public safety. After the mayor says a letter was sent to the village by a former employee. So clearly
this is a matter of, this was a plan we had all along. It’s really hard to implement this plan of merging departments. And I guess basically getting a a free chief,
We got to get rid of the one that’s there and, and, Oh, by the way, he’s got another deputy, the next guy in line that would might, maybe would have been the natural choice field promotion. If you will, we better knock him out of play too. I don’t know for a fact that’s, what’s in play here.
But dammit, it seems suspect
Jack and Mo cooking show says I would love to hear what Jennifer thinks about it. Well, lucky for you. I happen to have a Facebook post from, from Jennifer right here, a few things our village taxpayer should think about and ask about she posted this right before Showtime. And we will get Jennifer back on to talk about it, but I think she might still be out of town.
I’d like to at least let her enjoy that. The mayor is referring to Tom as a person and Tom again is her husband and, and was the chief and Ilion the mayor is still referring to Tom as a person under investigation and turning out accusations to the public. Tom has not been suspended nor is on administrative leave regarding an investigation of any sort.
Seems mildly slanderous in my professional legal opinion, provisional chief, which was very close to becoming chief was removed with no explanation again, that was Tom. And it is very interesting that right before he was about to take that,
that job, that, permanent position, the plug was pulled. It’s almost like that with the last chance to do so.
There’s a process for even considering changing critical services like this in a municipality. And of course this has not been filed again. There’s been no discussion whatsoever. Another. The other party, the other municipality has voted on it. People, Amelia, this is the first they’re hearing of it. I mean, this is ludicrous right or wrong, whether this is the right decision for the village or not.
I don’t think anyone could debate. That it’s absurd that the people of this village have heard nothing of this idea when clearly it’s a longstanding idea. Clearly it wasn’t just thought up in the last three days as a way to take care of this situation. There are other deputy chiefs in the Ilian fire department that you could easily name the temporary head.
If you were neat, if you needed to deal with something with the current chief, which again is an investigation and is not even finalized. So. Why wouldn’t you just ask one of your own guys to step up for three months,
right? This is, this is so bizarre on so many levels. And, and the thing about it is, and again, I’ll repeat this, maybe it’s for the best of intentions, but this is absolutely not the way you handle it. It’s, it’s absolutely absurd. That anyone think would think that they could conduct public business this way?
I I’m sorry. And I realized there’s people in Ilion that are upset with me. Even speaking of this, how dare I,
but somebody got it. This is absurd. And listen, I might not live in the village civilian today, but I’m attached payer in the state of New York. Where they get a significant amount of their funding. So I have as much reason to have concern about how that needs to palate. He spends his money as I do the one I live in little ways away, down the thruway.
This is absurd and good people are being dragged through the mud for, for an agenda. I absolutely still have family there. I got people I’m not related to. I consider family there,
everyone there with the exception. I mean, there is a local asshole here and there, but for the most part, everyone iLien are good people. And the fire department is one of its best assets, knowing that there are some of the best trained, ready to go professionals. Seconds away can save your house, not just pour water on it, as it burns to the ground.
Folks that can get there in time to save your life with medical care. These are the guys we’re going to mess with. This is the service in the village that we’re going to cut. Cause we got hard times. Meanwhile, the water is Brown. I don’t know my friends.
I am as confused as you.

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