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Democracy Be Damned | The Matt Masur Show Full Episode 3-9-21

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Democracy Be Damned | The Matt Masur Show Full Episode 3-9-21 – VIDEO | The Matt Masur Show Full Episode

On today’s show Matt gets into:
Fill the Herkimer Fridge effort
Reopening of Syracuse Bars
Cuomo’s investigators named
Biden’s Covid Relief Bill
The Ilion Fire Department Continuing Story
Mackenzi Bezos remarries

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Uncorrected Computer Generated Transcript: 

Democracy Be Damned The Matt Masur Show Full Episode 3-9-21
what’s going on, everybody. Matt Masur Masur show here with you on a Tuesday back in action yesterday. I apologize for not doing a show. But in a nutshell, I had a client emergency and in sometimes that’s going to happen, especially on Mondays. Mondays are a weird day, especially in the technology world.
Because randomly, usually it’s no big deal. Randomly people will come into work and things that worked fine on Friday when they went home, suddenly just don’t work and they have all kinds of problems and they freak out because of course it’s Monday and you’re not in the mood. So once in a while, I’ll have a client emergency on a Monday morning.
I mean, it really could be any day, but more probably Monday. And we’ll have tic show off. Maybe we’ll do a show this Friday. And make up for it or maybe I won’t, I don’t know. That’s the beauty of the Matt Masur Masur show. That means you can do whatever he wants. Speaking of doing whatever they want.
We’ve got an update on the Ilion New York situation. There was a village board meeting last night. We will get into that a little later in the program. We’ve also got a wide variety. Of other news to talk about some interesting things, some funny things, some good news. We got a lot of good news. But before we get too far, I guess we should address the the elephant in the room.
If you will already in the chat right off the bat. Hey there, teenage Matt, Jack and Mo checking in as you may have noticed, I have slightly less hair. Than I did during our last show. It was really no reason other than I was a little bored. The Clippers were there. I figured I haven’t seen my chin in 20 years.
That’s no exaggeration. So here we are. And my wife who I’ve been with for 10 years now has never seen me without at least a goatee. So needless to say, after I did this, the other day came downstairs and looked at my wife and kids. They were, and I think are still in shock and I can’t, I can’t blame them.
I mean, I’m, I’m still in shock. This is weird. I look like a radically different dude. And I’ll, I’ll show you what I mean. Cause I have like a before and after here,
This was literally moments apart, by the way, I got new glasses. So if those look slightly different, which the facial hair is really taken away from that nobody noticed the glasses. They are a bit different than my previous ones, but the before and after I feel like I dropped like 20 years and age.
And maybe I’m given, given myself a little credit. Maybe, maybe it should be more like 10 years, but. I look radically younger. I look a lot like my 19 year old son without facial hair. I feel like other than I’ve got an old man with the beard in, in the the reviews on this are mixed and there’s no wrong answer.
I really invite people to tell me what they think. Cause I don’t give a fuck anyway. Right. But. It’s very interesting. My male friends hate the new look. They, they, they immediately immediately say, bring the beard back. A number of my female friends have commented that they’d like this look better. I don’t know.
What I do know is I’m lazy. So the chances of me being clean-shaven are pretty slim. What we might end up with is a somewhere in between a slightly more than stubble, slightly less than old man beard. I don’t know. This has been Matt’s facial hair talk. Let’s move to something better. Let me adjust this bad boy.
One second for ya.
So I need to tell you a little bit about how I spent my Friday. Right? Cause I teased this or at least said that it was coming and Thursday show. Get things on the screen. We did this fill the fridge thing, and I do have video. I did not get a chance to put the video together. I’ll be honest. I took less video than I had kind of expected.
The reason being it was cold as fuck. And, and this was all mostly outdoor activity. So standing in the, you know, 20 degree weather with the minus 15 windshield, I don’t know if it was that bad. It was cold. So doing a lot of shooting, just, just wasn’t all that practical. And the other thing is I was really just more focused on the effort.
So, again, I, I didn’t take as much footage as you see the pictures you will see here are especially shitty. I took these with my cell phone. I have a better professional pictures again, just with everything. I haven’t had time to pull that together. And so we will see that and there will be a nice little montage video and some better.
Photos later, but again, it’s not, it’s not really the point, the point was to, to help. And I think we’ve done that. So this was the fridge when we got to it this, by the way is in main street in Herkimer new Yorker or it was, it has since been re relocated rather. Two in front of, I believe the reformed church in downtown.
Herkimer not, not very far away from where it was. The property owner at this place was getting some shit. We actually got some shit as we were filling the fridge, which is just mind blowing to me. But in any case they’ve relocated this so it can stay open, become, stay a resource for people in the area that are hungry.
They come by, they grab something. And, and again, when we got to the fridge, this was the condition, there’s a loaf of bread. There was a bunch of bottles of water in, and that was about it in there. And through the help of a number of people who I will tell you about in just a moment, we were able to fill this mofo.
And we, we really did. We filled it up both the top and bottom the freezer isn’t open in this photograph, but I’m very excited that we were able to do this. And this came through donations from a number for if people for myself personally. I’m Phil Farda from V Joe boogie. As you can see in the photographs here, we got Joe bogie back in town and of course our man in the chat, Jack and Mo from the Jack and Mo cooking show, I guess he’s just Jack, but Jack from the jacket Mo cooking show put together some incredible little instant meals that were frozen with directions, ingredients on them.
So even better than just a lot of the ingredients you can grab on a jacks ready-made meals, throw it in a microwave for a minute and folks have everything ready to go. It was an incredible gift and effort from Jack and from everybody, including a local business in Utica, nineties automotive or, or nineties car dealership right there in Utica, incredible place.
I know some folks that have bought vehicles there, and I’m not saying that just because Beth and the team at NAMI’s helped us out with this particular effort, but they’re just known as car dealers go as one of the good ones. So if you are in the Utica area, this is not a paid endorsement by any means just a matter of Referral from a number of folks who have bought their vehicles there, give them a chance, you know, at minimum they’re helping the community.
And that’s a good thing, right? Yeah. So it was wild when we were filling the fridge you know, we were loading it up and fill fart. It was getting some from the car and there’s a woman walking down the street. And Phil here’s this woman go, Oh, what a nice thing to do. And at first he thought she was being genuine.
You know, I look at this, he started to feel good. You know, I’ll look at people are seeing that we’re doing this good thing and that feels good. But then he realized there was a very sarcastic tone, like what a great thing to do. And then. Phil kind of said why. And she says, well, kids take eggs out of there and then throw them everywhere.
And I guess, like I could, I could see that as a possibility. I mean, the fact that there are no eggs in the fridge that weren’t when we got there and we didn’t add any makes it a little less credible. But this is the shit that we get. Like we can’t even have something nice. People are hungry and here’s a nice thing at donation from their neighbors, a mutual aid effort.
So here’s some food, that’s a bad thing to do.
People like this are why we have the trouble that we have in this world. In my opinion, we need more. Bernie’s I haven’t pointed out my Bernie mittens shirt. If you want to go to the merchant link, the merchant You can get yourself a Bernie mittens shirt. You can also get yourself a mat Masur show or a three, one five live hat, sweatshirt.
T-shirt whatever portion of the proceeds from everything you buy goes to our effort. To buy food from local vendors and give it to nurses and frontline healthcare workers and their donation is coming up. Dick and I from smoke incorporated. Barbecue are putting that together, but it’s random plug Jack in the chat.
He says, Matt, on behalf of all of us who follow your lead on Friday, I want to thank you for starting this whole effort. Last week, you are the man, man. I don’t know about all that shout out, goes to Troy and the folks that actually put that fridge on main street and the people across this country who have done the same thing.
It’s not a, an isolated thing. This community fridge effort you are seeing pop up in towns all across the United States. It’s sad that it has to happen. It’s said that we in the richest country, in the world, that we have so many people, including children that. Are hungry. That’s, that’s, that’s just insane to me, but such as the case in, in shout out to the good people that are helping and, and I don’t necessarily deserve credit.
I appreciate that Jack, but just help people guys. It’s it’s really all there is to it. Let’s move onto another topic some more, I think. Good news. Local news, Syracuse, New York, but you’re seeing this across the country bars in armory square, and Solvay are the latest to announce reopening and CNY.
This is from and it talks about and, and by no coincidence. Cause I pulled this article before I really look quite look close, but the two bars they happened to mention in downtown Syracuse happened to be in my opinion, two of the better bars in Syracuse. L’s wine and whiskey lounge in armory.
Square is a phenomenal bar. If you’re into whiskey, which I’m not actually, but if you’re into it, they have a, basically it looks like a library in there with shelves that go way up high and there’s a ladder. The guy’s got to get on to get any kind of incredible whiskey you could imagine. They had a box that all up and everything, when things shut down, it was really incredible.
And there’s a lot of question of whether or not it would ever reopen. If that was the end, luckily it’s not, here we go again. It’s a great place. They also at least they used to carry Utica club, which is my personal favorite local beer. Singers karaoke club and solver is the other bar. Also one that I personally enjoy.
It’s one of the only karaoke bars in the area. And let me tell you something. Karaoke is an interesting experience. I would have never really imagined it until I spent some time in this place. Because it’s like, I want to say 60%, pretty good talent. Like somebody you enjoy seeing sing and the other 40% are either so horribly bad, or they just have such a goofy, good time with it that it’s also entertaining.
So it’s, it’s like a win-win. So, happy to see that a little good news on the reopening front. It’s my hope that it remains good news and all this reopening does not cause a massive resurgence. And then we got to go backwards. Because unfortunately that happened,
Quick update on the governor situation. The governor is of course still in office. He refuses to quit. He ain’t going nowhere. But he has supported, he didn’t really have a choice, but he has supported the attorney general leading an investigation. And the attorney general has just named the two high profile attorneys that are going to do that job.
Let’s see if we can get some footage here
and put my headphones on. I’ll even hear it.
If I turn the volume up, you’ll hear sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior for the state attorney general of New York. This was brought to light by five women, including a former aide who shared her story tonight for the first time on camera news, fours, Ida Siegel has the, this is a, by the way, what they’re about to talk about is the latest accuser.
And I promise we will not spend a lot of time on this.
Maybe not. If it won’t play again. Come on. What the fuck? There we go. She is one of the five women who have come forward to describe inappropriate behavior on a list. Used to work in governor Cuomo’s office. I felt like it was harmless flirtation, and that he was being like a friendly Italian uncle type.
That’s a weird way to make an accusation. I’m just. Just going to say that I take nothing away from anyone’s claim here or that the governor I maintain that the, the governor has acted inappropriately, but that’s a weird way to start in accusation, just going to be honest. But the real issue was the pervasive, hostile, toxic workplace environment that disproportionately harmed the young women who worked there.
She says the governor called her sweetheart and kissed her on the hand, making her feel uncomfortable. The addition of her story is part of the reason both Republicans and Democrats are piling on calling for Cuomo’s resignation. The governor insisting again, that he will stay put today. He toured the vaccination site at the Javits center.
I have no agenda besides representing the people of the state of New York, but some of his allies are wavering. The allegations from each of these women are serious. Meanwhile, attorney general Latisha, James Chucky’s hedging, his bets. He’s gone from saying nothing to a weekly saying something so nobody can say.
He didn’t try it, no matter which way this comes out. Right. So chucked us now it’s who would be leading the independent investigation into the allegations? June Kim, the former us attorney in New York and Ann Clark, a prominent New York attorney who specializes in sexual harassment cases tonight. She says the people of New York deserve an exhaustive and independent investigation into these allegations.
And I am committed to seeing it through and from June, these are serious allegations that demand. I totally agree with this. I don’t know. I don’t know why. I feel like I’m being such a downer on this, but I totally agree with what that woman says, but when I hear a lawyer talk about, we must make this exhaustive, exhaustive, exhaustive, whatever.
All I hear is like billable hours churning, and maybe that’s just the business owner who has been involved in legal things in me, but. It doesn’t make me feel good when I hear lawyers use terms like that. Even if I can’t pronounce them and a rigorous and impartial investigation, we will act judiciously and follow the facts wherever they lead longtime quarters.
I totally agree in the sentiment and I get what she’s saying, but like I said, it just sounds a little scary to me when you say it that way. Formal ally Hillary Clinton today says she’s reserving judgment for now. That the attorney general,
we had to roll out Hillary for this shit. You gotta be kidding me, Hillary Clinton, the woman famous for giving her husband a pass for cheating on her. And Hey, that’s, that’s cool. That’s your thing. That’s your relationship? That’s your life, but she literally has a history of giving a pass. To inappropriate behavior to staffers.
And she’s your expert opinion? Holy fuck. Well conduct an independent comprehensive investigation V ever for anything.
What, who the fuck thought this was a good idea. This does not help anything await to see what those results are. And while there are lots of people calling from Cuomo to step down, he does have a solid group of supporters today, 21 Craddick women assembly members released a statement calling for patients and to let the investigation play itself out, reporting from Midtown East, I to seagull.
The accusations against governor Cuomo are a little different than some of the accusations that we’ve seen against other people in this realm. That’s, that’s just a fact at the same time, it’s incredible to see the difference in how folks, especially Democrats react to this. Now a lot of people have talked about, well, the Republicans, this Republican, or Congresswoman Stephanie, she’s calling for his resignation.
Oh my God. Oh my God. About that? They call for his resignation literally every day. Okay. It rained outside in Cuomo’s favorite weatherman said it was going to be sunny. We must impeach Cuomo. Like that’s, that’s just their, go-to it, it it’s the boy who cries Wolf. Right. When you hear Democrats calling for that?
Well, that’s a little different story, which is what we hear. But as you just saw that’s far from a uniform or a all in agreement situation,
just since we’re on the topic of shitty Democrats, let’s talk about Joe Biden in the COVID bill. Cause it’s, it’s almost there. It’s almost past, you know, this thing that was going to happen immediately. As soon as he took office. Patient signed into law. The updated American rescue plan includes $1,400 checks.
For those who qualify based on reported tax income, it also expands the child tax credit to up to $3,600 per child and sets aside money to make government provided health insurance cheaper. One thing on that, the child tax credit.
I’m still waiting to get the final details on that, but that child tax credit, I believe in this bill, you set to be distributed monthly and it’s, it’s very confusing. Cause there’s multiple stories that say multiple things or just don’t really even talk about it. But that extra 3,600, that may not be just the child tax credit.
On tax day, that might become a monthly check. I I’m hearing again, I’m trying to find out when the final thing is, is all said and done, and it’s weird that they, a lot of these stories like this one here is skims right over that, but that’s a detail to pay attention to because that could be additional monthly money for families.
The house prepares for their vote. The Biden administration is marking international women’s day. The president has nominated two women to oversee four-star combatant commands. If confirmed by the Senate, they will become, he should have just resigned and put comma, become president on women’s day. I don’t mean to sound like one of those guys, but Hey, I think there’s a good chance of that happening.
I, I, I still strongly mm. Unsure that Joe Biden will finish this term and the vice-president won’t become the precedent and I’ll be honest.
Okay. I wouldn’t miss Joe. The second and third week, no harm, not trying to say that, but if he’s already, you know, he’s exactly what we expected, unfortunately. And the reality is even if he did step aside president Harris would sound a little different. She’ll bring her personality, but the actions are likely to be absolutely identical and identically impotent.
When it comes to helping the people of this that’s great women to hold the leadership. Remember we were promised this bill right away, as soon as they took office. And you can say, well, shit takes time. And it does. But you know, we did this impeachment thing. And we had to do that, but then it was okay, because we could do that in this at the same time.
Remember that’s what they told us the whole time. It’s okay. It’s not going to delay anything. It’s not going to screw anything up. Somehow we were able to get that done, not even talk about this until now months later, while people are starving while you’ve gone from, well, it’s not $2,000 checks. It’s $1,400 checks because you already got the $600 recently.
Remember, well, it’s not fucking recently now. So even in your bullshit, excuse doesn’t even hold water on that. You promise $2,000 checks. I’ve said this, and I will continue to say this until I fucking die. You ran ads with a photograph of a $2,000 check from the U S treasury, not a $1,400 check, not 2000 plus not 1400 plus $602,000 checks immediately backtracked on that the day you took office immediately.
Minimum wage all. Fuck, we can’t do that. Sorry. Some parliamentarian said that, that wasn’t cool. Also eight fucking Democrats voted against it. The same people that were elected because they said they were going to raise the minimum wage. Joe Biden. Aww. Too bad. We tried.
Fucking brilliant. You guys are brilliant. There’s also millions of people who got stimulus money from Donald Trump in the last administration who won’t be getting a dish this time from, from Biden, because they decided to means test it more because that was necessary. You know, we’re going to save a 0.003%.
By doing this in amount of money, nobody will see or give a fuck about, but millions of people will remember that Trump got the money and Biden didn’t come election time. So I hope it was worth it guys. You’re you’re really killing it here. Is it? Here’s how president Biden, general Jacqueline Vanover ovals and Lieutenant general.
Laura Richardson. Enough of this speaking of those Democrats that voted against it, I just wanted to show you this. This is a screenshot, of course, from one of the fact-checked websites talks about us democratic Senator Kristen Smyrna literally brought a piece of cake to the Senate floor to vote against a minimum wage increase.
Literally went full. Let them eat cake. She’s a Democrat.
Fuck. These people
don’t think that just Democrats are the problem because we’ve got new news out of Ilion. And it’s not, it’s not good. It’s, it’s frustrating. It’s infuriating
and it’s totally undemocratic. And let me get the right thing on the screen for you here.
Before I go too crazy. I’m going to play the local news clip.
That’ll give you some background
and some also called for the mayor to recuse himself in the investment. Shouldn’t be, but just start, there we go. Listen, thank you for joining us tonight. The village of Ilion board held its first meeting. Since news broke on the controversy involving the Ilion fire department, the village still without a fire chief was looking to enter into a shared service services agreement with the little falls fire depart now, right off the bat.
Do you hear what he says? And it’s the only way to say it. Cause it’s the truth. The village was looking to enter into an agreement, obviously. These things don’t just appear out of thin air suddenly, poof, there’s a shared services agreement between two municipalities. It doesn’t happen that way. The village is looking to do that.
It means the village is thinking about doing that. They mean the village has had discussions about doing that in a normal world. That would mean the village has had public meetings and public commons on that, but those things have not happened. This is a 100% behind closed doors and we won’t even comment on it.
Situation. Here’s gentleman who’s Brent Carney is live in iLien with the latest. Now we gave you the story last week that the little falls city board voted and approved this agreement, this agreement, nobody, an Ilion had a Davion heard about didn’t even know it was on the table. Radical change to public safety in their town.
Didn’t even know this was a possibility other municipality votes and passes it. What then the news reported on Monday Neely and we’ll vote on it at the regularly scheduled board meeting that was last night by no surprise, a lot of. Members of the village came to the meeting. They want to talk about it.
They want to hear the details. They want to debate it. They want their comments heard on it. The mayor refused to even speak on the matter on that vote. And what happened during the meeting? Brent? Good evening.
Well, good evening, Jason, within the last hour, the Ilian village board voted to enter into a shared services agreement with the city of little falls. Now, just to give you an idea of what that means is the little false chief Rob Parisi will now work as billion’s fire chief temporarily of course, for two days a week.
Okay. Temporarily of course, and four hours a night. Now let me give you that again. Cause I that’s an important detail. For two days a week and four hours a night. Now it says a night, he means a day, eight hours a week. Congratulations Ilion. You’ve got a chief for eight hours a week.
Is this really? This is a mayor’s idea of proper leadership, eight hours a week. What a major department, it’s got a major budget responsible for not only the fire department keep in mind, but also the ambulance service in town, you slip and fall. You have a heart attack, you dial nine 11. The Ilion fire department shows up with their ambulance.
It’s not like a lot of other municipalities that have you know, multiple private ambulance companies and so on and so forth. If there’s an emergency in Ilion, you need the fire department and they are now led by a man who puts in two half days a week.
Dan says, if this had been all above board, I would probably give the mayor and the village a benefit of the doubt when it comes to the investigations and staffing issues, the IFD, but it wasn’t a bud board, the whole thing stinks. And again, that’s the thing. And we’ve said that many times. Jennifer, who is I guess now the former Ilian fire chief’s wife has even said it.
John Stevens, the former mayor of Ilian has said it. If there’s something wrong, if these guys did something wrong, let’s hear about it and let’s deal with it appropriately. But you’ve got a wonder if, if any of this would even be warranted no matter what’s going on. I mean, these are guys that had no previous disciplinary issues.
So you’re saying that on ding on them and they’re out of the service. I mean, of course there are things as horrific as you know, It could be all you’ve got to do to get thrown out, but nobody even has any accusations. Nobody even knows what the hell we’re talking about. And we’ve moved to the level of pulling these people out and not putting someone in the department in charge.
What could possibly be your reasoning for bringing in an outside person?
You have deputy chiefs.
Those are like vice-presidents, you know, those are like the guy who’s supposed to take over. If the chief can’t do the job, the guy who is the chief on that shift, when the chief’s not in the station, why on earth would you go to another municipality? For some shitty part-time help and, and no offense to the chief.
he’s a good man. And I don’t believe that he has any any reason to knock him for his effort or his part of this at all. But he’s working part time. Why this there’s no reason for it. We have full-time men on our payroll. Full-time fire department, full-time firefighters, deputy chiefs, people that could easily step up and take this supposedly temporary role for the short time that you need to finish whatever investigation it’s been months is this, are we investigating Watergate here?
What what’s going on? Okay. We’re looking for Hillary’s emails. I don’t understand this fucking investigation that they won’t talk about. And that’s the key and that’s always the key, right? That’s always the go-to government or even corporate answer. Oh, there’s an investigation. We can’t talk about it.
What a convenient excuse. When the topic of the iLien fire department came up the board went into immediate executive session to discuss what they called was a personnel matter. And they did so for about two hours now, just to get everyone up to speed of what’s happening here 2 million firefighters are under investigation by the village.
A letter was sent to the village by a former village employee. The village says the complaint itself. Could potentially expose the village to legal action. The fire department currently has no fire chief and is being managed by three Illian, deputy fire chiefs after an almost two hour executive session, the board returned for public comment on the issue.
And some residents were frustrated by what they say.
Should probably turn my mic back on the, go in executive session to hide things and they don’t use executive session. They don’t follow the rules when things need to take place, you can go read the minutes of the village board meetings in Ilion, New York. And what you’ll be surprised to find is you don’t find any mention of chief, Tom Peterson being taken out of that role.
You should, the board should have debated it. They should have talked about it. That should have happened, but there’s no record of it. Why? Because it didn’t happen. The mayor made that decision unilaterally all on his own.
I’ve spoken before. I was happy when this man took office. Cause I’ve known him for a long time and I’ve always known him to be dedicated to Ellian. I know him because he was a police officer in that town when I was growing up and quite frankly, and I mean this in all honesty, he’s one of the folks that gave me hope for police officers, because he was a guy that was able to do his job.
Without beating people or shooting people. He typically had a level head, but at the same time, you got to keep in mind that he was a police officer and you got to keep in mind the mindset of a police officer. They are trained in, in, in some cases. And I’m not even going to debate this, even though I don’t agree with a lot of police tactics in the United States.
But they are trained to take over a situation, make assessments on their own. As a dictator. In many cases, they are one person trying to control a situation of a dozen bystanders. I get it. They take control. They even make arrests. As they see fit at the time, but they never have to deal with the consequences.
And that’s the way the law enforcement system is set up. You can be arrested for anything, but if a prosecutor or a court decides they don’t want to charge you, or they don’t want to convict you, you’re on your way, no consequences for the police officers. They can literally do what ever they want. And in some cases, even kill folks in phase zero consequences for that, that is the mindset.
That this man worked under for his career 30 plus years. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work in elected office. You don’t get to make the decision as you best see fit at the moment and worry about the consequences later or, or not worry about the consequences at all, because there’s somebody else’s problem.
They’re your problem. You are all of it now. You don’t get to pass the buck and say, Oh, well, I did what I thought was good. And that’s all I got to do. No, it ain’t about you anymore. The mayor is supposed to be same as a president. Same as a governor,
too many degrees, a figurehead. They are the person that delivers to the public. The ideas are what’s going to happen. We vote for them based on. What they claim they’re going to do. We are supposed to be in charge of this. We are supposed to have input or at the very least we’re supposed to know what the hell they’re even thinking.
Not nearly in an Ilion it’s we’re going to do this. We don’t give a fuck what you think. Cool. Welcome to North Korea. I mean, they’re not throwing anybody in camps. So, I mean, I guess they got that going for him. Dan says it’s so frustrating before he was mayor. I would have said that I respected lanica between this and endorsing Tenney from the village page.
He’s lost my respect here. That was, that was some of the things that he did. And I’m no Claudia Tenney fan.
But I don’t want people to think that’s the recent, he literally, from the village page said, go vote for Claudia Tenney. You can’t do that. You can’t, you can’t use an official public thing to endorse any candidate whatsoever. No matter if he said, you know, vote for Brindisi, vote for Hillary, whatever, it’s all wrong.
Immediately took that down, by the way. He, he figured out that that was wrong pretty quick. It doesn’t really change much last minute or so of this story, because I think it’s important. It was a lack of transparency and the investigation that’s gone on this long. This is Sam deraco. I know him. Well, he graduated, I graduated, he retired with my father from the Ilion fire department.
Grew up with his daughters, great guy, retired deputy chief himself, lifelong supporter of Ilion and the community. And it was supposed to be investigating it from what I understand a member of the police department is doing it. And it’s been two months, I mean, in two months time. You can find out a lot of things.
It’s one man’s word against another and that’s it right there. Right. They’re basing this all on. Supposedly this complaint by a former employee, nobody even knows what this complaint is. It’s supposedly they’re investigating, like Sam says it spent two months. I mean, again, the same scene who done it?
There’s some kind of claim either happened or it didn’t, I would think that you could determine whether it happened or it didn’t in less than two months.
I’d like to see everybody go back to their positions and carry on in the exemplary way that they’ve been doing right along. I don’t think that’s going to happen, Dolores. Unfortunately, I think that ship has sailed. I think at this point, what we need to focus on is making sure that the situation doesn’t get worse and the service isn’t further degraded.
Personally, I have to wonder if this isn’t a pre precursor to totally merging or even eliminating the Ilion fire department, going to a full volunteer model who knows, who knows what’s going on here? But none of it makes any sense. And none of it, like Dan says is above board. It’s all back room. No public comment.
Okay. From the folks not in this report from folks that were at the meeting last night, they report to any question that had anything to do with the fire department. They deemed a personnel matter and wouldn’t even speak on it. One other village resident, Bonnie coffin stood up and spoke. She pointed out that the mayor’s son, mayor lambic, his son is an Ilion firefighter.
Hence the mayor should potentially be recused from any matters regarding the fire department. Okay. And the mayor said, well, this is a personnel matter. We’re not even talking about that. It’s so convenient. It’s so nice to be able to just say now we’re just not going to do our job. We’re just not going to talk to the public, to the tax payer, the ones that pay my salary, the ones that elected me, the ones that by law, I am obligated to inform about these things.
Nah, just not gonna, what are you going to do about it?
It’s the question. Village pavilion. What are you going to do about it?
After all these excuses at this meeting that we can’t discuss any of this situation because it’s a personnel matter. The mayor went on with the meeting and discuss the promotion of a light department worker and read a resignation letter from one of our policemen. I’m reading this from a Facebook post, from a resident who was at the meeting.
Her question, the obvious question are those personnel matters. The man quitting and a man being promoted. I’m no HR expert, but I’m going to say that’s a personnel matter. So clearly you can pick and choose which personnel matters you want to discuss. You don’t want to discuss the ones that. The public actually wants to discuss,
but we got no problem telling you that a cop quit. That’s apparently no issue.
Oh man.
And some also called for the mayor to recuse himself in the investigation because his son is a member of the fire department. I just said that the mayor responded by saying the only knowledge that he has in this investigation is that it’s continuing or that, or if it’s not continuing. And he also told me that he has no knowledge of who has been questioned within the fire department as part of the investigation.
In my opinion to go Bernie Sanders. In my view, it’s a blatant lie.
I don’t know it to be a fact that he’s lying. And again, there is a possibility that I am wrong, but I find it very hard to believe. That the mayor in this incredibly hot and controversial situation knows nothing about this supposed investigation. The former police officer mayor has no idea where, where this investigation is at or who has been spoken to.
I think the reality is a little closer to, no one has been spoken to
that’s my theory. And, you know, I’ve been speaking to a lot of people seems like they haven’t been spoken to. So, you know, we could find out real quick if my theory holds water or not, but the idea that he has no idea what’s going on with this investigation is ludicrous again, unless you want it. Read that as there really is no investigation and that’s bullshit,
lots of possibilities here. It would really benefit the mayor and the village board to come clean on this again, if there’s something wrong, if people did things wrong. Deal with it appropriately. You won’t get any of this heat. Nobody will be talking about it. Channel two, won’t be basically editorializing and explaining how ludicrous this is and how much of a departure.
This is from typical behavior, how you operate and run a municipality.
If this is all legit and you mean well, and you’re doing the business of the people of Ilion, it should be very easy. To let them know that. But all you do is Stonewall. I mean, you know, the old police line, what do you got to hide? Now we are going to continue to follow this story as we learn more information.
And as soon as we do learn more information, we will provide that to you. But for now in Ilion, Brent Carney news, channel two, Jason, back to you. All right, Brian. Thanks. Good evening, everyone. So incredible. As you saw, you know, in that piece, they did eventually vote. It’s my understanding that after stonewalling, everybody going into executive session for two hours, not answering any questions, they dealt with all their other business and they really hoped that they could drain people and just, just get them to leave.
They, they voted on this fire chief temporary agreement with little falls. It was the very last thing they did at the very end of the meeting. Again, the public didn’t get to debate it. They voted and of course said, yeah, sure. We’ll do that. And so now Ilion has a fire chief for four hours a day, twice a week.
Also still paying the other firefighter. The other chief and the other deputy chief that’s been suspended again with not even an indication of what he might’ve done wrong,
all on your dime. And I don’t just mean all on the dime of the people of Ilion. You’ve got to remember a small, poor village, like this receives huge amounts of state and federal funding. If you pay taxes in the state of New York or even the United States of America, portion of the money they’re burning here is your money.
It should probably concern you a little bit than any municipality is being run this way in the financial issues that we face and they talk on and on and on. You know, their, their original excuse. And again, they mentioned it in this pieces when we got this accusation from this former employee at that cause a legal liability, they’re racking up so many lawsuits and so much liability in the way that they are handling this situation and defaming.
Men who they still cannot accused. They keep talking about this investigation, like these evil men. That’s the story that they’re putting out here. These guys did something wrong. They’re under investigation. That’s why they can’t be firefighters, but we won’t tell you what they did, but we’re just going to keep putting that story out there and keep making sure that the.
You know, court of public opinion, deems these men is some sort of monsters who had to be pulled from the job because of something that is taking us months to investigate
seems, seems like defamation to me. And again, I’m no lawyer.
But this is insane. It’s absolutely insane. Just answer the questions, tell people what the hell you’re doing. If you want to get rid of the fire department, you want to merge it with every other town in the County. You could probably find support for that. Make a case for it. Here’s why I want to do it.
Here’s why I think it’s good. People can either get on or they can. Stand against it. That’s what’s supposed to happen in a democracy in the United States of America, where we have representative government. We do not have a dictatorship. We did not elect dictators. We elect people that are supposed to be responsible to their constituents.
Now you could laugh. Of course, because we have examples at every level of government where people don’t elected officials don’t represent their constituents, but it doesn’t mean we’re going to talk about it any less. It doesn’t mean it’s any less of a problem. Doesn’t mean you get to get away with it, ruin some people’s careers and put lives in danger.
That’s the thing, be one thing. If we were messing with the village clerk’s office,
Or, you know, even the DPW, although those folks are critical for keeping the roads maintained,
you know, the fire department and again, the ambulance service, this is, this is the agency we’re going to mess with. This is the village department. We’re going to take out our agenda. And, and again, I don’t know if the goal is to save money or what it is, but. We’re going to do that by going after one of the best assets the village has, it’s known across the state as one of the best fire departments.
It’s insane.
I don’t know if there’s much, much more to go into on that. I feel like I’m just gonna. Say the same things over and over, but I will tell you that we will, of course stay on top of this story. I was kind of hoping for some resolution or at least thought that there would be some after this meeting, you know, maybe they’d give some answers.
They’d say, we’re going to do this. We’re going to do that. Like it or not. We can complain about it. We can talk about it, but there’s resolution and things are moving forward. That’s not the case. Nobody got the questions answered. We got this temporary chief thing, which again, they stress you’ve been on the news as temporary.
So even if they want to make it longer, there’s going to be conceivably more Bo votes. There should be more conversation. There should be some conversation with the village board. So unfortunately this story continues on.
Such as life
let’s end. I get so many other things.
What should we end with
let’s end with something kind of silly.
I don’t usually do celebrity wedding or relationship news, but the world’s richest ex-wife just got married again. It’s kind of interesting. Yeah. With McKinsey Scott ex-wife of Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos revealing that she has remarried and her new husband is a Seattle school teacher. Rebecca Javaris has all the details for us.
Good morning, Rebecca. Good morning, Robin. Yes. McKenzie. Scott is a mom. She’s a novelist and she’s one of the richest people in the world who gave away $6 billion of her wealth to charity last year. And now she’s married to a science teacher. A lot of people talk about that donation and good for her. I’m glad that she made it.
It’s only a portion of her wealth and we all know there were big tax reasons for it. But again, your philanthropist and author McKenzie, Scott, who was formerly married to Amazon founder. Jeff Bezos has remarried the groom. Dan Jewett, a science teacher in Seattle. Maybe hold on.
There’s Jeff Bezos. Here’s the new guy. Again, here’s the new guy.
Where is he? There’s Jeff Bezos. I think it’s fair to say that she has a type F bayzos has remarried the groom. Dan Jewett, a science teacher in Seattle. He’s literally a slightly chubbier version of Jeff Bezos. Huddle made the announcement. Jack says he’s a science teacher. They must have good chemistry
on the philanthropic website. The giving pledge writing. I am married to one of the most generous and kind people. I know. I think it’s incredibly inspiring. I love hearing about these stories. Not only that someone nobody cares what you think, whoever you are, congratulations to Mackenzie and her new husband.
I hope them. I hope they have a life of happiness and Dan says the new guy’s a bit less weird looking. Yeah. What are you going to do? Congratulations folks. Tomorrow on the Matt Masur show. I have no idea what’s going on, but we’ll have some good stuff. We will continue to follow up on this Ilion story among all of the others that we’ve been following.
Also, please, please, please like follow and subscribe here on Twitch. And as well on YouTube, just look for the math Masur show on YouTube. If you subscribed there, that all helps us. And of course the Homebase is three one five Masur. You can get the episodes, you can get the audio podcast, you can get the clips.
It’s all right there, check it out. But right now, stick around because the instant replay, the Matt Masur show. If you missed anything from the beginning is going to start in just a moment. We’ll see you tomorrow.

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