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I’m a Leftist, here’s what that means to me | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

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I’m a Leftist, here’s what that means to me | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

Uncorrected Computer Generated Transcript:

Matt describes being a leftist
What’s a little funny is I’ve got a a growing new audience that may not know me too well. And the thing they may not know about me is that I am a radical left in American terms. If this was Europe, I would be a noncontroversial moderate because the things that I want and I advocate for a lot of the basic things that they have in all those other countries.
But I think it’s important for people to know people that are conservative or, or even people that are establishment Democrats. Cause I shit on them more than anybody, but I, I, I would like people to know that if you don’t agree with me, I’m cool with that. I’m not into the cancel nonsense. I think that’s unrealistic because even though there are people like our biggest loser, former president, I would love to cancel them.
I would love to pretend that that piece of shit doesn’t exist, but that’s not the case. And especially when he was in office, he was the president of the United States. You can’t deny that you can’t pretend you can’t cancel. They’re still here. We have to deal with them. And this idea of just dismissing everyone across the board is idiotic.
But also I want people to know, you know, what it means to me to be a leftist because I, I would like them to understand, or at least I would, I would try to hope that they would understand that. What that means to me is I am pro human. All of them. I don’t think one person or one class or one profession or one race or one gender
puts anybody above anybody else. And I want the best situation for all of us. I want the best worker’s rights and worker salary. I want healthcare for every human being, because I believe it’s a human right.
And I want some basic freedom. I’m not anti-gun that again would be the establishment Democrats. We left us Asar kind of pro gun. We’re not driving around with six of them on the, on the rack in the back window of our Chevy pickup truck. But we understand why you might want such a thing. And we understand that with the proper safety rules in place, that responsible gun owners.
Follow anyway,
they’re the least of the issue, the person, the mindset, the mentality that wants to go out and kill that’s the issue. But again, I just want to give folks a kind of a basic understanding of who I am and what I believe. And I want you to know that if you disagree, that’s cool and I want your input. This is not okay.
So Matt Masur show, it is all about me, but I want your input. And I want you to know that if I take a shit on a politician or a policy or something that you like, I’m really not trying to shit on you. I’m trying to explain my position, which again, I consider pro-human
take it as you will.
Jack says they may also not know that you are left-handed as well. It’s true. I am a left-handed leftist.
There are also people that will call me all kinds of things and, and tell me I can’t possibly be leftist, you know, because I own a business because I sort of believe to some degree in some sort of capitalism, although my idea of capitalism is something that offends capitalists. My, the idea in goal in running a business is to help other people.
I don’t mean in an just a charity way, although that’s part of it. But I mean, I, I believe business is an engine that we can use to create good paying jobs. And see, that’s one of the things that it’s one of these big misconceptions in business. They talk about the job creators and they somehow pin that on employers and big companies.
Sure. They pay a lot of people, but they don’t want to. That hurts their bottom line. Their most important thing are the numbers on the screen, the profits, the margin, the growth, all numbers on a screen, all like watching a basketball scoreboard equally as meaningless, the more jobs they create, the less profit they make, the less margin they have at the opposite of what they want, their life, their existence, their company success.
Lives and dies on those fake numbers on a screen. My mindset is different. My mindset is I would like you to judge me and my business is success based on the number of people we can sustainably employ to me. That should be the measure of any business, not how much more money did you put up on the scoreboard?
How many more families did you make secure? I don’t want to see a rise in profits. I want to see a rise in payroll
to me, businesses, a way to get there,
but again, you could be a hardcore leftist. You could be a democratic socialist. You could be a radical conservative, and try to call me all kinds of different things and tell me all kinds of different things don’t fit. I don’t really give a fuck. I call myself a leftist because I believe that fits me the best.
There are lots of leftists that will tell me that I am not one because the most leftist thing on the planet is declining. Somebody else doesn’t want that. That’s just a thing, unfortunately, but
I I’m, I’m saying all this because I’m trying to give people a background of where I’m coming from on all these different issues. Find me a way to make life better for average working folks and, and I’m into it. And that is my goal already says nobody hates leftists as much as leftists do they do.
It’s true. And that’s the thing. And that’s why I tend to kind of hesitate with these terms, because again, anybody can argue all you’re not that okay. I’m not, I don’t necessarily care about the fucking term, call me whatever you want. But what I hope is that you understand what I believe in and what that means to me.
If you think looking for universal healthcare and, and better access to education and higher wages makes me a whatever, call me that, but understand that’s my goal, understand that I just want a better world for my children and your children.
And I think you might want the same thing too, no matter what side of the political spectrum you’re on. And if people could just grasp this concept of our I, our, our ideas, our ways to get there might be totally different. But we have the same goals. This world would be a different place because it’s, it’s not left versus right.
It’s people versus the handful of controlling people. Basically it is more of a class thing, but you know, back in the day you had multiple levels of classes. Now you basically have the super Uber, Uber rich, the 1% as Bernie would call him and everybody else. And they’ve got a so hyped up on fighting with each other that we don’t realize that the issue was with them.
Because the funny part about them is if you look close, they get that. They understand what I’m saying. That 1%, that top tier, it doesn’t matter if they’re left. Right. Republican Democrat, they work together. You know, when Joe Biden says, when I get an office, nothing will fundamentally change. He wasn’t lying.
The establishment Democrat party and the establishment Republican party, same group of people.
They work together to impose everything they want left or right. The same type of shit happens on the large scale on the financial scale.
Maybe it’s time for us to come together and realize, Hey, that, that lib tarred, who wants to give everybody healthcare, actually wouldn’t be such a bad thing.
Something to think about. I’m not your enemy, my friends, even if I disagree with you

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