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Jeff Bezos Choses to Not be a Superhero | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

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Come on Jeff… do something good with your success!

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Jeff Bezos Choses to Not be a Superhero | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

Uncorrected Computer Generated Transcript:

Jeff Bezos Choses to Not be a Superhero
And lastly,
we’ll talk about Jeff Bezos for one minute, because the headline is Bezos will spend $1 billion a year to fight climate change. Wow. What a hero? Jeff Bezos made a billion dollars since I’ve been on the air this morning. That might not be a hundred percent accurate, but it’s a real close. So this whole, like I’m going to spend a billion on something is like, here’s this year’s tax deduction.
And people are supposed to go. Yay. Oh, isn’t it great. He’s given a bill now. Sure. It’s better than not giving a billion, right? It could be zero, which is an idiotic mindset to me. But the thing that bothers me about a guy like Jeff Bezos to, to bring this show full circle in my leftist views,
when he gets to the point where he’s at today and keep in mind, he ran Amazon for many years, not turning a profit, including the years where he had really started to take off and was really generating a lot of revenue. He put every penny of it back into the company to grow it. He’s now obviously hit the point where it is the juggernaut that it is, and he’s starting to collect.
I don’t have any problem with that theory. The issue that I have is you’ve reached this point in a. Not in my opinion, properly thanked the people that got you there. If I was Jeff Bezos and ran a company that made the money that Amazon does, I would have the most well-paid workforce in the country.
Because again, my idea of a business successes is how big people’s paychecks are not how big the profit number is on the computer screen today. But setting all that aside, think about the money he’s made hundreds of billions of dollars, hundreds of billions, a small portion of that could end homelessness in the United States.
A small portion of that could end hunger in the United States.
Why wouldn’t you just do that? Like, this is the thing that really boggles my mind. You’re a capitalist. You want to be rich. You want to do whatever you’ve done it. Jeff you’ve won the game. You are the top of the top of the top. All you’re doing right now is you’re just adding more to the pile. It’s fucking foolish.
Why don’t you do something genuinely good. I’m going to spend a billion a year to fight climate change. His ex-wife gave away 8 billion. Sure.
Why won’t, why wouldn’t you want to be famous for doing something amazing? Why wouldn’t you want to take that 5 billion, 10 billion, whatever it is. It’s a pocket change to this asshole and be the guy that ended homelessness in the United States of America. If you put up Jeff Bezos, homeless shelters in every town in this country, you could do that.
You could instantly end homeless homelessness and be known as the guy who got rich. And then solve one of society’s biggest problems all on his own. He would be a superhero rather than the evil villain that he is in many cases, accurately portrayed as same thing with hunger. Why don’t you just say, I’m going to knock out hunger.
I have the ability to fucking do that.
Why wouldn’t you want that to be your legacy, especially when it would have zero impact on his life whatsoever. I mean, he’d look how much money he lost in his divorce. His wife got it. Huge, huge, huge billions and billions and billions of dollars of his didn’t change his life a tiny bit.
Jeff Bezos looked at his bank account and God. Oh yeah. Don’t look any different than did yesterday.
I don’t know, man


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