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Tucker Carlson’s Bubba the Love Sponge Appearances Come Back to Bite Him. Again. | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

Matt Masur Show Clips

Tucker Carlson is a guy who tries too hard to fit in with a crowd he doesn’t belong. Case in point, he’s NOT a shock jock but when he’d appear on Shock Jock, Bubba the Love Sponge’s show he’d try to pretend he was one.

The results were lots of bad jokes and honest takes that were disgusting even at the time…

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Tucker Carlson’s Bubba the Love Sponge Appearances Come Back to Bite Him. Again. | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

Uncorrected Computer Generated Transcript:

Tuckers BTLS interviews come back to bite him again
So let’s get into this Tucker shit,
couple disclaimers before we do this first and foremost, I fucking hate Tucker Carlson. I like the famous George Carlin clip. Of course he wasn’t talking about Tucker Carlson, but it fits so well. Where he goes, fuck Tucker Tucker sucks.
I’ve known Tucker. Well, because I’ve been a longtime fan of the Bubba, the love sponge show.
I know Bubba Bubba’s given me opportunities at radio. He’s been great to me. He also has been friends with Tucker for a long time. And by friends, I mean, Tucker would be willing to do a show. So fuck. Yeah. Bob is going to run with that. I don’t knock them for that at all. Bubba is a shock jock. He’s the ultimate shock jock.
Tucker is supposed to be this sort of respectable news guy. And he would go on the Bubba show often. And the one thing that I will say, we’re going to play some clips, but. The one thing that I will say is if you didn’t listen to the Bubba, the love sponge show, if you weren’t a Bubba fan, if you didn’t sit through those whole segments and by the way, Tucker would come on for 20, 25 minutes at a pop, it wasn’t like a a drop-in type of thing.
If you watch that, you would realize that like 90% of Tucker on that show was over the top absurd, sarcastic. That was kind of his mode. He was kind of the buddy that would, you know, just say these outlandish, ridiculous things, many of which I don’t know that he necessarily subscribes to, but he was a, you know, he was playing the shock jock game.
He was on the shock Jack show. So he, he thought he would have to do his thing. You’ll see other outlets now take these clips and really beat Tucker up with them. They are slightly out of context, not all of them, but what I will say. I don’t want people to, Oh, so you’re defending him. You’re saying all this is out of context.
No, Tucker’s a piece of shit. And his true core values and views are deplorable. Something that you won’t see in any of these clips, I’m going to show you is one of the most disgusting moments Tucker ever had. One of the few times I’ve ever shut off the radio show is when he made the statement that welfare, any sort of welfare.
The fact that we have a welfare system is the biggest problem with the United States of America period, that wasn’t out of context. He was dead ass serious. It’s disgusting and ignorant, but. John Oliver got to love John Oliver. He did a deep dive and we’re not going to take you through the whole segment.
Cause he literally spent, you know, 17, 20 minutes, something like that. The majority of last week show on talker pointed out Tucker’s insane white supremacy, but I just, I really want to talk about the bubble clips. So I’m not gonna make you sit through the whole thing. Just, you know, part of it. You can’t know what Tucker means by our heritage and culture.
You should know that he hasn’t always been that disciplined about his messaging in the late two thousands. He used to call into a radio show hosted by shock jock, Bubba, the love sponge. And in those calls, the thin veil covering his racism would occasionally get thrown off in moments like this thin veil.
A rock is a crappy place filled with a bunch of, you know, semi-literate monkeys, but I just have zero sympathy for them or their culture, a culture where people just don’t use toilet paper or for, okay. So this is kind of what I’m talking about. There’s some truth to this in how he feels, but this particular, those, both those statements were an example of him trying to be over the top.
Shocking in his mind, funny about these things. Now don’t get me wrong. Making bad racist jokes is just as racist as hating other races. But I, I honestly, it, it might speak to his character even more, right. Like, he’s not just the typical old man racist who, well, he grew up with that. And then you give him some sort of pass, which is bullshit.
Don’t get me wrong,
but he’s, you know, trying to make these bad jokes because he thinks they’re going to win over the crowd. It’s almost more concerning that isn’t just incredibly offensive. It’s also the kind of fact free cultural hot take. That is the essential Tucker culture and experience because one is clearly by no means the most important thing there for the record table forks were apparently first used in the middle East and Byzantine empire.
And we’re still conspicuous. This is why I love John Oliver because you know, I’ll just sit here and tell you this guy’s a fucking idiot. I don’t put in the labor. And I gained, I guess this is what happens when you have a HBO show with a multi-million dollar budget and entire staff, literally an entire staff.
To put together one 30 minute episode per week, like shout out to John Oliver. I want that gig. I do an hour every day. I do all the prep myself. I do all the post editing and posting afterwards myself. I do it all. It’s this is a hundred percent a one man operation. So I don’t get to do these cool little asides, but shout out to John, mostly absence in Europe until centuries later.
In fact, when the niece of a Byzantine emperor brought a case of forks to Venice for her wedding feast in the 11th century, she was roundly condemned by the local clergy for her decadence, with one saying, God in his wisdom has provided man with natural forks, his fingers. Therefore it is an insult to him to substitute artificial metal Volks for them when eating, which is absolutely fascinating because it’s not just a full refutation of Tucker’s lazy racing.
It’s also a very fun fact.
The crazy thing about Tucker Carlson is how popular he is because his takes are just playing shitty. And it’s very interesting to see. I have a theory and my theory is anybody you put on Fox news in that time slot,
unless it’s me who goes full left, you could pander just a tiny bit to that crowd and have their cult of sycophants behind you. I’m not sure they really give a shit about the personality. I think they just want, you know, rah, rah. Please see my views on TV. Also, you can tell me what my views are because that’s a common thing.
When I started this piece, I said that these clips come back to bite Tucker again, Tucker doesn’t do the Bubba show anymore. Ever since he got that big gig on Fox. And what’s funny is he is probably much worse on Fox in his attempts, to be honest and tell you his honest opinion than the attempts, to be funny on a shock Jack show, right?
Tough Jack, Jack and mill cooking show on the chat. Forgive me if I’m not paying attention to the chat. But we have a clip. This is a couple of years ago from the young Turks where they pulled some other Tucker appearances from Bubba. And we’re going to share them with you now. So let’s take a listen to the first video.
He’s not in prison for that. He didn’t want ingested in Mary under-age girls. He’s in, he’s in prison for facilitation of child, whatever the hell that means. So I wish they would properly label this cohost. This is Brent Hatley speaking. You can go follow Brent on Twitch right now, Brent and his wife do a Twitch stream on a regular basis.
It’s pretty wild not going to lie, but you know, check that out again. It’s when they say cohost, this is Brent Hatley, accurately arguing. He was the co-host of the Bubba. The love sponge show at the time, accurately arguing with Tucker Carlson about a convicted and imprisoned super child predator. That means that he’s in prison because he’s weird and unpopular.
And he has a different lifestyle that other people find creepy. He’s an accessory to the rape of children that is a felony and a serious one at that. What do you mean an accessory? He’s got some weird religious call where he thinks it’s okay to marry underage girls. But again, this is like the weakest attempt to ever to be edgy.
That that’s what he’s doing. He’s trying to be cool. He’s trying to play the, the super contrarian guy. But in reality, he’s just a piece of shit. He didn’t do it. Why wouldn’t the guy who actually did it, who had sex with an underage pro? He should be the one who’s doing life. The rate, the rapist in this case has made a lifelong commitment to women take care of the person.
So it is a little different. I mean, let’s be honest about it. There’s not accused of touching anybody. He’s accused of facilitating a marriage between a 16 year old girl and the 27 year old man. Oh, is that all? Oh, no big deal accusations. That’s what they’re calling felonies. Wait, sorry. Now th this guy made me a token defending rapists.
It’s weird. Cause if you watch a Tucker Carlson show on Fox right now, he’ll tell you that the immigrants are rapists and you know, every bill to give people voting rights back after they’ve been in jail and, and all these things, it’s all, all the, the evil criminals, the rapists are gonna come for you.
Here’s a clip of Tucker going. It’s bullshit that this child rapist was charged to such this position, just knowing you and arranging a marriage between a 16 year old and a 27 year old is not the same as telling a stranger off the street. And right here, it’s a really strange thing to get into a debate about, right?
Yes. Yes, Ana. It absolutely is, but that’s again, that’s that’s Tucker Carlson. That’s what he does. I mean, that’s really his whole shtick, right. Is being the guy that will give the asshole take that’s what makes him cool. He’s one of those guys.
It’s George Carlin said FUCK Tucker Tucker sucks

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