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The Tuddle Podcast | Episode 388: Tuddle Daily Podcast 386 “NARC”

The Tuddle Daily Podcast

The Tuddle Podcast | Episode 388: Tuddle Daily Podcast 386 “NARC”

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After a long day in Tampa on my way home in Deland a guy was passed out in his car at a red light in the middle of the road.

I feel bad for calling the police because I felt like a narc but thought that he might have been having medical issues.

Audio of a rooster that takes his job way too seriously

TikTok trend going around of cats gagging from the sound of a comb

Plus I go on a little rant about somethings I found out today.

All voicemails are welcomed even the ones that say I suck because they’ll go right to the front of the line 407-270-3044 and I promise all calls are anonymous

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