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NY State of Mind – Local News and More | The Matt Masur Show Full Episode 4.29.21

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NY State of Mind – Local News and More | The Matt Masur Show Full Episode 4.29.21 – VIDEO | The Matt Masur Show Full Episode

Matt is BACK!! Lots of local and national news to talk about today.
Today Matt Gets into:
The campaign to save the Uptown Theater in Utica NY
Village of Ilion Situation
Joe Biden’s joint address to Congress
“hot tub streams”
Peace, Love and Cupcakes
and MORE!


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Uncorrected Computer Generated Transcript: 

What’s going on, everybody

Matt Masur show

back live.

So we’ve been off for a few days. I’ve been busy, been doing, uh, a number of things. If I’m completely honest, I’ve been in a little, uh, I guess you’d say a little bit of a funk. Uh, No, no real particular reason. In fact, everything has been going good business has been booming. Family’s good. But for whatever reason, the news in particular, uh, it’s just kicking my ass.

It was just nothing, but, uh, miserableness and horribleness and shit that I couldn’t really escape, but also, I didn’t want to just sit here and talk about for an hour to start our day. So it, it fucked me up a little bit, not gonna lie, but enough of that nonsense, we’re back in action. We’re going to be here on a regular basis again, and we got lots of cool things going on and right out of the gate.

This is why I fucking love you guys. We got a whole bunch of people, Jack and Moe checking in on Twitch, our man, John, the smoke eater, or you been telling you about it, Rick checking in from the book what’s going on. Uh, so listen, just a quick little point of order. This show is obviously live streamed on Facebook and YouTube and Twitch.

Twitch is the home base of the show though. I just want to make that clear, uh, the live streaming Homebase of the Matt Masur show is And the reason you might want to go over there as opposed to hanging out on Facebook is because. First of all, Twitch is a better platform. I am much less likely to get shut down on Twitch.

As I am on Facebook. Facebook will randomly pull me when I talk about things that are legal and fair use Twitch, don’t play those games, but also the chat in the conversation coming from Twitch just works better to be completely straightforward. If you want to get in on this show, if you want to get your comments on the screen works like 30% of the time and Facebook land works a hundred percent of the time in Twitch.

So, uh, the Twitch chat is the one that I really pay attention to, and I really do want to make this an interactive show. So I’d love you to come and join the conversation. We’ve got a bunch of things going on.

Okay. Jack says also in Twitch, their chicks and bikini streaming from hot tubs are so I’m told here’s the thing about that. Just a real quick aside, um, a weird concept to me because I’ve seen, I know exactly what he’s talking about and there’s this thing, you know, there’s no nudity or anything like that on Twitch, but there is definitely like a, a cam girl situation.

And honestly, they’re called eager on Twitch. Uh, a lot of them are gamers, but a lot of them just do the, uh, I’m beautiful stare at me for hours at a time thing. And it works for them. But the latest trend is the most mind blowing thing to me because they have this trend now where they, they call it a hot day, hot tub stream.

It’s not a fucking hot tub. It’s literally like a kids, you know, kitty pool blow up pool that they put in a bedroom in their house and fill up. And the water’s clearly not warm. There’s no bubbles. There’s no hot tub to it. It’s a, literally a kitty pool in the house that some beautiful girl in a bikini sits in and she does live streams for hours and they get thousands and thousands and thousands of views.

I mean, I want to say, I don’t understand it. I do understand it right. It’s it’s a pretty girl. You can talk to cam shows and that type of shit has gone on forever, but I just it’s, it’s just almost comical to see, you know, this, this thing where they’re sitting in a fucking kitty pool in a bedroom. I dunno.

Rick says you need your stuff on Apple podcasts. Listen to my stuff is on Apple podcasts, but in full disclosure, I am sometimes shitty about posting the podcast episode. That’s that’s, uh, 100% on me. It’s a fault of mine. That’s something I’m working on, uh, to get it up there and get it consistently. And the fact that you want it there drives me to do that.

So I appreciate you giving me shit for not posting it, but right on Apple podcasts, right on, uh, Spotify on pretty much anywhere you get a podcast, including Alexa, you can say, Hey, Alexa, play the math Masur show and it will play the most recent podcast episode, which is Rick points out I’ve been behind on.

So, uh, I will do my best today, as soon as the show is over to get that posted. So you can listen to the Matt Masur show on the go. Uh, podcasting is an interesting thing. The, the, you know, the audio version. And that’s exactly what it is. It’s exactly what we have here, but it’s just the audio production portion.

This is something that’s, uh, I want to say blowing up, but then again, I’ve been in the podcasting business, I guess you’d say now for about six, seven years professionally on the promise that it was going to blow up when I started, you know what I mean? And it definitely don’t get me wrong. Has definitely increased, uh, the numbers of demand.

The various ways you can use audio podcasts has blown up. They got this app now for iPhone called clubhouse, which is basically internet radio, but it’s, it’s not a podcast. They don’t report it or don’t record it rather. It’s a live audio feed, but that’s becoming so popular that. Uh, Facebook is now ripping it off.

Facebook is coming out with an audio only product, a podcast, I guess you would say, type of product that you’re going to get right from Facebook. And it’s going to be directly integrated with Spotify. So there’s a lot of these big players really jumping into the audio only game. And, uh, it’ll be interesting to see where it goes.

It’ll be interesting to see if it really is exploding. We, they claim it as, like I said, I, I I’m in this business and I know there’s a market for it. I know that market is growing. Is it skyrocketing? Like they say, I don’t know

Jack and Mo back when we were talking about the, uh, the tub girls, they make big dollars though. They do. They make huge dollars. Good for them, man.

Thanks on the, uh, the podcast thing. I’ll do what I can do. I asked Alexa, why I’m single? She said, my name is Siri. Jack would the one-liners this morning, we got our man Dade checking in more than buddy to make sure for joining the program. So, as I mentioned in my ramblings, we had a lot to talk about today.

And I guess that’s the one positive of not doing a show for a while. You get a, you get a good backup of content. I called this episode, New York state of mind because the majority of the stuff we have to talk about is local. We’ve got some national stuff we’ll get into briefly. Uh, the president’s first bipartisan address that occurred last night that I didn’t watch.

I’ll be honest.

But before we get into all that, let’s get a little, uh, New York news and the cool thing we have here loosening up in parts of our area beginning on may, ah, almost there word, staying up in parts of our area. Beginning on May 3rd, this coming Monday, sitting at a bar will once again be allowed in New York city.

Then on May 17th, outdoor dining curfews will end all across New York state. And the indoor dining curfew will end on May 19th as I would assume, supported Nevine Dollywood. So this is a big change, obviously with the COVID restrictions here in New York state, we had, I believe they moved it up and it was now up to midnight.

The dining curfew that, you know, can’t serve people. You can’t be in here after midnight. It’s kind of bullshit. I’ve called for its repeal for quite a while. It looks like that’s finally happening. This is, this is good. Now tells us for some, the changes can’t come soon enough. This is great. We’ve got families.

We have people coming out this Wednesday night. All right, hold on. As you know, as I just stated, I am fully in support of this, but how are you going to open a story about being open past midnight with children and talking about we’ve got families. We’ve got families and at the restaurant at 1:00 AM, but please continue.

At the Blackstone bar and grill is a stark contrast from a year ago, really hurt us like so many restaurant owners. Steve now trying to get business back on track. It’s a great, great environment. It feels good. And even better, this the story, obviously it’s not a New York city. Um, and I don’t know anything about that restaurant, but it just, I do love that their outdoor dining, they got that pavilion, that tent forget about the pandemic.

I love that concept in general. And uh, if, if we get more, really nice, comfortable outdoor spaces at restaurants to eat in as a result of all this nonsense, I’m, I’m not opposed to that today. Governor Cuomo announcing he will be allowing restaurants and bars to remain open until 4:00 AM starting on May 17th.

Wait, what

bars closed at 2:00 AM in New York state. Did we just go the other way or are they allowed to stay open longer in New York city? And I didn’t know, outdoor dining and May 31st for indoor dining on top of that seating at the bar will be allowed as of me the fact that you’re able to sit at the bar and the fact that you’re able to, to order a beer without food, it’s going to be a big thing.

That’s the other thing that, that we’re getting rid of the, uh, what became known as the Cuomo chips. That was the rule that you had to have food. If you were going to have a drink? Um, I never thought that was like the most incredible idea ever, but I always got the point. You know, the point was to reduce the point was to, uh, uh, stay in place.

You couldn’t stand, you could sit at the bar. I don’t, I don’t know exactly what they’re talking about. Uh, and it was spaced out. But, uh, in my experience, you could sit down at the bar and drink. As long as you had that food, you couldn’t stand up with your drink. You couldn’t, you know, I stand at a bar and not sit in the chair kind of guy usually, but all they done since it’s finally gone away, which is good.

And you know, the food thing, no matter what the intention was, it was immediately defeated because you know, it became Cuomo chips. And what would happen is the first time I went to a bar under this rule, not even thinking about it, you walk up to the bar and before that, they ask you what you want to drink.

They said a tiny little slice of tomato pie in front of you. Or a garlic, not in one place. What the fuck is this? I had an ordinary food. Oh, you have to, and you didn’t order food and I’m pretty sure they didn’t even charge us for it, but it became a standard thing. According to the law, you had to have food with a drink.

So if you walked up to the bar, there’s a nice slice of tomato pie, which let’s be honest, not the worst thing. Just standing up the bar comes through me. It’s true. It’s just, that’s a, that’s a family trait. It’s like, that’s what you’re supposed to do with the bar though. You stand around with people and you talk, you do the one foot up on the rail there, you know, that’s why there is a rail.

I don’t know the last couple of minutes of this, or second rather, I’m looking forward to being able to sit at the bar, just a block down from Blackstone customers at the Hill, looking forward to the changes. I think it’s a great, great thing, you know, to open it up and everything like that and give people the opportunity to come out and, you know, not have to feel the pressure of ordering food.

Now, this announcement comes one day off. I mean, there was no pressure. Let’s if we’re going to be realistic, let’s not make this over dramatic. Like I say, every place I went to there was they, they literally handed it to you. You didn’t even have to order. So did the CDC, hold on, hold on. Stop. Stop. The fucking presses.

Dan, are you, are you trying to tell me that you have lived your entire life in central New York and you don’t like tomato pie?

I’d keep that under my hat. If I were you, my friend, he said, vaccinated, Americans don’t need to wear it. That’s like saying, Ricky’s, aren’t good. You get like thrown off a train for that shit around here, their masks when they’re outdoors, but some not comfortable with that, with all the different variants and things that are happening.

We just don’t know. And it’s not that much an inconvenience to where I’m at city officials asking residents to use precautions and common sense as we move on. Common sense. Did they just say that with a straight face,

if America has learned anything it’s that common sense is not common. Dan’s on a crusade to raise awareness about the fact that he’s the one person in such a new Yorker. Doesn’t like tomato pie, apparently. Oh, shit. That’s funny. It’s so good. How can you, uh, so good. And I don’t even like excessive tomato.

I’m a go easy on the tomato sauce, kind of guy

tomato pie. It’s just where it’s at my friend.

Uh, you know what else is where it’s at the Saranac brewery,

technically known as the FX Matt brewery. If you’re not from Utica,

is that a Tardis alarm clock behind you? Hold on. This is why I’m easily distracted. I’m sorry. No, it’s not. It’s actually a mug.

We’ll handle it. You could drink out of it. I’m not going to do that, but

I, uh, have been working to organize a number of things and I have like multiple businesses worth of shit packed up in here. And as I was going through it, I found my old, uh, Oh, the one by the aquarium. The one by the aquarium is actually a cookie jar. That is a Tardis  cookie jar. Again, I don’t want to use any of these things for what they are.

I like them anyway, back to the brewery, but Utica Saranac affects mat Utica club, whatever we want to call it, brewery is expanding. They’re putting in $34.7 million. I need Yolanda Vega to say that they’re gonna be hiring at least 25 more people. And, uh, they’re going to be cranking out. Lots more bottles of beer.

I love seeing this. I love seeing a local business, especially one as old as this 133 year old brewery. If you’re not familiar, they were, by the way, the first brewery to sell alcohol after prohibition, they survived through it, many didn’t, but they had everything ready to go. So the second the prohibition was repeated.

Yes, you could crack an FX. Matt brew. I’ve always wondered it, it always seems like there’s a little bit of like, they might’ve manufactured that before they were supposed to. I don’t totally know how that all went down, but I do know that they were the first place. You could grab a cold one when the idiotic alcohol prohibition ended in this many, many, many years ago.

Uh, it says the brewery is going to double their brewing capacity twice as much beer. I love it. Uh, Fred, Matt, the precedent of the brewery said, we, we now have the most flexible state of the art brew house. I’d say in the world, if not in the world than at least the United States, Fred’s not one to, uh, be humble, I guess.

Uh, additionally $11 million was spent on various projects, including a $6 million Canline that will double the capacity. Uh, remember they crank out bottles and cans and is expected to be operational. In June. We have a company fueled for growth. Matt said, we’re going to double our business this year. We will grow our business by at least 50% next year.

How fucking awesome is that a Utica club and Saranac beer and their soft drinks are the breweries owned brands, but they also would, a lot of people don’t know they also contract brew for a lot of places. So, you know, there’s a lot of smaller brands. There’s a lot of other places. And this happens all over the place where, uh, you know, every, every can of beer in a store shelf is not necessarily made an individual breweries.

There’s contact breweries con tract that make these things for folks. Uh, in Utica, they make more than 300 distinct items, different products. It’s pretty fucking cool. I love it.

Jack says I was in a bar in Pennsylvania. They offered me a Brooklyn lager and proceeded to tell me that it was made in Brooklyn. I showed them the label that said it was made in Utica New York to be fair people in Pennsylvania probably thought Utica New York was part of it, New York city. Because as we know anyone, not from central New York believes every part of New York is a borough.

What are you going to do while we’re talking about good news in Utica? I got some, I got some other good stuff.

Let me get it on the screen for you before I play it.

So last week, uh, while we’re off, I took a trip to Utica and I visited one of my favorite places. The uptown theater, the uptown theater is a historic theater. It’s actually older than this by a very small amount of time, but it is older than the Stanley is an incredible, incredible facility that has just so much potential.

Listen, I love theaters. I love places like this, where we can do different things. Uh, my wife and I got married at the palace theater in Syracuse. It was a place where you could make a really cool experience and you have that type of situation in the uptown. Now, if you hadn’t seen the uptown. I haven’t personally, uh, seen the theaters in the uptown since, since I was a teenager, used to be a place that, uh, you could go on a date, you could go with friends.

We used to go real cheap and see some great movies. And they had three theaters, three or four. I think three, what I didn’t realize at that time, or it really until recently is that was originally one big theater that had been covered up into four movie screens. All those walls, all that division has been torn out and the theater is one huge, large, incredible, incredible space.

$2 Tuesdays, Dan says absolutely absolutely loved $2 Tuesdays.

What’s going on now with the uptown is, uh, there’s an incredible group of people, a nonprofit that fit now owns it, runs it and are looking to bring it back to the incredible potential that it has had for many years. Problem is they need some money to do that. The theater, it needs an upgrade and seating and just really clean renovation.

Like I said, they took down dividing walls, uh, where there was previously multiple theaters made it one big one, again, as it was originally designed, but like that work’s not really done if we’re being completely honest, uh, those walls were torn down, but it really wasn’t finished into a space that you could use.

So there’s a lot of work needs to be done on top of that. The place needs a roof. Uh, to do all this, they need some funding and they have just launched what they’re calling a save the seat campaign. And I got a little promo video about it. I want you to take it look okay.

now just a real point of order. I’m going to start and stop this a little bit. What you’re seeing right now, this picture right here is the stage. And, and you’re going to see another couple shots of it in this, this video, this video is incredible. I don’t know who put it together. I got to find out and compliment them.

They did a great job, but what you’re looking at right here is the stage. I would’ve never in a million years realized that this. Awesome. Flexible. Uh, you know, uh, we can put music here. We can put place here. We can put standup comedy, we can play movies, so much opportunity. So many things that can happen.

We could do live podcasts, wink, wink, such a cool fucking place right in downtown Utica.

so this is a, and if you haven’t seen this in years, like I hadn’t, before I visited in person, you are blown, blown away to understand that this is what the open, full theater at the uptown looks like. So I think you can see my mouse on the screen, right? Yeah. So when I was a kid, when I was a teenager, you can see here, they’ve turned down.

This, this used to be there used to be a wall here. And these upper seats. These were two upper theaters. This half here, there was a screen. This half here, there was a screen. And those were two of the theaters. Then you had this big one down here. So you had three movie theaters. I had no idea. I I’m an idiot kid when I was there, though.

That’s the way it was designed. I had three, three screening rooms. No, it’s supposed to be this open, huge, incredible space.

they have this by the way,

clicking on the wrong. They have this incredible room that they’ve put together for improv comedy and stand up. So many cool things.

look at that. Look at that. How freaking cool is that? Did anybody have any idea that this was the I didn’t,

this is just so amazing to me.

so you can go to save a seat, and I encourage you to do that. And the whole idea is you can purchase a seat.

What a freaking awesome way to donate and to support theater. It’s such a cool idea. There are some absolutely incredible people behind this effort and, uh, I applaud them as much as I encourage everybody. If you can, let’s donate. Let’s not only just keep this place in existence. Let’s let it see the potential that it has.

That incredible, incredible space

absolutely loves seeing that such a cool thing, Jack and Mo you said they did fundraising tours a while back. He took you backstage and in the projection room. Yeah. It’s, it’s cool as hell, man. It really is, uh, you know, I was lucky enough to get one of those tours myself. There’s behind the stage. There’s a green room.

There’s all kinds of just really cool spots up in the projection room. There’s still some of the old, um, uh, projectors, but film projectors, you know, uh, they weren’t digital. Obviously. I think the late nineties when we were, there was the last time they were actually used, but they’re just their coolest hell.

And, uh, just climbing around through there and, and seeing all these things. I, again, I love this type of stuff in general. I love old buildings. I love things like that. But when you have a place that has such potential to do so many things, unity events, concert, entertainment, conventions, you know, so many things are going virtual.

Conferences and such, but you still sort of need a place for the presenters to give them in that theater. If it was all ready to go, you could do everything from business to entertainment. I just, I love seeing it,

speaking to other things I’d love to say

we’re going to, uh, channels for just a minute and jump over to a Syracuse New York business that honestly just deserves some love because they’ve been given a ton of it. The place that I’m talking about is called peace, love and cupcakes. The bakery run by a husband and wife and downtown Syracuse. We have an incredible, incredible, and I don’t know if these people keep in mind.

Uh I’ve I’ve heard about them and I’ve only recently kind of really dug in and saw what’s going on. But these are two people that not only run an incredible bakery where you can get just the most mind blowing sugar filled treats, you could find anywhere in the city, but they really care about the community.

Uh, as you can see on the screen, they’ve got these black lives matter cookies. These were something they did as a special event over the weekend, come in and get a free BLM cookie show your support for those members of our community. And it was so overwhelming. They had lines wrapped around the corner.

They went through everything they had, they had to shut down an hour early because they went through all of their baked goods. It’s something you could do at a bakery, by the way. I always just loved that. Like, well, we sold our day’s worth of food. We can go home. That’s pretty cool. But you know, the black lives matter.

Cookie is just one example of the things that they do at this incredible local business. Uh, they have the ability for you to, uh, donate or buy birthday cakes and cookies and things for families and children who can’t afford them. They have just all kinds of incredible, uh, pay what you can programs just to spread.

Some love and spread some goodness. And while I am on a, a no sugar, low carb lifestyle, and I don’t get to enjoy a lot of baked goods, I want, I want others to make up for it for me. So please check out peace loving cupcakes. It’s a, again, this is a non-sponsored plug. And just, just to shout out to a local central New York business, who’s trying to be a good neighbor, trying to be a good member of the community and not just soak people for every penny they can get at any time.

I see that you better believe I’m going to highlight it right here on the mat Masur show.

Oh, what else should we talk about?

Let’s talk about the president for a minute.

Hold on. I got it. Jack says, going back to talking about the movie theater, the first movie I snuck into there was buck Rogers in the 25th century. Jack. I don’t, I don’t know how much that is dating yourself. I remember when I was a little kid buck Rogers was an old thing. Well, uh, I gotta, I gotta find out now buck Rogers in the 25th century came out in 1979,

three years before I was born, Jack.

Sorry. I remember a NBC. Did that was that, uh, What was the fucking, there was the robot dude, right? Bidi Bidi Bidi at that dude. That was the, uh, that was the buck Rogers. Right? I don’t remember. What was this? What was the robot dudes name? Twiggy. I did remember CIC. I was a nerd. So even though it was old shit, when I was a kid, anything mildly Saifai hence the doctor who stuff I immediately gravitated to, although I, I didn’t get in depth.

Uh, the president addressed a joint session of Congress for the first time in his term last night. I didn’t watch it. I probably should have, because I was going to talk about it. I mean, I got the details, but. A quick side note on that. Some people have pointed out. We even talked about it on the show that since, uh, Biden took office, we’re back to being able to ignore the news, ignore the president.

We’re not hooked to like a crack theme to the news, wondering what this idiot did today. Like we had been, and to a degree, I get that that’s good. Right? It’s not like, what is the nightmare today? But we probably also shouldn’t be slacking because it’s when we all ignore these guys is when they pull off some of the worst shit.

I’m not saying there’s some bad shit in, in the plan. We’re going to talk about, I mean, I’m sure there’s a little bit, but just making the point that. We probably shouldn’t celebrate, not paying attention. It’s probably not in the grand scheme of things, a positive, just going to throw that out there. And I say that because I am as guilty of it as anybody else.

But anyway, uh, the president meant, uh, to veil his, what he’s calling the American family. It is very family, heavily heavy, obviously.

Um, and this is in addition to the infrastructure proposal that was rolled out last month. Keep in mind, this is not part of the same thing. This is a, another plan, another effort that does specifically things for or families. Imagine that, uh, the other thing to keep in mind is this is a policy proposal.

That’s gotta be voted on. It’s gotta be passed in Congress. This is not a deal where, uh, the president can sign an executive order and we get all this shit, uh, which by the way, just a side note, I saw some idiot on Facebook yesterday. Comment to that effect out there. He governed by executive order. Um, this is, this is legislation, sir, try to follow along, um, the American family’s plan calls for $200 billion program offering universal pre-K for all three and four year olds.

I have a four-year-old. This is awesome to me. Uh, the fact that we don’t already have you PK everywhere is quite frankly kind of mind blowing. Uh, especially when you realize that they do have it in some places and, and why, why those places get the advantages over others. It’s never made any sense. I’m making universal.

pre-K actually universal across the United States is a fantastic thing. 109 billion for tuition free community college for any American who wants it. Let me say that again. Tuition free community college for any American who wants to, this is awesome. Wow. I have a, four-year-old going into preschool. I have an 18 year old going to college as well.

And Holy fuck. Uh, she’s probably going to go to a private school, so I’m not going to get a whole lot of benefit of that particular thing. But in any case, this is a wonderful situation. Now, if you live in New York, New York state has done similar things and made it. And even in the recent budget expanded the ability to go to our community colleges, tuition free, close to it, but this would make it a national thing.

It’s phenomenal news, 5 billion to increase Pell grants to benefit low and minority, low income and minority students, and 4 billion in funding for larger scholarships, certification support programs, strategic

Jack, still talking about buck Rogers. We get it, but,

uh, maybe some other key details and all the bullshit you don’t care about. Uh, the proposal also calls for the creation of a national paid family leave program.

There are some Americans who hear this type of thing and their heads explode because they’ve been fucking programmed in every other civilized country on this globe, paid family leave is the standard uncontroversial part of life. That means, uh, both parents, it’s fathers and mothers can take off paid time to be with their families, to be with their newborns, to take care of their sick.

Um, I’ve got a little bit on alien in just a few minutes, John. Uh, and, but I will, I will tell you, I’m not even gonna tease you. It’s, it’s not a lot of breaking news on that front, unfortunately.

Um, on top of all that stuff, uh, Biden is calling on Congress to include a $45 billion investment in meals for children in low income families. Uh, this is a wonderful thing. Again, I also don’t want to see any conservatives give any shit for that

reason. Being is president Trump was responsible for one of the biggest expansions of the school lunch program in American history. Nobody even blinked an eye. Uh, in fact, I feel like he didn’t even get the credit from his own team on that, that he should’ve maybe because, you know, it’s something they’re supposedly against, so they didn’t even want to admit that it happened, but that is something that Trump did during the pandemic.

Uh, unemployment insurance reform. Uh, it doesn’t give any details on that. It just says unemployment insurance. Yeah. If that means less people can get unemployment or it’ll be more efficient. I don’t know who the fuck knows what that means. 225 billion investments for childcare. Great. That would include a $15 minimum wage for early childhood staff in expand childcare center.

Accessibility. This is an incredible thing. And let me tell you about this because you don’t think about this until you’re in this situation. I didn’t, as a parent until I had little ones, again, that needed to go to these daycare centers. Many of these daycare centers are phenomenal. The problem you have with them is they don’t pay shit and.

To some degree, to some degree, keep in mind they’re for-profit businesses to some degree I can understand. There’s not a ton of margin. There’s a lot of overhead and there’s only so much you can charge people, right? Yeah. Individually have to pay for somebody to take care of your kid, but still there’s a limit to what people can afford.

So it’s hard to pay early childhood staff what they deserve

funding and setting. These types of standards means that we will be able to get early childhood staff who stay because one of the problems that you have in these situations is, uh, you can have incredible people. And again, I’ve seen this, I’ve experienced this firsthand incredible staff members, dedicated staff members, love working with children are great with children.

Only stay until the next better paying opportunity comes about which you absolutely cannot blame people for it’s, it’s what you should expect.

But the problem is you unfortunately cannot get and keep good people and consistent people.

And to me, that was a big frustration because you get somebody that your young child likes and trusts and gets comfortable with three weeks later, they move on to a new job. This is the reason that we need at least $15, if not more, in all honesty for every, you know, I hear people argue about law, they want $15 and they can’t even do blah, blah, blah.

Right? If you paid me less than $15, I wouldn’t do shit for you either.

Below minimum pay you get below minimum.

There’s no reason to fault people for that. If I have to put in 40 hours for you, and that doesn’t even cover my

not really going to do a hundred percent of my abilities at your job, you get what you pay for my friends. Um, what the hell is in this plan? Anything officially the plan will be paid for through tax reforms targeted at wealthy Americans, such as increased capital gains rate, a higher top income tax rate and increased IRS auditing enforcement of high income individuals and businesses.

This is the other part that will make many people’s heads explode. Cause they started out with, Oh, we’re going to pay for it. Even though they’ve never once asked that question. When we talk about the continuingly growing military budget that we don’t need never wants, did they ever say, how are we going to pay for that?

But how we’re gonna pay for it is people who got their taxes cut for no good reason. I’m going to pick up the tab. And before you claim, this is unfair to them. You should probably know that even when these increases were nowhere near the tax rates that they paid, even under president Obama, which were way too low, go look at the hat history of tax rates in this country and compare that to the history of the middle class.

I find when the top tax rates were the highest, the middle-class was the strongest.

These are only facts. Um, but again, the other thing you gotta keep in mind. The thing that people really forget when we talk about taxes and raising tax rates and higher tax rates and higher tax brackets is what we use is called a progressive tax system. What that means is like, if you’re Uber rich and say, Joe, Biden’s raising the rate to 50%, he’s not, but just for simple numbers, you think, Holy shit, he’s taking 50 per say, you made a million dollars.

She’s taking 50%. He’s taking $500,000 of my income because the tax rate is 50%. That is not the way it works. We have progressive tax rates, which it means if the, if the lower end is say 30% say people that don’t have a lot of money. The rate is 30% on your money that has a limit in Biden’s case it’s $400,000.

So up to $400,000, you will only get taxed that 30%, no matter what,

every dollar over the $400,000 you’ll get taxed at the higher rate. So say in our example, it was 50% say you made $500,000. You’ll only pay that higher rate on that a hundred thousand dollars above 400. And if he made more money and you fit into a higher tax rate, you would only pay the higher rates on that dollar amount above the threshold.

So in reality,

everybody who makes the same as you or everybody who makes less than $400,000. Pays the same tax rate you do.

So when people really freak out about, Oh my God, we’re taking all their money, which first of all is an incredible concept

that you’re so defensive for billionaires. Okay.

You got to actually think about it the right way. You got to understand how the fuck tax rates in the United States work. We’re not taking all their income in the, uh, in the fifties, when we had the top bracket, the top of the top was like 94%. They didn’t take 94% of those people’s entire income in the given year.

They took 94% of everything above X amount. And they paid less on the money below that and less on the money below there. That’s our tax brackets. The more, you know,

on the Ilion front,

it’s a little frustrating. Um, but this is to be expected because we are now at the point, they’ve pushed everything to where folks are lawyering up. And everybody knows that the second you start talking with the lawyer, the first thing a lawyer says is you’ve got to stop talking at all levels. I don’t want anything out there that they don’t control.

That’s one of the lawyers first and foremost jobs is to limit your liability, to limit the things that people might be able to hold against you in this case cases.

So everybody’s got to clam up for a little while and those of us on the outside, I have to sit around going what’s going on.

What we do know is that the village of Lillian has eliminated the position of fire chief. We know this for a fact because it is in their publicly available past budget for 2022 voted on past Dunderdale zero debate. When people ask the questions about it, they wouldn’t even allow them to speak of it, never in my life.

Have I seen such a dramatic. Huge change in any municipality of any size with zero discussion like this, never

people of the village, civilian, many of whom seem to just be sitting quiet. Don’t really understand that. Maybe they’re not paying attention. You know, like we were talking about the, the Biden’s situation. Maybe this is another symptom of people being disconnected, but meanwhile, you’re public services that you pay for are being eroded in your town.

We also know for a fact that the mayors. Of not only Ilion, but also Herkimer and little falls at a minimum have been meeting to discuss making the situation a permanent deal and sharing the fire chief and who knows what else? Cause you know, this goes beyond one position. They want to consolidate and share that.

And as I’ve said, many times that might not even be a horrible idea. There might be a reasonable argument to be made, to do such a thing. So why is no one making that argument?

Why is this all being done in secret? Why do they actually actively refuse to answer any questions about it?

This should be troubling. Even if you think it’s the right thing to do, even if you think this place is too small, we don’t need a full paid fire department. I mean, you’re wrong, but maybe you think that way and that’s okay. You should really be sitting there going, you know, I, I might side with them, but where’s the transparency.

Why aren’t they even talking about it? Why do they refuse to answer questions about this policy that would have support? This is the most suspect thing

people will be with you. If you just discuss what’s going on, Rick is breaking my balls. They don’t know. Cause you stopped posting your podcast. I fucking love you guys.

You got me. This is my fault.

All I can say is if, if the people of the village pavilion, after depend on me, they’re fucked.

Um, I’ve got lots of stuff. Uh, shout out to our man David active, Matt Masur show, audience member who, uh, has been all over this. He’s been filling foil requests and sending me all kinds of information. John agrees. It’s all my fault.

I appreciate that. And I appreciate everybody,

everybody who has been following along and providing information and helping us share that with the group because it’s good stuff. Um, there’s a bunch of links and what I need to do, I need to share a bunch of these links because I have a lot of these documents that anybody who’s interested in this might want to see if they can take a look at their, uh, various contracts, agreements, things that many of us believe the village and the mayor in particular has violated or ignored.

Uh, um, I’m just taking a look at this, uh, thing here. There’s a lot of moving pieces. There are, there are a few of them that I might have an idea about that I can’t speak to,

but what I can tell you is

this is an absolute, insane shit show going on in this town. It is absolutely a mix of multiple levels that have been, I don’t want to say orchestrated, but I will say capitalized on

seem to have fallen into the mayors

for him to do what he’d like to do. And I guess I should say, get away with doing it without answering any questions. Cause he is right now effectively, the mayor and the village civilian have gotten away with eliminating the village fire chief without a word of conversation with their constituents about it.

Will that stand probably.

Especially if I’m the only idiot talking about it.

Hey guys, we are just about out of time. I want to thank you very much for tuning into the Matt Masur show today. Uh, again, I mentioned at the top of the show, I had been off my game a little bit. I feel like, uh, I’m getting back onto it. I am going to be aggressively working to grow three, one five live.

That is our local entertainment and news outlet. I’m I’m really, uh, reinspired by a lot of these businesses we talked about and a lot of these efforts happening in central New York to really focus on the community. I want to not just tell you the stories of shitty mayors, but also highlight our neighbors that are absolutely killing it in the community.

And, uh, that’s what we can do here. That’s the opportunity that I have and I’m going to do my best, not to squander it. Any more than I already have. And for Rick and everybody that I appreciate who takes the time to listen to the podcast, we will have the audio podcast up. Uh, if you want to support the show, you can go to Twitch there’s ways to, uh, to donate and support us that even better way if you like my, your shirt or a wide variety of other things, including the Ilian fire department, support shirts, jump over to the merchant uh, proceeds from the sales of any of those fun items go to good causes,

but that’s where it’s at. My friends. Thank you for watching the Matt Masur show. We will see you next week. Have a good one.

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