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Trivia with Budds | 10 Trivia Questions on The Miami Dolphins for Chris’s Birthday!

Trivia With Budds

Trivia with Budds | 10 Trivia Questions on The Miami Dolphins for Chris’s Birthday!

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GO DOLPHINS! It’s my friend Chris’s birthday and his girlfriend Maria says, “Happy birthday, Chris! You said not to get you stuff so here’s something to keep us entertained in the car!”

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Fact of the Day: The team was named the Miami Dolphins after a contest drew nearly 20,000 entries. Announcing the winner on October 8, 1965, owner Joe Robbie said, “the dolphin is one of the fastest and smartest creatures of the sea.” THE FIRST TRIVIA QUESTION STARTS AT 02:29 Theme song by

Bed Music: Neon Laser Horizon by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:

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