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Trivia with Budds | ROAD TRIP WEEK! 10 Trivia Questions On The Word “Road”

Trivia With Budds

Trivia with Budds | ROAD TRIP WEEK! 10 Trivia Questions On The Word “Road”

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IT’S ROAD TRIP WEEK! I hope you found this daily podcast while bored in the car with your friends and/or family and decided to give it a try! Play along this week with travel-related quizzes and help pass that time from one place to the next!

Fact of the Day: The Parker Solar Probe has become the fastest man-made object traveling at 430,000 MPH, that’s around the earth in about 3 minutes.  THE FIRST TRIVIA QUESTION STARTS AT 02:00 SUPPORT THE SHOW MONTHLY, LISTEN AD-FREE FOR JUST $1 A MONTH: INSTANT DOWNLOAD DIGITAL TRIVIA GAMES ON ETSY, GRAB ONE NOW!  GET A CUSTOM EPISODE FOR YOUR LOVED ONES:  Email

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