5 ways to boost your business in your neighborhood

(BPT) – The beauty of running a local business is you’ve got boots on the ground, ready to capture attention and build your brand in and around your community.

Using simple grassroots marketing tactics, you can shout about your business from the rooftop. (But you may want to start with the sidewalk.) Here are five ways to help grow your business by boosting awareness among the locals:

Sidewalk Signs

Turn the sidewalk into a billboard for your store by creating a PVC sign for display in a highly visible A-Frame that’s sure to attract attention from passersby and fellow business owners in the area.

Business Cards

Even in this digital era, small business is all about relationships. Make it easy for customers to grab a business card that includes your website and contact information. A quick reference for them (and their network!) means future business for you.

If you don’t already have a logo, consider creating one.

“A well-designed visual identifier lends professionalism to business cards and other marketing materials, along with brand recognition,” says Kim Dixon, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of FedEx Office.

A logo will come in handy if you advertise or support local events, depending on your target audience. Ask your local printer, such as FedEx Office, to connect you with a professional designer if you need creative expertise.

Custom Branded Boxes

The quality of a box reflects the quality of the products inside it. Today’s digital technology makes it possible to print custom packaging in any quantity, large or small. Use a branded box to tell your company’s story and create an emotional connection with customers from the get-go. That is especially important if you conduct business online with limited physical interaction.

“Your customer’s front porch becomes your storefront at the moment of delivery, so make sure the box reflects your brand,” says Dixon.


Sending a flyer to your customers directly is still one of the best and most cost-effective ways to advertise offline. Use flyers to promote your business and events. Have them professionally printed to ensure quality and color accuracy. After all, presentation matters — especially when it comes to bringing your brand to life.

Mounted Posters

Your store walls and windows are prime real estate to connect with potential customers and deliver your marketing messages. Create signs on a lightweight material that can be printed on both sides for maximum impact inside and outside your store.

You put a lot of work into carving out a unique niche for your business. Now it’s time to spread the word with an effective brand awareness campaign that calls for a little creativity, a modest budget and color-accurate marketing materials that are of as high a quality as the goods you proudly sell.


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