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Syracuse Born Post Malone Introduces An Older Generation To His Incredible Talent

“One baby to another says, “I’m lucky to have met you”

That immortal Nirvana lyric truly captures the moment 24 year old chart-topping rapper, Post Malone showed a generation of 90’s grunge fans that he’s legit.

This past weekend Malone along with his pals including Blink-182’s Travis Barker, put on a live streamed COVID-19 benefit “concert” to raise money for the World Health Organization. The entire show was a Nirvana tribute that even the most critical Nirvana fans were blown away by.

Post Malone who was born in Syracuse streamed the event live from his house with his band mates playing from other locations. Still, the distance didn’t prevent these artists from putting on a show so impressive many believe it would have made the late Nirvana front man, Kurt Cobain proud.

It’s not often we see a younger artist with his face covered in tattoos, wearing a “house dress” win over so many who either dismissed or ignored him with his pure talent and passion for a band (Nirvana) who was hot before he was even born.

Not only did this live event raise millions of dollars for a good cause, it introduced millions of music fans to a truly talented artist.

This was something to remember.


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