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The Tuddle Daily Podcast Ep. 309 – Tuddle VIDEO


The Tuddle Daily Podcast Ep. 309 – Tuddle VIDEO

The Tuddle Daily Podcast Ep. 309

I talk about my newest sponsor to come on which is Brian from Star Fire Transport I talk about the manatee that had Trump written on its back. NASCAR driver Haile Deegan saying retard during an iRacing event The idiots celebrating Alabama’s latest championship in Tuscaloosa last night The new children’s animated show in Denmark that has a character that has a big penis that steals kids ice cream cones with his junk All voicemails are welcomed even the ones that say I suck because they’ll go right to the front of the line 407-270-3044 and I promise all calls are anonymous Donate to help upgrade equipment for my podcast EMAIL WEBSITES YOUTUBE PODCAST PLATFORMS Podomatic TuneIn Radio iTunes Podcast iHeartRadio Spotify 315 Live SOCIAL MEDIA

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