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Tuddle Visits Alexander Springs – Tuddle VIDEO


Tuddle Visits Alexander Springs – Tuddle VIDEO

Tuddle Visits Alexander Springs

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Tuddle Visits Alexander Springs

Designated as an Outstanding Florida Spring, Alexander Springs is a first-magnitude spring that flows from the large, cavernous opening in the bottom of the central part of the pool. The large pool measures more than 300 feet from north to south and 250 feet from east to west. The pool bottom near the beach is mostly sandy. Aquatic vegetation surrounds the area of the main spring vent, where the pool bottom falls away to reveal a large open area of exposed limestone rock and boulders to a depth of about 25 to 28 feet. Flow from the discharging water creates a large and powerful surface boil over the spring opening that is readily visible from the shore. A broad sand beach forms the southwest edge of the pool, with mixed hardwood and palm forests around the spring. The pool discharges to Alexander Springs Creek that flows approximately 10 river miles until reaching the St. Johns River. Forests and wetlands surround the spring area.

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