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The Bubba the Love Sponge Show | Bubba Confronts DISRESPECTFUL COP at Fallen Officer’s Funeral Service – #TheBubbaArmy – VIDEO


The Bubba the Love Sponge Show | Bubba Confronts DISRESPECTFUL COP at Fallen Officer’s Funeral Service – #TheBubbaArmy – VIDEO

Bubba Confronts DISRESPECTFUL COP at Fallen Officer's Funeral Service - #TheBubbaArmy

Bubba confronts disrespectful police officer at a fallen officers funeral service! A Miami Police Department Sergeant (member of their Honor Guard) shows complete disrespect at fallen Deputy Blane Lane’s funeral. The police sergeant dressed in his Class A Honor Guard uniform looks at pictures of young girls in bikini’s, himself at the gym / on the beach and cars while Sheriff Grady Judd speaks on behalf of Fallen Officer Blane Lane. In attendance is Governor Ron DeSantis, other dignitaries and the fallen officers family. This disrespectful police officer never even looked up to pay respects or pay attention to the services for over 22 minutes until Bubba confronted him. Bubba got up during a song / break in service (prior to the family spoke) to walked down 3 aisles and confront him! Bubba asked him to put his phone down, pay some respect for the man in the coffin and that all of us behind him could see what he was doing!! Fellow deputies and police officers (from other agencies) thanked Bubba after he stood up to this disrespectful cop who was disrupting the service! Bubba attempted to call Chief Morales (Miami Police Department) and was able to leave voice mail but then he was hung up on by an Officer Furguson when he attempted to file a complaint on their Honor Guard Sergeant and his actions. At this time the officer’s name is unknown. He alluded us after the service. Bubba Army, if you are able to identify him, please let us know. We would like for this video to get back to his chief. He did not violate any law, however this was one of the most disrespectful acts I have ever witnessed from someone who wears a badge. #thebubbaarmy #thinbluelineusa #respect #cityofmiamipolice #fallenofficer #badcops #fyp #chiefmorales #rip #gradyjudd @Polk Sheriff #bubbathelovesponge @Miami Police Department @Ron DeSantis @Fox News @Audit the Audit @Law&Crime Network

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