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Online Dating Tips & How Matt Met His Wife 11 20 20 | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

Matt Masur Show Clips

What’s the best thing to say when trying to online date? How did Matt meet his wife online and how she “reverse catfished” him…

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Online Dating Tips & How Matt Met His Wife 11 20 20 | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

Computer Generated Transcript:

How Matt Met His Wife 11-20-20


Tuddle: Now, let me ask you your, your wife, like, so when did you, when did you meet her? I I’m, I’m kinda I’m I’m wanting to do a little bit of an interview where you guys like high school sweethearts

Matt Masur: or no, no, no.

I met her about a decade ago. and we met online total,

Tuddle: total chatter bait or

Matt Masur: no, at the time it was plenty of fish.

Tuddle: Plenty of fish

Matt Masur: turned into, a real shit show.

Tuddle: Plenty of fish, like a religious dating site or no, no, because I kept thinking fish, you know, like Jesus. Yeah.

Matt Masur: Oh yeah, I got ya. no, it was, it was the original free dating site.

That was why it was so popular or maybe even still is. I haven’t been in the game in a while, but, out of all the, you know, match and shit that you had to pay for, that was the one that was free. And I got lucky because I, I caught her on, on like one of her first days on there. because most folks, men and women get on those sites and they get disgusted with them [00:01:00] within like a week.

so luckily I, I. Struck while the iron was hot. And,

Tuddle: so you made the move, you made the move on her, like she’ll like, give me, give me an idea. And you’re probably not going to remember, like, I, this is like the golden age, like the, the, the beginning of dating sites. Like what, what’s your opening move when you don’t even know this person?

Like w like what, what, what do you come with?

Matt Masur: So my opening move was always some kind of jokes. and I’ve seen a lot of guys. And I think when I started this, I did the carbon copy. Cause what you do is you go through there and I guess like with Tinder, all you gotta do is click that you like the person that’s, that’s the whole thing.

But back in the day you had to actually send them a fucking email. so a lot of folks would do like a form email. They’d send to every girl, hi, I’m Matt. And you know, my Dick is huge, that that would never work, but. The key to any of those is you’ve got to personalize them. You gotta make it look like you read the [00:02:00] person’s profile and you make a reference to something they like.

And, you know, it’s, it’s like real life flirting. You gotta, you gotta pique some interest, especially with these ladies that are getting thousands of messages a day. So, you know, try to be, try to try to make it seem like you paid attention to them.

Tuddle: How long did you have to wait before you guys met with each other?

Matt Masur: we in particular, not very long. You know, it was one of those. We started talking for a little while. I don’t, I honestly don’t remember it wasn’t, you know, it wasn’t like the next day type of thing, but, we talked for a short time before it was like, all right, let’s let’s, meet,

Tuddle: I’ve I’ve met a few, but it just seems like as of late, I don’t know if it’s because of this pandemic or whatever, but everybody just seems very, very flighty or it’s just me.

I love like maybe like John Mark car or something, you know, who knows?

Matt Masur: I’m telling you, man, you gotta, you got to go with the humor. and you [00:03:00] gotta go with the, you know, give them some attention if their, if their profile talks about loving soccer. You gotta throw a fucking soccer reference in your opening statement.

You know what I mean? that’s

Tuddle: I can talk soccer all day.

Matt Masur: You know, I got lucky. I got, I might almost say reverse catfished with my wife because she had a very beautiful headshot picture, like so many do, but it was almost one of those that was at the right angles and the right things that it’s like, she took a picture like that to hide, you know, some features that.

She she’s trying to hide. And, and I fully expected that, and I don’t really care. You know what I mean? I like people are people. So I got talking to her and everything was cool. The first time I met her, it was like, Holy fuck. You’re dramatically hotter your photos, which is normally the exact opposite.

You know, as you know, people really know how to make themselves look good in photos, don’t look anything like that in reality, [00:04:00] this girl, just the opposite. and that’s how I knew she was a keeper. These

Tuddle: filters are becoming ridiculous women. Stop using all these guide damn filters. And I’m telling you right now when I’m on Tinder, if you post a filter, what’s you wearing a dog nose, dog ears.

I’m swiping left immediately because I don’t want any part of that shit at all. Do not wear dog faces.

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