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NY 22 Should Be a Cautionary Tale to Democrats | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

Matt Masur Show Clips

The #NY 22 Race between Anthony Brindisi and Claudia Tenney should be a cautionary tale to Democrats…

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NY 22 Should Be a Cautionary Tale to Democrats | The Matt Masur Show | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

Computer Generated Transcript:

NY 22 Should Be a Cautionary Tale to Democrats
Matt Masur: [00:00:04] Hey so there’s some interesting local news before we get Joel on that I want to get into this is something that’s been going on. Since the election.
The last election in the country. And you could see February 8th, yesterday was the end of the last election in the country. And it just happens to be right here in the three, one five, sorry, guys. New York, 22 Congressman Anthony Brindisi lost finally after counting votes and looking for them under everything in the world by 109 votes.
Two previous Congresswoman Claudia Tenney. And it’s this, upset you, it here’s the thing. And I don’t, want to talk badly about Anthony [00:01:00] because I think he’s a genuinely good guy. But this and I, posted this on Facebook this morning. This is a race. This is a situation that Joe Biden, especially, but all Democrats.
Need to really pay attention to cause the Anthony in his quest for making everybody happy and being bipartisan and showing these, Republicans who hate his fucking guts, they hate him. There’s nothing he could do for them that wouldn’t make them hate his guts, but he spent all his time trying to be their friend.
And at the end of the race, you can see how close it was. Nobody could tell the difference between him. And his predecessor who by the way, was known for doing nothing. That was literally her, moniker and office. She wouldn’t meet with the public. She didn’t do anything as an elected official, as a member of Congress, she sucked Trump’s ass and did nothing.
Phil Farda: [00:01:58] Oh, you think they’re taught why she won? [00:02:00] Like I thought she was just like a, Trump fan. And then, so she wasn’t based on that.
Matt Masur: [00:02:05] Sure. And that’s, the draw to her right. To these folks. But, what I’m saying is look how close it was. It’s they were almost indistinguishable to the voters.
Phil Farda: [00:02:17] like they counted one vote per day. Yeah. How long that’s how long that took
Matt Masur: [00:02:23] That whole, situation alone the, counting of the votes and the the, local elections board and that situation. That’s something that I really want to dig into going forward because maybe we can get our man Dustin’s Arnie, who is, I was just
Phil Farda: [00:02:39] going to say, man, Dustin could have kept this whole election counted.
And half the time he wouldn’t, I had that
Matt Masur: [00:02:44] shit figured out a day after election day, but.
Phil Farda: [00:02:49] You get them some coffee and then some tacos they’ll pull it all night or have it all done.
Matt Masur: [00:02:54] This thing went off the rails and I’ve yet to hear. And [00:03:00] I thought maybe they’re just waiting for the thing to be over or whatever, but I’ve yet to hear any officials resign over this.
There’s no way you should get to be able to run an elections board. After this,
Phil Farda: [00:03:11] was so bad that I cracked a joke about it on Facebook. I know it was great. Like I never did. I never really do politics, but this took so long that it was like, it inspired me. And I was, I voted for producing man. Like I know personally, cause he’s always in our district and stuff.
He’s a genuinely good guy. He’s a great dude. Yeah. He’s my friends. Step-brother and, it’s a great family. He’s a great dude. And I was hoping that he would win. I was bummed that he didn’t. And then when I saw this news that he like, he conceded and stopped the appeal and stuff, I was like, Oh, that’s cool.
Cause it’s like part of being a good dude is to be able to graciously.
Matt Masur: [00:03:51] That’s the difference again, between these, two sides and at the same time We’ve beat the horse, right? [00:04:00] There’s been court cases in court cases and counts and recounts and look for more and canvas and re canvas, whatever the fuck canvas means.
I don’t even know, but we did it a million times in New York, 22. And it took literally Congress has started. That’s the craziest part about this whole situation is New York, 22. Until yesterday didn’t even have a representative in Congress because Anthony didn’t get to go back and she hadn’t been certified yet.
So literally no one is representing that district
Phil Farda: [00:04:37] notice. I feel like they don’t even notice. They’re just like, eh, everything is just running as usual,
Matt Masur: [00:04:45] And again, the question is previously tennies record. Was to do absolutely nothing whatsoever. And that’s when her boy was in office. So I think you could see her on par to a lower [00:05:00] key Marjorie Taylor green, where she’s going to go on the local right-wing talk show.
And she’s going to talk shit about everything Joe Biden does. And that’ll be the extent of her
Phil Farda: [00:05:11] term in Congress. That’s a whole personality, right?
Matt Masur: [00:05:15] But there are some other folks that like actually try to write bills and they try to do shit. Claudia will not do that. Claudia will run her mouth only in safe spaces on, right-wing radio shows.
She will not talk to the public. She will not hold town halls. She will probably not even take questions on that radio show. If they dare to open their phone lines
Phil Farda: [00:05:37] and you should invite her on your show, I will. I bet you guys would get along. I will. I’ve Facebook
Matt Masur: [00:05:44] fought with her before. She’s the only member of Congress that I’ve seen anyway, who will actually answer the people that give her shit on Facebook.
And it’s amusing. I’m not gonna lie, but yeah I’ve, argued with they’re on Facebook,
Phil Farda: [00:05:59] like an angry [00:06:00] business owner. Yeah.
Matt Masur: [00:06:03] Most people don’t do that. I do that, but. I’m an idiot. You’re a member of Congress. Like you’re supposed to be able to just put your shit out there.
You’re going to get all kinds of hate. If you don’t, you didn’t click send that’s just part of the deal. You can’t take it personally, dude

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