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Basketball Stadium and Business Development Coming to Herkimer NY | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

Matt Masur Show Clips

Did you know that a semi-pro basketball team along with a new stadium, STEM research and business development center were coming to Herkimer New York? Well it is!

Also, The Human Calculator and Alice Cooper are involved?!

Matt breaks down this news and comments on the lack of news coverage of it.

To learn more about the project checkout their website:

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Basketball Stadium and Business Development Coming to Herkimer NY | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

Computer Generated Transcript:

Basketball Stadium and Business Development Coming to Herkimer NY
Matt Masur: [00:00:05] I want to get into this story. This is kind of a, an interesting one.
I’m going to pull up the local, the times telegram. This is the Herc Ramon Herkimer New York newspaper. Herkimer New York is a small town. It’s the County seat of Herkimer County. If you’re not from central New York, it’s also where I am from. And unfortunately for, a very long time, it’s been very economically depressed.
People have been moving away in droves. The people that have stayed, I’ll be honest. Many of them have not done a lot to keep things up. They’ve let things go to hell in, in the most basic terms. And for a lot of reasons I, can’t say that I blame them or that’s their fault [00:01:00] when you don’t have any money and there’s no money.
In a tax base, it becomes a hell of a challenge, but people don’t want to be this way. Right? People want to improve. Everybody wants to improve. Everybody wants to make your small town better. And the news has broken. And again, one of the things that confuses me is why this isn’t bigger news, but the news is broken that the small town of Herkimer New York.
Is going to bring in a semi-pro basketball team and build a brand new sports stadium and business complex. That part is also seemed to be left out of the story and the coverage from everywhere. So the one that covered it the most is the, local, the times telegram. I did find that the local TV news station had a written article about it.
I didn’t see any video. So. Maybe they talked about it on the news, but they didn’t even send a camera man to interview folks. [00:02:00] And that was the extent of the coverage on this massive economic development story on your calendar. So guest appearance. Thanks, Alexa, computer stop.
I love when Alexa just chimes in, she should be my cohost.
But there’s an organization led by a guy known as the human calculator and one of his good buddies, Alice Cooper from everything I can find out yes. That Alice Cooper and these folks put together a, an organization called Herkimer nine and they are bringing. A semi-pro men’s basketball team and a stadium and an entire new complex to downtown Bernie Ark.
[00:03:00] The initiative Herkimer is where you can find the information from this organization. There is more there than there’s an, any of these news articles which, upsets me quite frankly. They have one quote in the news article from the mayor of Herkimer gentlemen, by the name of Mark Netty, he’s very excited.
He says some of the players could watch in Herkimer you could watch and Herkimer could make it to the NBA, which is of course the the drug, any semi-pro team. Right. You’re going to watch a guy who’s going to become huge. It goes on to talk about, they’re going to build this stadium that hold approximately 2,500 seats.
Keep in mind, this is a town of 6,000 people. And they go on to talk about the vision also includes economic growth and STEM focused education and research jobs. [00:04:00] This is one of the big parts or this whole story and, as you can see it’s, the end of the story. Again, I don’t understand what the deal is.
I don’t understand. Maybe if people don’t have faith in this actually coming to fruition, even though it says this is happening. And it’s, very unique and surprising to see in Herkimer New York. So I, get it, but I, think this is something we should be talking about. I pulled up the strategic plan.
From these folks that have put this together, they put this out, there’s a PDF on this website, Herkimer And this shows exactly what they’re going to do. This is the existing, like Google maps picture of downtown Herkimer in North main street, which is of course the North Thoreau, the main thoroughfare, by the way, I used [00:05:00] to have an apartment I used to live like right over here.
One of these places. When I was in college, nice apartment what they’re going to do well, I’ll save you all the texts. You can read that, but this is the best. So this shows there’s a couple of existing buildings. There’s the historic Herkimer County jail. That’s. That is an incredibly historic place.
Some famous murderers were kept to there historically. And it’s been around for like 4 billion years or some shit. This is an old bank that they’re going to get rid of. These are some old I think at one point manufacturing buildings, I think this is another bank. So they’re gonna, they’re gonna knock down all these portions of these buildings or, entire buildings here on this block, and they’re going to build this, entire complex.
So we’ve got some parking we’ve got, I believe like a park [00:06:00] area. This is the actual stadium for the basketball sports. Somewhere in these buildings. Here we go. We got all the new athletics complex the park, a museum. They’re going to build a factory museum, which is pretty cool. Love museums, open slate for local retail.
Somewhere over here, it shows some of the other. Yeah here’s, another angle of what this proposed thing could look like. Again, one of the big things about it is this business and technology in STEM investments that I wish we were talking about more. These are wonderful things. I’m not a big sports guy.
I understand the economic development in the reason you would [00:07:00] bring sports to a town and I’m not against it, but this is more than sports and that is lost in this underreported story. I think that’s the end of the, Oh no we got, more pictures. It’s really just kind of showing you where the layout of things are.
But I think this is an incredible thing. I think it’s good news again. It’s shocking to me that this is something we’re doing in Herkimer in the best possible way. I got a title screen fat look at that. See that? Cool. Supposed to put that on first.
I’m excited. I’m cautiously optimistic. The, one thing that we’ve had in central New York, one of our biggest challenges is a lot of people have good ideas like this, and it [00:08:00] either doesn’t come to fruition or it ends up being far less than we were ever promised. I hope this isn’t one of those pipe dreams.
I hope that it actually does come to happen because like many cities and towns across this country that have found themselves in the position that Herkimer has being depressed, being rundown for lack of a better term, it has incredible potential. And it’s filled with incredible history. There are properties there from homes to commercial buildings that have been around forever and could.
Easily be remodeled into something incredibly upscale and trendy. It’s a quiet, you know, tree filled type community. It could again be a beautiful place to live. Generally it’s a safe place, although, you know as poverty has increased as his crime, [00:09:00] but I think that’s something that could be turned back pretty easily.
And these are great things. So, and I know I keep harping on this, but the fact that the meat media is just totally sleeping on it locally, when really what the fuck else is going on locally, that you’re not going to talk about a massive economic development project in a town that hasn’t had a new growth since they built a Lowe’s 15 years ago.
Or, before that the biggest development project was building a new jail, which by the way, they don’t need anymore. Now that we’ve changed the laws, eh, no, I don’t know where they’re at on this, but we’ll do it. The mat Masur show three, one five live we’ll cover the shit out of this and tell all your friends.
RD says, if they figure out a way to make it [00:10:00] attractive to drunk ass college dudes it’ll be successful. It’s true. And that’s unfortunately in addition to everything else at Herkimer has the Herkimer community college. It’s where I went to school. It’s a great school. And unfortunately, well, not unfortunately, but you know, it’s full of people from outside the area.

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