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Sen Kennedy Takes Down Neera Tanden | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

Matt Masur Show Clips

This was an incredible exchange…

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Sen Kennedy Takes Down Neera Tanden | The Matt Masur Show Clips | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

Computer Generated Transcript:

Sen Kennedy Takes Down Neera Tanden
[00:00:00] We’ve got a new cabinet. We got a new president. We got to get all these folks through Congress and, uh, are, are wise and wonderful and, and not so radical democratic president, Joe Biden has put up this, this real gem of a human being.
Uh, please note my heavy sarcasm. By the name of Neera Tanden. Uh, they’re they’re trying to make her white house budget director. And through the confirmation hearing, keep in mind, this is somebody who is attacked the right a lot, and she deleted those tweets and apologized, but she has aggressively attacked Progressive’s and specifically Bernie Sanders, funny story.
Bernie Sanders is the chairman of this committee. Let’s take a look at this footage, uh, before you get to Bernie though, you’re going to see this is Senator Kennedy. Now he’s [00:01:00] going to say some things that are incredibly true and incredibly like Mike drop worthy. Don’t think this guy is on our side. This guys are hardcore Republican, who is slinging this stuff true as it may be just to whip it up.
But. Again, when you’re right. You’re right. See if we can make the fucking video play. No, maybe there we go. I have to tell you, I’m very disturbed about your personal comments about people. Um, it’s not just one or two. I think he deleted about a thousand tweets and it wasn’t just about Republicans. And I don’t mind disagreements in policy.
I think that’s great. But the comments were personal. The dialectic, I don’t, [00:02:00] I feel like I, I feel like that’s not the right use of that word, but I could be completely wrong. In any case, I mean, you call Senator Sanders, everything, but ignorant slot. That is not,
no, here’s the thing. That’s a great line, right? Uh, because it’s true. She, she bashed him left and right. Uh, and, and dragged him. She hates. Progressive policy. She hates Bernie Sanders and she has dragged him on Twitter and in other places, her for many years, but the thing is we’re going to keep going because the Senator Kennedy makes some other great points.
A lot of people are cutting it off at that quote cause it’s great. And I get it. Please listen to some more of this. And when you, [00:03:00] when you said these things, did you mean them? I want to say Senator. I have to say I deeply regret my comments. I understand that. Did you mean them? I understand. You’ve, you’ve taken this very important.
Did you mean them? And, and again, Bravo. To this old Republican asshole for, for going down this line of questioning, because it’s the one we should be going down, right. Asking these folks. Did you mean what you say? You know, so many people, myself included, we tweet, we post all kinds of bullshit shit, posting Israel.
I am often sarcastic and I often make jokes, but the reality is most of the things I say, yeah, I really do mean them. They [00:04:00] might come off wrong. I might look like a Dick because you know, I am, but I am being kind of honest. And you know, when you see these public figures delete tweets or, Oh, sorry. I said that.
Okay. You’re sorry you said that, but. But did you actually mean it? Is this actually how you feel? That’s an important distinction. They, the discourse over the last four years on all sides, she goes for every excuse possible. I’m asking him about yours. Did you mean them? Yes. Jack I’m sarcastic. I really feel badly about them.
Senator, did you mean, I feel badly about hardening them when you showed them Kennedy, it mean killing. It would say social media is a, is, is I feel terribly about them. Did you mean them when you said them or were you not telling the truth? We watched so many of these hearings where someone will ask a direct, good question like that and the witness or the, [00:05:00] uh, the nominee in this case, we’ll give one of those.
She just gave what half a dozen bullshit excuses in so many cases, they take that and go, that’s the end. Uh, again, Bravo to Senator Kennedy for drilling her on this. I mean, I feel badly. I looked back at them. I said them, I feel badly about them. I deleted tweets because you want to be confirmed. I felt bad about them.
And did you mean them when you shoved them? Senator, I must have met them, but I really regret them. He got her that asshole. Got an actual answer. It never happens ever. Bravo. Um, I’ve watched a lot of commentary and a lot of things on this and it seems that the [00:06:00] resounding opinion is, uh, Neera. Tanden is just absolutely a horrible choice.
But if, and this is the threat we’re always under, right. But if they reject her Biden will pick someone worse. That is the, uh, seems to be dominant opinion among the folks that watch this. So while we take some glee in, uh, getting some straight answers, unfortunately we’re still going to be stuck with this horse.
Listen to the end of this.
I want the record to reflect that I did not call Senator Sanders and ignorant slut. Okay. Thank you. I dunno how I should take that Senator Kennedy, but the Senator came. Um, thank you, Mr. Oh, Bernie, how we love Bernie it’s. It’s incredible. What happens? [00:07:00] It’s great that we have Bernie in these, in these, I have to tell you I’m very disturbed about your personal people stop.
I don’t know. Uh, it’s interesting to see where things are going. I’m glad to see that these people are getting this kind of drilling
the end of the day. Unfortunately, I don’t think it changed as much.

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