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The ConvoCouch is not being censored | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

Matt Masur Show Clips

To call these things Censorship is to not understand “censorship” or business, or any of it…

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The ConvoCouch is not being censored | The Matt Masur Show CLIPS

Computer Generated Transcript:

The ConvoCouch is not being censored
So this happened like last week. I don’t know how it’s been ameliorated. I think some people have gotten it fixed, but others haven’t. So let me show you some of the details here. YouTube has demonetized Graham Ellwood, the progressive soapbox, the convo couch. And so I don’t know a lot of these people.
I know the combo couch and you know, one of the things I want to w why is this happening right now? Right. Well, as we’ve seen in the last couple of months, misinformation led to an attack on our country. As we were just talking about earlier, we saw the footage, we saw the senators running that was fueled by conspiracy theory and misinformation.
If I were YouTube, if it was [00:01:00] my platform,
Joseph’s I haven’t heard of any of these people. I’ll get to that. Cause there’s, there’s a good point to be had on that one too. But yeah,
these folks, they, they don’t understand they’re they’re not just the media. They’re not just commenting on things. These platforms don’t want anything to do with conspiracy theory. So let’s look at here’s the convo couches, YouTube page, and shout out to them 36,000 subscribers. But if we scroll down and we just go right here to popular uploads, this is their most popular stuff.
And I don’t know how much how well you can see it. I’m going to try to blow it up for you here, but they’re popular videos. Epstein family tree connections to Moussad Epstein rabbit hole, Epstein Richardson. Are they connected? Epstein rabbit hole, Seth rich,
Seth rich. Do you know who Seth rich is? Seth rich is a gentleman who worked for the [00:02:00] DNC and was murdered on the streets of Washington DC. He was mugged. He killed, he got killed. Every conspiracy nut on the planet has a different theory about how he had all the information on Hillary Clinton. Yeah. And how it was all a big hit job to cover up something.
Even though there’s zero evidence to that whatsoever. Now, these people are trying to tie him to Epstein. This is conspiracy theory. Shit. Okay. Uh, these are, these are leftists who in many cases I, I very much agree with and I’ve always had the impression that they mean, well, even though I disagree with a lot of the things they say, but you can’t freak out about being demonetized.
In, in attacking [00:03:00] independent media when you were just slinging bullshit, conspiracy theories.
That’s not news. That’s not commentary. That’s just making shit up. And you know, I don’t care if people want to ask questions. I don’t care if you want to do conspiracy theory content, but YouTube doesn’t want that on their platform. You know, it’s, it’s like coming to somebody’s house and the person says.
Hey, I don’t care if you smoke, but I want you to go outside and you say, fuck you. I’m going to stand in your living room and light up. No, get the fuck out. That’s the way it goes. You’re not paying YouTube to host your videos. You’re not paying YouTube to guarantee particular reach you were there at their invitation.
It can be thrown the fuck out at any time that you [00:04:00] aren’t good for their business. And, and this is a concept that I I’ve tried to explain over and over and over again. Um, and Ford Fisher, a little more from car entirely unspecified reasons. The appeals process is entirely opaque and on accountable. It could be lefty monetized for months or forever with no explanation that could some more examples.
There’s another channel by the name of Frank analysis. So here’s the thing. This is
not censorship. It’s not freedom of speech. They don’t care about independent media. There’s lots of independent media. Commenters news. People not getting fucked with conspiracy theory stuff is, and again, whether you agree with it [00:05:00] and, and I’m not saying that every conspiracy theorist or every conspiracy theory has never been found true, but these platforms have decided this ain’t the place for that.
They are not attacking you. They don’t give a fuck about you. This is what you don’t seem to understand. So many of these folks make it really personal. They’re coming after us. They’re afraid of what I’m saying, which don’t get me wrong is a great and classic sales pitch. Right? Make yourself the, the underdog, especially for leftists.
You know, we are, we are here to fight the man. So the man coming down on you, it’s almost kind of good for your brand. Right. But it’s not true. They don’t care about you. They don’t look at your name. There’s no guy at YouTube who sit in there watching your [00:06:00] videos. They have data and their data says a, B, C, and D.

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